Mom early Christmas present

This happen a few years ago. And opend up things I would had never imagen possible. I lived with my mom alone. I never knew my real dad. During the years a few man lived with me and mom but they came and left. Mom is a real dificult person,she not easy to deal with. Shes always been kinda immature.

Mom was 44 at that time she had a very beutiful body for her age. I never looked at her in a sexual way back then. I even was kinda use too watching her tapless around the house or hearing her having sex. I didnt mind hearing mom getting fuck. I know it hard to belive but thats the way I grew up,so it was normal to me. She didnt care if I had sex also in the house. Me and mom were very open around each other.

One day as i finish taking a shower,I saw a light inside the laundry hamper it was hidden camera. I didnt thouch it, it was moms camera and it was recording. I was suprise and didnt know what to do. So I just acted like I didnt see it. I notice quickly as soon as I got out of the bathroom mom went in. Later that night I keep thinking about it. And for the first time I had sexual thoughts about mom. It got me hard and horny just thinking mom was getting off watching me naked.

On Christmas Eve me and mom went to different parties. Mom went to her s****rs and i went to my grilfriend parents house. Later that nite my aunt calls me saying I got to pick me mom because she to d***k to drive. So I had to pick her up.

On the way home mom was acting stuped in the car. I also had a few drinks,so I wasnt me self. I notices mom was wearing a sexy dress for some reason I was just thinking of sucking her tits. Onces we got home,I help her get out of the car and into the house. I made her caffee to sober her up.,but as I walk towards her I notice she fell asl**p in the sofa.

I turn on the lights and try to get her to her bed. She didnt move she was past out. I began looking at her cleavage. It got me hard.
I started touching her breast over her dress. I wanted to pull her tits out and suck on them but there the way she was laying down didnt let me.

So I thought let me take mom to her room and change her clothes that way I can suck on her tits. Ill just say in the morning that she puke on her self ,that why I had to change her. I carried mom into her bed and began taking her dress off.
Onces her dress was off,I began caressing moms breast, it was a feeling like never before. I was getting very horny. I then slowly approch them and started sucking on them, my tounge coudnt stop flicking moms nipples. I got cought in the moment and forgot mom was asl**p. The scent of my saliva on mom breast drove me crazy. I felt my cock was about to explode .I wanted more of mom. I got greedy and turn on the lights and took her panties off. Mom was complitiy naked.

I took my pants off began slapping my cock over every inch on moms body. It felt amazing,I could feel my pre cum coming out, specially when I was slapping my cock on her face and rubbing my cock on her lips. I wanted more of mom,so I stop teasing my cock,i didnt want to cum right away.
I then began touching moms sexy semi hairy bush and pussy lips,I just wanted to fuck her soo bad. I licked my fingers and slid them in and began fingering her. Moms pussy was warm and wet. I took out my fingers and tasted mom pussy juice. I was out of control, I spread mom pussy lips and started licking her clit. It tasted so good.

Suddenly Mom moved and momble something,i panic and quikly turn off the lights.
I made noise to see if she would wake up, even called her name out loud she didnt wake up. Mom was still past out. I turn on the lights back again. My tongue went throw every Inch of her body.Moms body scent smelled amazing, I couldn't get enoght of mom I slowly turned her around and began caressing mom ass cheeks,as well as kissing and biting them gentle. I was in the moment of lust I went ahead and spread mom ass cheeks and pass my finger throw her ass. My cock felt like it was about to explode I was about to cum any minute. I turn mom around slowly and began strocking my cock I wanted to cum on her.
I then saw moms hand and said to me self why not; I put my cock in her hand and began strocking it. I couldn't believe my cock was on moms hand as her hand was strocking my cock.
I felt my orgasm built like never before. I began to moan and moan loader I didnt care if mom woke up at instant, it felt so damn good. I saw moms pretty face just laying there, I dicided to cum on it.
I never saw so much cum ,come out of me. It was an orgasm like never before, it was so hot seeing moms face and tits cover in my cum.

The next morning mom didn't talk much and didnt ask how or who change her. Later that morning I took mom to her s****rs house to pick her car up, when I drop her off, she closed the door and said to me.

By the way,I wasnt past out last night.Hope you enjoyed my gift.
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2 years ago
so hot mmmmmmmm
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
Great story...keep'em coming ;)
3 years ago
great story
3 years ago
Amazing!! xxx
3 years ago
Great story. Wish that she was my Mom.
3 years ago
Hot as fuck
3 years ago
3 years ago
Very nice is the a part 2??
3 years ago
Nice story, but spell check would be good
3 years ago
Nice story. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
thts a brill twist at the end loved it :D
3 years ago
LoLoL, nice story.