perfect way to start the year with mom

After what had happened on Christmas Eve with mom things were awkward for days between us. I was still surprise for what I did to mom that night, but I didn’t regret it. For some reason, I couldn’t stop thing of mom. I was desiring her In a way I never thought I could. l began jerking off thinking of her, as I played over and over on my mind what I did that night. Just the thought of mom naked in bed and face covered in my cum made me come. I was hoping for it to happen again, but I knew it was far away for happening or so I thought so...

After a few awkward days, things began getting normal between me and mom. We never talk about what happen that night and we kept it like that.
It was New Years Eve me, mom and my girlfriend went to my aunt house to celebrate new years. We had a great time over there. We drank quite a bit. I even dance with my girlfriend. I usually don’t dance, mostly because I am not very good at it. On our way back to drop my girl at her house, both mom and my girlfriend were laughing and making of the way I dance. They kept laughing harder every time they remembered. I wasn’t, I got annoyed and barely spoke the entire ride back.

Once home I went to the bathroom, I heard mom laughing, she was in the living room mocking me. I have to admit she made me laugh. At the same time I couldn’t stop looking at her. Moms look so sexy barefoot in her black dress. I instantly was thinking of jerking off.

Then mom said, come here I teach you.

I remember saying in my mind thank you God. I just wanted to rub all over mom before jerking off. Little did I know my life was about to change.
Mom turned on the TV put on music videos for music and began teaching me. I remember her saying just follow me. I put my hand around her waist as she continues to dance. I moved close to her as her body rub against mine. I was getting horney in a way I can’t describe. In less than a second my cock was hard. I knew mom had to feel it. It was so hard I could feel my pre cum coming out. Mom continued dancing specially shaking her ass. Moms head turn slightly toward me as she gave me a weird look; I knew it had to be about me erection. But moms never stop dancing as I was getting hornier. We were getting cough in the moment. My hands were around her, I began rubbing her stomach and slowly continued going up till mom breast. I began caressing her breast over her dress. Mom didn’t tell me to stop, as she kind of laid back towards me. She was still dancing but slow.

You should be doing this, mom said. In a slow sexy tone.

I know I can’t help it If you want ill stop. I said.

Mom laugh. I continued caressing her breast. My hands went up to her shoulders straps I move them to the side and pull mom dress a bit down just enough for mom tits to be completely out. I began squeeze them and play with her pointy nipples. Mom had stopped dancing and had begun moaning very softly it was so sexy. Mom turn around as we began kissing out of control in a lust way. Mom push me as I feel seating into the sofa, she got on top of me and said to me in a very seductive way, what a way to start the year continued kissing out of control. Mom started dry humping me it had turned me on. I pull her hair back, mom moaned quit loud. I started sucking her tits. i lick and squeeze every inch of moms tits and began teasing her pointy nipples. Moms breathing got heavier and started to moan and moan lauder. Mom started kissing my neck and licking my ears it was a feeling like never before. I started moaning also I couldn’t help it.
Mom got up, and told me to take me shirt off. It’s my turn to return the favor from the other night mom said in a very seductive way. Moms tongue and lips drove down and up throw my chest and stomach. My hands began caressing mom’s ass, as i slowly continued sliding into mom’s wet pussy.
Mom stop me, Uh-uh not so fast, it’s my turn she said in a very teasing way. I never had been so horney in my life. Mom kept teasing me with her tongue. I told mom all these teasing was goanna make me cum soon. Mom lifted her eyebrow really she said. I’ll take care of that mom said.

Take your pants off, mom said.

Mom looks at me and at my cock. She grabbed it and gave it a few strokes, I was going crazy. She began slapping her tits and face with my cock. You like slapping me with it right, mom said. I was hoping she started sucking my cock, but she didn’t.

I know what you thinking, mom said.

But not today, mom teased it so bad as she began breathing over it and slapping my cock with her lips. That was the closes my cock was from moms mouth.
She started kissing me while stroking my cock. I could feel my cum building up I was about to cum. I told mom to stroke it harder, as I pulled her hair. We were both moaning and breathing hard.

Mom am cuming, stroke it faster I said.

I let out a loud moan as I was cuming. Mom kept stroking my cock as my load kept coming out, moms hand was covered with my cum. She stroke me dry. We look at each other without saying a word. It didn’t feel award. I kiss her very passionate for about a min or so. Mom got up and went to wash up, I put my shirt and pants back and seat down. I didn’t know what to expect from mom now. She walks back with a smile and lays next to me.

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great part 2. i hope you have more episodes.