The mom

She was a very sexy mom. Her hubby had died and she was always horny. Her handsome son was away at college so she started going to the clubs to dance. The young guys at the clubs had no clue she was a mom. She looked young and dressed very sexy. One night after dancing every dance the boys asked her if she wanted to go to a party. She agreed. She rode in their car to the secluded house. Once inside they turned on music and started dancing with her. She was the only female with the group of guys. As they danced, they started feeling her ass, then up to her tits. One guy started kissing her tonguing her mouth. She started to love the attention. As he kissed her, he began to feel her huge tits. She wore a sexy little bra across her large mounds. He put his hand up her top and into the bra. He rubbed the nipples making them hard and plump. Another guy got behind her and raised her skirt showing an ass in a skimpy thong. Two guys were rubbing her ass. She was getting very turned on. They then pulled off the little thong and next her top. In a second her skirt and bra was removed an she now was totally nude. She had a great body with large firm tits and a nice round ass with ass cheeks made to grab on to. One guy was still kissing her shoving his tongue deep into her mouth as the other guys soon started rubbing her body. Two hands were massaging her ass as another hand played with her nipples. Next some ones hand found her pussy. It was shaved and smooth. He explored every inch loving the plump pussy lips as another hand fingered around her ass. Then they laid her on a table and slid her ass to the end of it. They tied her hands and spread her legs and connected them to ropes hanging from the ceiling. Her legs were raised and spread. Tonight she would be their love toy. Two guys each started sucking a nipple, pulling and stretching it. The guys were now all naked with hard cocks. She looked at the young cocks and the size of them. Every guy was hung. They examined her pussy and several rubbed it when one guy straddled her head and pushed his cock in her mouth. She began to suck the large cock and as she sucked he fucked her mouth taking no time to cum. His cock was replaced with another as each wanted a turn to cum in her mouth. They loved that she was experienced at cock sucking. By now they guys were taking turns licking her pussy and ass. Each tongued her hole till she climaxed for them. When one guy licked her ass and another her pussy, she came multi for them. As some ones cock was always in her mouth, she now had a cock in her pussy and sucking on her tits. She had been fucked many times when they rubbed a lotion around her ass and in it. Then she felt a finger rub the liquid inside her ass. Next she felt a cock at the entrance to her ass. Anal sex was not a taboo to her as she enjoyed it but she knew every cock in the room would end up in her small ass. As the guy fucked her ass another fingered her clit, then put fingers inside her cunt. The sensation was wonderful to the sexy lady. As they saw she liked this double assault, they then added a cock to her cunt as the cocks in her ass changed filling her ass with cum and it was running onto the floor in front of the table. Every hole in her body was oozing cum. She had sucked every cock and every cock had fucked her cunt and ass. Her cunt and ass were very sore from the pounding she got that night. Before they let her legs down, one guy wanted to finger her pussy. He stepped forward and rammed four fingers in her wet hole. He took his other hand and pinched her clit. Pinching the clit, he now added his thumb to the stretched hole. The lady's hole was pulsing as he put the whole fist inside her. He pushed in wrist deep. The guys were amazed the cunt could take the fist. He then fucked her with his fist making her cum over and over. He pulled his fist out then shoved it back in many times. She screamed out loud loving the pleasure it gave her.
Soon it was time to release her. As she sat up, she looked at all the young cocks. Never had she been fucked so many times and so many ways but she loved every minute of it. She had sore tits and ass and cunt but it was worth it. A guy stepped forward and asked her if she wanted to come again next weekend and skip the club. She knew she would be there for several hours of hot rough sex.
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5 years ago
Hi.. Just a wonderful fucking moment 4 z young guys..
Nice story:)