the seminar

She was assigned a room with a stranger. It would be fun to get to know the young lady. They met at the dinner meeting and talked for quite a while. She noticed the lady had large tits and wore no bra. She could not take her eyes off them and the lady noticed. As they chatted the lady's skirt seemed to raise higher on her legs. She kept watching it go higher and higher. The lady seemed to want to show her body, as much as she dared in the public place. She did have a very sexy body, and both women were quite an eyeful. pam loved the female body especially if the tits were big and the nipples nice and round. She wondered if Jane was into sexy women. If she was this would be a wonderful week end. Jane then said to go to check out their room. As they left the meeting Pam was sure Jane wore no panties. In the elevator, Jane stood real close to Pam so Pam could feel the tits pressed to her arm. When they got to the room, Pam started to undress. Then she went to Jane to help her strip. When she got Jane naked, she turned her around to see her complete body. It was perfect. Nice full high tits, and firm round ass and a shaved pussy. She wanted to lick every inch of it. Jane was 20 years old and Pam was closer to 45. Pam loved the cunts on young females. Pam also had the body of a younger woman. She kept it in great shape. She grabbed Jane and kissed her mouth plunging her tongue inside. Jane wasted no time sucking the tongue. Pam kissed down to her tits and sucked on a nipple. Jane had huge tits that were firm and natural. Unusual for a size DD as Pam guessed them to be. Pam had D tits with huge round nipples. Pam sucked them hearing Jane moan. Then she rubbed her nipples against Pams reaching down to feel her pussy. As her hand rubbed Jane's pussy, Jane spread her legs. Pam took Jane to the bed and layed her on her back and spread her legs wide as she could. She had a beautiful pussy. Nice puffy lips around a bulging clit. She ran her finger over the pussy and spread the lips apart. She then started to lick Janes's pussy clear back to her ass. She sucked the clit and spread her hole so she could lick it. Then as she sucked the clit she fingered her hole. Jane rolled her hips loving the action on her cunt. Pam had three fingers in her cunt fucking her hard as she licked the pussy and pulled on it with her teeth. Jane then came with a f***e against Pam's fingers in her hole.
Next Jane layed Pam down and spread her legs so she could lick her pussy. Jane started pulling her clit with her teeth, altering between licking and pulling. Pam was hot and horny. She then pushed her tongue inside the cunt of Pam. She rammed her tongue in and out fucking Pam's hole. It did not take Pam long to cum and Jane sucked all the cum from the tight hole.
Next Pam went to her suitcase and brought out a huge vibrator. She put Jane on her kness and bent her so her ass was in the air. She turned on the vibrator and ran it over Janes cunt. The vibrating turned Jane on and Pam pushed the huge object into Jane's hole. She turned up the speed and fucked Jane hard. As Jane came many times, Pam kept fucking her hole. Then she pulled out the vibe and ran it around Jane's ass. She spread Jane's ass and pushed the vibe in slowly. It took a while for the tight little ass to adjust to the big vibe but when Pam got it in she turned the speed up more and stared to fuck the lttle ass. As the vibe invaded the hole, she kissed her ass all over taking small nips if the flesh. She could see Jane was getting very excited so she inserted four finger in her cunt. She continued fucking her ass and cunt with the f***e which was rocking Jane's small body. As Jane came several times, Pam pulled the vibe from her ass.
Next Pam got a dildo from her case and put it on Jane. She then got on her knees so Jane could fuck her with the 10 inch rod which was as round as a fist. Jand got behind her and fingered her cunt before she started to push the huge dildo in her pussy. It was huge and painful but Pam loved to be stretched till she could take no more. Jane pushed it in and started to fuck Pams hole. It took Pam a while to let the huge rod inside her but as she did, she wanted it hard and rough. Jane fucked her like a pro and and rammed all 10 inches inside her cunt. Jane loved the power she had wearing the huge dildo and she kept fucking Pam and hearing her cum and moan with pleasure and pain. Next Jane removed the dildo from Pam's cunt and aimed it at her ass. Getting the huge stick in her ass would take a lot of adjustment and give Pam the pain she really loved. She grabbed Pam's hips and aimed the dildo at her ass. She poked it in inch by inch. She was amazed as she watched the ass hole stretch as the baseball bat size dildo plunged into her hole. Soon she had all 10 inches deep in the ass. Now she started fucking her fast and rough. She rammed the dildo in and out punishing Pam's ass. As she heard Pam start to cum, she reached over and grabbed her hair rush and started spanking her ass. As she fucked she beat on the ass poked in the air. She watched the welts show on the ass of Pam. She asked if she had had enough but Pam wanted more. Then she rammed harder with the dildo and spanked hard in just one spot with the brush leaving blue bruises on the sexy ass. Just to finish, she turned the brush over and smacked the ass with the bristles of the brush. As she did this and left the tiny hole punctures in the ass cheeks from the stiff bristles, jane was fascinated with the pain Pam loved. And she loved inflicting the pain. She then spanked the ass with the hard side of the brush and then turned the brush and ran the bristles down the sore tender ass leaving deep marks in her skin.
When she pulled the dildo from Pam's ass, she layed pam down and stared to kiss her sucking her lips and tongue. Pam grabbed her and told he she fucked her better than anyone ever had and the brush was wonderful. She may never sit on that ragged ass again.
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