womanly experience 6 - self bondage pt. 2

During the night I woke up because I had to pee. As I love humiliation and I had diapers on me anyway I just let it go. I felt the warmness spreading and shortly fell asl**p.

When I woke up in the morning the first thing that was to be done is punishment. How could I pissed into my diapers? Shame on me. I got up and removed the diapers, got on all four on the bed, and paddled my ass hard until it got red and sore. Then I measured my rectal temperature (I really hate that) and gave myself an enema three times.

It was almost noon when I was finally done and felt quite humiliated and bad about the peeing during the night. I decided I was not done with the shed yet so I once again went there. This time I didn't bury any keys. On the way there I picked some nettle. Inside I found a pulley and that gave me an idea.

I attached the pulley on a hook in the roof and threw a piece of rope over it. Then I put on the same nipple clams from yesterday and found my vibrator. Now I put my legs into an adjustable spreader bar and spread them as far as I could and a bit more. Attached the bar to the rope which was in the pulley, turned on the vibrator, and with the help of the pulley I raised my legs in the air. I was not suspended because I couldn't lift myself so high but I was very close to it.

I remained like that for some time just enjoying the vibrator. When I got an erection I reached for the nettle and whipped myself with it. Some hits got on my tits, some on my tummy, and some on my penis as I could reach it. The pain turned me even more and I pulled of the nipple clamps. The pain was intense and burning and the sensation brought me to an orgasm and I came all over my chest and face. Some cum got into my mouth and I swallowed it.

I decided to stay like that for a bit more as the cum dripped down my chest. I then felt I need to pee and since I never did that before decided to give it a try. The pee suddenly rushed onto my face and boobs. It was horrible and I tried to wiggle out of the way. It was finally over and I was drenched in my pee. That was quite stupid from me so I untied the rope and lowered myself down.

I released myself from the spreader bar and felt quite bad about the peeing. I didn't want this to happen again so I bent over a table and gave myself a good spanking with a brush. I continued even when the pain brought out tears - I was drenched in my own cum and piss and I deserved this.

After good 20 or more minutes of it I stopped. When I looked back at my ass I saw it was purple. It was good punishment and I deserved it. I didn't like my plans so far so I decided to improvise and try something new. Something humiliating as I was in a mood for that.

I recalled that I somewhere have a french maid outfit stacked. I went inside and looked for it. When I found it I wore it along with a garter belt and stockings, but I did not wear any panties. Then I went into the bathroom and put a tampon in my ass and left the string hung as long as it was. Using a piece of tape I taped my penis and balls so they wouldn't hang down and be visible.

Now I went back in the yard and did some random stuff hoping that someone might see me and my string hanging under the short dress. I heard some commotion at the neighbors and went closer to that part of the fence. My neighbors did not know I was a trans, they thought I was a girl and knew I had a strict father.

Finally the neighbor wife looked over the fence and said hi to me. Know that I was noticed I got scared. What if they find out? I nervously tried to hide the tampon string and purple bottom as I turned to her. By the look on her face I knew she saw. She asked me what happened and I said I was punished because of very bad grades at school and now had to do work in the yard as the second part of punishment.

She said she is sorry for me and that I should learn more so this wouldn't happen and then went away. My heart was racing and I quickly rushed inside before anybody noticed me again. Still, this situation turned me quite on so I removed all my clothes and masturbated again. I came on a maxi pad I prepared for this and then wore the pad with a pad holding belt.

I still needed more humiliation so I went and knelt in the corner of the room for some time. I could feel how the cum made the pad squishy and the tampon in my ass. When I was done with the corner time I did some cleaning around the house and prepared lunch for myself. Finally I removed the pad and tampon and wore my home outfit.

Then I went out and pissed behind the shed as a girl. Cleaned up my toys and the shed from the mess I made. There was enough humiliation and bondage for this weekend...
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4 years ago
not punished enough for my liking, and having a wank in deed, after speaking to you the real woman next door, she didnt say never mind deary go have a good wank. no she felt sorry for you, she did give you permision to go cheer yourself up did she, YOUR A BAD GIRL
4 years ago
Very interesting too bad you where all alone it would have been more fun with a another girl around. You need some transvestite friends to help you.