2 lads at it again

It must have been just over a week after Bill and I had had our first experience . Most of the rest of the guys were away on holiday and I had been to some of the ones who hadnt left . There had been no reply to any of the doors I had knocked of guys that hadnt gone on holiday . I was making my way to Bills house when I saw his mother and s****r come out . As i drew closer to the house I saw them walking away from it . I walked into the path and head to the door . I knocked . The door opened and I heard Bill saying "what have you forget this time". As the door opened fully he Said "shit I thought it was my mum and s****r , she already had to come back as she had forgotten her purse"."you coming in?" he asked."OK" I replied.I made my way through the dooor and we made our way to the livingroom . Bill put the TV on . As at that point in time there were only 4 channels available , and it was mostly old black and white films that were put on during the holidays . We sat and watched an old comedy film as it was the best that was on .When it was finished Bill asked if I wanted something to eat , and I had said yes. So we made had made our way through to the kitchen . Bill made himself busy making sandwiches and a couple of soft drinks . I sat at the the table in the kitchen .My eyes were drawn to the washing basket under the table . On top of it was a whitle girdle , the type that had stocking fastners on it . It was the kind that started from about the belly button down too just under the crotch area. I had never seen one in real life but had in pics that were in nudie mags . "here you are" I heard Bill say . I looked up and thee was Bill with a plate and a glass . I took it and started to eat . I dont know if Bill saw me looking at the washing basket or not .When we had finished , Bill took the plates away . When he came back to the table he reached under it and lifted the basket on to the top of the table . "Were you eyeing up my mums stuff " he asked . I just looked at him . He lifted it out and held it up against himself . "It goes with stockings which attach to these 4 little straps " he informed me . I sat there staring at it , and I could feel my cock getting a little stiffer . I then looked back at the washing basket and saw a pair of large whiteish brown pair of panties . Not even hesitating , I lifted them up to examine . "Put them back" Bill said "she has nicer ones in her room . Come on and I will show you".We went to his mums bedroom . Bill directly went to a large set of drawers , and pulled the top one open . In it was all her underwear , all different colours . We sifted through them and I found a black girdle the same as the white one . We also found a pair of white nylon panties and black panties that were not as large as the pair that were in the basket . Black stockings , tan stockings and a white bra and black one . Not wanting to waste any time I asked Bill if we could dress up in them to wank . He smiled and replied , "my mum and s****r are away shopping for today and wont be back for ages .So lets go for it".We both quickly stripped , watching each other . We both had semi-erections with the excitment .I grabbed the black set because I thought it was sexier looking . I pulled on the panties , followed by the girdle . Pulling on the stockings , Bill had asked me to be careful not to rip them . I eventually managed to get the stockings fastened . Bill had already got everthing on except the bra . When I had finished , Bill asked me to fasten up his bra , which I did . He then did mine up . We looked at each other . I think we were both as horny as each other as we both were adjusting our erections in our panties . There was a large mirror on the wall . As we stood there next to each other admiring the site we saw in the mirror , I reached my hand out and started to rub Bills ass from outside his sexy little white outfit . I did want to wank in this outfit , I WANTED BILL TO PLEASURE ME.Bill squirmed a little but didnt pull away . I moved closer to him and turned him towards me . I put both my hands on his ass and pulled him close to me . I could feel his erection against mine . I started to grind against it . He followed suit and also put his hands on my ass . both of us were holding on tight making our already hard cocks even harder.I slipped my hand a little and began to rub Bills thigh . Then making my way down to the stockings . Rubbing between the stockings and his thigh i was getting hornier. Bill had now started to do the same to me , and ,it felt so good .All my inhibitions were out , as I slipped my hand up under the girdle and started rub his ass through the panties he was wearing . My hand made its way under him till i could feel his balls . I started to rub there sensuously which made Bill moan . Bill withdrew his hand , moved slightly back . Next I felt his hand moving up the front of the panties I was wearing . His fingers reached round my cock as best as they could through the panties and stated to pull on it. I could feel quivers going through my whole body as he did this . After a minute or so , I Did the same for him . There we were , both dressed in his mums undies wanking each other off . All of a sudden Bill pushed me off , and dropped to his knees in front of me .He pulled the top of my panties down a little to let my cock out . He then lifted the girdle a little so that what was exposed of my cock was outside of it . He stared to play with it with his right hand . Pulling down and then up with it. his head moved forward with his mouth open . Taking my cock in his mouth and closing on it he started to suck . It felt so wonderful . His head then started to bob up and down , still sucking . As I looked in the mirror , I could see his eyes looking in there to see himself sucking me off in his mums undies. It was an amazing sight .I could feel my balls stir . I knew that I wouldnt last long , but , did not want him to stop . I think he could feel that I was close to cumming , because his sucking became faster and more intense . My legs started to shake , my body started to judder . I felt in total exstacy . As my cum started to rise , I pushed my cock further into his mouth . His head was bobing like mad now and that is when I let out a sort of aaarrrgggghhh noise as I came in his mouth . I dont know how long I was like this , but it felt like hours .Finally when Bill had cleaned me out and swallowed all of my cum , he released my cock from that warm orrafice and stood up .He put his hands on my head and pushed me to my knees . I had no hesitation in pulling his cock out from the panties and returning the favour. It felt so good having his hard cock in my mouth . But it was so unusal , as his skin felt so smooth and warm . I foolowed his example and sucked and bobed my head up and down . I felt him have the same reactions as me , so started to suck and bob my head up and down faster . All of a sudden he seemed to spasm and I felt his cock being pushed into my mouth further . I grabbed his ass and pulled him even further into my mouth . I felt his warm cum spurt into the back of my mouth . I gagged a little but swallowed the whole amount that had escaped from his cock . As his cock started to soften , i withdrew it from my mouth . I looked at it , then started to lick it clean . When he was fully soft I stood up . We looked at each other , with a little remorse but mostly total satisfaction . Nothing was said as we got undressed and dressed into our own clothes . Bill tidied up and I returned to the livingroom . When Bill entered the room , I just got up and said "I better go now" . Bill just shrugged and led me to the door. On my way home I could not get it out of my mind . As I got to my room I had another hard on . What was I to do , was I gay , is this just experimenting , I did not know what to do . All I really did Know was what a fucking great feeling that that was .
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3 days ago
2 great stories!!! "is this just experimenting" is so true
1 month ago
what a great story , i wish that had happened to me.
7 months ago
very sexxy you 2 hot ass bitch's. i would love to watch you 2 sucking each others cock's.