I Came Home Early

Earlier this year I came home early from a girl’s night-out. As I came in the house, I could hear the bed creaking. It was a strange noise to hear, I almost didn’t recognise it. But them the penny dropped – It was the noise the bed made when we were having sex.
I stood still and listened. What the fuck was going on? There were moans coming from upstairs. As I crept up the stairs I could hear a voice. It was a deep breathless man’s voice " that’s it!, take it slut!, take it!, you love it!, take you cock!" I didn’t recognise the voice. It wasn’t my boyfriend’s. I crept up to the bedroom door and peeped round. I couldn’t believe my eyes!
The room was quite dark. Only one bedside light on and that had been changed for a red bulb. In the middle of the bed, my bed, was a big man fucking a woman doggy style. The man was big and heavy, hairy and sweating. I looked at the woman. Dressed like a slut! Black basque, fishnets, strappy heels and long gloves. She was bent over the bed, face down, ass up. Her mini skirt pulled up around her waist and knickers around her leg, just above her ankle. She was blonde and had on plenty of make-up. And she was in bondage! She had on a black leather head harness with a big red ballgag. A studded black dog collar. Her wrists and ankles were cuffed and clipped to a metal spreader bar. The perfect submissive ‘fuck me hard’ position. I was instantly aroused at this vision.
She was being fucked hard by a stranger, with the fattest cock I’ve ever seen! It was a good length too!! He was loving it. Pulling on a dog chain as he was pounding her, hard, deep, relentless. He kept up his steady dominant patter. Telling her how much of a slut she was! The woman was in heaven too. Eyes closed, mewing and grunting, behind her ballgag, in response to the hard rough fuck she was getting!
The woman had a tattoo on her shoulder. It looked familiar. OH MY GOD! IT’S MY BOYFRIEND! THAT’S HIS TATTOO! Now I have known my boyfriend likes to x-dress. He has done it since we met. But what I didn’t know is that he also loves cock! Yes, it was him. I could see his face in the wig and head harness. IT WAS HIM! Dressed like a slut, bound like a sub slut, fucked like a whore sub slut! He was in heaven as his girly fuck hole was being filled up!!
Of course I was shocked but I was also very turned on too!! I opened the door and stepped in the bedroom. The fucker looked at me and smiled. He slapped my slut boyfriend’s ass with the end of the dog lead and rammed in harder. My boyfriend opened his eyes in surprise and yelped. Then he saw me! He started to panic, wriggle and writhe. But his fucker just laughed and pounded on! He had his slut just where he wanted her and she was going nowhere. They just carried on. I sat and watched until the bloke filled him with his spunk. He exploded in my boyfriend’s ass, pumping deep, and calling him all sorts of filthy names. When he has squirted his last, the Dom top just pulled out and climbed off the bed. He stood there, bathed in sweat, with dripping cock and a smile on his face. He then grabbed his clothes off the bedroom chair and walked out the door. My "girly chap" came himself. He was still cuffed and immobile, face down on the bed. A huge gob of spunk gushed out of my sissy’s gaping ass. The whole room stank of raw sex and my knickers were wet! I an instant, I knew I had to have my way with my girly slut boyfriend too! In the end I suck my slutty sissy boyfriend off. Still cuffed and spread on the bed and straining against his bondage
I unclipped his wristcuffs from the spreader bar. I then turned him over so he was lying on his back. I lifted his cuffed wrists over his head and clipped them to the dog collar at the back of his neck. He was now face up, cock up and at my mercy! I stripped off and climbed on top of him. I rubbed my hot clit to orgasm on his ballgag. Then rode his cock to another!
After I had had my fill, I finally took off the cuffs, collar and head harness. He looked shattered. Shagged our and abused. He could hardly walk. Cum was still oozing out of his ruined asshole. He then admitted he had been seeing this Dom chap a while and was regular fucked by him!! I agreed to let him carry on seeing him as long as I could join in with them!! So we have regular meets and I love to see my chap get his arse fucked!! I have even bought a big strap-on!!

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6 months ago
I would love this to happen to me...
6 months ago
Love to be caught and have the better half whore me out from that point on.
7 months ago
hell ya hehehehe
8 months ago
I'd love to be in that situation with you...
8 months ago
holy fuck that was hot.
9 months ago
shame my ex wasn't as understanding lol she missed out on a lot
9 months ago
9 months ago
Amazing story, I hope your next writings are even more detailed. I can't wait.
9 months ago
Wish you had elaborated more after the 'guy' left... but good story... got me going, just didn't finish me. Thumbs up!