Tall Dark and Sexy

Upon first glance, you can see that he is a confident, tall, sexy man whose presence fills the room full of admirers and haters alike. To see his solid perfectly proportioned body naked is hypnotizing. There is not a woman alive who is not attracted to him, from his personality to his a****l magnetism that even makes lesbians chase him. When he walks around naked in all his male glory, my eyes can’t move from that perfectly formed firm ass and inviting package dangling between his muscular legs. It makes me moist just envisioning the tempting sight. The feel of his long strong arms wrapped around me in a innocent loving embrace that sets my body on fire with far from innocent reactions and ideas, which is very nice to still feel this way after 5 yrs of marriage. I instantly become horny and start doing little things to let him know that I want him. I start with looking up into his eyes with the flirtatious eye contact and mischievous grin. Then I slowly turn in his arms, so my big voluptuous ass is pushing back into his package. Still looking into his eyes over my shoulder, I start to slowly rub my big ass back and forth against him, until I get the reaction I knew my big ass causes. Once his big solid dick is jabbing at my ass through his jeans and he starts rubbing my big tits with his big hands, and I feel one hand sliding down my stomach to start caressing my pussy after lifting my mini skirt, I pull away and slowly walk away stripping my clothes of. I glance over my shoulder to see him following me, doing the same, with that devilishly handsome grin that I love so much. The look of lust I see in his eyes as he watches my big bare ass moving away from him, makes me smile and want him even more. I didn’t even make it to the bedroom I was leading him to before he grabs me by my waist, and turns me to face him. He slides his toungue in my mouth, kissing me senseless as his hands reach around and grab my naked ass and pulls me into him so I can feel the large bulge still in his jeans, (which is all he has on now) pushing against my now moist pussy. As he squeezes and caresses my ass, I feel my nipples harden against his solid bare chest, losing myself in his kiss until all I can do is hang on to his waist to prevent my knees from buckling. After a few minutes he turns me around and bends me over the back of our sofa and spreads my legs. Feeling weak with anticipation, I wait for his next move. He gets down on the floor between my legs, spreads and squeezes my big ass cheeks with both hands and begins licking my now dripping wet pussy. Parting the lips with his tongue he teases my clit for only seconds before he licks his way to my asshole and continues this back and forth until I can’t take it anymore. I am begging for him to stick his swollen, rock hard dick in me. He takes his pants off leans over me and slowly pushes his large dick into my anxiously waiting pussy that fills me until I am moaning yes. He turns my face to meet his passion filled kiss that does not end, as one hand is caressing my breast and the other is holding my waist he starts thrusting harder and faster until we are both moaning and kissing with such wildness. He breaks the kiss and now has both hands on my hips to keep our rhythm. My body reacting on its own is thrusting back to meet each of his oncoming ones. Then my body explodes with pleasure that shoots through me like lightening leaving my body weak, and after a couple of more thrusts he is shooting his hot load in me, and collapses on me, which is another turn on, because he did not pull out, and we are bent over the back of the sofa in the position we began in. By now Iam ready for more, so I start squeezing his soft dick inside of me with my pussy, and start gyrating my hips as much as possible with his weight on me. With his heavy breathing in my ear and hot breath on my neck, I get even more horny, then I feel him start to grow hard inside of me and that is all the encouragement I need. As he stands straight, I push him back with my big ass and pull away from him letting a quick intake of breath as his dick slides out of me. I lead him around to the other side of the couch and push him back onto it, then immediately straddling his lap facing him, I grab the couch on either side of his head for support and start riding my sexy husband until it is my turn to collapse on him as his large strong hands are still massaging and gripping my ass cheeks in a ry them until he once again comes as well. I get off his lap and kneel in front of him and start sucking and licking our juices from his now soft dick, and give him a quick kiss letting him know I will continue that part after I shower, and remind him I love him before I invite him to follow me to shower or join me when he was rested. But that is a different post. Well until I get to writing more stories of our married life sexcapades, I’m going to post this and join my sexy husband in bed to watch some TV and check our site on X-hamster to see if anyone else was nice enough to comment on our posted pictures and stories.

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