While relaxing in the woods by the lake, the fairy was surprised to see a demon drop from the tree above her to the ground. She quivered in fear as she looked up to see the tall demon in black leather vest, chaps and motorcycle boots.

He looked at her and with a lightning fast move of his hand caught her. Tearing her slight gossamer gown from her, he shimmered and they both vanished.

Reappearing in a dark underground cave, she panicked as she saw the leather straps hanging from the wall; then with a sigh of relief, she realized they were way too large for her five inch body to be held by. With an evil laugh he sprinkled a powder on her from a black bottle. Muttering an incantation, he stepped to a cage and set her in it. To her astonishment she began to grow. Her body grew from five inches to five feet six inches. Her short black hair flowed down to her shoulders; her tiny breasts grew to more than a handful.

Her fears were realized as he removed all his clothes and put his chaps back on, a large cock jutting out in front of him. She couldn’t help but feel a tingle of arousal at the sight of it. His smoldering blue eyes turned slightly green as he stared at her. Reaching in the cage, he grabbed her hair and dragged her out, forcing her to her knees in front of him. She clamped her mouth shut, just as quickly he slapped her face. Her mouth opened to scream and he shoved his hard, hot, throbbing cock in her mouth. He f***ed her head down on it till it was in the back of her throat.

Holding her head in place he began to face fuck her. She had heard stories of other fairies that had been captured and tortured by demons. She didn’t know that this was a part of it as none had ever come back. Only a few were ever found, their wings singed off and bodies broken. After a few minutes of fucking her face, he laughed as he stood her up and found, much to her surprise, the wetness between her legs. "Oh my god, I’m liking this! " she thought to herself. His hands were hard and callused as he probed her sopping wet pussy with his rough finger, finding her hymen intact he gave a howl and threw her against the wall where the straps were hanging.

Lifting her with one hand by the throat, he fastened the straps to her wrists, her body facing the wall and her ass sticking out slightly to relive the pressure of the bonds on her wrists. Spreading her legs, he shackled them to the floor so she stood, her legs spread wide by the chains on the straps. Slipping in behind her, he told her he intended to fuck her in every way a demon could imagine. “And we have lots of imagination” he laughed in her ear.

Taking a two foot long tree root, he drew back and let it slap against her ass cheeks, making her cry out as it raised a red welt across her ass. Five more times he struck and made the welts criss cross on her milky smooth cream colored ass cheeks. Then he surprised her by licking the welts, tasting her fear sweat. Then his tongue went between her legs, spreading her virgin pussy lips as it sought her clit.

Finding it, he began to lick it slowly at first making her squirm. Then he started going faster till gods help her she screamed in orgasmic bliss. Wave after wave of orgasms washed over her, making her legs tremble till they gave out beneath her. Her arms pulled almost from the sockets as she collapsed, his evil laughter ringing in her ears as her shame was realized. She loved what was being done and knew it was wrong to! But she discovered she didn’t care. She decided she would remain as long as the demon didn’t want her dead. She would endure all his tortures, and if she had her way would make him happy enough to let her live as his personal fuck fairy.

He laughed as she squirmed back to her feet, and then grabbed her hair. Pulling her head back so he could see her eyes, with his other hand he began rubbing the head of his mammoth cock against her lower lips wetting it. A moan escaped her lips as he shoved it into her. All nine inches buried itself in her now no longer virgin pussy as he slammed into her. She screamed as the pain raced through her body and she realized he had just deflowered her. As he unmercifully drove his hard cock in and out of her, the pain soon became a pleasure, became such bliss she had never known.

He then picked up the root again and as he plowed his cock in her pussy, he began to swat her ass again, a swat for every thrust in her, and a hair jerk as he left her pussy again. Very soon she got into the rhythm of this torture and was cumming again and again.

He then pulled out of her and with no warning slammed his cock into her asshole, making her buck and scream. He pounded her ass hard and fast for a few minutes and as he shot stream after hot stream of cumm in her, he told her "Welcome to your new hell....I am your master Sycralem. You will live to please me and if you do not, you will no longer live!”

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6 months ago
SO DAMN SEXY,lucky bitch wish it was my ass,sweetie
1 year ago
Bondage and Fairy abuse, what good fun, you should write more.
3 years ago
A story worth writting. And a lucky fairy!! Is there a part 2!!
4 years ago
I love this story. Hopefully some day my master will let roll play this story to some point with me!!
4 years ago
sounds like a very good series