Not one of them made it thru. Damn shame, was good stuff.
(13 days ago)
Signed up:1345 days ago
Last Activity:8 hours ago
Profile Viewed:62,399 times
I'm:Stone Cold Steve Austin, 41
From:Somewhere in the DMV, Virginia, United States
Languages:English, Fawtinese
Personal Information
Kids:No, but may be want some
Occupation:Bad MoFo/Human Teddybear - take your pick.
Education:Some college
Star sign:Capricorn
Physical Information
Body type:Large
Height:6 ft 3 in (190 cm)
Hair length:Bald
Hair color:Black
Eye color:Brown
About Me
**Update 1-9-2015**

I will be uploading pics and some new videos very soon(fingers crossed that the videos will actually make it thru). Guys- if you have a dick avatar & you want me to accept your invite, then make it funny and/or interesting(something like mine for example). I understand you want the whole world to see what god blessed you with, but realise, most of us would rather see Betty White in an all black gangbang then see a lame pic of your dick. If you added gifs to your profile, you can add one to your avatar.

Now a little about me:
I like- WOMEN, all shapes, all sizes, all colors, even those with "a little something EXTRA".
Depending upon what catches my eye, I like videos with- PAWGs, BBWs, Lesbians, Big Asses, Women playing with themselves, Asians(Mainly Japanese videos), Matures, Cougars, MILFs, Anything with older women, Oil Play, Women wrestling each other, Tribbing, Women just chillin outdoors naked, Women in Showers, Women with Tattoos, Women in Prison, Women with Strapons and that's just scratching the surface. Take a look in my favorites and you'll get a better understanding of what I'm into and some times I go off on wild tangents and try to find as much stuff as I can on one subject or person.

Other stuff I'm into: Anime-loved this stuff since I was a teenager
Music- Mainly Hard Rock/Heavy Metal, but I do listen to a lot of other types of music. If it catches my ear, I try to find it & get it.
Movies- What ever catches my eye. Action, comedy, horror, drama, etc...
Video Games- If I'm not on here chillin, then I'm on my Xbox 360 chillin & unwinding. Nothing like racing boats, shooting zombies or playing Bejeweled to make one feel a whole lot better.

I do not really turn anybody down if they send me a friend request, the only automatic declines are:
1- People with no content at all. They've been here for 1462 days & they have 3198 friends and ZERO content of any kind(No uploaded videos, pictures, No favorite videos or pictures). We know your looking, so like something, let us know what your into.
2- people with dick avatars, just a boring ass pic of your dick. Make it interesting, have a chick smiling next to it, giving the thumbs up then maybe I'll accept.
3- spam accounts, I haven't run into a lot of them recently but, when I first joined Xham, they were like a fucking STD that just wouldn't go away.

I'll add more soon & redo my profile as well. Need to shake it up a bit.
Until next update,

stay safe, stay happy and most importantly, stay horny my friends.

This is the video for my avatar

Darlene Amaro's juicy booty is perfection

Gotta love The Crue

She is definitely thinking about it


These are the best M&Ms I've ever seen

May the sauce be with you

This is the reason why he kicked open the door
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5 days ago
Thank you!
9 days ago
joan collins & sophia loren are made for big black cock. Black cock is god.
9 days ago
it's there in my about me section or if you look in my favorites, you'll find it. It's only a 30 second vidclip.
10 days ago
Your avatar
10 days ago
which video are you refering to? my avatar or something I've uploaded?
11 days ago
What video is that clip from with the black guy and woman with huge butt
11 days ago
Thanks for the info on this guy. Judging by the way she is checking him out, I'd say they met up later. It's nice to know where this beach is now, I'd always thought it was somewhere in europe.
12 days ago
It seems like I see this Avatar often on a few profiles, but might be mistaken. in any event, I've seen this guy "in the flesh," many times. Although I haven't been there in quite some time, and it may have changed, I used to see him trolling the shore at Haulover Beach in Miami. He used to go back and forth until he found a girl to take home. I guess he must have lived nearby, as he would be back doing the same thing in a short while after. Don't know how many he scored in a day, and never was really interested. He was just another oddity at the nude beach, where one saw many strange, and also nice things.
12 days ago
You are most welcome
12 days ago
Thanks for the invite, sugar
13 days ago
13 days ago
Thanks, now I'm on the hunt to find it. That ass is just hypnotic, like watching indshield wipers going back and forth.
14 days ago
i love your profile nice gifs
15 days ago
My Avatar is Gianna Micheals I think. But I don't remember where I got it from. Sorry.
15 days ago
Thanks, I uploaded 5 last night. So far, 4 have been knocked out, just have one dog left in the fight.
16 days ago
lol hopefully they upload vid one day lucky guy
16 days ago
Thank you
16 days ago
You are very welcome.
16 days ago
I think that came later, from when she gave him a call.
16 days ago
17 days ago
thanks for the add!
21 days ago
Love your avatar video! Of course, it would've been great to see that hottie getting impaled by that huge, black tool, but I guess you can't win 'em all! LOL!
25 days ago
maybe someday you will.
25 days ago
you are very welcome
25 days ago
Thanks for the add! :)
26 days ago
I would love to take yours ! big one!
27 days ago
thanks for the add

U like my ASS and my videos? leave comments on my profile, make my videos your favourites, invite friends & subscribe☆ ☆ ☆
▄ ☆ .
28 days ago
It's amazing, for a lady of Sophias age, I get more feedback thanany other woman. The ultimate sex symbol
28 days ago
Thanks and welcome my new friend. you have a really nice profile yourself.
28 days ago
your welcome,I really love checking out your profile. You have some really nice stuff. Thank you for accepting my invite.

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