Cottage Wife

Every August my wife Marin and I rent a cottage for a week. When we were younger and before having k**s, this often led to a week of great sex. This summer was a return to the good old days.

The place we rented was a short walk to a popular beach and a short drive to her parents place. As soon as we had dropped our bags in the cottage we headed on over to the water. We spent the afternoon playing the water with our son and people watching. My wife caught me more than once, checking out the asses of hot ladies as they paraded up and down the beach. My wife is in great shape and has nothing to worry about when it comes my wandering eye so she made little jokes a couple of times. Things like, "which did you prefer, the blond or the redhead?" and "hmm that one didn't leave much to the imagination!" I laughed at her jokes and it gave me a little more leeway with my ass scoping.

Around dinner we headed back to the cabin. We had been in a hurry to get to the beach so I hadn't even gone into the master bedroom. I was pleasantly suppressed when I did. There was a large king size bed in the center of the room. The walls were bare barn board and there were various sexy touches everywhere. There were a couple of high back wooden chairs in the corner. One with saddle bags hung over it and one with a fox fur d****d over the back. There were also two big wooden pillars at either corner of the head of the bed and right away I noticed the metal rings attached to each. We had played at a little light bondage in the past but definitely are not "in the lifestyle". I always got the impression that I enjoyed these sessions more than her, although she did like it when I held her down and we pretended I was forcing her. My mind raced with images of my Marin tied between the two poles, being f***ed to orgasm after orgasm… Maybe later I thought, after we drop my son off at the grandparents. Just then Marin walked in, looked around and said "Oh this is should do just fine!" as she playfully smacked my ass and planted a little kiss on my cheek. I thought to myself,"hmmm, things could get interesting tonight".

Later, after we had a bite of food and a couple of drinks it was time to go see Grandma and Grandpa. They had a big day of activities planned for our son the next couple of days and had asked if he could just stay with them for a couple of nights. Marin said she felt tiered and asked if I could go drop him off while she had a nap. I didn't like the sound of her going to bed, there was a strong possibility that she'd be down for the night. I agreed though and packed my son into the car.

I was gone for an hour or two and tried to be quiet when I came back to the cottage. All the lights were off except a faint glow coming from our room. I thought she probably fell asl**p reading or something. I went to the fridge and grabbed a beer, planning on going out to the deck to look at the stars for awhile. Marin heard me and called out "Can you come in here please, I want to show you something." I took the beer and walked down the hall towards the room. I realized as I approached that the light was flickering. "Ah, candles, the night might not be a washout after all!" I said to myself. As I turned and walked through the doorway I was surprised! It definitely was not a washout.
Marin was standing between me and the bed wearing just a little black leather push up bra and ridding boots. In her hand was a ridding crop. There were candles all over the place. I also notched two white ropes hanging from each of the metal rings. "I feel like having some fun tonight dear" she said. My heart pounded and my dick started getting hard. "Sounds good to me!" I replied "Well then don't just stand there silly, get your clothes off and come hear!" I did what she said and started walking towards her. "Stop!" she barked. I froze. "Crawl!"
When we played in the past I was always the dominant one but this was turning me on so I got down on all fours and crawled towards her, sitting in a kneeling position upon arriving at my destination. Looking down at me she said "oh you do seem to like this so far!" and rubbed the end of the crop up and down my now hard cock. "Mmmm" I groaned. "Lean back with your hands on the floor behind you" she said sternly. I obliged.
Then SMACK! I fell over on my side from the pain of the crop hitting my balls. She giggled and said sarcastically "Oh did that hurt, I'm sorry." SMACK! It came down on my ass. "Sit up again!"
Without thinking I did what she said and was kneeling in front of her again with my back arched forwards and my hands behind me on the floor. "Aww, you lost your erection" she giggled. "I guess I get to cum first then" She then turned around and stuck her ass against my face, practically sitting right down on me. "Lick me SLUT!" Again I did what she ordered. My cock quickly grew hard again as ground against me and moaned with pleasure. My tongue sliding in and out of her cunt as my nose rubbed against he asshole. "Lick my clit! Fast and lightly! I did and she started cumin. My wife sometimes gushes when she cums and as she started to she yelled "Drink my cum slut!"
I opened my mouth wide and stuck my tongue far out to catch as much of it as possible. I'd often fantasized about her gushing all over my face but it had never happened before. As her spasms subsided she inched her ass down a little saying" Tongue my asshole fuck doll!" Marin had never spoke to me like she was tonight and it was driving me crazy. I loved the way she was being!
As I lapped at her ass and tried to poke my tongue in her hole she started caressing my cock with the crop again. "please don't slap my balls again" I begged. She jumped off my face and spun around smacking my cheek roughly with her hand. "Don't talk unless I ask you a question fuck doll! Now crawl over to that chair in the corner. You need to be taught a few things!"
I crawled to the chair and she told me to sit down so I did. It was the chair that earlier had the saddle bags on it. "I think you'll find that if you're good, you'll like how things go. But if you're not, you will be sorry!" She was walking around the chair in a circle as she said it. She stepped behind me and said put your hand around the back of the chair. I knew what was coming and sure enough she pulled out some cuffs from the saddle bags and cuffed my hands to the back of the chair. Next she moved to the front of me. Standing with her back to me she bent over and started clamping my feet to the chair legs. She's very flexible and doubled over like that I could see how wet she was. She was really into this.
"Now my little slut, for the next two days you will do my bidding. You will lick if I say lick, you will suck if I say suck and you will fuck if I say fuck. You will not speak unless asked a direct question except to say thank you if I discipline you and you will say thank you after each smack blow or pinch. You will refer to me as Mistress or as Goddess. Do you understand so far?"
"Yes Goddess."
"Good boy."
She reached into the bag agin pulled out a handful of cloths pins.
"Now today on the beach I counted twenty five asses that you gawked at without permission. So tonight you will get twenty five pins and twenty-five lashes." She proceeded by clipping a ring of five pins around my cock, just bellow the head. It pulled on the skin but didn't hurt. Actually it made me get even harder. Next she put three on each nipple. One on the nipple and one just to each side. It hurt a bit but was bearable. "hmm, that leaves a lot of clips still, I guess they'll have to go on your cock and balls." As she slowly clipped more and more of them to my shaft and sack, my nipples really started to throb. I let out a little whimper. She laughed loudly and said "This is nothing fuck doll, wait until you really piss me off. Then you'll be sorry." When there was only one clip left she instructed me to stick out my tongue and clipped it to the tip. It hurt.
Next came a blind fold. "I can't quite decide what to give your lashes with" she teased" I guess i'l just lie on the bed and think about it for awhile. I heard her walk a few steps away and lie down. Then I heard a buzzing sound. A vibrator. Soon she was moaning and breathing hard. My cock was at full mast and straining against all the clips. After she came a few times she walked back over and said "now I feel a bit better". Smack!
I quickly realized she chose my leather belt. In had come down across the left side of my chest and ripped the three pins from my nipple. "Aww fuck" i said in pain. She slapped me in the face again. "Pardon me?" "Thank you mistress" I said in a strained voice.
Smack! Off came the three on the other side. "Thank you mistress."
Then the real pain came. She started whipping at my cock and balls, trying to knock the other pins off. I said thank you after each blow. "Count them too fuck doll!"
Smack "five, thank you Goddess"
Smack "six, thank you Mistress"
Smack "seven, thank you Goddess"
By the time we got to twenty five I was not hard at all and had a tear running down my cheek.
"Hmm, I was going to let you cum now but it seems like you're not in the mood anymore huh slut?"
She giggled as she said, "Let's see if we can help you out.".........
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good read more to follow ?