I Became A Slut

My name is Jizelle. I am a 45-year-old widow, 2 feet t2 inches with long brown hair. I have got large breast and still now my tits look very juicily. I have been told that I am very attractive for my age. I live with my daughter Sandra who is 23 and works for a large law company as an office manager. My husband died when I was 38 and since I’ve been doing alone, only a few of my friends visit me time after time. As for my daughter, she is not alone, she is dating with her boyfriend, his name is Frank and he is 27 years old. He is working as a buildings constructer. I have always liked this guy, he is very cute and nice, reminds me of my late husband, well built, muscular with black raven hair and blue eyes. Sometimes I wonder if it felt good having sex with such a good boy, but he is my daughter’s boyfriend, so I just try to get of this idea. Once in the afternoon, after working in the garden it started raining heavily, so I decided to go in the house and take a shower. Frank came home early that day because of the rain and I didn’t hear him come in because of the running water.

The next thing I knew the shower curtain was pulled open and I saw Frank standing there with a digital camera and taking a picture of me naked. I was shocked and cried out:

“What the hell are you doing, Frank? I am going to tell Sandra!”

“No you won’t because if you do I will e-mail this photo to all of your friends. I have wanted to see those big boobs for a long time.”

With that he reached out and grabbed my tits! It was something really unheard-of! I protested as I could:

“Stop, Frank, now! Don’t do this to me, please.”

“Shut up, slut, you will do as I say or this photo goes out right now.”

He started nursing my breast and running his hands down between my legs and rubbing my clit.

“Look how wet you are getting, you like it don’t you, whore? Tell me, you like it, tell me you like it, slut?” he exclaimed. Oh my God, what was happening to me? I was getting wet and so turned on! Oh it was feeling so good, it had been so long since I had sex. I screamed out:

“I like it! Yes! I like it, God, it feels so good! Frank, don’t stop!”

“Get on your fours, bitch, take my cock and suck it, and finger your pussy” he commanded.

I got down on my knees and took his cock out; it was only 6 inches but very thick. He told me to take it out, put it in my mouth and suck it well. I started to suck the head of his cock and fingering my pussy, as a result it was making me so hot. It’d been very long since I sucked on a warm fat cock, so now I was hungry for dick! He moaned: “Oh, yeahh, you are a good cocksucker”

He put his hands on both sides of my head and started fucking my mouth in and out as fast as he could. He pumped his cock in and out, his meat slid very hard and fast. Soon I felt his cock swell up in my mouth and he cried out: “Oh, God! I am cuming! Swallow it everything! Take it bitch.” He released so much cum in my mouth, I couldn’t swallow it all and it started running down my mouth. I looked up at him with my mouth and lips filled with cum, and he took another photo of the cum on my face. I was so hot now that I needed to be relived. He pulled me to my feet, then picked up a plunger off the floor, and pushed it in my pussy.

“Now your turn, I want to see you fuck yourself.”

I needed relief so bad that I started fucking that plunger with my cunt as fast as possible. I let out a scream and cum so hard that I fell on the floor. Frank looked down at me and called me a whore. Now he took me by the hand and led me out in the back yard in the rain. It was raining hard, so not a soul was seen outdoors. He told me to put my hands behind my head, then spread me legs and told me to pose for the cam. With rain running down all over my body, I began posing for him and he was taking pics of me. I was sitting on the lawn mower, then he sat me in the wheelbarrow with my legs spreading wide to show my pussy. He filled the disk with photos and took me inside. He took out the disk and said:

“Now, you will do everything I tell you, or else I will send these photos to all your friends!” I didn’t want anyone to know I had sex with him, so I nodded my head and agreed. I dried myself off, went to my bedroom and cried. Over the next few weeks everything was going OK, because Sandra and Frank were getting home at the same time and he couldn’t bother me. But then Sandra told us she had to go out of town for a week end on a business trip. Frank looked at me and just smiled. She left Friday right from work. Frank got home a bit late from work, and I could tell he had a few drinks. He said he was going to a party to one of his friends, and that I was coming with him. I told him I was not going, but he showed me a photo disk and waved it at me. He told me to strip and change my clothes. He told me to put on a thin T shirt with no bra, then some short skirt with no panties. I did as he said coz now I was in his control.

My nipples were showing through the fabric and I looked like a slut. When we arrived at the place, he took me over to a table where 2 big muscular men where sitting with a white woman. He introduced me to them; names were Alex, Luck and Olivia. Alex said:

“I have seen you and it is nice to finally meet you.” Oh my God! Frank had been showing my photo to him! Sitting down they couldn’t tear their eyes off my breast. They were getting d***k, and then Alex reached out and poured some beer on my right tit! That made my T shirt transparent, so they could see my nipples. Olivia and Peter laughed at the same time. Alex pulled me to him and started sucking my nipple though the shirt while Olivia began pinching my other nipple. With that she ran her other hand up my leg until she reached my pussy and pushed a finger in me. Then Peter came over to me and tried to take my T shirt off, but it stuck to my wet body. Alex helped him and after that my big wet tits exposed. Olivia got up and cleared the table, then they put me on it and Peter pulled my skirt off. I was lying on my back naked, Olivia was holding my hands over my head and my legs were spread wide apart.

Alex got up and dropped his paints releasing the biggest cock I had ever seen! It must have been 11 inches and as thick as my hand! Alex got between my legs, at this time Peter and Frank took each of my legs and pulled far apart! I thought they would tear me part. Alex positioned his shaft against my cunt, and pushed the head in to me so hard that I moaned. He kept pushing it in me, slowly and perseveringly. When he was all in, he started fucking me slow at first, then slowly speeding up. I couldn’t believe that I had that entire big meat inside of me. Soon the pain started to subside down, and my body started feeling relaxed. Oh, God, I started feeling so good and I wanted him to fuck me more. Next what I remember, I was crying out for him to fuck me harder and never stop. It didn’t take me long to reach my first climax! Alex kept pounding my pussy until he exploded in me like a thunder, blasting his hot load deep in me. Peter took his place and drove his aft cock in me with one hard thrust and took up fucking me as hard as he could.

I started to push my hips towards Peter, aching for more of his cock, impaling myself onto his big sausage. I never stopped screaming: “Fuck me, don’t stop, fuck me!” when he was ready to cum, Peter shot his load all over my belly and breast and there was so much of his semen! As he splashed his cum, I had another orgasm. I was lying on the table so weak that I could hardly move. Then it was Olivia. I looked up and saw her standing there with a beer bottle in her hand. Olivia rammed the beer bottle in my pussy and fucked me with it for eternity! The bottle was no comparison to Alex’s cock, and I came 3 more times. All this time Frank was taking pics of me. by this time, my dripping cunt was all soaking wet and my pussy lips opened like flower petals. Juices were oozing out of my entrance. When I looked over at Alex and Peter, they were both hard again. Now Olivia took her panties off and started fucking herself with that beer bottle. Alex came up to the table, helped me get down on all my fours. I know what he wanted so I took his cock in my mouth and started sucking the big head while Peter started fucking me doggie style. After about half an hour of such bang, we all came. Alex filled my mouth with so mush cum that it ran down my chin and tits! At the very same moment Peter shot a big load all over my ass. I rubbed their cum over my body, then fell on my back on the carpet exhausted. At this moment Olivia grabbed me by the hair and pulled my mouth to her wet pussy and ordered me to eat her. I had never done anything like this before. She was so wet her juices where dripping in my mouth, so I stuck out my tongue and started licking her cunt. She lay down in a 69 position and got down to licking my cum filled pussy. We sucked and licked each other to a mutual orgasm.

When it was over, everyone got dressed and I put my short skirt on. Then Frank said: “Pay the money” I didn’t understand what Frank meant until Alex walked over to him and gave him some cash, thanking him for providing such fun. Frank took me to the car and got me back home. I don’t know how much money Alex had gave him, but on the way home he waved it at me. He also showed me the disk and told me he had photos of everything I did. I didn’t say anything when he said he had a lot of plans for me. So, fun was just about to begin.
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2 years ago
love this one!! Cheers!
2 years ago
that was really hot!
2 years ago
Very hot, love to read of big-titted matures fucking. My cock got very hard and I had to jack off reading this!