loving mom and hope grandma next

This is another story or continuation, how it happened a few years ago, am trying to keep the stories in chronological order as they happen. Like I said in the past, mom was laid off work so she has been in town staying with me till she gets call back. After sexual tension with mom in the past we finally fuck. I’ve had been fucking mom for about 2 weeks already. It’s a dream come true. It’s all syncing in after the first week, the first few day I couldn’t concentrate on nothing, I just couldn’t take my mind of mom. I kept day dreaming on our sexual encounters; even mom body scent was always on me. It was a weird but amazing feeling. We never talk or mention it in any of our conversations. It just happens, it only took a look between us and in some cases just touch or gesture. Every day that past by we got more and more comfortable with each other. We know that it was wrong but we couldn’t stop. Suddenly I’ve been fantasying with my aunts and cousins, hoping someday I’ll get lucky again. I really haven’t thought about grandma in a sexual way until one Tuesday afternoon a few years ago.

That semester on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon I had classes in the afternoon, on those days I took mom to her mom’s house before heading to school, so she wouldn’t be alone and get bored in the apartment. One Tuesday we were around grandma’s neighborhood and decided to head over there instead of driving back to my apartment, we were about an hour and a half earlier than the usual. Mom told me to stay around for a while or at least say hi to grandma, I said ok, in a way mom was right. Mom knocked at grandma’s door, but she didn’t respond, after a few minutes she did throw the window. I could tell she had been sl**ping and we woke her up, by her voice. When grandma open the door I was surprise and quite arouse at her. Grandma was still wearing some type of nurse or maid uniform. It wasn’t like some French maid uniform, but it turned me on. She looked good in it, Grandma looked like she could handle a good fuck I thought immediately.

Here is a little bit about grandma. She works nights as a nurse/maid at some wealthy f****y taking care of their orderly parents. So she sl**ps during the day. I consider grandma an elegant well kept mature woman. She’s looks wonderful for her age, she’s 63, but she looks younger than that. She still has killer legs also some dick sucking lips. She also a bit annoying sometimes and been married 4 times.
Mom notice she had woke her up and told her she would come later, but grandma insisted on us to stay. We did, mom notice grandma eyes were still tired. She told her to go ahead and sl**p a few more hours, while she cleans up the house and prepare dinner. Grandma said ok, she gave me a hug and kiss before going leaving to bed. I was stun at myself as I watch grandma head upstairs.

I still had almost an hour before heading to school; I sat down in the living room and focus on mom walk around the house and cleaned. She was wearing jean shorts and a red scoop neck tee shirt. I was horny and began thinking how hot would it be to fuck mom at grandmas. Mom saw the way I was looking at her; she knew what I was thinking. Mom walked up to me and said no with a smile on her face, I know what you’re thinking she said to me, not in this house can you imagine what would happened if grandma found out, am not going to risk that, mom said. I didn’t take no for an answer I kept insisting, the thought of fucking mom in grandma’s house made me want to do it more. I tried everything, but mom kept saying no. I finally convince mom to fool around a bit. We sat in the living room and started making out, mom began dry humping me she got me horny. I need to fuck her. I tried taking her shirt and pants off, but mom was too uptight and kept saying mom is up, mom is up. After a few minutes mom kind of got comfortable and started getting into the mood as she began talking dirty and breathing lauder. My tongue had licked every inch of her neck; I laid her down on the sofa as we continued dry humping. I pulled down my pants and pulled out my cock mom grab it and began stroking it, I tried taking her pants off again. I unbutton them, but suddenly mom got afraid of getting caught mom stood up and told me I can’t do this honey, I premise we finish tonight, but I can’t do this here, I said ok. I was a bit mad, but I under stood her.

Mom went to the bathroom and left me horny as hell. When mom came out she started preparing dinner. Suddenly I thought about grandma. I needed to release my load before heading to school what better way that cumming on grandma that would be another fantasy of mine come true in a way. Mom was busy making dinner I told her I was going to watch tv in the living room upstairs for a while before leaving.

I went upstairs sneaked in grandma’s room, I made noise especially with the door knob to see if she will wake up or react to any kind of noise, but she didn't even move. I was horny I want to jack off immediately. I didn’t want to push my luck, I didn’t want to come on her and wake her up. So I decided to look for a bra or panties to cum on, but as soon as I started opening draws looking for them, some draws made squeaky noise while opening them. I got kind scared stopped looking; I figured I just come on the floor. I was so fucking horny I pulled down my pants. I had pre cum all over my boxers.

Mom already did the job she got me so horny I just needed a few strokes to blow my load. I walked towards the bed I had a strange feeling similar to the first time I had sex with mom. I started looking at grandma she was sl**ping sideways had a pillow in between her legs she change into something comfortable she was wearing some shorts and a tank top, her mouth was semi open. I began stroking my cock slowly as I began to fantasizing about grandma in bed. Just imagining grandma riding my cock got me so horny I have to stop stroking my cock for a second. All kind of thoughts went through my mind, like grandma’s tits bouncing, sucking my cock, my cock in and out of her hair pussy, imagining her moaning loud all those thought got me out of control.

Seeing grandma's mouth open made me want to shove my cock in her mouth’s knew it wasn’t going to happened , so I put my cock as close as I could to grandmas lips, I felt her breathing on it, for a moment I even thought of rubbing my cock on her lips. I was getting caught up in the moment and I don't want to make a silly mistake. I knew that second I was getting out of control I felt my cum building up and ready to explode. That moment I spit the tip of my fingers and started rubbing the head of my cock. I was caught in the moment I wanted to cum as close as I could from grandma, so I decided to aim my load at the upper side of the pillow were grandma’s head was lying. I began stroking my cock hard and fast, I was going to cum any second, as I look at grandma lying in bed I wanted to fuck her so bad. My heart rate was going crazy. I felt my load explode out, as the first couple of cum spurt landed on grandmas bed headboard I continued stroking hard my cock, as the rest of my thick load kept landing on grandma pillow and hair, it was an awesome inexplicable sensation. I kept stroking my cock till it was dry, and stud there looking at grandma with her pillow and hair covered in my cum.

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2 years ago
thats pretty hot 5 stars
2 years ago
very good
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0 come ON, wake her up and get it on with Gma !