Stacy ch. 7

I took a shower and spent a long time letting the hot water cascade soothingly over me, my mind racing with possibilities.

My little s****r had leant against my bedroom door while I finger-fucked her and had wrapped her girlfriend's damp panties around my cock, masturbating me until I came into them.

Kimberly's panties.

I hadn't a clue what to make of it.

Cupping my hands beneath the spray, I slicked back my hair, rinsing off the suds. Right now I hardly needed to add another complication to my life. For a week now I had been having a passionate affair with my little s****r, and also been heavily attracted to two other girls - Stacy’s friend Kimberly, and my buddy’s girlfriend Emma.

"Jack, you really know how to make things difficult," I told myself.

As I twisted the tap to shut off the water, I heard a squeal of girlish giggles from the hallway.

"Amber you are SUCH a slut!" Kim laughed.

"A real nympho," Stacy added with a chuckle.

"I AM NOT!" Amber protested.

"Yeah, you are! I saw you with your hand up your skirt, diddling yourself when you though we weren't looking."

"I WAS NOT! I was scratching my thigh."

Stacy dissolved into even more giggles. "Right. Gotta remember that one. Not frigging, just scratching an itch."

Amber released a frustrated, unintelligible groan. "Ouurrghhhh!"

"You guys go in, I'll just put the DVD back," my s****r told them.

Wrapping a towel around my waist, I eased open the bathroom door just in time to see Amber's red curls disappear into my little s****r's bedroom as she closed the door. Stacy was also disappearing, but into my room. Sneaking forward, I followed and found her knelt at the bottom of my wardrobe, dragging out the box I kept my porn in.

"Caught you!" I snapped, holding back a grin.

Her long blonde ponytail flicked across her shoulders as she whipped her head around. "Jack, you freak! You scared the pants off me."

I unwrapped the towel and began to rub off the clinging water. "Sounds good to me."

She wrinkled her nose and screwed up her beautiful face. "You are such a guy. Surely you can't be wanting a fuck again."

"With you? Always."

That threw her and she visibly melted, smiling lovingly at me. Her baby-blue eyes slid from mine, down my body, and lingered on my cock for a moment before she turned back to my porn collection. Slotting the DVD she and the girls had just watched back into place, she studied a few of the titles.

"Teen schoolgirl lesbians; Two girls and a Lollipop; Teen lesbian lust; Ponytail girls; Girls who do girls. Gee, Jack, you like watching two girls get it on, huh?"

"What's not to like?"

She sat back on the floor and crossed her legs with an easy suppleness that few girls could manage. "I don't really get it. I mean, if the girls are lesbian, what use are they to a guy?"

"Guys like to watch. We're very visually orientated creatures." I took hold of both ends of the towel and began to saw it back and forth across my back. "Even now I'm wishing I could see your tiny tits."

Stacy theatrically rolled her eyes in a mock gesture of long suffering. Without another word, she pulled her tee-shirt over her head and let those beautiful, firm little cones out for me to see. The nubile little mound made my mouth water. "Have you ever wanted to do it in real life?"

"Two girls?"


"Sure, what guy hasn't? But it can't happen now."

"Oh? Why?"

"Because now I'm in love with you Stacy, and wouldn't do anything to hurt you."

Her face melted into a soppy, loving smile and her eyes glistened as they blinked at me. "Oh, Jack..."

The door to my room pushed open and Kim stuck her head around the door. "Stace, hurry up... Oh!"

I turned to look at her and she was gazing open-mouthed at my naked back. Her eyes slid down to my buttocks, and a big grin began to spread across her face. "Sorry. I, ah, I just..."

Turning toward her fully, I d****d the towel over my shoulders. "'S Okay. Turnabout is fair play. After all, I've seen you naked a couple of times now."

Behind me, Stacy gasped. "A couple of times? When, apart from the pool yesterday?"

Kim didn't take her eyes off me. They were hungrily devouring my body, from the muscles of my chest and arms, to my strong thighs and, of course, my cock. Stacy strode past and pushed her friend back out into the corridor, pulling the door shut behind her. "I think that's quite enough of that, missy!"


I was fastening my belt after getting dressed when I heard the doorbell ring.

"I'll get it!" Stacy yelled.

Rubbing my hand across my chin to check my shave was smooth, I glanced in the mirror one last time. My hair was a little ruffled, but a quick finger combing got it to my satisfaction, then I snatched up my wallet and headed downstairs.

In the living room, Stacy, Kim and Amber were stood before Emma.

It shocked me to a standstill how amazing she looked! Gone was the usual bookworm persona, and in its place was a breathtaking beauty with the style and class of an Italian model! Her long, slim body was clad in the most wonderful little one-piece dress that had a skirt so small it barely covered her modesty. The garment was a black and white zebra print, but made up of thousands of little sequins so that the barest movement from her had it sparkling like diamonds.

Her beautiful dark hair was tousled up into seemingly haphazard piles on her head that must have taken ages to achieve, and that was complemented to perfection by her scarlet lipstick. A pair of designer sunglasses hid her eyes, but the smile that blossomed as I walked further into the room showed she was looking my way.

"Hey there, One-shot." As she spoke she placed one hand on her narrow waist and swung her small white purse with the other.

"Hey," I mumbled, giving my head a little nod as my eyes roved over her hungrily.

"Oh!" Amber gushed, enthusiastically. "One look at you has him speechless!" The redhead clasped her hands before her breasts and grinned like a schoolgirl.

"Amber," Stacy said, shaking her head, "Speechless is Jack's normal state. His brain cell is busy trying to control his walking. Wait until he stands still, then he can talk."

I stopped and scowled at the brat. "Eat shit."

"See? Although talk may have been an overstatement."

Kim spluttered into giggles.

"You look good Jack," Emma purred.

My eyes traced their way up from her three-inch white stiletto heels, over the perfect stems of her legs, across the tiny miniskirt and up to the swell of her breasts. The sequins flared with dazzling sparkles as her breath caused those succulent mounds to rise and fall. The front of the dress had a vee in it that dipped down to just below her breasts, and so my eyes avidly followed her cleavage upward until I finally met her eyes. She had slipped the sunglasses down her nose and was peering over the top of them at me with mirth in her gaze. "Finally found my face, huh?"

"Jack doesn't like any face that looks like it is over twenty five," Stacy sniped.

Emma turned to her and flashed her a friendly wink. "I may be twenty seven, but I have the face of a twenty year old."

"Then you should give it back because you're getting it wrinkled."

Emma never twitched out of her pleasant smile. "Stacy, honey, don't start a battle of wits with me. It wouldn't be a fair fight when you're unarmed."

My little s****r's mouth dropped open and she glared at Emma. Amber burst into giggles until Kim angrily elbowed her in the ribs.

"That's enough, girls," I said quickly, before the claws really came out. "Did you bring your new toy?"

Emma's lovely smile turned to me. "I'm afraid not."


"I'm going to have to cancel, if that's okay."


She looked really sorry. "I was so looking forward to us spending the afternoon together, and maybe getting that 'special' talk that we need to have, but something's come up."

"It has?"

"Yeah, Mommy had to fly out to L.A. to go on a talk show about her book. It was a last minute thing, but she's really excited about it."

"Oh, I see." I didn't. How did her mother going away affect our trip out?

"When Daddy found out she'd be away for the night, he decided to take the day off work..." Emma chuckled, "Which must have really freaked out the top execs because Daddy NEVER takes a day off work. So we're going out to the marina so that he can have the crew take us out on our yacht. After that he says we may go for a meal at Luciano's."

"Luciano's!" Kimberly gasped. "That is SO classy! It is THE place to be seen, and I've heard that you need to book weeks in advance to get a table."

Emma shrugged. "Usually you do, but Daddy owns the company that owns the company that has a major stake in the restaurant. If he asks for a table, Luciano makes sure that one is available."

"Cool!" Amber sighed.

"You're not mad?" Emma asked, holding my gaze.

I was disappointed, but tried not to let it show. "No. I hope you have a nice night."

"Thanks Jack. I will. And I'll make it up to you, swear. Maybe we could go to see these girls kick ass on Wednesday?" She indicated my s****r and her friends.

Amber almost bounced with enthusiasm; the girl was like an overactive puppy! "That'd be sweet!"

Stacy frowned and folded her arms across her tiny breasts. The jealousy on her face made me feel rather good.

Emma lifted her little white purse and moved toward me. When she walked it was like a masterclass in swaying seduction. I noticed that Amber and Kim seemed envious, while Stacy descended into a petulant pout. Reaching me, my beautiful friend placed a peck on my cheek. "Thanks for being so understanding. We'll have that chat, I promise you. Now I better go, Daddy's waiting outside in the limo."

Amber let out a squeal of joy and nearly exploded. "A Limo! Oh my!" She dashed to the window, quickly followed by Kim. The two girls were beaming as the brunette turned to my s****r. "Stace. Come and look at this! It's too big to fit in your driveway!"

Emma smiled at me and her eyes sparkled. She gave me one more kiss on the cheek and then slid past in a heavenly scented breeze. I followed her out the door and down the pathway. Okay, I admit as much for the view of her sexy ass swaying in that fantastic minidress as much as to be polite.

Amber had been right about the limo. It was a white stretch vehicle far too long for our small driveway. I don't think I'd ever seen a car as long as it.

As we approached, the rear door of the limousine opened and a distinguished man in a sharp Armani suit stepped out. He was probably in his late fifties, with white hair and a kindly face. Emma slid under his arm, wrapped a hand about his waist and indicated me. "Daddy, this is Jack. Jack, this is my father, Charles Edwin Shepherd the third."

"Pleased to meet you," he said, reaching out to shake my hand. I noticed that the arm that was hooked about Emma had slid down her side so that his hand cupped her ass. He smiled at me as he nodded to Emma. "My little girl was looking forward to the two of you going out together, but it is so rare that I get a chance to spend some quality time with my poppet that I hope you don't mind if I steal her for today."

"Uh, no, of course not," I said, watching Emma lay her head against his shoulder and beam at me.

"Thank you Jack," he said, his voice the kind that commanded respect and yet put you at your ease.

"See you Monday?" Emma asked.


"Yes, or have you forgotten? We're all meeting up at Coopers."

"Oh, yeah. Sure, see you Monday."

With that, her father released her and she scooted into the limo ahead of him. He nodded at me and followed her, then the door closed and the huge car glided out into the lane and down the road.

I watched it go, deep in thought. It was something in Emma's eyes. She had been showing her father to me, like some sort of prize. That was the only reason for the visit, I decided. After all, she could easily have cancelled over the phone, but she had wanted me to see them together.

A smile spread across my face as I slotted the last pieces into place and understood.


She slid into my bedroom and stood coyly by the doorway. "Come to my room, I want to give you something."

I lifted off the headphones and raised an eyebrow. "Oh? While Kimberly and Amber are still in the house?"

My leer made Stacy grin. "Amber's gone home and Kim's asl**p on the sofa."

I had been lightly k**ding by assuming she wanted sex, but now I knew she did. "It's a bit risky, isn't it?"

Her smile was devilish. "Sure. That's part of the fun. Now, take off all your clothes and come to my bedroom."

The bedspread bounced a little as I patted it. "You take off your clothes and come here."

"Nu-huh. My room." She turned and disappeared.

Today hadn't gone the way I had planned, with Emma's cancellation, but it looked like I could still have a good time, so I pulled my shirt over my head and got undressed.

Pressing my s****r's bedroom door open I chuckled when I saw her. She was stood by the bottom of her bed, naked except for a small pair of white panties that had a big daisy on the front. I was again struck by how small for her age she was, how much she was still almost a little girl. Her pose was coy with her ankles and her hands behind her back. My gaze slid up her slim legs as they rose into the c***dish panties, then up her chest as it rose flat and smooth, barely disturbed by the little mounds of her breasts. They were truly lovely, like new buds with mouth-watering nipples. She had swept her long blonde hair over her shoulder so that it hung down the left side of her chest like a golden wave and her eyes were sparkling at me.

"Nice," I said, closing the door behind me.

"Nice? Jack you really know how to flatter a girl, don't you?"

"Okay, fucking fantastic."

She smiled. "That's better. Step closer."

When I stood right in front of her Stacy tilted her head to one side and looked up at me from under her long eyelashes, seductively. "Jaaaacck, can we do something?"

"Like what?"

"Well, you know how I'll always let you do anything you want to me?"


"Can I do something I want to you?"

"Depends. What did you have in mind?"

She brought her hands out from behind her back, and from each open palm hung a black silk scarf. "Can I tie you to the chair and blindfold you?" When I didn't answer right away she quickly added, "Not so that you can't move or anything, just lightly. You could get out of it if you wished."

I glanced at the rickety wicker chair that she had in her bedroom. It was overflowing with stuffed a****ls of all shapes and sizes. "You mean on there?"


She stepped forward and began to carefully remove her toys, sitting each one on her dressing table gently. When she was done she reached up to lightly place a hand on my shoulder and guide me into the seat. I let her and it earned me a lovely sun-bright smile.

Feeling slightly ridiculous in the chair - it was really far too small for my large muscular body - I crossed my wrists behind its back and let her weave one of the silk scarves about them. True to her word, she only did it lightly and I knew that if I wanted to I could easily pull myself free.

When that was done, my little s****r gave a giggle and slid her leg over my lap as she dropped onto me. Even now, with her sitting on me, she was so much smaller than I was that I could gaze over the top of her head. Her eyes lifted to mine and sparkled with sapphire mischief.

"You are my prisoner now, b*****r. I get to do whatever I want to you."

Her small hand lifted to caress and stroke my nipple and my pecs. The feel drew her gaze and she sighed longingly. "Oh, Jack, you are so wonderful! I love you so much."

Before I could respond, she dipped her head forward, took my nipple between her lips and began to suckle it. That felt so good that I let my head slip back and my eyes slide closed as I enjoyed her fluttering tongue.

"Oh, Stacy..."

"Shhh," she whispered, kissing a path up my chest to my throat, where she licked and sucked, kissed and nipped gently. As she did so, her hips began to grind gently on my crotch, rubbing her cotton panties against my dick.

When her mouth found my ear lobe, she toyed with it for a moment before breathing, "Do you trust me, b*****r?"

"Not an inch," I chuckled.

She sat up and her mouth dropped open in shock before she burst into giggles and playfully slapped my upper arm. "Bastard!"

"And then some."

She shook her head and gave me a kilowatt smile. "You are so bad, Jack. But that's okay. I am going to make you pay."

Her small hands lifted until she had one on each of my shoulders, then she stared deep into my eyes as she began to grind her panty-clad pussy harder on my cock. For a few minutes we kept our gazes locked as her tempo began to get faster and faster, my cock hardening quickly, then she moaned in delight and leant forward to rest her forehead against my shoulder as she humped her young cunt against me.

The sounds of her catching breathing filled the c***dlike bedroom and they were joined by the creaks and groans of the protesting wicker chair.

I ached to put my arms around her and crush her against my chest, but the cool silk around my wrists reminded me not to.

After several minutes, my baby s****r stopped her gyrations and pushed herself upright, passion sparkling in those lovely blue eyes. "Uh-huh, better not get carried away," she sighed, lustily. "I have plans for you."

With that, she reached up and began to tie the other silk scarf around my eyes as a blindfold until I could see nothing. "Still trust me, Jack?"


Her giggle was musical as she slipped off my lap, then spoke from directly in front of me. "No cheating. From now on, you are a prisoner, helpless to my whim. Got that?"

"Got it."

I turned my head when I heard her moving about the room, trying to figure out what she was doing by the sounds. I couldn't. After a moment, I felt her hands slip onto my inner thighs as she put her weight on them. She was steadying herself as she knelt on the floor in front of me. Then, with her palms, she pressed on my thighs to indicate I should widen them.

I did and was rewarded by a cool jet of breath being blown over my hard cock. I felt the jet get stronger as she leant her face closer and closer to my fiery staff. My whole body lurched when her tiny tongue leap out and gave the underside of my cockhead a quick lash.

"Oh, Stace," I moaned, shifting my hips a little further forward to encourage her to swallow my cock.

But she was in a teasing mood and only continued to dart in for quick licks and kisses, or to nuzzle my shaft with her lips. It was wonderful, and all the time her small hands lay flat on my inner thighs, never moving.

"Suck it, little s****r," I whispered, hoping her favourite dirty talk would encourage her to ease my throbbing need. "Slide your b*****r's hard cock into your mouth and suck him. Wet my hot meat with your tongue, swallow all of my length down your throat, my dirty little s****r. Suck it. Suck it, Stacy."

Her response was to lustily swirl her tongue all over the head of my cock, bathing it in a combination of her saliva and my glistening pre-cum. Then she quickly slid half my length into her mouth.

I gasped in delight and my arms flinched as they begged to be allowed to reach around and cup the back of her head, pressing her deeper onto my shaft. But the silk binding wouldn't allow it.

In beautiful torment, I could do nothing but allow her to have her own way, to suck and swallow me at her own pace. It was exquisite. Her lips formed a tight circle around my hard pole, wanking me expertly as she bobbed her head back and forth, letting the sensitive underside of my cock's head rasp over her tongue.
Up and down her head moved on my meat. Slowly, then quickly, then back to slowly when my hips began to lift of their own accord. I let my head hang back and was lost on waves of tingling pleasure.

"Oh, God, Stacy! You do that so well... Oh, fuck yeah! Uh! Oh. Fuckin' hell!"

My s****r's mouth continued to work miracles on me. Each time she plunged that wet delight down on my cock, she took me deeper and deeper. When she had me pressed tight to the back of her mouth, she paused and held still for a second then took a big gulp and worked me down into the unbelievable tightness of her throat.

"Jesus!" I grunted, the pleasure so intense it was almost painful.

I could feel her twisting her head from side to side as she worked my thick shaft down and down into her throat. It was a very tight fit and had me shivering in ecstasy. Finally, her lips were circled around the base of my cock and she froze to let me savour the feeling of being completely swallowed.

My head was filled with roaring sounds as my bl**d boiled and my passion soared into the stratosphere. Every nerve I possessed was on fire and tingling with pleasure.

Then, with a little grunt, she began to slide me free until my glans popped from the grasping ring of her throat and back onto the wriggling heaven of her tongue as she drew me from her mouth.

"Oh Stacy!" I moaned. "That was amazing. Do it again."

I felt her saliva drooling over my fiery cock in long ropes, which she sucked up with slurping noises, then she did as I asked and fed my twitching staff back into her throat.

Again and again she took me all the way down, then all the way out. It was incredible.

Her little gasps for air as my glans left her lips were thrilling to hear and so sexy. To give herself breathing time, she would alternate to covering my whole length with butterfly kisses, and sucking lip locks. Her tongue fluttered up and down, teasing all my most sensitive spots expertly.

"Oh, you suck your b*****r's cock so well," I moaned, wanting to give her the dirty talk she loved. "My little s****r sucks her big b*****r's cock wonderfully, doesn't she? Oh. Ah! Oh, yeah, that's it, Stacy. Lick up all your drool for me. Clean your b*****r's cock with your mouth."

I felt a purr escape her lips and travel the length of my cock in exquisite vibrations as she obeyed and began to suck up all the sticky strands of saliva from my hot meat. Her tongue rubbed in circular paths as she bathed my shaft, then my balls eagerly. While she tongues my sack, my hard length lay across her cheek and felt immensely hot compared to the coolness of her skin.

"Oh, that's a good girl!" I whispered as she drew her tongue all the way back up the underside of my cock. "You are the best s****r in the world. Your b*****r loves you so much, little s*s. Oh, god! Ah-huh!"

In one long, steady glide, she took me all the way down her throat again. This time, she had a new trick. When I was buried to the hilt, she paused for a moment, and then hummed.

"Oh fuck!" I grunted, shoving my hips forward in delight. She twisted her head from side to side, corkscrewing me around in her mouth and throat, while still giving those hums that sent vibrations scurrying through me. "Stacy, I'm going to cum!"

Then, just when I was at the point of no return, I heard my s****r say. "Don't you dare swallow it! Save some for me."

From just behind me!

The realisation that it could not possibly be Stacy who was sucking my cock just triggered my cum burst harder. I grunted like an a****l and thrust my cock into whoever's mouth it was and began to hose it full of cum.

The girl pulled back so that my creamy forth spat into her mouth and not down her throat. Jet after jet of hot spunk fountained out of me and coated the girl's tongue, filling her mouth quickly.

At the same time, my little s****r reached around from behind me, twiddled both my nipples like radio dials, and whispered, "Like that, b*****r? Fuck her mouth. Cum in her mouth. Fill her mouth full of my b*****r's spunk."

I was lost on an ocean of ecstasy, my bl**d pounding, my balls twitching as they shot gob after gob of seed into the warm wet mouth surrounding me.

Finally, my rigid body relaxed and I sagged limply in the chair.

"Want to see what you did?" my little s****r whispered into my left ear. With that, she pulled the blindfold off my eyes.

Red motes danced in my vision as my orgasm chased its way around my body still. A warm, satisfied glow suffused me as I blinked and lifted my head to look down.

Kimberly grinned up at me from between my thighs. Her lips were still pursed over the slit on the head of my cock, and she very gently sucked the last oozes of cum from me. Like Stacy, she was naked except for a tiny pair of cotton panties. Unlike my s****r's daisy pattern, Kim's had lots of what I at first thought were red hearts, but were in fact lips on a white background. A thin rivulet of my cum had escaped the side of her mouth and was dribbling down her chin.

Desire flared anew within me as I fully realised what my s****r had done.

Behind me, Stacy leant forward and kissed my ear, her eyes sparkling at her friend. "Not bad, Kimmy. It got me so hot watching you suck my b*****r's cock. Now, give me some of that mouthful."

Stacy slipped past my side as Kimberly stood. The brunette's inch extra in height meant that Stacy had to tilt her head up slightly for the kiss. I watched spellbound as the two lovely little teens brushed lips, then their mouths opened and I could clearly see their tongues entwining. It was made ten times hotter by the cascade of my thick white cum that slid out of Kimberly's mouth and into my little s****rs, as her friend painted my seed over her lips.

"Fucking hell," I whispered, in awe.

Stacy and Kim were lost in their spunky kiss, their hands rising to each others waist, holding on as their faces twisted left and right in unison. There they were, two stunningly beautiful young teens, naked except for their small panties, their c***dlike breasts rubbing together as they French kissed, swapping my still warm cum back and forth between their mouths. Jesus!

Finally, Stacy's long blonde ponytail bobbed in the centre of her back as she pulled her head away and darted back for a couple of quick pecks. "Mmmm, a girly kiss filled with my b*****r's cum. What could be better?"

Together, they slid their faces around until they were looking at me, and their cheeks were pressed together, with their arms tightly around each others back. Stacy smiled devilishly and I felt both love and lust swell within me. She broke into a big grin. "Want to fuck her, Jack?"

"Are you serious?"

"Sure. Kim saw us together in the kitchen when you did me up my ass." For a second, her long eyelashes batted together as she closed her eyes and savoured the memory of that fuck. "It didn't bother her that we are b*****r and s****r, in fact it turned her on."

"More than anything ever has," Kimberly added.

"So," Stacy continued, "she told me about it, and we decided to share you. After all, she has had the hots for you since she first set eyes upon you."

Kimberly gave a little nod of confirmation, which had the bonus effect of making her stiff nippled breasts graze up and down on my s****r's. Stacy giggled and vigorously rubbed her tits against her friend. "Oooo, you feel soooo good!"

"Right back at ya," Kim purred, ducking forward for another deep kiss.

I must have looked a bit funny, sat there naked, hands tied behind the chair, cock hard and sticking up, with my mouth open in slight confusion. "Ah, girls?"

Kim's hands slid up and down on Stacy's back, grabbing handfuls of her butt as they reached low, then cupping the back of her neck when they reached high. My s****r moaned in pleasure and slid both her hands inside the back of Kim's panties, pulling her firmer against herself by the ass.

"Ah, girls?"

A whimper of delight escaped Kim as Stacy kneaded her buttocks, squashing them tightly together, and then pulling them wide apart.


They were almost devouring each others mouth now. Their lips worked quickly and hard, their tongues flashing in and out. With a twist, Stacy turned Kim's back to the bed and began to push her down. Kim let herself be guided, and lay flat, her knees off the end of the bed. Stacy crawled over her, one leg on either side, never letting their mouths part.

"Hey Girls!"

With a little push on my s****r's shoulder, Kim pressed her away until they both twisted around to look at me. Stacy's face was flushed and she was panting a little. "What?"

"Er, aren't you forgetting something?"


"Me. I want to play too."

With a sigh, Stacy rolled her eyes in that bratty way she had perfected. "You want to watch two girls get it on, don't you? So watch. If you behave, you can do anything you want to either of us once we are done, okay?"

Okay? With an offer like that I would have done anything! But all I had to do was sit and watch two nubile teen girls make out. I must have died and gone to heaven!

Turning back to Kim, Stacy dropped her mouth to the girl's throat and began to lick and kiss. Kim's beautiful eyes explored my body and held mine until the pleasure made her moan and let her head fall back. Stacy worked her way to the little hollow at the front of Kim's neck, and then traced a wet trail with her tongue down to Kim's apple sized breasts.

My s****r angled her body so that she was not blocking my view as she took the small rubbery nipple between her teeth and gave it a gentle tug.

"Oh!" Kim gasped, cupping the back of Stacy's head.

I watched spellbound as the little brunette writhed sensually beneath my s****r. Her cotton panties drew my eye as the daisy in the centre of them crumpled and stretched with her leg movements. While Stacy suckled at her breast, Kim moaned and sighed, her head almost constantly on the move, rolling from side to side, or popping up to glance at what Stacy was doing, or to steal a look at me.

"She's beautiful, isn't she, Jack?" Stace asked, lifting her head to wink at me. "We've been, ah, experimenting together for about five years. I love her, like I love you. Is that okay?"

It was more than okay. "Sure. If she were a guy we'd have a problem, but a girl? No problem there."

"Good. I love you so much that I wanted to give you something valuable. Something important. So I'm giving you Kimberly. You can fuck her anytime, anyway you like." A mischievous grin spread across my s****r's beautiful face, "Just don't wear yourself out. That's my job."

I chuckled. "Got it."

She poked her tongue out at me in the bratish way that had always pissed me off until a few days ago. "Not yet you haven't. But you will. Oh boy, are you going to get it!”

With that, she dropped her lips down to Kimberly's small breast and sucked the nipple hard. Kim gasped and pressed it deeper into my s****r's mouth.

I couldn't believe it. Not only was I madly, i****tuously in love with my little s****r - who turned out to have a talent for kink that I would never have imagined in such a sweet, c***dlike beauty - but now she was putting on a teen lesbian show, and offering her girlfriend for me to fuck as well! A warmth spread in my chest as I gazed at the little brat suckling her teammate’s breasts like a baby.

Stacy's hand slid across the flat plain of Kim's belly and slipped under the elastic rim of her panties. I could see the tight cotton mould against the back of her hand and watched her fingers spread a little so that her middle one could trace up and down Kim's slit.

"Oh, Stacy!" Kim whispered, just loud enough for me to hear.

My s****r flicked her eyes up to her friend's and, still flicking the nipple with her tongue, said, "Damn, Kimmy, you're soaking! Turned you on sucking my b*****r's cock, huh? Turned you on letting my older b*****r shoot his tasty cum into your mouth, then letting his little s****r suck it back out with a kiss?"

Fuck! The brat even managed to get her dirty talk in with her girlfriend! It made me wonder what sort of things she must have said before I started fucking her.

"Oh, it's so hot and slippery," Stacy cooed, her hand obviously shifting to slide her middle finger right inside her teenaged friend. "Tight and slippery. Just how my b*****r likes 'em. He's going to love fucking you, Kimmy. He's going to shove his thick cock into this tight, hot, wet, slippery hole and make you cum and cum and cum on him. He's going to fuck it into your mouth, then into your cunt, then fuck it back into your mouth so that you can taste your own cum."

I moaned and shifted uncomfortably, the wicker chair digging into my flesh, and my cock throbbing so hard it hurt.

Stacy slid her head around on the breast until she could gaze lustily at me as she flicked the nipple with her small pink tongue. "Then, after you've cum on his cock he's going to spin you over and fuck it into your ass."

Kim jerked her eyes open and lifted her head to glare at my s****r. "No!" It wasn't the defiant, definitely not type of no, it was more one of shocked delight.

"Ahuh! He's going to hold you down and fuck you like a whore. His whore. MY whore. And I'm going to help him."

Kim's head dropped back to the bedspread and she closed her eyes with a moan, "Oh God!"

The pattern on her panties bulged and writhed as my s****r thrust her fingers in and out of her pussy. It made the little red lips motif look it was blowing me kisses. And, between the sucking smacks of Stacy's lips and Kim's moans of pleasure, I could hear the wet squelching noises of her teen cunt happily enduring its treatment. Loving its treatment. In fact, the brunette's legs were raising and spreading wide for my s****r's hand.

Deciding she'd spent enough time teasing her friend's breasts, Stacy sat up and scooted to the end of the bed, where she grabbed hold of Kim's panties and dragged them down and off quickly. That beautiful shaven slit was directly facing me, its labia all pink and swollen with desire, glistening with the juices of arousal. I had such a good view that I could even see inside a tiny way where she gaped from the fingerfucking my s****r had just been administering.

"See that b*****r? See that wet hole waiting for you? Do you want to put your cock in there, Jack?"


"Tell me better than that or I may not let you play, after all."

I could see she was loving her role and knew what she wanted. What she always wanted. "Yes, I want to fuck her, little s*s. I want to shove my hard meat into that tight fuckhole. You wanna watch your b*****r fuck your girlfriend, baby s****r?"

"I want my b*****r to fuck us both," she purred, then leant forward and gave Kim's cunt a flat-tongued lick from asshole to clit. Immediately she covered the wet flesh with her mouth and her jaw pumped as she thrust her tongue in and out of the pussy. Kim shivered and groaned, widening and spreading her legs until she had hold of each ankle, bent double.

"Jeez Stacy!" she whispered in exquisite delight.

My s****r licked and lapped, sucked and teased her mercilessly. Kim particularly loved it when Stacy stopped to blow a cool jet of breath over her wet clit. The brunette's breast were capped by small nipples that looked as hard as steel from the tonguing she was getting.

Pushing her girlfriend's legs further up by the backs of her thighs, Stacy traced her lips down the drooling slit of her pussy, and further onto her rosebud. Kim gave a little jerk and sigh. I watched in boiling lust as my little s****r rimmed her best friend for my benefit. Every flick of her tiny pink tongue over the puckered flesh had my cock twitching in eagerness to join in.

"Want me to untie you now so that you can come over here and fuck her?" the brat asked.


Stacy stood and padded toward me with feline grace. "I think I got her warmed up enough. And wet enough."

"I reckon so," I agreed, lustily, my eyes locked with Kimberly's while she lay passive on the bed and awaited her fate.

Rather than freeing me, Stacy clambered onto my lap and offered a rock hard nipple to my mouth. "Suck it first. Suck your little s****r's tit. Lick it. Tongue it. Suckle it like you were my baby boy and I was your mommy."

A grin split my face at her ramble of dirty talk, but I did as she wanted and locked my lips around that long nipple. I had to admit that my s****r had the most perfect tits I could imagine. They were small, barely formed, even. Far more suited to a girl of f******n than one of eighteen, but I loved them just as much. They were peach sized mounds of flawless tanned skin, slightly upturned, and capped with long nipples that were made for sucking.

"Mmmm," she moaned as I fluttered my tongue over their tips. "That's my b*****r. Sucking on his little s****r's nipples. Sitting naked in his baby s****r's bedroom, his cock hard and ready to shove into a yearning teenage cunt, his mouth on his s****r's breast. Oh, God, yeah!"

She undulated her tiny body against my chest, her small frame lost amid my bulk. While my mouth worked on her, she ran her fingers through my hair and ground her crotch against my stomach. "Oh, Jack. I am so horny I think I'm going to explode! I've got to have you first. Just for a little bit. Just to take the edge off, okay?"

Without waiting for an answer, she slid the gusset of her panties to one side and sank down on my rampant rod. With the merest guide from her tiny hand, my cock sought her cunt like a homing missile and ploughed up into her as she sat down on my lap.

"Unffff!" I grunted, feeling her incredible tightness claim me.

Stacy lifted her hand away to cross both her wrists behind my head, then rested her forehead against my pecs. "Jesus Jack! That feels so good! So right!"

"Doesn't it just," I grinned, kissing the top of her head.

As my little s****r began to raise herself up and down on my cock, I watched Kimberly's hand flashing over her clit as she watched our i****tuous coupling. Our eyes met and hers shone with undeniable lust. It really was turning her pussy molten to watch a b*****r fucking his s****r.

"Unnhhh, Stacy," I moaned, feeling her silken sheath grasping me like it would never let go. She bumped her c***dlike body up and down on my lap, working my cock with a firm grip.

"Can you see, Kimmy?" she grunted, lost in her own world. "Can you see what a bad, bad, girl I am? I'm so naughty, so filthy, so dirty that I'm fucking my own b*****r! Can you see? Look at me. Look at me riding my b*****r's cock! See him fucking his wonderful meat in and out of his little s****r!"

Kim's hand sped up in its work on her clit, her back arching as she mewled and shut her eyes.

Stacy giggled and looked at me. "She always makes that noise when she cums it’s..."

Before she could finish I hungrily covered her mouth with my own and thrust my tongue deep, claiming what was mine. She purred into my mouth, her own tongue fighting back, our saliva mingling into a sweet, i****tuous honey.

My breath panted out in gusts as my body surged under the pleasure of fucking my s****r. Her tight pussy was heaven, her small body a delight, and her taste so lovely! I felt my heart swell with love like no other and it warmed me through and through.

Just when I was about to unload my cum into her, Stacy lifted herself off me with a final sucking kiss. "I think it is time to untie you and unleash you on Kimmy, don't you?"

My eyes swivelled to the breathless teen on the bed and I almost growled. "Fuck yeah!"

My s****r chuckled as she undid the scarf wrapped around my wrists. "Go easy on her, you're her first."

That stopped me dead in my tracks. "What?"

"Technically she's not a virgin, I suppose, because her hymen is long gone." The brat smirked at her friend and received a blown kiss in return. "But you will be the first man to fuck her."
I turned back to Kimberly and climbed above her on all fours. "Is that so?"


"Are you certain you still want me to fuck you?"

"I want it more than anything. And," her eyes flicked down to my hanging dick, "I think you want it too."

"I've wanted it since the moment I first saw you doing those stretching exercises in here."

"Me too."

The bed bounced as Stacy jumped onto it, landing on her belly beside us. "Enough chatting already! Fuck her!"

I leant over and kissed her even as I repositioned my body between Kimberly's spread legs. As our mouths parted, Stace dipped in for one last lip lock before reaching between us to grab hold of my cock. "Here, let me."

Kim gazed up into my eyes as my s****r guided my hard manhood up against the virgin folds of her best friend. Feeling their hot wetness spread against my cockhead, I lowered myself down for a kiss with the lovely brunette. She was eager and tasted as good as my s****r.

While she was distracted, I eased my length into her, feeling her silky wetness swallow me. God it was tight! She murmured a little in protest, so I stopped and gave her chance to get used to the stretched feeling. Her kisses soon got heated and passionate again, her arms wrapping around my shoulders as she began to lift her hips to inch herself onto my cock.

It felt great and I only needed a very little pressure to sink into her molten depths. My hips met hers and she gave a long, slow sigh. "I did it. I took you."

"You sure did," I smiled, nibbling her chin. My warm breath tickled her chin as I kissed my way to the side of her neck. "Ready for the good stuff?"

"Yes," she said, her hands stroking up and down my back. "Slowly, though, okay?"

"Okay," I agreed, sliding my hips back to draw my cock out of her sucking hold and back to her opening.

"Ohhh ohh ohhhhhhh!" she gasped in pleasure, her body arching and her nails digging into my flesh. The look of bliss on her face as her eyes sparkled like emeralds made me grin.

I nuzzled my way to her ear and sucked in her lobe as I reversed course and sank back in her to the hilt.

"Oh my God! Stacy, it's wonderful! Oh!"

"It is, isn't it?" my s****r giggled, lowering her face to nuzzle the other side of Kimberly's neck. "Wait until he really gets going, then you're going to explode."

My tempo was still very slow, but steadily increasing as her pussy softened around me and greased itself up. Kim gave a moan that sounded like a mix of ecstasy and frustration as I sucked at one side of her throat and Stacy the other. I felt my chest bump my s****r's knuckles as I plunged into her friend, realising that she had slipped a hand between us to tweak and tease Kim's nipples.

"Fuck her harder, Jack. Pump that pussy like it belonged to a whore."

Even on the sidelines, Stacy couldn't resist her dirty talk. It was that much more of a thrill because she looked so perfectly innocent and c***dish, so you never expected her to know such filthy words, let alone say them with such relish.

"Do you like my b*****r's cock, Kimmy?"

I was now slamming home in her teenage pussy hard and fast, so she was bucking and bouncing on the bed beneath me. " Oh! Ah! Oh, yes! Oh God yes!" she managed.

"Slut!" giggled my s****r as she stuck her tongue into Kimberly's ear. The brunette's face screwed up in wrinkled delight as she squirmed from the pleasure. "b*****r fucker!" she shot back.

"That's me," Stacy laughed, lifting her head up to steal a kiss from me as I ploughed her girlfriend.

Kimberly shifted beneath me and I felt her inner thighs graze my side before she hooked her knees over my shoulders. Fuck me gymnasts were limber! Most girls would have needed a little help from me, a guiding hand, perhaps, but not her. She even crossed her ankles behind my head and winced as she fucked me back for all she was worth.

Reaching out, I grasped hold of her wrists in each of my hands, spreading them as wide as she could reach, then pinning them to the bed. Her eyes flared with desire at being held down and her mouth set with determination as she humped her young cunt onto my spearing shaft faster.

Sweat dripped off my brow like rain, and her own plastered that lovely brown hair to her scalp. Beneath her head, her long hair was fanned out like a wave on the covers, mingling with Stacy's golden blonde as the two girls kissed.

Suddenly Kim lurched, crying out. Her body shivered and her pussy walls detonated around me into a writhing maelstrom. "Fuh-fuh-fuckkkkkk!" she yelled in joy.

Her small body danced with orgasm beneath me, rippling and twitching like it was being electrocuted.

It was too much for my heightened state of arousal and I let out a bellowing wail as I shot my load deep into her tender cunt. My cock felt like a high pressure hose gone wild inside the lovely teenager, spraying its salty tribute into her young womb.

Rigid while my orgasm roared through my veins, I finally returned to reality with a long groan and tumbled to her side, gasping. We lay there panting, two bodies weak from their combined passion.

For a while, Stacy just lay propped over Kim on one elbow, stroking her face and smiling adoringly. Then she got a mischievous grin on her face. "That's my b*****r's cum you just took, bitch. Give it back."

With a laugh, she slid down her friend, her mouth seeking her tender, swollen, pussy. Kim moaned in torment as Stacy worked her tongue into her well-used cunt, seeking my hot cream.

I watched in disbelief, and then toppled back laughing as she winked at me and licked her lips.

Finally, Stacy finished cleaning her girlfriend's sex of my cum, and climbed over me to lie at my side and nestle against me. "I love you Jack," she whispered as I put my arm around her.

Opening my other arm so that Kimberly could nestle up against that side, I kissed my s****r. "And I love you too, you kinky little brat."

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4 months ago
bloody hell, one of the best stories I have read here, thank you.
1 year ago
loved it brought back fond memories of me and my brother and sisters sexual awakening, we still live together at college and love to fuck each other every chance we can
2 years ago
awesome fucking series dude. i really enjoyed it. thanks for shareing.
3 years ago
what a beutiful series this has been, so hot and well done mmmm yes better and better
3 years ago
WOW. This has been an extremely hot series. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
It just keeps gatting better