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A bit of a background info

I'll post this only once so remember it!

In high school everybody thought I was a girl. I was just approved hormone replacement therapy and people thought it was just a late development of tits. I was mocked for that but I never really cared. My tits did grow to a formidable size later. I was pretty much disgusted at that time with my penis so I tried to not to touch except when I really needed to. And when I talked with the girls about girly things I always referred to my ass as my vagina. It was fun times.
At least until I went home. Even though I was officially approved for sex change my father hated the fact and tried to humiliate me at every possible occasion in hope that I will give up and grow up as a man. My mom left us when I was a baby so there was nobody to protect me from his malevolence. His behavior and the fact I never knew my mom probably caused my love and enjoyment of bondage at my earliest age.
Just as a reference when I say vagina I mean my ass. I had to fit in with the girls and stories in school and I'm a bad liar so had to come up with something. To my penis I often refer normally but sometimes I call it a clitoris.
Posted by p1llow 4 years ago
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