Phat Mature Booty

Someone of the past.
I met her one weekend as I was hanging at my cousin’s apartment. I was 20 and later found out she was 36. My cousin lived upstairs and across from where she was at, every time I stepped out the door, there she was looking up my way smiling. So every time I came out she was already outside looking up and waiting for me to get at her, and that’s just what I did. From upstairs I could see her body was banging, but when I got up close and next to her, the view was even sexier. She stood about 5’10” light brown curly hair to her shoulders. She was a thick curvy honey at about 175 lbs maybe 185 lbs, medium size tits like tennis balls. She had a curvy, not small waist, very thick hips and thighs, long legs and a Phat ass booty that jiggled with each step. We sat and talked for a bit and all she did was look me up and down with delight. Next she straight asked me to go home with her. It was about 11:30-12am by the time we got to her place. She offered me a drink and we sat and talked about things we liked and disliked places and people and things. 15 minutes later she got up and said she would be back shortly. Refilled my glass popped in a x-rated Flick with phat booty girls of all flavors, told me to get cozy, handed me the remote, and hit the bathroom. She returned 10 minutes later in this very short, very sheer, white nightie, with her hair down and smelling cool. No bra or panties. I was already lying across her bed with my shoes off. She got on the bed, and laid facing me. we talked a lil more, then she kissed me passionately. Immediately reaching for the large bulge in my jeans. As we kissed she unbuttoned my jeans reached in and pulled out my dick, quickly placing her warm wet thick lips over the head, easing it in deeper inch by inch until she was had half of me deep in her mouth. I laid back and enjoyed 45 minutes or more and then got up off the bed stripped out of my clothes to my socks. Got back on the bed and laid on my back, positioning her opposite of me, and had her straddle me backwards, until her big phat ass was inches from my face. My dick swollen stiff and throbbing, all in her face, she dropped her head down and wrapped her hot wet mouth around my bone, put it too far in and gagged, but recovered quickly as I probed my tongue, parting her lips and darting my tongue in and out of her pussy. At the same time flicking her clit with my tongue rapidly. We 69ed for about half an hour or so. When she reached orgasm #4 and her legs weren’t having it anymore, she collapsed on me with legs trembling noticeably. Winded myself, I got up and walked over to the other side of her room and lit a cigarette. I noticed the couple on the video was doing what we had just finished, and watched them as she recovered. I butted my cigarette out and walked back over to her bed, she was now propped up on her pillows staring at me and my assets….... To Be Continued.

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i meant decent
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decide read
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Must have been nice.