one ass of a night

Being a security guard turned out to be a great gig. I had been low on cash and took the job out of desperation. My past career as a cop helped me get the job pretty quick, and all I had to do was patrol the 30 story skysc****r that was in the process of being built. Walking around all night and getting paid $20 an hour to do it was alright. Add to the fact that it was one really nice building with televisions and computers already installed; basically all I did each night was watch tv or surf porn in between my rounds. I would have to walk the building twice and hour, making sure no one had broken in since the security system had not been fully installed yet. >>> ... It was a Friday night at about 1:00 in the morning when I noticed some movement on the monitor to the back service entrance. The cameras worked, but the alarm didn’t. I noticed a figure dressed in all black trying to f***e the back door open. I figured they must have noticed that the building was finally getting stocked with merchandise, so it would be an easy target. Boy were they mistaken…not on my watch. I grabbed my night stick and checked my gun to make sure that it was still in working order and headed down stairs. As I approached the hallway to the back lot, I noticed the waves of light from the intruder’s flashlight as it examined one of the offices. I was used to the building, so I never used a flashlight any more. The small emergency lighting in the halls usually generated more than enough light for me to get form place; this would help me sneak up on my intruder undetected. The fact that I was a fairly large man didn’t hurt either; there were very few people in this world I found myself intimidated by. I was 6’ tall and pushing about 285 lbs; part as a result of military training, the other a result of loving to eat steak and junk food. >>> ... I heard the drawers of one of the desk being shuffled through as I approached the doorway of the office. I decide to let the intruder come to me though, rather than trying to find them in a dark room. I waited patiently by the door way as I heard the drawers shut closed, and then finally hear the progression of footsteps toward me. I was pressed against the wall tightly as the perpetrator turned the corner. Immediately I grabbed them from behind and pressed them tight against the wall, immediately trapping one of their arms behind them. Immediately I could tell that this was not the frame of a man, but rather a small frail frame of a woman. Her arm was smooth as silk, and I could smell her fragranced shampoo as I pressed my face up behind her. >>> ...“What do you think you are doing here?” I asked, grunting heavily into her ear. >>> ...“Let me go…let me go you fucking bastard.” She screamed out as I pressed the weight of my body up against your frail body.

>>> ...“I don’t think so bitch…you tried to rob the wrong building. So what were you looking for?” >>>> ...“None of your damn business! Now let me go or call the fucking cops”. Her voice was nervous yet very demanding. >>>> ...“I’m in charge here doll…and I’ll do with you whatever I want. You are in no place to make demands.” >>>> ... She continued to try to resist me, but the fact was that she was just no contest against my strength. I pulled out a zip tie from my holster and then quickly pulled her other wrist back behind her and fastened her arms together. She was feisty as I led her down the long dark hallway. I couldn’t really see her face that well in the darkness, but she appeared pretty young to be taking on such a large building on her own. >>>> ...I led her to the elevator to take her up to my office and figured that I would just interrogate her there before calling the cops on her. As we entered my office, the light immediately shone on her face and revealed this beautiful little vixen. Her eyes were a bright green and her hair was jet black. She had a dark line of eyeliner enhancing here eyes causing me to become entranced by them for a moment. She was beautiful. Her small button nose joined by her small yet plump lips made a lovely image. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail revealing her thin sultry neck line. I couldn’t help but continue my visual inspection of my intruder. She was wearing a slightly sheer black blouse that hinted at a black bra beneath it. Her breasts were almost a little large for her considering her frame, but not extreme. She also wore a pair of black stretch pants that seemed to hug absolutely every part of your incredible legs and ass. I pushed her across the room and set her down in a chair, using another zip tie to connect her still restrained hands to the back of the chair itself. She tried to squirm again, but after a few seconds she quit, realizing it was pointless.

...I sat down across from her, and for a few minutes we just stared at each other, somehow trying to measure each other up. Being a 40 year old man with not the best of marriages, you can understand why it didn’t take long for me to become a little aroused by my current situation. Now I’m not normally the kind of man that would take advantage of a situation like this…but that doesn’t mean that my imagination wasn’t at least having a hay day with it.

...“Well…what the fuck are you going to do with me? You gonna call the cops or not?” she finally blurted out.

...“I haven’t decided yet. I’ll let you know.” I said, almost coyly, yet not really knowing what I really intended to do with her. She couldn’t have been more than 18 or 19. She only stood a little over 5 foot tall, and yet there was something about her that just would not let me call the cops on her yet. Maybe it was just my cock that didn’t want me to. I just sat there staring for another minute or so at her and her sexy body before finally commenting again. >>> ...“What were you trying to steal?” I asked firmly >>> “Anything I could find…duh…I needed to make some cash.” >>> ...“Well, what’s your name?” >>> ...“None of your fucking business!” She blurted out. >>> ...“Look…this evening can go down a number of different ways. One could end up with you going to jail for breaking and entering. So snap at me like that again bitch, and we’ll see how you like serving the next 5 years in prison.” >>> ...Her face softened, for a second I think she realized that there might be a way out of this whole mess. >>> ...“So now, what is your name?” I asked again. >>> ...She hesitated for a few seconds, but then almost embarrassed now, she said, “Camry…my name is Camry….like the car.”

...“Alright then Camry…what do you need the money so bad for that you are willing to risk jail?” >>> ...Her eyes looked all over the room, but never at me. I could tell she didn’t want to answer me. >>> ...“Look I don’t care if you go to jail or not…so you don’t have to answer my questions…I’ll just call the police right now.” I faked like I was going to pick up the phone. >>> ...“No wait.” She shouted as her eyes snapped back to mine. “I scammed the wrong guy out of some cash, and now I have to pay him back or he is going to mess up my face….there …you happy?” >>> ...She looked sincere, and for a second, I think she even showed a hint of fear of what might happen to her if she didn’t come up with the money. >>> ...“How much do you owe?” I asked, trying to sound at least a little understanding >>> ...“$700 by Monday…that’s why I figured this would be a good place to hit. I wasn’t going to steal much, maybe a computer or something that I could pawn quickly.” >>> ...I stood up and started pacing calmly around the room, never taking my eyes off of my little prisoner. Her legs were parted in her chair, and I could see where the stretch material was actually hugging to the ridges of her pussy lips. My mind immediately shifted away from her problem and directly toward mine. I hadn’t really noticed it, but I had begun examining her body even more intently now than I had before…and apparently Camry had noticed. >>> ...“Hey pervert…stop looking at me like that.” She snapped…causing me to bring my eyes back to hers instead of looking at her chest like I had been doing. >>> ...I could feel my cock pressing at my pants a little as it started to grow. I walked over to Camry and without saying a word began rubbing her shoulders from behind. She started to squirm in her seat offering up some resistance followed by a few obscenities. But then I leaned over and whispered into her ear, “Hey, how about you lose the attitude, and maybe I can help you with both of your problems.” >>> ...She froze in her seat. “What do you mean?” she hesitantly asked. >>> ...“Well, the way I see it, you need $700 and you need for me to not call the cops on you. Even if I were to let you go tonight, the fact is that you would still have to find a way to get your hands on $700. OR…you could just decide to keep me entertained for the rest of my shift tonight. Then in the morning, I’ll let you go and get you your money.” >>> ...“You’re talking about sex aren’t you?” she asked nervously. >>> ...“Yes dear…I’m talking about sex. Is that a problem?” >>> ...“Well, I don’t think I should …ummm…it just …hmmmm…seems wrong.” >>> ...“You mean wrong like scamming some guy or breaking and entering into a business to rob it. You mean that kind of wrong?” I asked determined. >>> ...She hesitated for a few moments. She squirmed a little in her seat, but wasn’t really resisting. “Ummm, what would I have to do?” >>> ...“Absolutely anything I told you to do doll. The first time the word ‘NO’ comes out of your mouth, I call the cops.” >>> ... The room was silent. I could tell from the way her breathing had changed that she was very nervous…in fact she couldn’t seem to give me an answer either way…so I decided to help her along. I moved my hands down her shoulders and quickly found my way to her breasts. They were firm beneath her blouse, and were raising and lowering at a quick pace due to her heavy breathing. I squeezed on both of them, half expecting her to stop me, but not a word came out of her mouth. >>> ...“Now that’s a good girl…you learn quickly.” I moaned in her ear as I continued to massage her tits. My mouth found her neck and I began sucking and kissing my way up it until I found one of her earlobes. I have always loved sucking on a tender ear, so I teased it with my mouth as my hands began to unbutton her blouse. As I nibbled on her lobe she let out a soft moan, almost taking me by surprise. >>> ...“Did you like that Camry?” >>> ...“Well…I have tender ears…they like attention.” She sheepishly confessed. >>> ...My hands opened her blouse and then quickly found the clasp to the front of her bra. I continued to feast on her neck and ear as her bra flopped open and her beautiful breasts exploded out of it. My eyes looked down over her shoulders at the two lovely globes. They were perky and perfect. Her nipples were swollen and erect from the attention. I moved her blouse and the straps of her bra back over her shoulders so that they were out of the way and then moved around to the front of her. She stared up at me nervously, almost ashamed looking as she watched me drop on the floor in front of her. I moved my face to her chest and eagerly began teasing and sucking at one of her erect nubs. Again she couldn’t resist moaning out. I glanced up at her, and her eyes were closed and she was biting her lower lip. She was so fucking sexy. >>> ...I slid my hands up the smooth fabric of her stretch pants and slowly parted her legs open so that I could nestle in between her thighs. She resisted a little, but reluctantly opened up to my advances. My mouth devoured her tits, sucking them hungrily into my mouth one at a time as my hands rubbed up and down the outer parts of her thighs and then slowly up to her ass before squeezing at both cheeks. >>> ...After a few minutes of sucking her breasts, I could feel my cock throbbing against my pants. I needed to feel some release from her before I exploded in my pants on accident. >>> ...“Well princess,” I said as I stood up in front of her, “It is time to see how good you are at sucking my cock. If you bite me or try to harm me in any way, I call the cops…do you understand.” >>> ...Without saying a word, Camry just looked down at the bulge in my jeans and nodded. I undid the clasp on my jeans and then slowly unzipped my zipper. I enjoyed the way her eyes never left my jeans…almost as though she anticipated the unveiling of my cock. As I pushed down my jeans and briefs in one quick motion her eyes widened as my 8” cock sprang to life right in front of her. It was long and erect and there was a small drop of precum already dripping from the slit at the tip. I took a step forward and without any instruction, Camry thrust her head forward and engulfed the head of my cock. She worked her tongue and lips slowly around the tip, driving me insane with her hot saliva and tender technique. For a few minutes I just watched as this lovely vixen focused on teasing me. I slowly started to thrust my hips forward, encouraging her to take more of it into her mouthshe quickly complied. Her head started working downward, trying to wiggle my shaft into her small tight throat. I reached back behind her and grabbed her black ponytail and then f***ed her head forward hard and fast, impaling my dick inside her mouth. She gagged violently as she tried to pull off, but I held her there tightly. Quickly she began forcing herself to breathe through her nose. This little slut was an incredible cock sucker. She managed to regain her composer and immediately went back to work. I f***ed her head up and down on my cock and she took it as deep as I could thrust it. It didn’t take much more before I could feel my cum boiling to the surface. >>> ...“I’m gonna cum down your throat Camry baby…don’t disappoint me now.” I encouraged. >>> ... She had no intention of it. She feasted even more hungrily on my shaft as I pounded in and out of her throat. Finally with one long hard deep thrust, I began firing load after load of hot milky cum into her belly. She started to gag at first, but finally just held herself on my cock and f***ed herself to swallow. My knees went weak and my body started to shake from the orgasm. I pulled my body tight against Camry as I felt her start sucking and tonguing my cock again. She devoured me in a way that my wife had never even tried. I was no longer forcing her down on my shaft, but Camry was bobbing eagerly up and down on it just the same. Finally I got my strength back and stood up straight, but Camry continued to feast on my still throbbing dick. The look of hunger and lust was on her face. >>> ... Slowly I pulled back, freeing my shaft from her lips. I couldn’t help but smile down at her and was surprised to see her smile back. I finished stepping out of my pants, and then removed my shirt to leave me completely naked in front of her. I reached in my utility belt which was now on the floor, and retrieved a small pair of clippers and then unhooked Camry from the chair, but still left her hands behind her. I pulled her to her feet, and immediately drew her close to my body, allowing her to feel my throbbing cock against her belly. Her tits were caressing the head of it, helping to keep me more than aroused. >>> ...“Do I have to worry about you trying to run away?” I asked >>> ... Camry was breathing heavily, and the look of lust still seemed to be glistening in her eyes. “The only thing you have to worry about right now is whether you will be able to move tomorrow….fuck me, suck me, f***e yourself on me…I don’t fucking care…but whatever you do…don’t stop.” She gasped out almost in desperation, shocking me completely. >>> ... I clipped the other wire around her wrists, freeing her from her restraints. She started rubbing her wrists, but I immediately moved behind her and pushed her face first down on to my desk. She gasped out in surprise, but offered no resistance whatsoever. I immediately moved my hands to her stretch pants and pulled them down off her body. Her silky white ass looked delicious as it stared up at me. I pulled off her pants quickly and then removed her blouse and bra the rest of the way. Camry never tried to resist. I eagerly began massaging my big strong hands over her ass cheeks, allowing my fingers to tease at her crack and then down against her pussy. She was soaking wet to touch as my fingers gently spread her pussy lips open as I ground against her slit and clit. Camry was moaning and squirming beneath me. I quickly grabbed a chair and slid it up behind me. I sat down on the edge of it, placing my face directly even to her ass and cunt. I didn’t hesitate, and immediately I thrust my tongue against her pussy lips. Even her pussy and ass smelled like a woman. My tongue eagerly feasted on her pussy and asshole. I had never licked a woman’s ass before, but for some reason, I couldn’t stop feasting on Camry’s. It didn’t take long before I felt her hips pushing back against my face. Her hands were gripping tightly to the edge of the desk as her pussy exploded her nectar into my mouth. I feasted even more hungrily as I started teasing her ass with one of my fingers. I expected hesitance, but apparently she was not interested in resisting me at all. I thrust my tongue into her pussy as my finger began fucking her asshole. >>> ... As her orgasm began ripping through her body she thrashed violently beneath me. Eagerly I feasted on her in the same manner that she had done to me. A second orgasm took over her body and she began to beg me to give her a moment. Reluctantly I backed off and allowed her body to calm down. She was breathing violently beneath me as I stood back up behind her. The look of her tiny frail body exhausted beneath me only turned me on more. >>> ... I stepped forward and guided my cock up against the tiny little ass before me. Without warning, I grabbed her hips and started forcing my way inside. She jumped a little at the intrusion, but tried to relax as I pulled her onto my thick long cock. She was so fucking tight, it was taking all the strength I had to work my way inside her. She was grunting and moaning as she tried to adjust to the large invader in her ass. My cock was throbbing as I f***ed inch after inch inside her. When she felt my ball sack come to rest against her swollen still spasming pussy lips, she looked over her shoulder and then reached back with a hand and squeezed one of my thighs. I took this as confirmation that I could continue. Slowly I began to glide my way in and out of her tight lovely ass. The more I rocked, the harder and faster I began to fuck her incredible asshole. The smell of sex filled my office combined by both of us gasping and moaning in pleasure. It seemed the harder I fucked her, the more anxiously she fucked back against me. >>> ... “Don’t stop…ohhhhhhfffuuuuuccckkkk….fuck my ass baby….fuuuuuuuccc….mmmmmmm…oh shit” >>> ... Camry exploded again into a violent orgasm. Her ass locked tight around my cock, squeezing my second orgasm from me. My strong body slammed hard against her frail petite frame, thrusting her all over my desk top as I began firing more hot cum inside her. I lifted her off the desk, leaving her impaled on my cock as I drove her lightweight body even hard onto me. One hand was supporting her body while the other squeezed tight to one of her tits. Finally I collapsed into the chair behind me. Camry leaned back against me and f***ed her tongue into my mouth. >>> ... “I hope we aren’t done yet baby…use your little sex slave some more.” She whispered into my ear. >>> ... We kissed a little longer before she slowly climbed off my lap and dropped onto her knees in front of me. Softly she began sucking my cock into her mouth again. She looked up into my eyes with those seductive green eyes of hers and she slid my now growing cock in and out of her luscious mouth. I had been satisfied pretty good by now, so I was able to just enjoy the show of this sexy little minx as she slowly worked her way all over my cock. I didn’t want to blink as I watched her tongue slowly trace its way down the length of my long erect shaft and then work circles around my balls. It teased at that tender little spot close to my asshole…a place my wife’s tongue would never dare to get close to. She continued to gaze into my eyes as she slid one of her slender soft fingers up to my asshole and began rubbing it gently. I couldn’t help but let out a moan as your fingers slowly began to press its way inside. Her mouth sucked one of my balls inside and gently sucked at it while she used her tongue to tease and stimulate. Camry used her other hand to stroke up and down on my extended cock shaft as she rubbed it all over her face. She was so innocent looking and yet so very skilled at making me hers. >>> ... Slowly she began to make her way back up to my shaft, leaving her now impaled finger inside my quivering asshole. I had never been fingered like that before, and to be honest, it was incredible. >>> ... “You taste incredible officer…I hope I am upholding my end of the bargain,” she said with this naughty little school girl tone. With that she moved her mouth back on to my cock and slowly began pushing her head down on to it. Inch after inch of my thick cock meat disappeared into her tight little throat. I could see the shape of it as it stretched her throat apart deeper and deeper. Her eyes were wide open as she started getting to the last couple inches. She seemed to hit a wall and was not able to get the last two inches inside her when I decided to help out. I gave the back of her head one quick fast thrust downward, forcing my way into the back of her throat. She gagged a little, but sort of smiled at me with her eyes as I felt the wet warmth of her lips now grinding against the top of my ball sack. Without pulling out very much, she began grinding and feasting on my cock even more viciously than she had done before. My hands were locked onto her black pony tail, helping to guide her up and down…not that she needed the help though. That sexy little bitch must have worked on my cock for at least a half an hour before I could finally feel another hot load of cum boiling to the surface. >>> ...“Ohhhh…shhhhiiiiittttt…baby…I’m going to cum….oh fuck!” >>> ... She never skipped a beat…in fact, she just sucked me harder. Her finger was completely fucking my virgin ass, seeming to fill me with even more pleasure. I pulled hard on the back of her head and exploded my hot cum deep inside her belly. I could feel your throat muscles struggling to swallow with every spasm I offered. Eagerly she continued to suck me through what would have to be the greatest orgasm of my life. My body was lost in a mind-bending electrocution of sexual delight. Camry feasted on my cock until she could drain absolutely no more cum from my balls. Slowly she slid my still very hard and erect cock from her mouth and gave me a very sweet and seductive smile. She wiped her mouth with the hand that had been in my ass and continued to pump on my cock with the other one. >>> ... As I sat there staring at this luscious beauty, I happened to notice the long flashlight that was sticking out of my utility belt on the floor. Though I had every intention of still fucking this young beauty’s pussy, the immediate image of seeing me thrust that long flashlight handle into her cunt caused my cock to twitch in her grasp…and she seemed to notice. >>> ... “What are you looking at over there officer?” she asked, somehow trying to figure out what I was eyeing. >>> ...“Don’t worry about it doll…you will find out soon enough.” >>> ... With that, I stood up and immediately pulled my little thief to her feet. I pushed her back down on to the desk, this time face up though. Without warning I thrust my hard cock deep inside her. I was thankful for my super long blowjob because this hard on was going to last me a while. Camry gasped out loud with a long “FUUUUCCCKKKK” as my thick 8” cock spread her tight little pussy open instantly. I didn’t waste any time as I thrust my way deep inside her lovely little cunt. Camry grabbed tight to the edges of the desk as I violently began fucking my way in and out of this tiny frail victim of mine. My hands quickly found her gorgeous tits and began massaging at them eagerly before twisting and pulling at her swollen nipples. That act alone pushed her over the edge and she exploded into a very excited orgasm. I wasn’t stopping though. I pounded that little pussy harder and deeper…I wanted her to feel like this was the fuck of her life. >>> ... A second orgasm. >>> ...Then a third. >>> ... My little sex doll was covered in sweat as her body thrashed all over the desk unrelenting. She begged me to stop at one point, but I only slammed my cock into her harder. As her fourth orgasm ripped through every inch of her body, she seemed to enter this almost catatonic state. Her eyes were glassed over and a naughty satisfied look was on her face. I withdrew my cock for only a moment, and grabbed the flashlight from the floor. It was two foot long. I always figured it would double as a weapon should the need arise; the handle with the bulk of the flashlight and had a slight rigid grip wrapped around the entire length of it. Camry was still recovering from her orgasms, and hadn’t really paid much attention to me. >>> ... I quickly took my place back between her thighs. She had pulled her feet up onto the desk, but her legs were still spread wide apart for easy access. For a moment I just gazed at the view of this incredible treat before me. She was still breathing heavily, causing her breasts to beg for the attention of my eyes. Her body was glistening with sweat and her poor little slit was red and sweet looking. I braced myself on her knees and then tenderly leaned down and began feasting on her sensitive clit. I felt one of Camry’s hands begin to caress the back of my head as I tenderly sucked her swollen spot into my mouth. She was so delicious tasting. Her nectar made me salivate as I cleaned it with my tongue. I moved my tongue down to her asshole and licked at it too before finally standing back up and pressing the thick head of my shaft against her asshole once again. Her eyes met mine and she bit her bottom lip as I slowly pressed my way inside. She was still very slippery from before, but it seemed that the muscles in her ass were tighter now that they had been worked so well previously. I had to f***e my way inside one slow inch after another. Camry never stopped biting her lip until she finally felt my balls come to rest against her ass. My cock was throbbing inside of her. Slowly I moved the flashlight to her pussy and Camry’s eyes immediately locked on to it. “Officer…please officer…are you really going to fuck my tiny body with that….please no officer.” Her voice was seductive and playful, and I could see the lust and curiosity in her eyes. >>> ... I never spoke; I just slowly pressed the cold metal handle against her pussy lips. Again she bit down on her lip as I began pressing the long handle inside her. It was much thicker than my cock, so I was curious how her little pussy would take it. It was much harder than I had really expected. Her little slit was barely able to accommodate my thick 8” cock; this flashlight was spreading her open. But I didn’t stop. I could feel the flashlight pressing against my cock through her vagina wall. It was hard and invasive, and yet super stimulating. I was only able to get about 6” of the handle in before she moved her hands down and stopped me. I didn’t want to hurt her, so I stopped pushing. Her hands held on to the flashlight as her hips started to slowly gyrate around it and my cock. I grabbed onto her hips as I slowly began fucking my way in and out of her ass again. The stimulation as well as the view of my tiny little sex slave filled with my cock and my flashlight was already causing a fresh load of cum to boil in my balls. >>> ... Deeper and deeper I pounded into her ass, watching her as she slowly tried to fuck more and more of that flashlight inside her. I gave a long hard deep thrust pushing her into a fresh new orgasm. Her ass tightened around my cock like a vice, and the ability to hold back was gone. I grabbed onto her shoulders and drove my way as deep inside her asshole as I possibly could. The whole time she was now pulling tightly on the head of the flashlight, fucking hard against both of her “cocks”. I exploded inside her ass, feeling the entire length of my cock swelling with each explosion. We were both grunting and gasping loudly as we fucked through our orgasms. >>> ... Finally I slowly withdrew the flashlight from her pussy and then removed my cock. I lifted Camry off of the desk and pulled her naked frail exhausted body against mine. My mouth found hers, and I held her up as we kissed passionately for quite a while. >>> ... “I know an office with a shower; would you like to join me?” I asked. She quickly complied, and we made our way down the hall, remaining naked. That was a video I’d have to make sure was deleted by morning. We enjoyed a long relaxing shower as we washed each other’s bodies beneath the hot water. Camry revealed to me that she had recently lost her home when she got kicked out of college. Her parents had refused to help her out because of it. So she was stealing and manipulating people to survive. With a naughty grin, I told her that I might know a way to help her with that problem too…but that is a whole different story.
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