I finally fuck Mom

After that amazing present mom gave me on Christmas, thing between us were never quite the same, well from my part I guess it wasn’t. I was never the same. I couldn’t take her out of my head, I wanted mom so bad, it was driving me crazy. She knew it, and used it very well to tease me at home. We had a few more sexual incidents between us, but I never got to fuck her, which drove me nuts!
I tried so bad to fuck her, but it never happened. Mom eventually put a stop to everything. As time passed by pretty much everything got back to normal. Well, I pretended it was, but it wasn’t. It hated how mom was acting, like nothing ever happened between us. After a few months I could tell mom was completely normal as she began walking topless around the house and was open minded again with me.

I knew nothing was going too happened by then, but at least I had my memories, as I masturbated over and over thinking of mom. At the time I was looking for a college to go, my uncle offered me a apartment in Orlando if I decided to study over there, I just recently broke up with my girlfriend and mom had a friend ,which made it easier for me to pick a community college in Orlando. I left that summer to get settle down.

Around the beginning of the semester, mom got laid off work; so she came over to visit. Her f****y leave over here so she won’t be bored when am at school. I soon as I picked her up from the airport she got me horny, just looking at her with her shorts mmmm.
Made me start thinking of her in a sexual way. On the way over from the airport I was thinking desperately of something to bring up our past, but nothing came up. We stop by grandma, mom wanted to surprise her. While at grandmas I came up with some desperate plan, at least to try to create a sexual atmosphere at my apartment.
I left mom there, I drove as fast as I could to my place. I began tossing around all my porn around the apartment, I put all my porn DVD collection in my room and in the living room, I left specially my i****t collection in the living room hopping mom would see it, as well as all my porn magazine all over the place and bathroom. I also thought if I don’t get to fuck her, at least I get to watch and record mom in the shower. So I rip off the shower certain and the shower curtain poll in a desperate move.
I went and picked up mom and drove back to my apartment, I gave mom the tour of the small apartment. Mom looked around surprise and laughing.

Mom: I see you don’t bring a lot of people over.

Me: not really, am almost never here.

Mom picked up a hustler magazine and gave me a funny look.

Me: hey its bachelors pad it’s supposed to be like this, as we both laugh.

Mom: remind me not to bring your grandma over, as she laugh.

I was surprise mom didn’t felt uncomfortable at all, made me feel optimistic that something could happen. Mom got settle she opted to sl**p in the futon en the living room. The first couple of days were torture for me. I wanted to fuck her bad. I thought for a minute mom was doing it on purpose, walking around with booty shorts sl**ping topless. Her body sent was driving crazy.
After a few days I decided to make a move at mom in the kitchen, but she shot me down. I didn’t care thou, I just wanted mom to know my intention, I thought sooner or later something going to happen.

Mom: No!!! Baby, we talk about this, in the past.

Me: sorry, I can’t help it. You drive me crazy!

I didn’t say anything else, I wasn’t mad or upset. Mom didn’t say noting back as she change the subject.
For day I kept recording mom in the shower, as I jerk my cock everyday to all the videos making me hornier and desire mom even more. One Thursday nite ,me and mom were going to downtown to chill out and have some drinks’ wanted mom to walk on my while jerking off, I intentionally put the camera in the bathroom in a visibly spot I wanted mom to find it, so she could come into my room with it and find me jerking off. I thought would be an interesting topic to talk about while drinking and eventually get mom curious and horny.

I got in my room ,I heard the shower on I got naked laid on my bad and began stroking my cock, I heard the shower off I was hopping mom would come in any second as I kept stroking my cock I heard the bathroom door open then ,thank god my door open .

Mom: here!! You left that recording in the bathroom. OMG! JAKE!!

Mom stared surprise at me for a few seconds.

Mom: Lock the door if you going to do that.

Me: I wouldn’t mine help.

Mom: nice try, Mr.!! Hurry up and get dress.

Later that nite I took mom to a few college bars, we had long island and tequila shots, we were both feeling pretty good, mom finally broke the ice and ask me in a flirty way;

Mom: why do you have an abstention with me? Am your mom. Am old, look around you, you got all these hot young horny girls.

Me: mom you’re not old. Look at you. You’re a milf. You look better than the majority of them. Look around you; you got all these college dudes all over you.

Mom: yea right! I know what you trying to do, Jake.

Me: its true mom you’re fucking hot. And you know that.

Me: sorry mom. I can’t help it. Ever since that nite I’ve wanted you so bad.
It’s a feeling I can’t describe. Am sure you felt that feeling? Just knowing its wrong makes me want it more.

Mom: I know! Baby! It drove me crazy every time we fooled around, it’s my fault it started everything. You’re my son and the only man that been there for me. I was lonely and don’t know what got into me.

Me: yea mom, it drove me crazy too. Won’t you love to have that feeling again?

Mom: hahaha! You set me up.

Mom laugh and looked at me in a flirty way, this is crazy, Jake! I move and set next to mom, and said to her look around, how many of the dudes in her you think had suck on her mom tits or have had their cock suck by their mom? Mom looked straight at me and started laughing.

Mom: we should go home.

Thank god I lived close from there; I drove there as fast as possible. As i got out of the car everything felt in slow motion, mom was walking in front of me I couldn’t wait to open and close the door.
Once I closed the door, mom looked at me and rose her eye brow this is it show me what you got. Our lips got together in a passionate way. Mom looked at my in a seductive way while kissing me our lips kept making noises. I took my shirt off, mom began sliding down her tongue through my chest am began licking and flicking my nipples. Her heavy breathing was turning on so bad. i felt my load building up already. I grab mom’s hair and pull her up to me and told her;

Me: I wanted her to make cum as much as she can tonight.

Mom: haha ok, do the same to me baby.

Mom continued sucking on my nipples as her tongue kept sliding down to my stomach, mom was on her knees she looked at me as she began to loosen my belt. Mom finally pulled my pants down, my cock was in front of mom. She teases me with stare. Mom tilted back and pulled her tits over her dress, omg! they looked so fucking sexy!
Mom slowly began to tease the head of my cock with the tip of her tongue, has mom tongue kept going in circles over my cock head. It felt so good I was moaning loud. Mom whispered to me;

Mom: your cock taste good

Me: mom I’m about to cum pretty soon

Mom: yea I can tell, your cock is getting fat.

Mom while looking at me began to stroke it up and down. I let out some loud moans; it was a matter of second for my load to cum out, my cock began to hurt, I could feel it was ready to explode, hearing mom moan while stroking it and watching het tits juggle over her dress.

Me: don’t stop mommy, stroke it harder, harder.

Mom: moaning of joy, cum all over mommy’s titis.

Me: am cumming!, am cumming!

I came all over mom breast, omg!! It was amazing watching my cum running down over moms tits.Mom kept stroking as I kept moaning out of control. She slide my cock into her mouth and suck me dry.mom got up and kiss me, I could taste my cum I really didn’t care. Mom told me to lick the cum out of her breast. I did; i glided over liking moms pointy nipple slowly as my tongue flick them back and forth, and slowly I took them into my mouth as I started to suck on them. Mom moan softly as I squeeze together licked every inch of mom tits. Mom dress feel off. Mom only had on her panties and her heels she look amazing it was a dream come true. We went to my room, turn the light on, I begged mom to stay with her heels she did. Mom took her panties off before laying in bed. I started teasing mom as I slowly slide down my tongue to her stomach as my finger ware over mom sexy bush. Mom spread her sexy legs as my tongue went through her legs and thighs. I began fingering mom as she stated to moan and breath heavy I took out my fingers and made mom taste he pussy juice, it tasted so good. I pulled mom into the edge of the bed as I got on my knees and started licking moms clit, mom began to moan out if control while she rubbed it. Mom body was shivering as she was breathing heavy.

Mom: don’t stop, don’t stop baby! am cumming, don’t stop!

Mom began to scream of joy. It was sexy! Mom finally pushed away my fingers as she shivered and breathed heavy while lying in bed. I was hard and ready to fuck. After a few minutes mom had her back facing me I began to slowly kiss and lick moms back, all the way down till moms booty. I like every inch of her booty as while as I softly bit them.mom got on all fours. She look sexy specially with her heels. I went ahead and spread her ass checks and started licking her ass hole. Mom moans softly.

Mom: hahaha you’re a freak. fuck! Don’t stop. It feels good.

Mom ass was in the air as her head was lying on the mattress. I went head and slid me cock in her and began pounding mom from behind, It felt so worm and wet. Mom told me she wanted to taste her pussy juice with my cock, mom got on her knees and slide her mouth in cock and began to suck it very sloppy. Mom was going crazy with my cock as saliva was dripping all over her tits. It was so sexy hearing mom’s mouth making noise while sucking my cock. She slapped and rubbed my wet cock with her tits, it was amazing!

I stood her up, garbed her and lifted her up, mom wrapped her legs around me, as she was against the wall, I put my hands around her ass and lifted her up as she garbed my cock and put it inside her. I began slowly pulling my cock up and down into her wet pussy. The feeling was amazing. Mom moan loader and louder of pleasure.

mom: Oh my god.you feel so good inside me baby!.

I felt my orgasm building up, It felt so good having my cock all the way in her wet pussy. I knew I was cumming soon. I pick up the pace and began fucking her faster. Mom sexy moans and sexy facial gesture got me out of control. I wanted to drill mom hairy pussy harder, but I was getting tired standing. I laid her down mom spread her legs she still had her heels on and began pounding her pussy as fast as I could. She began rubbing her clit as i pounded her pussy. Moms face was red as she couldn't stop moaning loud. The sound of my cock slamming her pussy was amazing.

mom: fuck me! fuck me ! harder baby

She look so fucking hot there getting pounded by my cock, here titis juggling up and down over her dress. I felt me cock about to explode, I couldn't hold on any more. I said Mom am cumming,am cumming..

mom: ohh ,yes baby cum, mom said.

I grabbed my wet cock and began stroking it hard, as I began shooting out my cum over mom. We both were moaning and breathing hard. I stroked my cock dry.I love seeing my cum over mom. I put my cock in moms mouth mom sucked it dry.Mom laid there breathless, I lied over her and kiss her passionately.

Me: wow, that was hot mom!

Mom: we need to do this more often.

That night officially change my life.

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Good story. Do u have anymore
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