womanly experience 7 - busted

This happened quite recently. I was reminded by a video I saw here on the site because it's very similar to what happened to me. It's about a girl that was turned on by spanking and received even harder punishment. I'm a trans so the things were more obvious.

* * * * *

I was close to 22 when one day my father decided I have to go to church (probably hoping that will get me back to being male). I didn't want to argue too much so I went to my room, dressed up, and headed for the church. When he spotted me in my clothes (that was quite short) he got angry and decided to give me a spanking before I go.

He quickly put me over his knees and started spanking me. It was somehow mild that day without much pain so the whole thing actually turned me on. I got an erection and he probably felt it. I stood up and had to take off my thongs to reveal my penis in an erection.

This made him very angry and I had to lean on the table while he spanked me with my slippers. One, two, and then to ten hits. He said he will spank me until I stop enjoying this. I tried to tell him that I'm not enjoying and I don't know why I have an erection and he didn't believe me.

At 20 hits the pain was huge, and so was my erection. He stopped and striped me naked, put me over his knees, and asked if this is turning me on? Then he f***ed his finger into my anus and said that this is ungodly and if I enjoy it he will punish me even more.

He continued to move his finger in and out, and you guess, this turned me on a lot. He was very angry at this point and he made me lean on the window. I was naked and anyone could see me from the outside (bear in my corporal punishment is not i*****l). I was ordered to count the 10 hits with the cane I'll receive.

"One, sir."
"Two, sir."
SMACK! Tears in my eyes. Still had a boner.
"Three, sir."
"Four, sir."
SMACK!! This one was really hard and I started crying. I tried to protect my bottom with my hand.
"F-f-f-five, sir."
He told me I'll get 5 more as addition to the 10 because I put my hands on my bottom. I returned my hands.
SMACK! An old lady went by the window and looked inside. She probably saw me crying and my tits hanging and she continued in shock.
"Seven, sir."
He said I missed one and have to continue from six. I cried harder.
"Six, sir."
SMACK! My erection was slowly going away. I was in a lot of pain and crying and we were only at half of the way.
"Seven, sir."
"Eight, sir."
"Nine, sir."
SMACK! I was trembling from the pain. My erection was completely gone. I barely dared to move even the tiniest bit.
"Ten, sir."
SMACK! This one hit me on my thighs. I screamed in pain and tried to keep my knees straight.
"Eleven, sir."
SMACK! Again on my thighs. He obviously wanted me to move but I still managed to keep my knees straight.
SMACK!! Third one on my thighs and my knees finally gave up. I fell down and cried. He told me to get up or I will get 5 more. I f***ed myself up and he said I'll get 1 more because I moved.
"But I already got more."
SMACK! Back on my burning bottom. He said I again miscounted and have to continue from twelve. I will also get 2 more instead of 1 because of this.
"Twelve, sir."
SMACK! A girl passed outside. She didn't look in. I was embarrassed and humiliated. I was crying and screaming in pain with each hit.
"Thirteen, sir."
SMACK! SMACK! Two quick hits in a row.
"f******n, sir. Fifteen, sir."
SMACK! Again on my thighs. My knees moved a bit but I kept them straight. He examined my bottom and thighs. Stretched my butt-hole. Ordered me to stretch my legs so he could examine my penis. It was small. No traces of erection.
"Please stop. This will never happen again."
Told me to shut up. I was not allowed to speak except to count. Three more hits as punishment for speaking. I cried.
"Sixteen, sir."
SMACK! SMACK! I could barely take this. I thought I'll faint from the pain. I hoped there was no bl**d on my bottom.
"s*******n, sir. Eighteen, sir."
"Nineteen, sir."
"Twelve, sir."
I heard a swish as he swung the cane again. I dropped to the floor screaming "NO, please!" but he didn't hit me. He just wanted to scare me.

I was allowed to stand up and look at my bottom. There was no bl**d but the marks were terrible. I knew I wouldn't be able to sit for a week and they will need even more than that to disappear. I was ordered to knee in the corner with my hands on my head while he went to find some decent clothes for the church.

When he came back I saw he brought back a long skirt that went over my knees, my black opaque thigh-high socks, a white shirt, and a gray vest. He said no panties since I will not be able to wear them anyway and no bra for my tiny tits (they were not that small but he made fun and humiliated me that way even more).

I wore my clothes and found out he was going to the church with me. I was standing all the time there, couldn't sit. He was next to me looking very pious and calm. I was looking at the floor at all times. I don't have to tell you that I got no erection for the whole thing. The pain was much and getting one would probably get me into a lot more trouble. I was shamed, humiliated, and brought into order.

My penis was really small for the rest of the week and I didn't masturbate not even once for full 10 days. Unbelievable but true. Then the calendar said menstruation time. I had to risk so I put up a tampon. He made me walk around naked at all times to make sure I don't get another erection.

When he saw the tampon string he only said to me to dress up and stop parading naked around like a slut. It took another 10 days for the marks to go away...
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