2 lads first tim

Two lads first sexual experienceIt was during the summer holidays many years ago , that i had my first sexual experince . All the lads had been playing football late into the night and it was now getting dark . Some of the lads decided it was time to call it a night and headed of home . That left five of us just chatting in the local park as it was to dim to play any more football . Over the next 30 minutes three of the group made of home one by one . That left me and Bill sitting in the park talking about nothing in particular . Bills house was one of about ten houses that were sited right next to the park , with only a four foot wooden fence seperating them . As the conversation started to die out , Bill asked if I wanted a drink . I replied that I would . Rather than walk out of the park and walk around the road to his house we just climbed over the fence and round the wooden hut that sat at the back of his garden .When we arrived at the back door , I waited outside while he went into the kitchen . I heard him shout to his mother that he was just getting us a drink .A few moments later he returned to the back door with two glasses of diluting orange . As he handed me a glass he stepped out of the house and we both made our way to the hut , which contained all the ususal junk . In it was also two old garden chairs which we sat in . We must have been in there for nearly half an hour when I needed to pee . Rather than just go into to the house I just went round to the back of the hut to relief myself . As i unzipped my trousers and pulled out my cock and started to pee , Bill came round to the back of the hut also to pee . He pulled his cock out and also started to pee . During the time we stood there peeing I glimpsed down and took a look at his cock , which was slightly bigger than mine. I would say that mine was about four inches soft , so I would say his was about five and half inches . I dont think he saw me looking at him , but , I was sure that he also looked at mine .When we had finished we returned to the hut . I dont remember how the coversation started to change to a sexual one , but it did . It was during this converstion that Bill asked if i had seen anybody elses private parts . I relplied that the only time was when I had been in the public toilets and had seen other guys cocks out of the side of my eye , or when in the showers at school . Bill then laughed and said that this was the same for him . He then asked if I had seen his cock when we had been peeing at the back of the hut . I told him that i could see it out of the side of my eye but hadnt really looked .Giggling he said that he had seen mine and recond that his was bigger . With my ego being hurt (and although I also knew his was bigger) , I said that I did not think so . Bill laughed and said that his was bigger and he would prove it . He then unzipped his trousers and pulled out his cock . It was slightly bigger than before due to him having the start of a semi erection . " Get yours out then and prove me wrong then " he challenged . Feeling a little embarressed due to the size of my cock , i hesitantly pulled mine out . I wasnt arroused as yet so didnt even have the help of a semi to get anywhere near the size of him ."Told you " he said . I replied " only cause youve got a semi hard on , coz you like looking at my cock is it bigger " . Bill snorted and said he would have been bigger even if he was soft . I laughed and said " so you dont deny that you like looking at my cock " . he stamered and said that that wasnt true , and anyway , that i hadnt taken my eyes of his cock since he took it out . "Thats because you wanted me to see it though" I answered . He laughed and suggested that I play with my cock so that I would also get a semi and then we would get a true comparison of the size . I shrugged my shoulders and started to fumble with my cock . It started to get a little firmer and I was pleased that it now was bigger and may give me a chance to be bigger than him . But as i played with it , Bills cock also started to enlarge and get harder . It wasnt long before he was fully erect and i would have judged it to be between seven and eight inches long now . There we were , me playing with my cock looking at him with his erection . I was now getting more aroused myself and soon enough I was also fully erect , but at about only six inches in length . What did suprise me was that my cock was actually thicker than his . I made the comment " big and thin just slips in , but small and thick does the trick".He started to laugh at this and said "maybe , but only if you know how to use it " . With both of our cocks out and fully erect we started to talk about the local girls we would do it with , and what we would do to them . Bill had a big grin on his face , and , when I asked what he was smilling about he replied that I was still playing with my cock . Sure enough i was , but stopped immeadiatly .Bill told me that it was ok and started to play with his own cock . I followed his lead and returned to playing with my cock . Neither of us said anything . We just looked at each others cock and played with ourselves .I dont fully know why or how I managed to have the guts to say it , but i asked bill if i could play with his cock to see how it felt to wank another guy . His answer was almost as quick as his movement to get closer to me ,"shit of course you can". I didnt even hesitate in taking in my hand and started to pull on it . Bills breath became shorter and sharper as he enjoyed my manipulation of his rock hard cock . I suddenly felt his hand on my other hand , pulling it away from my cock. Then replacing it with his own and giving me a hand job at the same time . We looked at each other with looks of ecstasy in our eyes . We maybe had been doing this for a few minutes when Bills grip on my cock slackened and eventually he released my cock . He turned side on to me so that I could see his full cock and what I was doing to him . "Shit , i think im cumming " was all he could say and then his mouth opened . He was breathing really fast now and and making slight moaning noises . Suddenly his whole body tensed . With wide eyes and staring at his cock , I watched with great anticipation , waiting to see him cum . I didnt need to wait to long . A sudden spurt of white creamy fluid shot out of his cock , followed by copious amounts of more of his cum moments later. I was mesmerised by this sight . I continued to pull on his cock . Bill was making these "AGH AGH " noises as I continued to drain his balls of its contents.When he finally recovered , Bill said that was the best cumming he had ever had . He looked down at my cock which now had a little clear liquid at the little hole at the tip of my cock . Bill took hold of my cock and said to me " I've got to do the same for you , coz its only fair".He took a firm grip and started to pull on it really fast . I felt a tickle in my balls , could feel my breathing was just as fast as his was . I didnt say anything , I was just enjoying this feeling so much . I could feel my cumm starting to rise and my body going tense . As i started to cum i pushed my cock forward , to get as far into his clasping hand . The feeling was so amazing as I started to ejaculate . I did not want this feeling to stop , I was in heaven.Both of us watched my cock intently as my cum flowed into the air . after a few minutes Bill just said he had better go in as it was really late. We put our cocks back into our trousers , zipped them up and left the hut . I made my way to the fence , clambered over it and walked home . I felt in another world when i went into my house . I just popped my head through the living room dooor and said good night to my parents . went up to my room took of my clothes except my boxer shorts and climbed into bed . I put my han into my boxers feelin my now limp cock , and how sticky it was , and fell into a deep satisfying sl**p .
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ah, teenage exploring!!!
7 months ago
Great story when I was 13 I went with a friend(Kevin) to his house after school. we sat in the kitchen talking when Kevin undid his pants and started wanking himself.He told me I should have a go with him.I pulled out my cock and seeing Kevin so big and stiff was a big turn on.After we had wanked a short time Kevin went and got a pair of his mums panties and we took turns wearing them. while I was stroking Kevin through his mothers panties he started to cum and boy I loved seeing his cum soak the panties.Great days.