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Musical Cocks

I have a new fantasy!!!

I have never been a gang bang kind of girl. I never really gave it much thought due to the "trashy" stigma attached to it. Sometimes it's hard to envision certain fantasies without feeling tacky or classless. However, I have realized that using body parts for pleasure can be done in a respectful way.
That being said, I have a game I want to play.

I would LOVE to be in the middle of a circle of 5 or 6 hot, sexy men. Men that understand that I am not their whore or slut.

Music starts. I strip and touch myself until each of you are rock hard and ready to play a... Continue»
Posted by flirtygurl 3 months ago

[Story] My Understanding Mother

Well, I wish I could say it was the first time my mother caught me masturbating. But, it wasn't.

And, it's not like I was always walking around the house, pulling my crank out and flashing it around, either. I wasn't trying to get caught, but, she had this uncanny ability to want to barge into my bedroom, or need to talk to me when I was in the shower, and as a result, she periodically caught me with my hand around my crank, pumping it toward orgasm. On top of that, I don't know how many times I'd be lying in bed, enjoying a nice early morning wank, and she'd open the door on me.

Each ... Continue»
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[Story] This is maybe 20 yrs old but still funny

The new guy on the block

The other day my friend Jay comes over to my house and he wants to show me that his bald spot has grown so much that he has completely shaved his head. My son Mark comes in to say hi, soon as he sees Jay he runs out the room screaming. I thought that was odd but I figure he was just playing since he's known Mark since he was in diapers. The next day Jay comes over to help me work on my car, Mark comes out to hangout with dad, takes one look at Jay and again he goes running away yelling and screaming. I figure must have had to much sugar and ... Continue»
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What All Women Want (GIFS

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Posted by pimpstick 1 year ago

A Gift To Your Daughter (GIFS)

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[Story] The biggest cock.

So here we were me and my fiance on the couch, im on my knees sucking his cock when I feel hands on my naked ass, and fingers penetrating my pussy and ass, we found a stranger on craigslist with a 10" cock and he was about to stretch out the tightest pussy of his life while my husband watched and filmed it. I was 19 and craigslist guy was 35 my pussy had no idea what she was in for. He pulls his enormous cock out and kneels behind me I feel the head of his cock slap my lower back while he positions me to his height, he then slides his cock halfway slowly in and out untill finally he starts goi... Continue»
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[Story] Me, My Wife, and My Boss

Another in a long line of stories about me and my wife and our love of threesomes. See the rest in my profile.



I'd been sent off on an annoying last-minute business trip, forcing my wife Carrie and I to have to cancel all our plans for two weeks. Some of these plans were innocent enough, a friend's birthday party, a movie, and some were not, we had plans to have some fun with our neighbor Karen as we usually did.

So natura... Continue»
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[Story] Billy's Hot Mom

Billy's Hot Mom

Chapter 1

Donna waggled her ass, moving her hands up and down her body.

Billy sat watching, his cock throbbing inside his pants, his eyes big
and round, glittering with excitement. The very long, very slender legs
of his mother moved snake-like as she turned and danced slowly. Her ass
bunched and relaxed.

Donna wasn't really a dancer, but she loved to dance this way at home,
privately, with only her son watching. She had a natural sense of
rhythm that was sensuous and arousing, her movements more like fucking
rather than dancing. The sway of her hips... Continue»
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Mommy's Sex Life (Updated May 27)

I'll be making almost daily entries in this blog so check back each day...It gets me excited to read all your comments.

May 27, 2013. Fucking in a Fam_ily Way.

So much has happened during the last month and it's happening really fast.

The short story is that my boy Eric got his teenage girlfriend Elena pregnant. She's the hot latina girl who I wrote about in my April 25th entry in this blog. After Elena received positive pregnancy tests and visited an OB-GYN she confessed to her very strict Catholic parents that she was with ch_ild and who the daddy was. Then Elena's parents c... Continue»
Posted by lisa__ 1 year ago

The cock that got away....

It was all my fault that cock got away!!!

I was new to the world of online sex and it was only a sex dating site, seeing if i would be interested in men in my area for some 3some fun. I was getting so many emails and pictures, people propositioning me everyday in every was, that i needed an auto reply explain that i would let them know if i was interested. It was a lot of fun receiving all the positive comments, but I was having a hard time picking between people.

Then I saw the most beautiful cock!! And he wasn't writing me, i just stumbled upon it.


So even though I don't us... Continue»
Posted by assyansweet 2 years ago

[Story] a real date with a cam girl from http://CoolCamGir

I went to the lobby to wait for Shane’s arrival. She mentioned that she will arrive in 20 minutes. Smoked a cigarette while waiting. She entered the hotel and I could recognize her easily as she does not look that different from cam. I can see she is feeling a little bit awkward when shaking my hand. She kept telling me this is the first time she is meeting a member from a sex cam site. I tried to joke a little bit to light things up. After all the small talks, I suggested that we go for dinner and is there any cool place to eat. We went to a Middle Eastern joint and ordered some shawarma with... Continue»
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Sex is Wonderful !

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About Cool Cam Girls - A Unique Adult Video Chat Experience

On this network of pretty babes, you can chat with, listen to and masturbate with hot chicks (and even have them watch you at the same time). This site gives you the chance to direct willing gals on what to do in semi-private or private VIP chats. The models are very sexy and range from the sweet, innocent gal-next-door types to lusty pornstar wannabes.

One the most erotic online activity you can enjoy is we... Continue»
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[Story] He Tied Me Up And Took Pictures

When I asked (my husband) Jasper if he'd be interested in taking some pictures to post online, he was a little bit hesitant to begin with. Photos, sure, but online? What if someone from our k**s school saw them, or something? Once we both agreed that it was best to keep our faces out of them, we were a go. Oh, but we had no idea how much it would ... Continue»
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[Story] Sex Last Saturday 09/29/2012 ;o)

So, my husband and I had some really great sex last night, which started as it often does with us talking about sex. This time the subject was nipples.

I've almost been brought to orgasm several times by having my nipple kissed and licked and my husband (Jasper) tells me that he gets aroused by having his nipples suckled as well.

I have rather large boobs, so he asked me if I'd ever licked my own nipples.

It's funny, but it hasn't been since my 20's that I have. I used to masturbate and lick at them, which only a couple of years ago, I would have never told anyone.

He asked me i... Continue»
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Best Of xHamster - Friday, 31th August 2011

Best Of xHamster - Friday, 31th August 2011

Oops, missed last weeks update :\ I'll sort that out by adding last weeks updates too :)






... Continue»
Posted by andy000 3 years ago

[Story] Do not tell my hubby

I`ve been fucking my neighbour for about two months now and my hubby has no idea. About 12 months ago a young couple moved next door to us in the winter and they kept asking us if we would like to go round for a meal,some drinks. My husband is always trying to get me to flirt with other men and would lover one to fuck me but that was out of the question.
One summers afternoon I sat in the garden with a glass of wine when Jane our new neighbour came round and asked if we would like to join them for some drinks and food later that evevning so I said yes. When I spoke to my husband I told h... Continue»
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When He Cums On Me...

Cumming is actually my least favorite part of sex. It's both the sweetest and the last part of the evening, and I always want the evening to last.

Yes, I can usually get going for another round, but Jasper and I don't usually get to go at it until it's late, and so one round is all we can manage with any real enthusiasm.

I'm a lucky girl, because Jasper knows how to pace himself and stretch out our time. I cum first about 50% of the time. Of course there's a reason that Jasper likes me to come first. My man LOVES TO CUM ON ME.

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Posted by DebraBed 2 years ago

[Story] Countess Xotik's Erotic Stories - Sea Nymph &

The Countess loves her peaceful afternoons aboard her yacht while anchored in the Bay. She basks in the sunshine and enjoys the gentle sea breeze that lifts her thin white dress. With the persona of an angelic Sea Nymph, she sits on the teak rail and dreams of a handsome man boarding her yacht and seducing her in the open air. Her crew has strict orders to not interfere with her personal matters, especially if she is sexually “engaged” with a man, woman or multiple partners. All crew must stay out of sight and ensure the Countess’ privacy as she takes matters where she wishes. The profess... Continue»
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[Story] Check Up Time

I could escape it no longer. As an 18 year old senior in high school, I had to get a job. Somehow I had managed to get out of getting a part time job my first three years of high school, but finally my parents could put up with it no longer. I needed a job.

If that wasn't bad enough, to get the job I had to get a work permit from my school, and to fill out the work permit I had to have to get a physical examination at the doctors. I despise physicals. The last time I needed to get a physical was when I was 16 and getting my drivers permit. Sitting in a waiting-room for 20 minutes, then bein... Continue»
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[Story] The Cum Couch

My roommate Susan and I love to masturbate, and when we do, we often do it on the couch in our living room. This couch has seen more than its share of sex, between me and Susan either masturbating alone, or with each other, or with groups of our lesbian friends and even some of my boyfriends, like our neighbor Alex. This sofa has seen so many pussies and so much cum we now refer to it as “The Cum Couch.”

The Cum Couch sits in our living room facing the TV and the front door and it is perfect for sex. It’s a kind of floral print, an ivory, beige and gray pattern which doesn’t show stains. I... Continue»
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[Story] At work in the ass

Irene was a pretty, dark-haired and petite. I remember how she called to show off her new job, I remember her pretty face shone and glowed dark green eyes. She was very tall and looked almost weightless. Irene said that she is now a separate room, and offered to search it, and I promised to call in the afternoon.

When I came in, she asked me to lock the door: "The trouble is that my colleagues often come here without knocking, and I would prefer that we do not interfere."

I sat in the chair next to her desk, she pushed diary.

- I have one secret - she said. - I have long been attracte... Continue»
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[Story] nmdwji's balls never get time to recover.....

I can see the beads of sweat forming on the twin globes of your huge ass as you ride my cock. Your ass is moving up and down my fuck stick like the pistons of a car as you moan with pleasure. You've been fucking me for 15 minutes now, but I'm unable to cum because you've tied off my balls tightly and also put a tight cock ring behind the head of my cock. The cum is now pounding through my cock creating great pressure. I can feel the pulsing increase with each down stroke of your magnificent ass. "Lift your head and lick the sweat off my ass worm", you demand. I lift my upper body off the b... Continue»
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[Story] renthallin wants to cover me with 8 loads....

Bring those fat titties to my place. I can cover you eight or more times with loads per day and still not be sore

Love that preggo belly and those huge, lactating tits. Id gladly shoot huge, thick loads wherever you want them.

Love to fuck those most amazing tits! Thanks for the add beautiful

Wanna squeeze and suck the milk out of those glorious tits!

Fuck you are hot. Love big, pregnant milk filled titties.

Would love to put you on your knees, gazing up at me with adoration as you pump my cock with your hands. Slowly you'd lower your face to my throbbing member, flicking my ... Continue»
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[Story] nmdwji wants to cum inside....

You've strapped a huge dildo to my mouth and while you lie on your back I'm f***ed to fuck your pussy Lateshay! "Faster, you slut. Is that the best you can do?" The whip cracks across my ass, causing me to increase the speed of my fucking. My hands are tied behind my back and I'm on my knees while my head moves back and forth fucking your now engorged clit. You moan in ecstasy as your pussy juices flow down the sides of your muscular thighs. Finally you command me to stop, but my rest is short lived. "You didn't really think I'm done with you now, did you Cock? You untie my hands and put m... Continue»
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Going Through Sex Addiction Rehab

This is my blog about my time in a sex addiction rehab clinic. My husband finally caught me cheating on him and so that's where he took me. The rehab sessions didn't “cure” me and we ended up getting divorced.

August 9, 2012.

It was early afternoon yesterday and I was feeling extremely horny. Except for my husband, I hadn't been fucked for 2+ days. It was hot outside and I wasn't up to going out hunting for young boys. So I called Troy.

Troy – who is 19 – lives just a couple of blocks away and he's the boy I go to when I need a special delivery. I call him up and he com... Continue»
Posted by lisa__ 2 years ago

Diary of a Cougar

This is my diary about some of the young cock that I received in 2012 while I was still married to my husband. I think I got fucked by maybe 75 boys that year. But I honestly lost count. Some of my conquests are here.

Mommy Lisa


October 23, 2012. Driving My Husband Crazy.

My husband is divorcing me because I told him that his cock isn't enough for me and I need to fuck young guys too. But even with our divorce in the works, we are still living together. Hubby sees our home as his domain. I've tried to make it diffi... Continue»
Posted by lisa__ 2 years ago

sexy songs

Benny Benassi - Satisfaction

Rolling Stones Satisfaction

The Pussycat Dolls - Don't Cha ft. Busta Rhymes

I'm Sexy And I Know It


Pitbull - I Know You Want Me

Touch And Go - Would You...? Continue»
Posted by palmate100 2 years ago

Lingering on the close up penetration shot

i wrote about this b4, but im so annoyed by it im gonna write about it again coz i hav to vent this out one more time.

one thing i cant stand in porn is that the camera guy is usually obsessed with getting mostly extreme close up shots. usually of the penetration, and the back tight close up shot of the guy's hairy ass. when it shows a close up shot on penetration for so long it just becomes extremely generic, not to mention rip your hair out boring. it gets so redundant, it becomes very frustrating. seems like lots of times when im just starting to enjoy the camera angle coz its getting th... Continue»
Posted by luvz2meetnfuck 3 years ago

what makes a really good porn vid?

my favorite kind of videos are the ones where u can truly feel the lust in them. where the people in it feel true and deep lust for the sex they are having in that moment. combine that with really good clear camera views of whats going on and u hav a REALLY good porn vid. true lust cant be faked. so if u asked me what kind of vids i like, that would be my answer.

the frustrating kind are the ones where u can really feel the lust in them but the camera operator ruins it for the viewer by being a jackass and constantly insists on getting the worst possible camera angle views of the action.
... Continue»
Posted by luvz2meetnfuck 3 years ago