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Summer of 63 Part 2

Well it’s Saturday and my Aunt is off work and promised me that she would continue to teach me about sex. I walked over to the couch holding my aunt’s hand and sat down. She sat next to me fully clothed which was kind of a disappointment. She took her hand and brushed the hair off my forehead and reached around back and held my head while she kissed me. I was shocked and excited all at the same time; I had never been kissed like that before. She pulled back, looked at me and asked if I liked it. I said yes and rushed forward to get another one when she pushed me back and told me that it’s not how fast and hard you kiss but how soft and how lingering it is that makes all the difference. I didn’t understand what I had done wrong. She said; just sit there and let me show you just how it’s done. She leaned close to me and brought her lips to just an inch in front of mine and stopped and looked at me before she softly kissed me those nice soft full lips. I closed my eyes and she pulled back and told me to keep my eyes open when you kiss, how was I going to see what was going on. She slowly leaned forward again and kissed me softly and I kept my eyes open just like she did. It was a total turn on to look into her eyes as she kissed me. She opened he mouth and kissed me so I opened mine. All of a sudden her tongue was in my mouth. I pulled back and she looked at me and said was something wrong. I didn’t know what to say. She smiled, which she does throughout my education, and asked if I didn’t like it. I told her it was strange but not bad. She told me to try it, so I leaned forward and slowly moved my lips to hers. She was right, with your eyes open you can she where you’re going. I kissed her lips very softly and when I went to kiss her again I opened my mouth and slid my tongue into her mouth. Oh what a turn on. We kissed each other for a long time which started my cock to start stiffing up. All of a sudden her hand is rubbing my crotch as we start kissing more with a lot more tongue. She unzips my shorts and rubs my cock through my underwear. I love the way her hand just gently strokes my cock through my clothes. I figured I would rub her crotch but realized I really didn’t know how to rub her pussy. Now what? I put my hand in between her legs and rubbed her thigh. She spreads her legs and takes my hand and rubs her crotch with my fingers running down and not sideways. She is breathing heavy as she pulls away from kissing and undoes her house coat. Her panty crotch is wet to the touch. She sticks her hand down my underwear and starts to stroke my cock. I quite kissing and lay back and let my Aunt do whatever she wants with my cock. She releases it from its hiding place and she leans over and licks it. I shudder with delight. I don’t know what I am suppose to do now so I lay back and pull my hand out of her crotch. I am excited with the idea of her licking my cock. She tells me that this is the last time that I am going to be allowed to come first. I didn’t care as long as I got to come I am a happy camper. She takes her finger nails and plays with my balls. She watches me to see how I am reacting to her nails. She digs them into the base of my cock as she scratches my cock to the tip. I jump from delight more than from pain. She slides her fingers around my cock and starts stroking it up and down. I love everything she is doing to me and my cock responds with it growing. My god it’s so hard it almost hurts from the way it is stretched. My aunt asks me to jack off. I just sit there and have no idea what she is talking about. I was as they say “Young and Dumb and Full of Come”. She took my hand and folded my fingers around my cock and slides my hand up and down. Not bad, I feel I can get use to this. She watches me as I get use to the feeling of me pleasuring myself. I look over as I see my aunt has her hand down her panties and is rubbing up and down. I reach over and help her out by pulling her panties down to her knees and slide one leg out. She spreads her legs and is rubbing her pussy with her fingers. I watch as she increases the movement. She moans and I am not sure why she would do what’s she’s doing if she’ in pain. I am jacking off now like I know what I am doing. She stops what she’s doing and takes my hand and rubs her pussy with my fingers. What the hell is going on, she has pissed herself. I look surprised as my aunt looks at me to see if everything’s ok and it’s not. She smiles and tells me that she is turned on and that she is wet because she is excited. I ask her if that’s what I am doing by rubbing her pussy was getting her excited. She said that I was working her up to the point of climax. She took my hand and pushed it hard against her pussy as she started to moan and move her hips up and down. I am a little scared that I am hurting her when she moans loud and my hand is sticky with something wet and hot. She shudders and holds my hand still. I have totally stopped jacking off and just hold my cock. She says wow you just made me come. I am cool I can make a woman come. She tells me that we need to come together that it would be nice. I smile and agree with her, for whatever reason I don’t know at this point in my education. She applies some Vaseline jelly to my cock and tells me to put some on both hands. I obey her every wish is what I tell her and again she smiles and says in due time you will and like it. I have no idea what she is talking about. I have this jelly like stuff on my fingers as she tells me to grab hold of my cock and stroke it. My hand slides up and down my hard cock with ease as it starts to feel good. She takes my other hand and starts rubbing her pussy again. I enjoy the feeling of her wet pussy now and am getting comfortable with doing this when she folds my middle finger towards her pussy lips. She rubs the area and pushes my finger inside of her. What the hell am I doing? My finger is inside her pussy and it is soaked with juices and warm and oh so nice. I instinctively start pushing my finger in and out as she starts raising and lowering her hips. I figure that I am fucking her and enjoy it. She tells me to keep stroking as I finger her. I like this it is the best feeling that I have ever had. I feel my cock start throbbing and I know what’s next. My aunt has told me to rub the inside not jam my finger in and out of her. I slow down and find this spot inside of her that is swollen and soft so I rub this place and she goes wild. I stop but just for a second as she tells me not to stop in a voice I have never heard come out of her mouth. Her mouth is open my cock is straining my fingers and my other hand is making her happy so I lean over and kiss her lips and she sticks her tongue into mine and mine into hers. Hat a sight this was and I was enjoying this. She pushes back and says faster and faster as she says she is coming. I start stroking my cock faster so that we come together. She sucks my tongue as I feel her juices flow all over my hand again and I shot my load all over her belly and my hand. I keep stroking my cock until all of the sperm is released from my cock and she has unloaded all over my hand. I lean back on the couch and enjoy the feeling of utter enjoyment. I love sex education so far and as we sit back and enjoy the moment she tells me that I am a good student and that we will be moving on to me fucking her tomorrow. I think what the hell I just did, if it wasn’t fucking. I guess I will have to wait till tomorrow to find out.
Posted by packy87 3 years ago
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3 years ago
I think we can all read more of this highly descriptive sex education you are getting and enjoying.
3 years ago
Very hot.