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The Summer of 1963

It was the summer of 1963 and my uncle was on the road sell paint. My aunt came over and asked my mom if it was ok for me to spend the summer at her apartment in town. Mom said no problem and told me to behave and do what my aunt told me to do. I packed a bag and off we went. My aunt stopped at a news stand and bought me a couple of Magazines, the first sex magazine I ever had. It was hot and the apartment was even hotter. My aunt was making supper in a house coat that buttoned down the front. I was watching TV when she told me it was supper time. She was a good cook and supper was great. I picked up my plate and glass and took them to the sink after I ate. I walked past her on my way to the sink I noticed her dress was unbuttoned from the bottom by two buttons. I saw her nylons and garter belt. I was heading to the front room when my aunt gave me my magazine and told me to take off my clothes and lay down on the couch as she washed dishes. I was glad to get my clothes off and enjoy the breeze from the fan. I could see my aunt washing dishes and her ass was moving back and forth. I opened the magazine and was look at the picture of these women naked showing everything. My aunt walked in and took off her house dress and said it was too hot to keep it on. She had nice big tits and they were in a purple bra and she had on purple panties and a purple garter belt. She told me to sit up as she sat down and laid my head in her lap. I was starting to feel a rise in my cock as her smell was fantastic. I was looking at this one girl with big nipples when my aunt asked if I liked that. Of course I do was what I said and then she asked me if I thought her tits were nice looking. I turned my head towards her and said oh hell yes. My aunt yelled at me and said that I was not to cuss. She told me that I had to behave and do what I was told. I said yes Auntie. She told me to turn the page and as I did I felt her hand on my chest. I looked at this naked girl as my aunt massaged my chest. Her hand was working its way down to my stomach. I could feel my cock growing and pretty soon its head was poking out the top of my underwear. She said “What’s this” I said nothing and she just shoved her hand down my shorts and grabbed my cock as I jumped. She said she liked the size of it and was surprised at how thick it was. She began to stroke it as it kept growing. She asked me if I liked the feeling and as I closed my eyes I said “yes”. She pushed me up and got took my hand and walked me into her bedroom. She told me to get naked so she could exam me. I obey just like I was told. She told me to lie down and watch her undress. She took off her bra and her tits were standing straight out and her nipples were much bigger than the girl in the magazine. My hand went to my cock and she told me not now just watch. I did as I was told and when just took her panties off I saw my first pussy and boy did it look good. She kept her nylons and garter belt and heels on as she got on the bed. She told me that it was a guy’s job to make the woman come first and then he could come. I said ok and how do I do that. She smiled and said that this summer I was going to learn how to take care of a woman. She said but first I needed to know what it is like to have an orgasm. She took my cock in her hand and lowered her mouth down until my cock was in her mouth. She slid it in and out and played with my balls. She told me to let her know when I was going to come. I didn’t know when I was going to come. I loved the feeling of her nice warm and wet mouth. I was laying there and all of a sudden I felt like I was going to piss. I was getting nervous as I didn’t want to piss in her mouth. I told her I had to go to the bathroom and she pushed me back and sucked harder and faster as the urge grew stronger. I said that I really need to go as she took as much of my cock into her mouth as she could. I couldn’t stop and I grabbed the bed as I shot my first load and it was in a nice warm wet mouth. I came and came and came, I don’t maybe for three hours, ok maybe a minute, I was exhausted as my aunt swallowed every last drop and licked me clean. She crawled up into my arms and asked if I enjoyed my first orgasm. I was out of breath as I said oh yes and would like to feel that again. She told me that we were going to sl**p together. I curled up in her arms and fell asl**p a very happy young man.
When I awoke the next morning my aunt was not in bed next to me and I had this hard on that was huge. My aunt walked into the bedroom and told me that my cock being hard was not useful and that it was just what they called a piss hard and for me to go to the bathroom. She was right as soon as I pissed it was gone. I walked into the kitchen and sat down to breakfast. I was eating when my Aunt asked me if I would like to have some sex education classes with her as the teacher. I said sure that sounds good can we do what we did last night again. She smiled and told me that we would have many nights like last night.
So my summer of Sex education began and what a summer it was.
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