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This Intro is just a reminder to all readers of this story that “Ovadose” is a couple. So our stories are going to be very different. So different in fact that you will know after the first few posts, just who wrote them. Mine will all be about me and my husband’s sexual adventures and his will be about his lifelong sexual adventures before and with me. Please feel free to comment on our posts and let us know what you think.
October 12, 2010
I guess you could say I was an adult tomboy who would rather fight men than fuck them. I had only been in two relationships since the age of 14 and both were very bad with the whole man cheating and leaving me to raise c***dren on my own scenario. I had been a tomboy for as long as I can remember, I even played football in high school. Well I was still very curious about everything sexual but never let it be known. I spent many years reading romance novels that describe love and sex in relationships as erotic and pleasurable. So after the failed relationships, I tried to just have sex a couple of times with a couple of other men, to find this pleasure and love described. Only to be disappointed after, feeling like it must just be me, destined to never know that feeling of weak legs from a kiss, or the pleasure that starts small and builds and builds inside of you until you explode with pleasure. So I avoided relationships for 1 year and a half spending my weekends hanging with the girls dressed in t-shirt and jeans while they always found the most provocative outfits they could find and took longer getting ready to go out than they actually spent out, or dressed for that matter. Watching this every weekend just made me appreciate my decision to be abstinent and avoid sexual relationships all the more. After the first year went by, so many people thought I was gay or just to mean to approach, which I liked. I only went out with a certain few friends every weekend to blow off steam after a long week of boring work. Every once in a while me and my friends would go to house parties after closing time and then I would go home to my big empty bed from there. That is until this one weekend at my friends house party. I met this tall dark handsome man who had followed me outside as I was getting ready to leave, because the party had dwindled down to a boring few. I was walking toward my car when he called out to me and asked me to stay and just kick it with him for a bit longer. He didn’t want to be left in what was left of the party without some real company. I felt instant attraction to him and warning bells went off in my head, letting me know I should just say no and go home. As we started talking and joking with each other it felt so right, and we both agreed that friendship is right away that we were not looking for a relationship, just friendship. The attraction mixed with the curiosity had me walking right back into my friends’ house with this handsome stranger who made me moist and horny with his nearness. When we sat down and started talking, I couldn’t help but admire this man’s body from head to toe, which took awhile since he is 6’4” and his wide muscular build, just made me feel so small and feminine, matched the handsome face I was looking at. Beautiful light brown eyes that still had mine captured in their trance only broken when he pulled me next to him on the couch and asked if I minded leaning back on him so he could hold me as we talked. As nervous as a school girl because of the sensations his nearness was making course through my body, did not even compare to the shock waves of desire shooting through me being in his arms. As we talked and flirted the rest of the morning getting to know each other, nobody even tried to interrupt us. Even when he caressed my breast in front of everyone there. They just all started leaving which didn’t matter to me, because I was busy trying to get my composure back. After awhile he passed out with me laying on him and I had to go home. It was already daylight and I tried to wake him to say goodbye but he was out, so I just went home and kicked myself in the ass for not leaving him my number or some kind of message. I was not used to this kind of thing happening to me, especially not the instant attraction mixed with such pleasure. All we did was lay next to each other, wow. I thought about him every day for the next two weeks, wondering if I would ever see him again, or feel that way again. I blushed just picturing his big bear sized body wrapped around mine and how tiny I felt in those big strong arms. I called my friend every day asking about him with no luck. Then the next weekend my friends ask me to go out and we all meet up at the same house after the club where I had met him, I ask her to call his friends and see if they were coming over, and if they were, to bring him. About a half an hour later he walks through the door with his confident stride taking him straight to me and with my heart racing and my pussy getting moist, we continued where we had left off two weeks ago as if we were never apart. After the party I wasn’t about to let him disappear again without knowing just how strong this physical and sexual connection we shared was. So I did something I never do and invited him home with me. I have never felt so comfortable and yet aroused at the same time. We spent the first couple of days just kicking it in my room watching t.v and getting to know each other. Then one morning as I lay in his arms I can feel his long hard body next to mine and his dick is pushing through both our clothes poking me in the ass. I couldn’t stand it any more, once again I found myself doing something I had never done before, I sat up, undid his pants and pulled his long thick throbbing dick from his pants and put my mouth over it and begin sucking and flicking my tongue over the head of it as I wildly suck and lick this large dick like it is the world’s best popsicle, it shocks me by growing harder, longer, and wider stretching the skin so taught over it, my mouth can barely fit around it now. As I continue licking and sucking and hearing his breathing get raspy I start feeling actual pleasure myself, I had never enjoyed sucking any mans dick before, but I was actually getting turned on by pleasing him! In the past it was a chore I had to f***e myself through and now I can feel pleasure actually building up inside me and now I am getting hornier and his moans of pleasure are setting it off. The feelings and emotions flowing threw me were so awesome that when he grabbed me up and pushed me on the bed, he caught me off guard. I could see the look of lust in his eyes and welcomed the huge black dick that was thrust in me. I felt like every nerve in my pussy was being touched, so when he grabbed my ass and held it the whole time after his first thrust, He began this erotic rhythm of thrusting as he brought his face to mine and gazed into my eyes as he began kissing me so deep and wild , our tongues battling as each thrust of his dick inside of me brought me that much closer to Cumming. My body had a mind of its own as my hips started to raise and meet each of his downward thrusts. His breathtaking kiss muffling our moans of pleasure as we both began to cum. I came first grabbing his hips for support as my body tensed for the final wave to subside. but I continued raising my hips to meet his with what little strength I had left, until he came so hard that I felt the hot injection he had just filled me with. As he lay on top of me and kissed my forehead with a smile, it shocked me to realize I wanted more. I was too tired to move but I couldn’t get enough of him. So when he lay beside me, I moved down to find his soft sticky member, slick with both of our juices, and started licking, it clean and then started sucking what was left inside. I laid back down next to him as he wrapped his arms around me, we both fell asl**p exhausted, only to wake up later and continue our explorations of each other for the next few weeks. For many years now we have been able to keep that same sexy erotic intimacy in our bedroom, with as many new and different ways possible. We are now husband and wife, and I still feel the same sensual reaction to his every touch. Sometimes the anticipation of his mouth or hands on me escalates the pleasure when he actually does. He calls it sexual chemistry, I call it love. Whatever it is, he still has me wanting him, anytime, anyplace, and anywhere. I am his freak in training, let me know how I’m doing.

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