I remember the first day I meet Kristen [AR]

I remember the first day I meet Kristen, she was behind the bar filling a freezer frosted schooner that began to overflow and spill onto the floor creating a small puddle. She set the brew on the table, and grab some damp towels from underneath the counter. Then she walked over to the puddle threw the towels unto the wet area. I watched as Kristen spread both legs far apart and placed both hands onto the towels and started to sop up the liquid on the floor. I started to pay closer attention to what she was wearing and her slim figure. Kristen had on a matching thong and tied top piece that accentuated her 105 pound frame. The thong ran up between her round perfect ass cheeks that bubbled out at the bottom. The top covered her breast but did not hide the perkiness of those young firm mounds. Kristen was barely 21 years old.
While bending over, she must have felt the heat from my gaze because she begin to wiggle her ass in my direction. Kristen winked at me. After she finished mopping up the floor, she came over to where I was sitting and introduced her. During our brief conversation I knew she was comfortable with me because she would rub my thigh and graze my cock playfully during the conversation. I wanted to fuck her right then in that moment. She gave me her number and told me she needed a ride after work. I was more than happy to help her out.
Kristen finished work around 6pm, she had the early shift. She wanted a ride to downtown L.A. She was taking me for a trip. Kristen had singled me out of all the guys in the bar, because I was new to the scene and no one else would drive her to a d**g infested, gangster filled part of town. She was right because I wanted her little ass bouncing off the tip of my dick so I would do just about anything.
I soon figured out she wanted to transport heroin from L.A. to Orange County and conceal the valves inside her pussy. I knew this would be a big risk on my part but a chance to get my thick black cock into that tight white cunt probably would not come again. I told Kristen that I knew what she was up to and that I was down to take such a big risk but it would cost. She offered to pay me a cut of her profit, but I told her I didn't want her money. I wanted something else. I wanted that sweet little pussy. She could feel the sexual connection growing between us and said she was willing to let me fuck, but only after the business was finished. I told her to prove it by giving me a blow job right then and there while I was driving. Kristen unzipped my pants while smiling with a twinkle in her eyes and pulled my cock out. She was pleased with my length and thickness. Happily, she impaled her face onto my dick. This girl was no rookie. She knew how to suck a dick, up and down, one hand cupping my balls, the other hand rotating on my cock's shaft. There was no hesitation. She was all in and my cock was all in her throat. The mushroom tip of my cock rammed the back of esophagus and she let out small gag sound, but she did not stop. I begin to feel my cum building up. I pulled my dick out of her mouth before I exploded. She felt deprived because I didn't let her finish me off, but I knew we would continue where we left off after we made the pick up from her dealer.
We arrived in downtown L.A. Around 8pm. We were in a grimey part of town. The buildings were all run down shambles, the type of place you expect to see near a bay area dock. We pulled over and parked, Kristen made a call to her connect. He instructed us to meet at the next block, a couple of streets down.when we arrived at the new location there was some shadow figure standing near a tree. I pulled up and he jumped into the back seat and we drove away. He didn't say much but Kristen handed him a bundle of money, in return, he handed her a few valves of heroin. She put the valves into her panties. at the next stop sign the dealer jumped out. Kristen had her stash, I had her in my car and we were headed back to the O.C. We went to a hotel and she left me there while making her deliveries to clientele. I waited.
I must have dozed off, because I awoke to the sound of a running shower. I got up to check the bathroom and there was Kristen completely naked soaping her body. I watched as she lathered her bald pussy with body wash. Water splashed and bounced off her tits. Water trickled down and over her round ass cheeks. My cock was enlarging and stretching the front of my pants. She was hot and wet. I wasn't going to wait any longer it was time.
I undressed. Kristen turned off the shower. And reached for the towel, I put my cock in its place. She had a hand full of cock. When she stepped out of the tub I grabbed her and brought her into my body. I kissed her passionately on the lips. Our tongues intertwined. I easily lifted her 105 pound body off her feet and into the air. I through her legs over my shoulder and she wrapped her hands around my neck. I grabbed my cock and began to penetrate her pussy. The entrance to her cunt was tighter than expected, but that was probably due to the water from the shower. So I had to pry her open pussy lips with my cock. A little at a time; until finally my dick burst into the depth of her virgina. I wanted to exploded, but resisted the urge. This pussy was good and tight. As she began to moisten my cock became covered with a creamy white liquid. She through her head back in enjoyment and took the full ramming of pole with moans and several fuck faces. "oh your cock feels so good in me", she said, "it so thick, oh I feel my pussy stretching, uhhmmm!". I let her hop up and down on my cock for about 20 minutes and each time she came down I would spread her ass cheeks to try and shove more cock in her as deep as possible. She screamed out,"I'm cumming" we started fucking faster and faster. Her breathing increased and became deeper.As her body convulsed the juices from her pussy soaked my dick. She held me tightly as I continued to pump and neared my own climax. Kristen whispered in my ear, " pound this pussy baby" and she let go of all resistance. It turned me into a mad man and I rammed that pussy so hard that her inner thighs became red and the clapping sound of our bodies colliding together echoed in the hotel room. The feeling was too much for me to resist, I erupted semen all over her face and in her mouth. It was worth it.

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2 years ago
very good
3 years ago
Sounds like an adventure that turned out worth it in this case..