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[Story] tricking mum into gloryhole.

It was a saturday afternoon and me and mum was heading for a shopping centre about an hour out of town. This was just going to be a simple couple of hours shopping and home.!!

But.. As she was driving i was on my phone in the passage seat just broswing on the internet looking a porn pics as i was finding it horny she didnt no and she was only next to me. Browsing my phone i came across a uk gloryhole website with locations on where there are gloryhole toilets. I didnt think nothing of it untill i notice where we was going there was one about 3 minutes away from where we was going shopping!!... Continue»
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[Story] Gloryhole found in Highschool (True Story)

It was only until my final year in school that I discovered a gloryhole in the girls changing room toilets. It was a tiny hole in the last toilet booth. I looked around it and decided to put my finger into the hole. I managed to go through, but it was pretty tight. I knelt down and tried to peek through the hole, and make out what was on the other side. Funnily enough, I saw toilet paper, so I looked a bit too the right and I could make out a toilet. I assumed it was the boy’s toilets. The girls and boys changing rooms were adjacent to each other in my school.

I knew about gloryholes befor... Continue»
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[Story] Mom Does My Laundry. I Do My Mom.

It had been a long week with school. I felt overloaded as a freshman in college. As usual, as my home was only 40 miles form school, many weekends I would go home, do laundry and eat some of mom's home cooking. Last Friday my weekend trip home became even better than expected.

I walked in about 6:30PM and mom was in the kitchen making some homemade sauce and pasta. The smell drew me to the kitchen. What I saw took me back a bit. Mom was standing at the stove stirring sauce, breaking up pasta to drop in the pot and putting the finishing touches on some of her most delicious garlic bread. Bu... Continue»
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[Story] Voyeur babysitter part 1

This is a fictional story. I have an idea for part 2 already.All feedback appreciated.

Abby had minded our son Dan before,but we didn't think she did a great job.Maybe she was too young or immature.We came home last time to find little Stuart in a dirty nappy, and a rash on his bum.Abby said he must have just done it before we came home.She was all smiles and looked very innocent in her pigtails and short summer skirt.So we paid her and vowed not to use her again.But we were stuck. Jenny's s****r had supposed to babysit but cancelled at short notice.So we asked Abby again,and here she was,... Continue»
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[Story] My Blowjob Lifestyle

I've decided to share my story about being a blowjob girl.
What I mean when I say blowjob girl is that I regularly
perform oral sex on groups of guys.

To try and keep it short I'll tell you briefly the
highlights of my sex life from age 14 up to now. I
haven't used any real names and changed enough details
to insure my anonymity, and with all the changes I've
made you should just consider this story to be fiction,
although basically it's not.

When I was f******n I met Tom, my future and now ex-
husband. Tom was s*******n and had a car. So after the
normal kissing and fee... Continue»
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[Story] My Mom is the Biggest Slut Ever

After school I went to my basketball coach and told him I wasnt feeling well so he told me to go home and relax that they can manage the game tonight without me, so I left and started walking home.

I just turned 18 and live with both of my parents, my dad Tony was 45 and was a trucker and was outta town a lot, he would work all week and be off on the weekends, my mom Victoria is 35 years old and was a stay at home wife she decided early on she didnt wanna work, but my dad made enough so she never had to work. She was about 5'3, long brown hair, huge 36D breast, with a nice phat ass, and a ... Continue»
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[Story] Woman Invites Her Brother to Nudist Resort

Story published at xHamster with permission from author Melissa Roberts.

[Story is being told by the br*other]

My older si*ster Kathy called me on the phone the other day. She is the "Fun and Leisure" editor for a large newspaper company and told me that she is going to write an article about the "Nudist Resort" that recently opened.

She said, "Kenny, I reserved a cabin for the weekend, but my husband has to go out of town on business. I know your wife Patty is visiting her parents, so how about you going with me? It won't cost you a dime. The company gave me a credit card and told me... Continue»
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[Story] My Wifes Friend is $2 Whore

Annie had been my wife’s best friend all through high school and college, as well as the through the five years that followed. She had not only been her maid of honor at our wedding, but she had also been present for the birth of both of our c***dren. In addition to the fact that she was one of the sweetest women I knew, she was also very easy on the eyes. In fact, she was one of the best advantages to me putting in the large in-ground pool in my back yard a couple summers ago; I figured it would give my wife and her numerous reasons to parade around in the bikinis they both seemed to wear so ... Continue»
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It was a warm Friday afternoon and school was fanally over for the year. I had been wanting to take a trip to the beach for some time and had been doing odd jobs cutting grass and such trying to save up enough money for gas and a couple nights room rent at the beach. I got a phone call from my neighbor asking if I could watch her two k**s while she went out for the evening with her girlfriends. I told her I would be happy to come over and babysit them since I had no plans that night and I could use the money. I arrived about 7 PM and Mrs. Waters gave me instructions telling me I could order a ... Continue»
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[Story] Catholic Nun Strips Naked During Sermon

Last Sunday the Father of our Church became ill suddenly and summoned me to his office. He explained to me, "s****r Carolyn, due to my poor health, I am unable to conduct Church services this morning. Please fill in for me today. Just have the congregation sing a few songs then wrap it up with a nice short prayer. God bless you."

Oh my God, that was the moment I had been waiting for ever since I became a Catholic Nun last year after being busted for prostitution and decided to avoid prosecution.

Anyway, I quickly ran out of his office to the Nun's private bathroom. I stripped out of my N... Continue»
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I was in my second year of college attending school out of state when word reached me that my father had died. It had been totally unexpected and a major shock to my mother and younger s****r along with myself. Busy as I'd been away at school it had been almost an entire year since I'd even seen them. My s****r Mandy had just recently graduated from high school and like me had been planning on attending school out of state. All that had changed now with the death of our father. Mandy and mom had always been close, a bonding that had in fact left me feeling a little jealous of their relationshi... Continue»
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[Story] Teenage homeless junkie - what's not to love?

So, I had just left a strip club and was feeling unsatisfied. I'd managed to get out before handing over my life savings in the hope of a discrete handjob that was never going to arrive. So I was walking down the street, in a slightly seedy part of town, horny and frustrated, and slightly pissed off.

I saw a girl walking by herself, pulling a small rolling suitcase behind her. Heading home from a trip, perhaps? I decided to have some fun. I slowly caught up with her and walked beside her for a few steps.


She looked at me for a second.

'You wanna make some extra money?'[imag... Continue»
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I'll be the first one to admit, I didn't much care for my stepfather. Although I had recently turned eighteen, I still had a few months before graduation, and then after that I was seriously considering entering into the service for the simple reason of moving out and getting away from a man I despised and had always disapproved of.

Ever since they had gotten married, he and I had been at odds over nearly everything, which had also included a great deal of favoritism over his daughter who was a year older than I was, but thankfully was living on campus at a dorm he was also paying for, so ... Continue»
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[Story] Stripper Confessions: Superbowl Gangbang

Hey, guys, it's been awhile, I was outta town for a bit but I just got back to Vegas, things have already gotten a little crazy.

I wrote about my friend Jason before, I have hooked up with him and a few of his friends and I texted him when I knew I was coming back to town. He said he was having a superbowl party and that I should come by. I don't like football but I told him I'd come by. So on Sat. and Sun. morning he sends me texts asking if I was sure I was going to be there, I didn't think much of it but told him that I promised I would.

So, I'm a little horny as always so I dress up ... Continue»
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[Story] Me and my Uncle

As a girl growing up in Latin America, I lived in a culture that stressed the importance of f****y. As a young girl early 18 I remember my house was always busy with cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparent and lots of friends. Our life was very social, it was nothing to have ten or more people just drop in, have a drink chat with my mother and father and leave again. So I was always used to having people around and it is a comforting way to grow up.

Of course this kind of closeness may seem strange to those of you who grew up here in America, but for us it was natural. For example my parents h... Continue»
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[Story] Lil doggie fun :)

When i was 18,still living at home,my neighbor had a bull mastif dog that scared me.He was friendly enough,but very very big.The only fence between u was a chain link so we could see into each others yards.One day,i was out laying on a blanket in the sun relaxing.I noticed the dog sitting down by the end of the yard,the thing that caught my eye was his cock.It was half way out of his skin,very pink and very ...big.

I felt my pussy quiver at the sight of it and was a little put off about how it made me feel.I got up and slowly walked over the him,and all i could do was stair.His knott was as... Continue»
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[Story] The morning with Rex

While in bed that night,all i could think about was that one time with Rex,and the more i thought about it ,the hornier and wetter i got.It was 6 am and my Parents were up and about getting ready for work.My mom popped her head in my room to remind me to fee the dog this i could ever forget !!!Once i heard the door close for the second time,i knew they were both off for the day.

I quickly got out of bed and went down stair,grabbed the dog food and ran next door to feed Rex.I unlocked the door and Rex met me at the door,no barking ,just a wag of his tail."Good Morning Rex" i ... Continue»
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[Story] the zoo

So its been a pretty mild winter so far, so we decided to go for a trip to the zoo. Me, my wife and her s****r Peggy (yes, shes still with us)got in the car a drove to the zoo. It was about an hour drive and I had to sit throught the usual chatty BS while I drove. I zoned out because I dont really care about handbags or purses or Daughtry's new cd. So we finally get there and start to walk around. I guess most of the a****ls were up and moving around due to the weather, quite a change from seeing them just laying there in the summer. It was a normal trip until we got to the horses. Apparentley... Continue»
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[Story] 3 Evil s****rs-Part 1

3 Evil s****rs-Part 1
Introduction: If you like it, dont like it, just feel like commenting or anything in between, feel free. Feedback is always nice. Thank you
My life wasn’t ideal for any 13 year old boy hitting puberty. I grew up in a house with no father (because he kicked the bucket when I was only two years old) a mother who seemed like she was always out of town, and three older s****rs. Needless to say I was lacking a father figure in the house, or any kind of figure that would teach me to be a man because I sure as hell knew I wasn’t.

With mom being out of town a lot that m... Continue»
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[Story] Long drive but horny

So the other day I was driving home and I was real horny. My s****r was sl**ping in the passenger seat wearing a skirt. She is about 5'11" weighs 350 pounds and has 36 DDs. She is not very attractive but I have always enjoyed the thought of fucking my s****r because of the taboo of it all. So anyway I was driving and decided to start jacking off. I needed lubricant so i reached over and started rubbing her pussy. She is a heavy sl**per and did not wake up. I was rubbing until i felt her get wet. I then reached into her pants and slicked up my hand, and then rubbed it all over my rock hard cock... Continue»
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[Story] d***k Girls and the Consequences

We staggered out of the pub and across the street and sat in the bus shelter. Too late for the last bus, which had departed long before the last order call, but Pia was so out of it she slept in the most awkward of positions, oblivious of her condition or state of dress.
We were part of a 'Hens night out', and now we are so pissed and somehow, I have the honer of the 'Bride To Be' passed-out, across my lap.
Perhaps you guys might answer this question, Is fucking the bride to be, a massive turn-on for other males, making them prime targets on their last nights freedom?
A ... Continue»
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[Story] Late Night With My Buddy's Mom

It was late at night and I couldn’t sl**p. I decided to get up and get a glass of water. My buddy was stone cold asl**p, but I crept out anyway because I didn’t want to wake anyone else up. I tiptoed down the hall and saw a light from below. I heard the faint sound of someone typing away on the keyboard and clicking on the mouse. I moved in to investigate while still being very quiet.

I peered around the corner and found my buddy’s mom sitting there at the computer completely naked! Her big full breasts res... Continue»
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[Story] stormy night in alabama

The day began out dull as hell; the rain was coming down hard, the national weather station released alerts warning people in Alabama to take cover. This heavy summer down pour was sure to last for the next 24 hours. Jacob’s mother Mrs. Susan had called my mother and told her that it would be unsafe for me to go home and that it was ok if I stayed over to their place, and ride out the storm with them. I was a happy camper because Mrs. Susan was a real hot MILF; she had a habit of walking around the house in cut of shorts and halter top shirt. She was 5’7 145 with nice C cup sized tits, and had... Continue»
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[Story] Drive by luck.

I was just driving to the beach one day, and about a block or two from the beach I noticed a woman out watering her plants in front of her apartment building. She had nothing on but a thin short nightgown, so everytime she bent over, depending on the angle, I either saw part of her ass or a great view of her breast. I circled the block to see if she would still be there, and to my surpise she was. Then I got the idea to park where I can watch her.

I sat in my car watching her for about 20 minutes. Your probably saying to yourself who waters plants for 20 minutes? She did. Something ... Continue»
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[Story] My first BBW (true)

Haven't met anyone on here yet worth chatting back and forth with..go figure so ill keep watching the porn anyway and chat with myself lol Im not a writer havent written anything other than
a few songs here and there. Im telling real true experiences from my life....not looking for approval
or critique. Will try and use commas and correct spelling is the only effort ill put in. Just wanna share stories with some ppl and chat about them.

My first BBW

Wasn't particularly a weekend party night however attended a hockey game, a friend
and I, followed by a quiet Wednesday out. The city I... Continue»
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[Story] A Freaky Fuck pt1

I was still in high school, and on my way there to be exact, when I got this great ideal about going over to Horse Dick Harry's house and hang out. Harry is the Uncle of Charlie, one of the three miscreants that assaulted and ****d me one day while playing hooky.

Charlie and Harry found me in the store one Saturday and they took me to Harry's home and Harry proved to me why he was called Horse Dick Harry. Ever since I saw and experienced Harry's enormous fuck tool invade my butt I was hooked. I had made several trips back to Harry's home on my own, and enjoyed Harry invading my rectum wi... Continue»
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[Story] The Story of My Mom

My mom and I have always been very close. When I turned ten, my mom and dad got a divorce. My dad moved away and it was just me and mom. We became even closer. Mom told me that I was now the "man of the house". I took my new role very seriously and tried to live up to what I thought was expected. When I hit puberty mom tried to fill in as a male role model.
At f******n I was in my room laying on my bed naked. I had a dirty mag and was just starting to jack off, I had found a good picture and was sporting a huge boner and just starting to stroke it when the door opened and my mom walked... Continue»
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[Story] At the adult book store

Having had a couple of years sucking cock with my boss (see my first story post) I was ready to move on. I'd had a succession of great girlfriends and regular cock from my boss, life was great. Now I was in love with my girl and we set up home together in a small apartment. For a few months everything was going well, but I kept thinking of my boss and the great times we had blowing each other. I was feeling cock hungry.
So, one day I decided to go to an adult book store to see if I could find a nice cock to suck. Settling in a booth I stripped off and was watching a rather good bi movie. Hear... Continue»
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[Story] My Bestfriends Mom

My friends mom was a woman who just had gotten done with a horrible divorce. I always went to over to play video games with Zach. I always had an eye on his hot mom. She was a little chunky and tall with long curly light brown hair. I couldn't get the fantasy out of my mind of her being naked. I always imagined her rubbing her fingers on her clit, begging me to fuck her. Then again, I was 16 and didn't think I had a chance with her. That didn't stop me from eyeing her though. I loved to look at her sexy body. She saw me looking at her too. She didn't mind though, she tease me by bending over p... Continue»
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[Story] peeping tom gets more than an eyefull.

I discovered my first playboy magazine under my parents bed at around age 10. and that pretty much set off the start of my sex addiction. the sears catalog, jc penny catalog, national geographic magazine... if it had scantily clad women, i was masterbating to it, alot, i mean ALOT... playboy was the one that set me off on a quest to see what else was out there. i was jacking off in the morning before school, sometimes id sneek off the bathroom and jack off during class, as soon as id get home from school iwas locked in the bathroom for hours a day. when my nextdoor neihbor showed... Continue»
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