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realty check, for me and you

i know i should consider myself very lucky, compering to about 50% or more of the ppl on this planet(Africa and other 3 world palces).yet, still i think there is something in you that no matter how much money, care and attention from friends and famely or love can help you with. it like something is broken and no one, no one can ever fix it.

it like seeing and understanding some truth and trying to belive in the lie again.

or may be it is just me, being to real with myself, poping my own dream bobels of my life. getting older, smarter, braver, not affried to face lifes hard truth and stair it right in the eye without flinching.

i do'nt know, may be i just need to lighten up, start my inner fire again and to be sure i wo'nt get bured this time....much :)

it is at times like this i like to listen to this, and remmber that i must remble on!!!
Posted by palmate100 2 years ago
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