Stacy ch. 6

For some reason I awoke early and felt so refreshed and full of life that I could not lie there any longer. I visited the bathroom and then could not resist poking my head around Stacy's door on my way back.

I had expected her to be on the camp bed, as was usual whenever she had a friend sl**pover, but she was not. She was in the single bed, her back to Kimberly and, despite just having turned eighteen, was every inch the image of a young girl.

She had one arm thrown around her favourite teddy bear, Winnie-the-pooh, and was hugging the little yellow thing tightly. She must have fallen asl**p sucking her thumb because it was still in her mouth with her fingers curled up over her nose; Mom hated the fact that she had not grown out of doing that yet, but I thought it was impossibly cute. Her long blonde hair was not in her, and my, favourite ponytail, but loose and fanned out behind her like a golden wave, mingling with Kimberly's long brown locks on the pillow between them.

The duvet had been pushed down her body to d**** just above her narrow hips and so I could see a fair bit of her flat belly because she was wearing the cut-off black tee shirt that she had worn last night when we fucked on the kitchen table.

That thought instantly got me hot and made my cock stir. I pictured flashes of the scene; her initial stance against the door jamb; her lustful kisses whilst on my lap; her bending willingly over the table; her little butt offered to me for anything I wished; the feel as I sank my hot, hard meat into her and the earth-shattering power of our orgasm.

"Oh, shit," I murmured. It wasn't right or fair that the most wonderful lover I could ever wish for was my little s****r. How could it be? Nobody would understand. Hell, I don't think I understood!

I was about to leave when Kim let out a sigh and rolled over.

She too was dressed in a cut-off tee shirt, a white one of Stacy's that read, "When I'm good, I'm good, but when I'm bad, I'm better." Rolling from facing away from me, to facing directly toward me, she rucked up the duvet even more and it was lower on her side, dr****g her only as high as the middle of her thigh.

My breath caught when I saw that her hip was naked. There was no sign of panties but I couldn't see anything because as she rolled she snuggled up tight to Stacy's back. She also threw an arm across my s****r and gave a little moan as she nuzzled her face up into the nape of Stacy's neck.

That sight did nothing to ease my arousal! A beautiful young nymph snuggling up to my little s****r whilst not wearing any panties. I wondered now if Stacy was the same beneath the covers.

"Fuck!" I groaned, quietly.

Tearing myself away from the sight, I pulled the door closed behind me and went to find my swimming trunks. I needed to cool off.


Gliding through the water, my arms slicing forward in a steady, regular rhythm, my mind was free to drift. I covered lap after lap of our pool and hardly noticed as I pondered all the facets this last week had brought to my life.


In just a few short days she had flipped from being the insufferable bane of my life to the highlight of it. Maybe while I was away in the army she grew up from the annoying c***d, who existed purely to torment me, into the beautiful young woman she now was.

Except Stacy was still "the brat". When we were alone she was totally different, but in company she put in extra effort to wind me up and goad me into making a fool of myself. Her duality was both erotic and infuriating; the very essence of Stacy herself.

I was just about to touch the wall at the deep end when I heard, "Where is a Great White Shark when you need one?"

I stopped swimming and trod water as I looked up to where that familiar catty tone had come from. Stacy was sat cross-legged at the edge of the pool. She hadn't dressed yet, but if she had been pantyless in bed she had a pair on now.

"Who needs a Great White when there's a mouth as big as yours around?" I retorted with a grin.

"Oh, Puh-lease! Spare me your attempts at wit, Jack. They're hardly worth the effort it takes you."

I frowned and narrowed my eyes at her. "What have I done to piss you off, now?"

"Well, breathing was a start, but it's a very long list."


"It was for you," she said, acidly.

I hadn't a clue what she was on about. "What was?"

"The phone, dumb-ass. Don't tell me you didn't hear it ringing."

"I didn't."

"Well it did, and was for you."

I took a deep breath to remain calm. "Are you going to tell me who it was, or do I have to guess?"

"It was Miss Moneybags. She wanted to remind you not to have anything to eat so that you could both have a meal when she takes you out for a drive this afternoon."

Oh. Damn. "Look, Stacy, it's not what you think..."

"What would you know about thinking? You've never done it in your life so don't try and start now."

"Will you shut up and let me explain!"

"If it needs an explanation then there is definitely something going on."

"Oh, for fuck's sake!"

Just then, Kimberly stepped out onto the patio. Like Stacy, she was still wearing what she had worn to bed, but now also had on a skimpy pair of light blue panties. "Stacy?"

My little s****r twisted to look behind her at her friend. As she did so, her long, honey-blonde hair slid around her shoulder and hung down the front of her chest, well past the little peach-sized buds of her breasts. "Yeah?"

"Is it okay if I have a shower?"

"Sure. There are plenty of fresh towels in the closet." My s****r turned and shot me a dagger-sharp glare and then got to her feet. "Hang on Kimmy and I'll join you."

"Stacy!" I called to her retreating back.

"Drop dead!" she snapped without looking back and disappeared into the house.

"Fucking brat!" I hissed, and launched myself into another lap.


Half an hour later, I surged from the pool and grabbed my towel off one of the empty sunloungers. I was in a black mood now, and had been unable to shake it despite the vigorous exercise. Dabbing at the water running off my body, I went up to my bedroom to dress.

As I got level with the bathroom door, I could hear the two girls talking. Kim seemed surprised, but enthusiastic about something.

"But what made you do it?"

It was then that I noticed the bathroom door was ajar an inch, and through it I could see into the large mirror above the washbasin's vanity units. The glass was heavily steamed up, with moisture running down in rivulets that left tracks in the clouded surface, but I could just make out both Kimberly and my s****r in the glimpses through the clearer parts.

From what I could see, they must have been stood before the door to the shower stall, drying themselves with towels. At that moment, Kim had a large blue towel clutched to her chest and drawn up to her throat, which she was wiping. Stacy, however, was bent forward and it looked like she was drying her legs, but I couldn't see below the waist on either girl.

"Inspiration?" she replied, not sounding as though she believed it herself. Whatever they were talking about was obviously good, because they both had a beautiful smile on their face.

"Yeah, right. You don't suddenly do something as kinky as sticking your tongue up there out of the blue, Stace. Where'd you learn it? A porno?"

"Urgh! Like I'd watch a porno. Who wants to see some little bimbo in a corset, getting fucked by the baron?"

Little bimbo in a corset getting fucked by the baron? That sounded like one of my DVD’s! The snotty little cow must have been going through my stuff while I was away. I hoped she hadn't found the kinkier stuff...

"You'd watch one if it was just girls in it," Kimberly teased.

"That's different," Stacy said, defensively. "Girls are pretty to look at. Most of the men in pornos are ugly or hairy. They look awful once they take off their shirts."

Stacy straightened up, wrapped the towel around her shoulders, and began to saw it back and forth. Despite the motion, her little peach-like breasts were so small and firm that they never even jiggled. I couldn't quite tell because of the broken view, but it looked like her nipples were erect on the delicate little peaks. Her whole skin glistened with the sheen of water, and was a lovely pink from the heat.

Kimberly drew the towel further up her body and started to rub the side of her face. "Yeah, they do, but your Jack doesn't. His chest is sooo well defined; all those muscles are like hard curves."

Stacy stopped dragging the towel across her shoulder blades and wrinkled her face. "Perve. If you fancy him so much, why don't you just go and ask him to fuck you right now? I'm sure he'll add you to the list. It might take a while for you to get your turn though; he's still got to do Emma this afternoon."

"No!" Kimberly gasped, shocked. "Do you think Jack and Emma are having an affair?"

Stacy now sounded rather hurt. "Of course he is. I mean, you've seen her. She might look like some sort of classy bookworm or nerd most of the time, but even then she is stunning. I've only seen her in her swimming costume, mostly, but if she ever goes all out to impress I don't think any man could resist. She has such a perfect figure, all lean and slim, with curves that the word 'dangerous' was invented for." Her voice quavered a little, "Everything I'm not, and will never be. Guys just think I'm a little girl, or at least look too much like one. Jack's not the first to say I look like a f******n year old. Bernie Morris said if you put a bag over my face, people wouldn't be able to tell if I was a girl or a boy!"

Kim sounded angry when she spoke. "Bernie Morris is an asshole who insults every girl he sees because he thinks it makes him seem big. Anyway, I don't reckon he's ever had a single girlfriend - well, not one that didn't need a foot pump and puncture repair kit, at least."

Stacy gave her friend a half-smile. "So anyway, why she isn't a model I've no idea. And you've got to have seen the way she and Jack are always looking at each other. Puh-lease, get a room, much?"

"But Liam's his friend. He wouldn't do that to a friend, would he?"

"You'd be surprise at what Jack would do. He's not the saint you seem to think."

"I don't think he's a saint, Stace. . ."

As she spoke, she lowered her arms, and with them the towel. Her small breasts came into view and they were lovely. If Stacy's were little peaches, then Kim's were little apples; slightly bigger, but just as sweet. They sat firm and high on her chest, perky with youth. Her nipples were darker than Stacy's, but didn't look as long.

". . . I just think he's cute. A hunk, truth be told." She let out a sigh. "I think it would feel fantastic to be pressed against him, feeling my softness against that hard wall of muscle, feeling his huge arms wrapping around me. Oh, to look up over those perfect pecs to gaze into his steel-grey eyes must make you melt inside." Her voice sounded dreamy with longing and for a second I felt wonderful because I had that effect on her. That feeling turned to ice when her tone dropped to interrogative as she added, "Does it?"

Stacy met her gaze, but I couldn't see more than the side of Kim's face. My s****r frowned for a second, then shrugged, nonchalantly. "Dunno. I'm the last person to ask. The last time he put his arms around me I was fifteen and we were having a tickle wrestle on the rug in the living room." She made a show of shivering and looking disgusted, "Urgh. The thought of that sweaty, beer-soaked oaf putting his paws on me is sickening. I'd rather kiss Cooper's ass."

"Liar," Kimberly said, but with enough of a laugh to leave me uncertain if she meant it.

"Okay," Stacy chuckled. "Kissing Cooper's ass is going a bit far."

"Do you really think Jack is fucking Emma?"

"I don't know. Maybe. He's got a history of cheating on his girlfriends, so he might be doing it now."

I froze. I don't think she realised what she had just hinted at.

Kimberly picked it up, though. "Cheating on his girlfriends? So he's got one at the moment, huh?"

Even through the steam covered mirror, I could see the panic on Stacy's face. "What? Uh, no! No, of course he's not! Er... no girlfriend, no. Nobody. That is... not that I know of."

Considering the brat prided herself on her rapier-like verbal skills, she was making a spectacularly bad job of the denial. She seemed to register that fact and tried to correct it, but only dug the hole deeper. "No girlfriend what-so-ever. None. Ah, yes, no girlfriend. Jack is single. Free. Not attached to anybody. Definitely no girlfriend at the moment."

Talk about the lady protesting too much!

"Well," Kim said, with a hint of coolness in her voice. "If he did have a girlfriend, let's say hypothetically, and she was worried that he might screw around, then she should do something about it."

"Like what?" Stacy asked, weakly.

"Like make sure he wasn't interested in getting laid by Emma this afternoon."

"H-h-how would she do that? Hypothetically."

"Baby, that's simple," Kim said, lifting a hand and tucking a wet strand of hair behind Stacy's ear, tenderly. "She just has to drain him. Make sure that his balls are empty and that he is too satisfied with what he has to go looking for it somewhere else."

For a long moment, the two teens stared deep into each others eyes, then Kim sighed. "Look Stacy, there's something you should know. Last night, I woke up because I needed to pee..."

The sound of the front door bell startled me. Realising I could be seen if the two girls looked toward the mirror, I ducked back and hurried downstairs to see who it was. Throwing my towel around my neck, and dr****g it over each shoulder, I opened the door.

Stood on the step, was Amber. The lovely little redhead was dressed in a white blouse that must have been a size too small for her, judging by how tight it was. Below that, she had on a loose, pleated, tartan miniskirt that hung down to the middle of her slim, milky white thighs. She also wore white stockings that had a little trim of ribbon around the tops and came to just above her knees, about two inches below the hem of her skirt, and a pair of black mules. The thumbs of both hands were hooked into the red straps of her tiny backpack; like Stacy's it was so small it must have been almost useless, but that's girls for you.

"Uh, hi Mister Harrison. Is Stacy home?" She dropped her emerald green eyes away from me.

I guess being ten years older than Stacy and her friends qualified me as a mister to them. Ouch. "Mister Harrison is my father, Amber. Call me Jack. Sure, Stacy's in, come inside." I stepped aside for her to enter, and she ducked by quickly. Closing the door, I followed her into the front room, where she turned to face me when she reached the middle.

I smiled at her nervous expression. "Sit down, Amber, and I'll go tell the bra... Stacy that you're here. Can I get you a drink?"

"Oh, er, no thank you. I'd better not have any alcohol, I think I had my year's share yesterday, and we're going to make arrangements for the comp on Wednesday."

"I actually meant juice or cola. Want some?"

"Oh," she said, going pink. The cute dapple of freckles across her babyface seemed to darken as her blush spread. "I'm okay, thanks. I have some bottled water in my pack."

"Right. I'll just go and get my s****r then." I left her sat there, and started to climb the stairs. "Stacy!"

As I reached the top step, the brat came out of the bathroom. She gave me a strange look as she tucked in the end of the towel she had wrapped around her torso. "What?"

"Amber's here."

"Oh. Tell her... no never mind." She walked over to the balcony railing and shouted down, "Amber?"

"Yeah?" the girl answered, walking out of the living room and looking up at Stacy.

"Kimmy and I aren't ready yet. Want to come up while we dress?"

I left them to it and went to my room. Again, I didn't make it past the bathroom. This time it was because Kimberly came out and I nearly knocked her over.

"Oh!" she gasped. She obviously hadn't expected me to be there, because she hadn't done like Stacy and wrapped the towel around her, just clutched it to her chest. I got a heavenly view of her young, slim, tight body. Like all the girls on the gym team, she was rather skinny, but well toned, and firm. The towel hung down the centre of her body, just hiding her breasts, and barely covering her pussy, but revealing all her sides to me.

"Sorry," I said, not meaning it.

"That's okay. At least I'm covered." She glanced down at herself and amended that. "Just."

"Yeah," I grinned. "Shame about that."

Her beautiful face cracked into a mischievous smile. "You are such a bad boy," she purred.


She gazed up, still damp from the shower, and fixed me with a saucy stare. "Still, it's nothing you didn't see yesterday, right?"

"Right," I agreed.

She winked, then stepped around me to head for Stacy's bedroom. I twisted to watch. The towel only d****d her front, and so she was completely naked from the back. Her sexy little butt rolled as she walked, the little globes of her buttocks undulating provocatively. Above them, her long brown mane hung down to the centre of her back, wetness plastering it to her skin.

When she reached the door, she glanced over her shoulder, and her smile broadened in satisfaction when she saw I was transfixed. "Lech. Looking at my butt were you?"

"I'll take whatever I can get," I chuckled, then turned and went to my room.

As I opened the door, she called, "Jack?"

"Yeah?" I said, turning around.

She stepped a pace out into the hallway, then theatrically flung her towel into Stacy's room. "Ta-da!"

I gaped at her nakedness. Those little titties looked so much better directly, rather than through a foggy mirror. They glistened as they rose and fell, droplets of moisture still peppering them. Her nipples were proud and erect, looking mouth-wateringly inviting.

My eyes swept down the perfectly flat plane of her belly, and fastened onto the smooth, hairless delight that she had for a pussy. Her mound rose in two fleshy halves, bare and open to my gaze, with a definite flush of arousal darkening them. The little slit between them was pink and gaping slightly. If I didn't know better, I'd have said that heavenly young cunt had just had a really good fucking from the way it looked so aroused.

With a delighted giggle, she skipped sideways and disappeared. Fucking hell! That sexy little nymph was driving me crazy!

Amber reached the top stair, and together she and Stacy walked down the hallway, so I stepped into my room and shut the door.


She was driving me insane! Kimberly just kept turning up the heat with me every time I met her. The fact that I knew she fancied me made it worse. She was very open with her desire, and I ached to take advantage of it. After all, she was a nubile nymph, barely eighteen years old, who longed for me to fuck her. What man could resist?

I lay on my bed and stroked my cock to thoughts of the petite teen. A dozen lurid fantasies flitted through my mind; Kim in her gymnastics leotard, bent over the vaulting horse as I thrust into her tight cunt; Kim jiggling in my bed as I humped her hard and Stacy sucked on her baby tits; her lovely eyes glancing up to mine as I stood over her and she sucked my cock gently.

"Mmmm," I moaned, my fingers getting slippery as I stroked more rapidly.

"Start without me, huh?"

My eyes flew open and my head spun to the doorway.

Stacy leant with her back to the closed door, her lips twitched into a naughty grin. "God Jack, have you always got a hard-on? I hope you were thinking of me while you were doing that."

I sat up, twisted around and swung my feet off the side of the bed.
"Come here and suck it, s*s."

"Nu-huh. Don't wanna."

"Huh? You don't?"

She gave me a mischievous grin and shook her head a tiny bit that made her honey-blonde fringe bob. "I want to show you something first."

I swallowed and looked at her.

Stacy may have been eighteen, but nobody would have known it by looking at her. She was so small, slim and petite. Only the other day I had said she looked like a f******n year old and that was true. She hated the fact, but there was no denying it. In fact, even for a f******n year old, her tiny tits were small and under-developed. They hardly made lumps in the front of her black tee shirt. The shirt was probably a size too small for her and clung to her narrow chest like a second skin. Sparkling silver letters across her chest read "Babygirl" and the hem of her tee shirt passed straight across her flat belly, right over her little belly button.

My cock ached a little more when I saw that the tee shirt was all she was wearing. From the navel down she was naked. Her reed-thin legs were bare, her feet were bare, and without question, her pussy was bare. Not for the first time I wondered if she actually needed to shave it, or if she had yet to start growing hair. Her body seemed to be resisting the advances of puberty in almost every way. Yes indeed, physically, my little s****r was very much an innocent young girl.

But she had a wonderfully depraved mind. And it was in the process of showing me how true that was too.

Sighing wonderfully, Stacy arched her pubescent body away from the wood of the door until only the back of her shoulders touched it and she formed an erotic bow. Slowly, languidly, knowing it would hold my eyes like a magnet, she reached up her right hand and very lightly drew circles over her upper chest. She didn't focus on her budding breasts, just covered the whole area.

"Tell me I'm beautiful, Jack."

"You know that already, Stace."

"More beautiful than your other girls?"

I frowned, but kept watching her hand as she absently used just her middle finger to rub a quick spiral around her baby breasts and over her nipple. I loved how long the stiff little nubs looked on those tiny mounds.

"Come and lie down, s*s."

She shook her head and let her hand slide down her arched body to her flat belly. Sliding off the black cotton of her tee shirt, it slid onto taut flesh and she caressed herself. With definite precision, she poked her little tongue out and moistened her red lips as she gave a gentle moan. Her narrow hips rolled and she seemed to squeeze her thighs together.

"I'm so horny too, Jack. My pussy feels like it's melting. It's all hot and wet, tingling with anticipation. My nipples are hard and aching, Jack. I know I shouldn't, but all I can think about is your cock. My b*****r's cock. I want to see it, to hold its hot thickness in my hand, to sink it up my tight cunt."

Her eyes flicked from my hard dick up to mine and she smiled. "My mouth waters when I remember what it tastes like, how if felt on my tongue."

"Jesus, Stacy..."

Her hand dropped lower, skimming over the hairless swelling of her mons. With a little pluck, her fingers pinched at her inner lips and pulled one. Again, she let out a little moan and her hips swivelled. I watched transfixed as she dipped her middle finger into the slit and drew it up, separating the fleshy lips as she sought her clit.

When she reached the tiny hood that concealed her button, her hand flattened and cupped it, then quickly curled again to draw circles around and around it. With a motion like a wave, her hand flowed flat and arched, flat and arched against the tiny bud.

"Oh, mmmmhhhhh," she sighed, closing her eyes and smearing her wetness over her sex. Already it was glistening from her arousal.

"I brought you something, b*****r," she said eventually, seeming to remember I was there.

"What?" I asked, weakly. My hand was working at my cock to ease its urgent throbbing.

"These." She raised her left hand and for the first time I noticed she held something balled in her fist. It was a scrunched up pair of panties. My baby s****r smiled at me. "Don't you think they are just the cutest?"

Carefully, she stretched out the waistband of them so that they hung straight as she showed them to me. They were pale blue cotton panties, with just a narrow trim of white elastic around the edges. Right in the centre of them was a cartoon of a teddy bear. The little yellow creature smiled happily and was clutching the strings of three different coloured balloons.

"Very nice."

"Ahuh. They sure are." Stacy lifted them higher and buried her nose in the teddy bear's belly. She made a show of closing her eyes and drawing a very deep breath. "Ahhhhh. Girl juice. Somebody got very excited thinking about your cock."

I grinned. "I'm sure you did. Now come over here and climb onto it."

Stacy ignored me and sighed as she sniffed the panties again. "There's nothing quite as nice as the smell of a teenage pussy, is there?"

"Give them here and I'll tell you."

"You want them, you come here."

Smiling devilishly, I stood up. Stacy's head lifted because she had to crane her neck up to keep her eyes on mine. The tiny little girl barely came as high as my nipples. Stepping forward, I towered over my s****r and looked down as she grinned and lifted the panties up with one hand. "Here, b*****r, smell them."

I put my nose to them and was surprised to feel that the cotton was damp. The unmistakeable musky aroma of girlish arousal seeped from them in intoxicating waves. "Jesus, Stacy, your little cunt must have been positively drooling to get these this wet."

She gave a mischievous smile. "So you like the scent then?"

I took hold of both sides of her tiny waist and pulled her body flat to mine, trapping my cock halfway up her chest. Without a word I dipped my head and she rose up on tiptoe to meet the kiss. The taste of cherries filled my mouth as her lips parted to receive my tongue.

In seconds she undulated in pleasure at the kiss and crossed her wrists behind my neck, the panties tickling my back. Her mouth was hungry and eager for me, duelling my tongue with a passion that grew by the moment.

Finally, breathless, she pulled away. "God Jack!" Her eyes shone up at me. "I can't believe how much I love you. Do you love me?"

I wrinkled my nose and shook my head. "Nah."

"OOO! You pig!" She slapped my upper arm hard. "You better had do or you're sure not gonna stick that hard thing in me."

I knew just what buttons to press now. "What, you don't want your big b*****r to fuck his little s****r? You don't want to feel the i****tuous spurting of hot cum inside you, little s*s?"

She melted and gave a little moan. "Yes, I want to feel that." Her face softened into a little girl pout. "Is my big b*****r hard for his little s****r? Does he want to shove that hot, hard cock of his into her young, tight, teenage body?"

I stole another kiss, grinding my cock against her belly. "Yes, your b*****r wants to fuck you, brat. Very much."

"Hey!" she protested at the nickname.

I just grinned and took the panties from her hand. Her blonde eyebrows met as she gave me a puzzled frown, which turned into a delighted leer when I began to rub the damp fabric on her belly. Shoving my hand underneath her tee shirt, I sought out the tiny cone of her breast and began to smear the dampness all over it, concentrating on the rubbery nipple.

"Jack," she chided, moving her mouth to my throat.

"Shut up, I'm in control now, s*s."

I felt her small mouth kiss and suck at me. "You're always in control. I'd do anything for you."

Sliding the balled up pair of panties across her c***dlike chest, I began to smear the dampness on her other breast. "Anything?"

"Anything," she sighed, so quietly I barely heard it.

"Spread your legs."

Leaning her shoulders against the door, she obeyed immediately, widening those slim stems for me. Her bare pussy was now easily accessible and I took advantage of the fact, running the panties down her firm belly to grind them into her sex.

"Do you like that, s*s? Do you like your b*****r smearing the moisture from these panties all over your dripping cunt?"

Her baby-blue eyes flitted up to mine. "I like anything my b*****r does to me."

Her narrow hips were now grinding back against my hand as I rubbed the teddy bear all over her throbbing clit. Her breathing had sped up, and a rosy flush coloured her cheeks. Leaning forward, she pressed her face against my shoulder and wrapped her hands behind my neck as she clung to me while I caressed her teenage sex.

I could feel the stiff points of her nipples digging into my chest and her breath billowing across my muscles as she sighed in pleasure. After a few moments, the wet noises my stroking was making made me groan in lust and seek her tiny mouth.

Stacy returned the kiss with all the passion she had, her tongue flicking and darting around my own.

"What about your friends?" I whispered, nuzzling my mouth toward her ear.

"They'll be okay for a while; I gave them a dirty movie to put on the TV downstairs."

I sucked her ear lobe into my mouth and felt her shiver against me. "I didn't know you had a dirty movie."

"Mmmmm! Oh that feels nice! Oh! I don't, it's one of yours."

I pulled back and frowned at her. "One of mine?"

"Yeah," she said, looking up at my face unrepentantly. "The 'Seducing the Babysitter' one."

"How the..."

Her small fingers curled around my stiff cock, grasping it firmly and then giving it a very slow stroke. It felt so good that I moaned and dipped down for more kisses. Her hand felt cool around the heat of my shaft and, as it slipped up and down its length, wonderful.

I returned to my own caressing of her, rubbing the now very damp panties back and forth on her young pussy, but paying much more attention to the juicing entrance. Using two stiff fingers, I poked a tent in the cotton fabric and pushed it up inside her tightness. My little s****r groaned in lust and sped up her own efforts on my cock while her hips gave little circles against my palm.

"You like doing that, don't you, big b*****r?" she gasped, pressing her forehead against my chest. "You like fingerfucking your little s****r. You like forcing your… Oh, god... your thick fingers up into your little s****r's tight cunt. Oh! Jeez, that feels good! Admit it Jack, you like fingering your little s****r."

"Yes, I like fingering my little s****r, Stacy. Just the same as she likes wanking her big b*****r's cock. Just the same way my little s****r likes having a hot handful of her b*****r's cock."

"Oh! Ahhhh! Damn, I'm wet! Can you feel how wet I am, Jack?"

I thrust my two panty-clad fingers as deep in her as the bunched up cotton would allow, and corkscrewed them around. Her soft inner flesh took my invasion gratefully, spilling even more juice.

"I don't need to feel your wetness, little s*s, I can see it."

With that, I withdrew my fingers and lifted the panties between us. The once pale blue cotton was now dark with juice stains, showing her arousal for us both to see. Stacy's hand left my throbbing cock and took the little garment from me.

"Aw, look at the teddy, big b*****r, he's all wet now."

With that, she lowered her mouth to the cartoon drawn on the gusset of the panties and tenderly kissed the teddy bear. Her lips undulated against the sodden fabric as she mouthed it, before she drew back a fraction of an inch so that I could see her poke her tiny tongue out. The pointed little bit of flesh fluttered rapidly against the teddy bear's face, dabbing and licking as she tasted her own pussy juices.

It was such an erotic sight to see my little s****r sucking her own nectar off her panties that I moaned and pushed her back hard against the door.

"Jack!" she cried, surprised by the f***e of my a****l passion. Even as the words left her lips, they turned into a gasped of delight as I slotted my two fingers back in her cunt as far as I could. While I thrust them back and forth in that silken sheath, my mouth devoured hers, tasting the heady mix of teenage pussy and cherry lip-gloss. To add to all that, my other hand closed on the tiny mound of her breast, covering it, stroking it, pulling at it. Her long nipple rolled between my fingertips and she sighed into my mouth.

Hot with her own passion, Stacy grabbed my cock and wrapped the wet panties all around it, then began to jerk her hand up and down on my staff. The coolness of the wet cotton felt exhilarating and I started to fuck her small fist.

Hungrily, I sucked at her tongue, lashed the insides of her sweet mouth. Lustily, I thrust my two thick fingers in and out of her tight hole, fucking my s****r toward bliss. Roughly, I tweaked and pulled at her tiny tit, making her give little gasps.

While I did that, her small hand flew up and down the length of my cock, wanking me into her damp panties.

I broke our kiss, both of us struggling for air, and grunted into her ear, "That's your b*****r shoving his fingers into your baby cunt, little s*s. Your b*****r fucking you with his fingers. And you love it, don't you, you i****tuous little nymph?"

"Oh Yes! Oh fuck yes!" she gasped, her slim thighs beginning to quiver as my hand rutted between them. "Oh, do me, Jack! Do your little s****r!"

She thrust her hips onto my fingers, letting her dirty talk cascade out of her lips more for her benefit than mine. "Wanna spunk inside my tiny little hole, Jack? You do don't you? You want to shoot your hot, thick, b*****r-spunk up into my tiny, little teen cunt. You want to spray your i****tuous seed deep inside my wet, squishy pussy-hole, huh?"

"Yeah, I do, little s****r, but this time I'm gonna make you cum on my hand, brat. You’re going to spill your juice down your big b*****r's wrist."

The combination of our sex talk and mutual masturbation pushed her over the edge. "Oh! Ohhhh! JAAAACCCCKKKKK!”

Her teeth closed on my upper arm and she bit hard. Fucking hard. As I yelled, she gave a squeal of ecstasy and came like a dam bursting. Her soft, mushy wet cunt walls flipped into orgasm, writhing with a life of their own as I rammed my fingers home and curled them to her Gspot.

Her whole body became one shiver as she swooned with delight, only managing to stay upright because I had her tiny frame pinned to the door. Her fist tightened even more as her hand flew like a blur until I gasped and then grunted as my cum boiled up and spat out of my cock into the gusset of her panties, blasting all over the teddy bear.

Slumping against her, my forehead pressed to the wood of the door a good foot above her head, and I blinked as coloured lights of ecstasy danced in my vision. My body felt warm and happy, relaxed and suddenly weak.

"Uh, Jack, get off me you big, dumb ox."

Her words were almost a giggle, but I realised I was crushing her so stood back. Stacy dropped the cum-covered panties to the floor and lifted her little fist to her mouth. Some of my cum had spilled out and lathered her fingers, and she now licked it off with tiny dabs.

"Mmmmmm, this tastes good. I'm going to have to get a proper mouthful of this soon. My big b*****r's spunk. His i****tuous seed, spilled because of his lust for his little s****r."

I watched her suck off the last of my tribute, then grinned at her. "You know, for somebody that looks like such an innocent little girl, you sure have the mouth and the mind of a slut."

She laughed and nodded. "Guess you get the best of both worlds then, don't you?"

With that, she pulled open the door and swayed toward her own bedroom. Her small butt was so tempting and I promised myself that I would fuck it again soon. As I watched her long ponytail play across her back as she left, the corner of my eye noticed the discarded panties.

"Stacy, wait," I called, picking up the sodden little things. "You forgot your panties."

With an angelic grin over her shoulder, she shook her head. "No I didn't. And they're not my panties."

I stared open-mouthed at her as she disappeared into her bedroom, then dropped my eyes to look at the cum covered teddy bear smiling up at me.

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3 years ago
Almost sorry that I only have 1 more chapter to read!
3 years ago
yes another great instalment
3 years ago
You have a great story writing talent. Another great installment.
3 years ago
Great story
3 years ago
How long ago did this happen?? To have such athletic young women becoming almost slaves to their desiresis every guys and a lot of women's fantasy. It would be great to hear their side of thestoryaswell. SomehowI got the feeling that you also got Amber.I'dlove to discuss this with you and the Brat. Let me know
3 years ago
What I like about this series is that they do a lot of talking. My sister and I and for that matter my first wife, we did a whole lot of talking also. Very erotic to have my sister or wife tell me how someone else cock felt in their mouth or pussy.