Daddy's New Games

I was waiting for Emma to get home from work. It was Friday night and I was especially horny today. For some reason, you, Emma,my girlfriend have me really hot tonight. Normally, you and I wind up in bed doing some nasty things most every night. And when I say nasty, I mean nasty. Once you're in bed, you seem to transform into the dirtiest little girl imaginable. You do things most guys only fantasize about.

All day I was thinking about you, my kitten, and how nasty you are. It seems like the more adventuresome we become together, the more we both want. So today I planned to take our relationship further. Although, I hadn't told you what I had in mind, I am sure you'd get more enjoyment by not knowing. It was a subject we've touched on a few times that seemed to be very exciting.

I heard your car pull in and the door slam. Moments later the front door opens and you, my darling kitten, are home and mine once again. We both always look forward to being together. After our preliminary kisses, we both shower, grab some dinner and finally settle down for an evening together.

We start out on the sofa with our usual soft tender kissing. Then in a matter of moments our clothes are coming off. At that point we're on our way to the bedroom suite. If only you knew what I had in mind.

Once upstairs in the bedroom we begin kissing deeply, our tongues searching each others' mouths. You're responding as usual getting hot, touching me all over and reaching for my dick. Now you whisper, "fuck me Daddy." You have recently started calling me Daddy despite me being younger than you. And it's a real turn on for me calling you my little girl. For us that daddy-little girl scenario makes us so much more aroused, sort of like it's so forbidden to have each other.

As I kiss you, I slowly maneuver you backwards until you're against the wall. I need you to be in a position where you're somewhat restrained and unable to freely move. I want you to feel as though I have control.

"So you like being a slut for Daddy, huh?" I tease.

You whisper, "yes, Daddy."

"You want to be a slut for Daddy, tonight?"

"Oh yes, Daddy. You know I'll do anything for you."

That's the way you are. You're always willing to do anything and act so nasty for me. Tonight I am about to push you to the limit. I know you want anything and everything, Tonight you are going to get it. My little girl is going to get perhaps more than you ever fantasized about.

"Well, we'll just see how much you really like it." I respond back.

"What do you mean, Daddy?"

"Tonight you're going to do everything I ever dreamed about. And I'm just going to do it to you."

"Like what, Daddy?"

"That's enough Emma. No more questions."

"Oh, come on, Daddy. Tell me. Tell me please."

"NO!!!" I yell out quite sternly. "You're going to do exactly as I tell you." I begin running my fingers lightly over your hair, across your cheeks and down your face. "So pretty," I whisper out to you. I move my hands to your face slowly tracing them down both sides. I'm sure I'm sending chills throughout your body as you've never heard me speak so strictly. I do it again a little harder scr****g my fingers down your neck. Then with my face close to yours, I place my hands firmly around your throat. I kiss you hard, forcing your head back against the wall while driving my tongue deep into your mouth.

Then in a very demanding tone I begin commanding,"Now, listen. Tonight I'm going to use you anyway I please. You have nothing to say about it. Do you hear? Nothing." I squeeze a little harder around your throat. Understand I mean business. I lick up the side of your face while I have you pinned up against the wall. Then in a very harsh whisper I tell you what's going to happen. "I'm gonna fuck your ass so hard tonight. This will make you feel like such a dirty little whore."

"Don't do this Daddy, please," you sort of cry out. I sense you're not believing I intend to use you tonight.

"That's enough Emma!" I release my hands from your throat, letting you off the wall. Next, while holding one arm I smack your ass real hard. "Now get down on the floor and show me that ass, you fuckin' slut."

"Please Daddy! No! Not like this." Now I sense a little concern in your voice. I think you're getting the picture. You realize I'm not playing around this time. But still you haven't obeyed me. You're just standing there staring at me.

I quickly go to our bag of toys and get a pair of handcuffs. "Obviously you're not going to listen, are you?" I take your hands, positioning them behind your back and attach the leather cuffs. You try resisting, but I have a firm grasp on you. Then holding you by both restrained hands, I give you a little push.

"Get on your knees, NOW!!!"

"Oh Daddy, please!"

I grab your hair in one hand, pulling your head back making you look at me. I clutch my other hand around your throat. Suddenly this flushed feeling rushes through your body. For the first time since we've been together you actually feel a total loss of control. Holding you roughly, I stare right into your eyes when I speak.

"You've always liked being such a slut for me, always acting like such a whore. Well tonight you're going to understand what a real slut is. I'm gonna show you how a dirty whore gets treated. I don't care what you say or what you do, I'm going to use you like the dirtiest, little bitch you've ever seen. That's right, USE YOU. Your cunt, your asshole, your mouth, your throat, all of you belongs to me. And right now... I'm gonna use your asshole for my amusement. Now get down in front of me on your knees."

I release your throat and grab your bound hands forcing you downward until you ultimately submit to my demand. Then I push on the back of your head until you bend forward down to the floor. "Move your knees apart," I bark out. Now your ass is up high and totally exposed to me.

"Daddy, you're scaring me."

"You'd better just shut up and take it."

I grab a bottle of lubricant squirting some on your ass and start working it into your asshole with one finger. Then I insert a second, then a third finger in through your anal hole. "Nice and tight," I comment.

I hear you whimper, "Oh Daddy, what are you going to do to me?"

"I told you I was going to use your ass for my pleasure. And if you really need to know, I'm going shove my whole hand in you, fist fuck you. Well, not really fist fuck, actually I'm gonna **** your ass with my fist. I'm gonna bury my whole hand way up inside your rectum."

"Oh please Daddy, I haven't done that before." The fear in your voice has my dick straining.

A moment later I slide a fourth finger in. Then suddenly it feels like your asshole is being ripped apart. You feel your tight, little puckered hole being stretched open like you never thought possible. My whole hand is squeezing into your ass. "How's that you little slut? Like getting your tight asshole stuffed?"

I push completely through your anal ring and watch it snuggly grip my wrist. I begin probing deep into your rectum. "My God, what a nasty little bitch you are." I pull out halfway making your anal ring stretch real wide again. You let out a low deep groan as you feel the flesh of your anal hole tightening and straining around my fist.


Then I f***e it back up your ass again. What an incredible sight seeing my fist forcing your anus open so wide while you kneel there so helpless. "That's what I like to see. A bitch getting her ass fist fucked. Good girl, allowing Daddy to **** your tight, little asshole."

You cry out to me, "Oh Daddy, that hurts. Your fist is too big for me. Please Daddy, stop!"

I slap your ass hard with my other hand. "Stop whimpering you little cunt." And I ram my fist through your anal hole once again. "Yeah......that's it, take it. Take it up your asshole you filthy little whore."

You feel me deep inside your rectum. Each time it seems like I'm further up inside your ass. Your cries turn into pleas but I don't stop. I keep pulling out, stretching your tight pucker real wide and then bury my hand deep inside you again, literally fucking you with my fist. "Oh my God, what are you doing to me?" you cry out in a desperation as I continue fist r****g your tiny little anus.

"You like getting your anal hole ****d don't you? Don't you, you hot little bitch? Yeah, a whore like you loves it rough. You're nothing but a fuckslut." I ram my fist in you again, this time as deep up your ass as I can. Suddenly you're body tightens. This incredible wave of emotion swells up inside you. I feel your ass grip my arm. You start cumming. "Oh God... Oh my God, Daddy. What are you doing to me?" You begin shaking. An orgasm explodes within you as you feel my fist twisting and turning burrowing deeper into your rectum. Even I can't believe how much you can take up your ass. As I look down at you, I see half of my forearm buried up inside your rectum. The whole time I thinking what a nasty, dirty girl you are to enjoy this.

Then I pull my fist out and turn you around. Your orgasm is still at a peak, sending waves of both pain and pleasure throughout your body. I clutch your throat with the hand that was just deep in your ass. I position my face close to you saying, "I'm not done with you yet, you hot anal bitch." I watch you breathing heavily, gasping for air from the intense feeling that has overwhelmed you. And I can tell you're loving every second of what I'm doing to you. I wipe my slimy hand across your cheeks cleaning it on your face. "What a dirty whore. Just look at you. You ARE such a filthy little bitch."

I push you back on your knees. "Now for my dick, you fucking whore."

I stand up and squat over your ass. My dick is rock hard from using you so much, but I've really only begun. I place the head of my dick right on your asshole. In one swift movement, I impale your tight anal hole completely. My shaft rips into your ass, lodging deep in your rectum.

"How's that feel, bitch. Like a real hard dick up your ass?"

I start moving back and forth, fucking your asshole. "Fuck, your ass is tight." I start going faster, sliding my meat through your tight sphincter at a more rapid pace. "I'm gonna ream out your ass, you hot little bitch. I'll show you what assfucking is all about." I'm so aroused I'm almost delirious with passion for you. All I can think of is violating you more, degrading you further and humiliating you to such a degree that I actually feel like I am r****g you.

My dick is so rigid from pummeling your back hole over and over. I pull out completely, but only for a fraction of a second. Then I jam my hardness against your tight anus and split it open sinking completely in again. In a sexual frenzy, I pull out again and again reaming your hole brutally with my dick. "What a tight fucking hole, Emma." I keep pulling out, allowing me to notice your asshole gaping open. You are waiting for my shaft to reenter again. "Damn, little girl, look at you. What a little anal whore you are." I yank your hair, pulling your head back. I put my face next yours so I can tell you how you look. "You slut, your dirty asshole is wide open begging for my cock. You're just a little anal fuckwhore, a cheap filthy bitch. And you belong to me"

I hold onto your hair while I keep fucking you. Then again I move close to your face. "Know what you're gonna do? I'm gonna make you suck my dick clean. I'm gonna fuck your mouth with my filthy cock and cum right down your throat. " I bet this would please you, you cumsucking whore."

I release my grip of your hair and continue violating your asshole. My hands hold your hips as I f***e myself into the deepest part of your ass. I finally get to the point I can't take anymore. I'm so near cumming so I pull out. "Turn around bitch, quick. You're gonna eat my cum now." You quickly turn about. I hold my swollen shaft in front of your sweaty face.

"Tell me how you want my dirty dick, kitten. Tell me how you like being such a dirty whore. C'mon tell Daddy.

"Oh Daddy, I'm so dirty. I'm such a filthy whore for you. I'm just a fuckslut. Let me suck your filthy black dick clean. Please Daddy. I have to taste your dirty cock."

I rub my hard, slimy shaft across your face. "How do you like feeling my dick on your face after I've been in your ass? How does that make you feel, Kitten?"

"Like your whore Daddy. That's what I am. I'm just a dirty fuckwhore. Daddy's little fuckwhore. Please... let me have your black dick."

I put my dirty dick to you lips. "Take it." After saying that, I f***e it into your mouth. Even though I know you want it, I grab your head and ram my soiled, still hard shaft down your throat. "That's it you hot little cunt. Clean that dick with your throat." With my hands entangled in your hair, I am holding your head firmly into my groin, I begin humping your mouth. You feel my hard, dirty dick fucking your throat. "You nasty little whore. First in your tight little asshole and now down that hot slutty throat of yours. You're gonna swallow every drop of my cum." As I look down at you I see your mouth bulging and your throat engorged with my swollen shaft. All I hear is a gurgling sound deep from within you. "Now this is how a whore should look, just like you, with your throat stuffed with full of dick."

You begin pushing with your hands against me trying to dislodge my member from your throat. I feel the vibrations of your muffled voice in distress trying to plead with me to pull out. I see your glazed look as tears form in your eyes. It's then I figure you need a breath. So I back out through your lips. You gulp in a mouthful of air, but I immediately f***e my dick down your throat again. "C'mon honey, you need a good throat fuck and belly full of cum." I fuck faster, ramming my dick in and out of your throat. "Here we go bitch. Right down your throat. Drink my warm semen down like a whore."

I shove your face into my groin, holding you there as my meat begins throbbing. Deep within your throat you feel my hard shaft spasm, pouring my warm nut man milk down inside your throat and into your belly. "Oh Damn, that's it... take it...all of it... swallow it you hot little slut ... swallow my cum... Ohhhh"... "Ohhhh"... "Yess"... "you fucking nasty little whore."

Finally drained, I let you back away. You sink down onto the floor, exhausted from being so used. "Oh Daddy!!... Daddy..." I sit down on the edge of the bed. You just rest there feeling so violated. I look at you. "You dirty little thing. You're the nastiest little cunt I've ever seen. And you still want more?"

You look at me almost in shock. I'm sure you're thinking what else I might want to do next. I walk over to you and turn around. I bend over sticking my ass in your face. "Lick it. Lick my asshole." I reach back spreading my cheeks apart to expose my anal hole. "Okay clean it. Clean my asshole with your mouth, you dirty slut." I move back pushing my rear end to your face. I feel your lips lightly press against my asschecks. With my hands I grab your head holding it there, forcing your lips into my crack. "Start licking, rim my black ass, kitten. Let me feel that tongue on my dirty asshole." Then I feel you, your wet tongue tasting my crack and swirling around my tight puckered hole. Emma, I love this feeling. "Deeper slut, shove your tongue intto my ass." I f***e your head harder against me. "Show me what a filthy bitch you can be and tongue fuck my asshole." I feel your tongue begin pushing on my anus, squeezing through my tight anal hole and into my ass. "Fuck! You're filthy, little anal whore. Suck it. Lick it. Ohhhhh! What a dirty slut you are."

I stand up, grabbing you by the arm. With your hands still cuffed, you need my help standing. "C'mon whore. Here's where I claim you as mine forever more. You will always be my obedient slave and do everything I want." I pull you to the bathroom and push you toward the jacuzzi tub. "Get in and lay down." You obey, looking at me pretty much knowing what's going to happen and accepting it. "Look at me, Emma." You look up into my eyes. In a very pronounced voice I tell you,...

"You're a whore.. got that? And here's how whores get treated..."

As you're looking up at me I grab my dick and begin pissing. My stream hits your body, splashing all over. The warm flow hits between your legs as I aim my piss on your cunt. "Spread those legs, bitch." You comply and my warm stream of clear urine saturates your entire cunt. Next I aim down at your asshole and let you feel it there. "Kneel up, you little slut." When you do I aim onto your chest peeing all over your breasts. Then as an ultimate humiliation, to show you that I own you and that I expect total and complete control of you from now on, I aim my urine flow all the way up. With your hands cuffed behind your back, there's nothing you can do but allow me to use you this way. My piss hits on your head, drenching your hair and begins running down your face.

"That's a good little whore. Take Daddy's piss all over you. Show Daddy how you like being his piss whore.

Your hair becomes quickly soaked, your face coated with my salty fluid as your whole body is quickly transformed into nothing but an amusement for my whims. "Open your mouth, you piss slut." What a total arousing display of submissiveness as you take everything I have all over you. My hot urine splashes on your face and on your tongue. Your mouth fills up with my hot piss so much you must let some dribble through your lips. I'm wondering what feelings you have inside at this moment kneeling there, taking my urine directly from my dick, being showered as I empty my bladder on you. "Just look at you, Emma. What a hot little baby girl you are." I gaze down at your degraded body drenched in my steaming piss. "What a dirty, nasty girl you are. You're a whore, Emma. A filthy fucking whore."

I finish urinating. It's over. I smile, looking down at you. I reach out, grabbing your arm while helping you out of the jacuzzi. I clutch you in my arms, holding you so tightly and kiss you. I can taste what I did to you. I feel the humiliation on your body, yet the passion of your kiss is so intense. Your body feels hot and on fire. Our mouths become locked together hungrily devouring each other. It was just a game. Just another exciting fantasy we enjoyed together. Our lips break free. "Kitten, you make Daddy so hot. You're so fucking hot." You smile at me.


Yes, Kitten."

"Oh Daddy, I love being so nasty and dirty for you."

I begin filling the jacuzzi. I add some bubble bath. A few minutes later you and I are bathing together. Softly I wash your delicate body. The body I just used and treated so roughly moments ago, I pamper. I kiss you, then wash down your breasts. Another kiss and my hands caress and wash your legs under the water. My hands slip between your thighs gently across your pussy. Then with a soft cloth I wash your face. I sit up on the edge of the tub and squirt some shampoo on your hair. I begin scrubbing, washing out what I did to you. And then we're kissing again, moaning to each other, still aroused over the nasty time we have together. I so tenderly caress your cheek smiling at you, kissing your lips, "I love you, Kitten."
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I love being a "fuck toy" for Daddy.