wife goes black

It all started a few years ago. My wife came home early from class one night and saw me watching porn on the lap top. No big deal she didn't see what it was just heard the moans. I was embarrassed and she got mad at me, said she felt betrayed. That I shouldn't have to watch that kinda stuff. She never asked me what it was or what was going on. I told her I was lonely and just needed to get off , that it was normal. She has never even seen porn. Well other than that on HBO. We talked about it and she made me tell her I wouldn't watch anymore.

Of course I never stopped looking , just started being more careful. I found the hamster one day and started a profile. I thought it was great that I could save my favorite vids and pics.
I had probably about 60 or so vids in my favorites. All of them what turns me on the most. Interracial. Not just black and white but black guys with white girls ,mostly wife's with there husband filming and letting the guy cum in them. That's what gets me off the fastest.

She is the type that would never be into a threesome or trying a girl. I have asked many times. She says she just not into sex like me. She likes it and cums every time but once or twice a month is good enough for her. I guess I know how to please her for weeks at the time. Or at lest that's what I tell myself. I have asked her if she thinks that black guy on TV looks good to her and she would say I Dont know, dont really look at black guys. So I know I would never get to see her with a black dick.

She likes to have text sex with me from time of time ,and she's into toys . we use them when we have sex some times. But that's about as kinky as she ever gets. I did get a big purple dildo that she likes. It kinda looks like a BBC in the dim lit room, and I like how it feels when I go after it to finish her off. I told her I was gonna buy her a big black dildo for her birthday and she said I an't gonna use that, that's gross , Dont be crazy. So I just drop it and act like I'm playing.

This goes on for a long time . we been together for over 14 years. Well one day I guess I forgot to logout of my porn account . and she saw it but never said anything about it. The bad part was I was gone out of town for two days and couldn't log out. I knew she would see it if she went to get on the cp. So I called a lot to see what she was doing. She stopped answering me after the next day. I just knew she saw it. But she never said anything. When I got home I could tell she had been on the cp. I checked and i was still logged in. So I looked at the latest files modified and she had done some work papers on it and my heart dropped . I started thinking that maybe she just didn't have to use the browser and she just used the word documents.

Time passed and she had a trip planed to go see her mom up north. The second night she called me and said she was really horny. She does this all the time when she goes out of town. So I tell her to send me a naughty pic of her , but she refused to of course. So I text her I'm gonna cut up her favorite pair of pants if she doesn't. So to my surprise she does. Not to nasty just her pulling up her shirt. But that's a first. So I go on and send her one of my dick . her response was ( I want that in me right now) wow. I ask where she wants it, to send another pic. She does . its a good pic of her shaven beautiful pussy. So we continue . she wants to play like I'm there while she rubs her self a little . so I text knock knock! And she says back ,who's there? You have to look I'm at home in bed , maybe its the doorman , I text back.
A long pause then she text oh yeah I see the big black door man through the peep hole, should I let him in? Ah. I Dont know what to say! My dick is rock hard. So I want to see where she is going with this. I say I Dont know, is he alone? He might try to take advantage of you so hot and horny right now. She responds with . I hope so I need a big dick inside me right now. I'm naked at the door right now , so what do you want me to do? I say let him in! She says he's here because he liked what he saw this morning at check in, and thought I might need some help going to sl**p. I say a good fucking might help. She agrees! Then she proceeds to go on about how she is going to fuck him and we go back in forth for awhile. It was quite the turn on for me. She did sound like she was liking it too. That night I order a black dildo for her.

She comes home and acts like nothing has happen. A few days pass and the dildo comes in the mail. She opens it while I was at work and calls me to ask what it was about? I say its about you. We can play later if you want. She just says uh okay and hangs up. She does let me use it on her a few days later and she came before I had a chance to fuck her.

Months go by and she said she would like to talk about something that's been on here mind for a while. So I say speak on it then.
She tells me how she knows about my porn account and how she was mad at first. But realized that I wasn't looking at other women but just looking at what I wanted her to do. That I was pretending it was her getting fucked by all those BBC's.
I said I Dont know what to say. I'm sorry that you saw that. I never wanted you to know about my fantasy.

She asked me if I wanted her to really do it? I said I Dont know. What do you think about it? I think if it could be done without anyone knowing I would go through with it, she said,
What about a mask like the sexy half mask people wear at those balls you see in the movies. I add ,we can put up a personal ad on a web site I know or something. When where you wanting to do all this? I ask her . she said when ever, you plan it . I will do whatever you want with who ever you want as long as I have my mask and they are clean and wear a condom.

So I start looking. I work in construction and I know a lot of people that come to town to work then leave after a few months so I think that would work out best. There was this nice black guy that was working at a job I was at. It was about to be finished soon. so I started talking to him more when I saw him. Come to find out he is from out of town. Not to far away the same state but more that a couple hours drive away. He said they had another three weeks and they would be done.
And they where going to have to say in town the last two weekends to get done by the dead line.

He was a tall buff black guy that looked clean to me . he was leaving out of our town in three weeks so I was thinking he was the one. I didn't know how to ask him or bring it up. So I thought I would just come right out and ask. I was done with the job there and it was my last day coming to the site, so I thought what the hell. As I was leaving I saw him getting in his truck to go home for the weekend and asked if he could talk to me a minute.

He asked whats up and I said let's get a beer across the street I got something I wanted to run by you. So we sit at the bar drinking our beer and he ask what was on my mind? I say to him . I Dont know how to say this but you just hear me out. And if you want to great, if not okay we will go our way and never talk again. Go on he said. So I did. I said my wife has always kinda wanted to be with a black guy and I thought she might like you. I told him a little about her and showed him the pic of her pulling up her shirt. Then told about the mask and that he would have to wear a condom. He said let me think about it and give me your number . so I did .

The next Monday afternoon he called and said he was in. And wanted to know if he could bring a couple friends to watch? I said I would have to let him know about the other guys after we talked about it, and would let him know.

I told her that night that I had a guy for her and that he wanted to bring a friend or two to watch. She said that it was up to me . just let her know when and what time to be ready.

I called him back the next day and set up a time for the next weekend. Called and got a good room at a nice hotel near where he was staying. And said that he could bring his buddies as long as they knew that they where just gonna watch.
He said they would be there.

I thought she was gonna back out before Friday. But she didn't seem to act any different. She was just her self all week. So the night of she didnt say a lot just got dressed and we headed out to go by the d**g store to get drinks and of course the condoms. I thought I would get her some wine and some magnums for her first BBC.
We get there a little early check in and head to our room. She unpacks her mask and tells me that she thinks that talking will make her nervous. That she thinks that when he gets here she should be ready and they just start . so she takes off her shirt and pants to reveal her corset and matching panties. Puts on her mask and ask me what I think? I said your beautiful and I would fuck ya. I think they will be happy. She said they? How many are coming up here to fuck me? I said I told you he was gonna bring a friend or two. Yeah! she said back quickly. You want me to fuck them all don't you? If you want to I reply. Well im so wet right now that im dripping so that's up to you she says ,this is your fantasy I'll do what ever you want!

Theres a knock at the door about that time and I tell her to go look to see who it is. She goes over to see and said theres three black guys here , should I let them in? I say I Dont know , they might try to take advantage of a young pretty woman dressed like that. She looks back with a cute little smile and says I hope so, cause I need a big dick right down here real soon , as she points to her crotch.
Well let them in then I say.

She opens the door and tells them to come on in real quick and who wants to be first!
Joe looks over at me and the other two kinda looked big eyed at each other in shock I guess that this is for real.
I speak to joe and tell him I think she wants to do all of you , if that's cool with them too. Of course they both say they are good with that for sure.
I look at her and say , you sure about being with all three of them? She just nods her head with a weird smile on her face. Then points down to her pussy and says ,right now!
I tell the group to be nice and easy, that it her first time with any body but me in years. And never with more than one at a time. Joe says it's all good we'll be easy on her.
She walks over to joe and sits down on his lap and ask him if he wants to be first? He just nods and leans in to kiss her.
She loves to kiss and is very good at it too. So while they are making out . I tell the other two guys they should get ready. So they start to undress.
Joes hand start to rub up her leg to her panties and I can see that she is very wet. That she has soaked her panties already. He starts to rub her through her panties , then slips them aside and rubs her fresh shaven pussy.
She stops kissing him and get up. Looks at him and says I got to see it. As she starts to undo his paints and pulls out his big black dick.
Wow its huge! She looks at me and says, you want me to suck it? Ah yeah I say. It was beautiful. Her sucking on his big black dick. I didn't have a tape measure but it was at lest 9" and big as her fore arm. I thought she would never be able to take all that in her. We should have gotten some ky at the d**g store.
The other two guys are just getting naked ,and wow they are huge too. Not quite as big a joe but at lest 7 to8" and thick.
I tell her she is doing good and looks beautiful with his cock in her mouth. And ask her if she needed anything? She stops and looks over at one of the other guys and says , yeah I need a dick in my pussy! Then goes back to work on joe.
One of the other guys comes over and starts to rub on her ass and pussy.
She stops and stands up , tells joe to get on the bed and she would continue on him there. She sits down on the bed and pulls one of the other guys between her legs. And he start to rub that big black 8" cock up and down her pussy lips. She lays back and starts back on joe. I tell him he needs to put on a condom before he gets any farther. And she says to me well hurry up and get him one I need it in me now. Okay so I look over in our bag and on the little table but can't find the damn d**g store bag. Fuck I say I think we left it in the car. Y'all stop right there and I run down and get them. She says hurry up!! So I grab the keys and run out the door, its hard to run with a massive hard on. I get to the elevator and wait and wait . it seems that everything take for ever when your in a hurry. Ding! finally the elevator opens and I press the ground floor. Thankfully we parked close to the lobby. I see the bag there on the front seat and grab it up lock the doors and back to the elevator. No wait this time. Ding and back up to the room, on the way up I remembered telling her to grab the bag with the wine and condoms. She forgets everything! Oh well the doors open and I run to the room. Open the door
And see that 8" black cock balls deep in my wife's pussy.
I look over to her and say what the fuck? I just got the condoms. She looks over and says sorry you took to long and I couldn't wait any longer , I told you I needed one right now you shouldn't forgot the bag. Are you mad? No I'm not mad ,just concerned about your birth control. You do remember the doctor changing your meds and saying we needed to be real careful for a few months? Yeah yeah I remember they will pull out! Right guys. Joe responds with yeah we'll do what ever ya say.
Okay well just be careful then I say. I was really turned on by her letting him fuck her bareback the other two can wear one if they want I guess.
She stops sucking on joes dick and just stare rubbing his and the other guy cock as she is starting to get into the rhythm. She loses her abilities to do anything with her mouth when she is getting close to cumming . just as she starts to say she is about to cum the guys pulls out and cums ropes of jizz on her belly and pubic mound ,the last squirt landing on her pussy.
He says sorry I couldn't hold it anymore. She looks pissed and says that she was about to cum to and that he shouldn't have stop until she was done! I told her if she would have waited for the damn rubbers he could have finished with you!
She just rolls her eyes at me and says who's next as she starts to squeegee the cum on her belly and mound into a puddle with her thumb. Joe says he will go next. I say here are the condoms and toss the box over to the bed. Joes says he really didn't want to use one since the other guy didn't. That he would pull out too. She responds with I got a solution to everybody's problem. Looking up at joe and then over to me she pushes the puddle of cum down with her thumb and pointer finger to the entrance of her pussy and pushes it in her with her two fingers and starts fingering her self saying to joe , I guess that takes care of that. You just fuck me until you cum.
She looks back over at me and just closes her eyes and licks her lips and let's out a little moan as he enters her with his big ass bare dick.
She trys to suck the other guys dick but really can't because joes dick is just to good . she is in a trance by joe .

To be as big as he was he sure didn't have much steam. He said he was getting close and asked her if he should pull out? She looked over at me and said it up to you honey, I Dont care. Are you close to cumming too i ask? She says Ive been cumming ! So I tell him to go ahead cum in her.
Joes starts to grunt and she raps her legs around him and grabs him to pull him tight and deep as she can. He just tenses up and I know he's pumping her full. She let's out a few little moans then he collapses on top of her . she looks over at me a mouths thank you as here eyes roles back and she closes them with a sigh of pleasure.

I ask here if that was good and how she like it? She just said it was great! Are you done or you want one more? She says no. why? Are you done? I still have to fuck him. Are you ready? she ask him. He nods.
Joe pulls out to go wash up an she rolls over to the last bbc . I see joes cum start to run out of her as she lines up the other dick to enter her. No thought or word about a condom. She starts to ride him as he trys to match her moves.
Me and the other two guys look on as she goes up and down on his big cock. She ask me where do I want him to cum? I say that's up to you baby. Where would you want him to cum? About that time she start to feel she is close to cuming again. As he says that he is close. He asked her where do you want my cum girl? I guess that put her over the edge. She started to scream out, in me! In me! Cum in me!!!
He grunts and start to spray his cum in my wife. She is still cumming too. Grinding into his dick as far as she could until she just starts to jerk and jerk. I thought she was having a stroke or some thing. Then she just fell down on top of him and lay there for awhile with his bare dick still in her. Cum all over his balls and the bed. I tell her I want to see it when he pulls out.
She says she wants to see too ,so get the phone and take a few pics. So I do and take one with him still in her. Then he starts to pull out. And wow his dick was so big I guess It sealed her pussy up so nothing could come out , cause it sure was a lot of cum to follow. A little of joes still left and his mixed with hers too. It was a flood! I snapped away as it just kept pouring out. She rolled over and just layed there still dripping. Said she was tired and was gonna rest a minute. The guys said that she was awesome. And they would fuck her again all night if we wanted. But I told them I think she had enough for her first time.
So they all got cleaned up and dressed. We shook hands and I told Joe and the other guys thanks for the good time. They said to call again if she needed some more BBC and she said . im sure I will need some again soon. Then glances over at me with a little grin and says, Maybe next time you guys can bring a couple more big black cocks for me to play with! Joes says yeah we can do it baby just let me know . l can get all my boys over to fuck you all night, if its alright with your man over there.
Sounds good to me. I say as I walk them out the door.
I shut the door and turn to see her rubbing her pussy. She takes off her mask and says you want to play with me now. I say well yeah, sorry it's not a big black one or anything . but you can have it if you want. She says with a little smirk I guess a little white dick will have to do unless you want to run and find another black one for me. So I kiss her and lay her down on the other bed. Pull her legs apart and drop my pants. I start to rub my dick up and down her swollen pussy lips still wet with their cum. And she says to me. Ah, you remembered what the doctor said about my birth control Dont you. I say yes why? Well you think you should wear a condom? What? You just let them cum in you and you want me to wear a condom. I'm your husband I should be the one cumming in you and they should have been wearing one.
She smiles and said I'm just k**ding I want you to cum in me too. But back to the birth control thing. I need to tell you something about that. I push my dick in her once tight pussy. It feels so wet and warm with their cum still in her. I say what about the birth control baby? She says I'm not on any! I stopped taking it a week ago. It was giving me headaches. So he told me to stop and come in next week for a talk and then he would prescribe something different.

What! And you let them cum in you knowing that you had no protection? She said I know that's what you wanted so I left the condoms in the car. I knew you wouldnt let them fuck me with out a condom especially if you knew I wasn't taking my pill. I just thought we could enjoy tonight and just get the morning after pill on the way home tomorrow.

Well I Dont know what to say. Yeah I did want them to cum in you deep down but what if you get pregnant? When was your last period? About two weeks ago. She says . you know that I'm the hornyest when I'm ovulating. Looking at me with that little grin again she say and I was real horny tonight so I guess we better get that pill on the way home.
She tells me it was a turn on for me to watch her with joe knowing that he was gonna cum in my unprotected pussy at the most risky time to do it! And you where going to let him. Even tell him to cum in your wife. That was great. She groaned.
Well do you want me to cum in your unprotected pussy too? She says that up to you, Ive got what I wanted so you do what you want. So I did and shot a squirt in her and pulled out to let the rest go on her belly. And told her to push it in her like she did with the first guy. So she did and I took another couple of pics and went to clean up in the shower. She got up and joined me in the shower. I just watch and wondered where this beautiful woman has been so long. She put her head back to wash out the shampoo and her I just watched her, stretched out looking so good remembering that she just had three black guys cum in her and on her , with her knowing the whole time she wasn't on the pill. What a wife! I get out and go to bed . she joins me a few moments later and we go to sl**p. The next day we check out and stop on the way home to get her the morning after pill. She goes in and comes back out with it and a cold coffee drink. Looks at me and says with that little grin and says you sure you want me to take this?
I say of course. Dont you want to take it too? Well yeah , its just thinking about last night and all this has got me all wet again. I ask her , you want to go fuck some where right fast then. She answers with , well I was thinking of a big dick in me again. Oh! So I say ,you want another bbc ?
She then looks embarrassed and says well I was just thinking. Dont be shy baby tell me what you want? Do you have someone in mine. Tell me what you want!
I Dont know she says I'm just horny again I guess. I say with a firm voice. Tell me what you want? She looks at me and says you know. No! Tell me what you want ! I want a big black dick ! She shouts. Okay where do you want it. She points to her pussy with a smile on her face. And what about these condoms I ask. She takes them out of the bag and get out of the car walks over to the trash can and looks at me , then drops them in. She get back in the car and says . I don't use condoms. Oh yeah I say. I guess they will just have to pull out then.
No they will have to ask you , And you will tell them what ever you want too.

So do you have somebody in mine , or just want to try to pick up a stranger? I ask. No she said , but a stranger would be so hot like last night. Did you even know their names. No I didn't know them at all well other than joe.

We looked around a little while and no luck. So we gave up and just went home . I tell her I will call joe and see if he can get a group together soon and she makes a suggestion that they all wear a mask so that they are all just strangers, and that they be big black clean cocks that will go bareback and cum where I say. Also she said she wanted to video the next time.

I glad that she like to fuck BBC now . its like she turns into someone else when we go out. And back to normal at home. I can't wait until joes puts together a BBC gangbang for us. And she gets back on the pill. Should be a lot of fun.

I will post after that happens with all the details. She won't let me post any of the pics. She is still shy. But maybe next time if they all wear a mask it shouldn't matter.
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13 days ago
Loved it!!
5 months ago
Sorry for the gramma and bad spelling. It was all done on my phone on limited free time. I should have ran it by an editor first I guess. Glad you like it anyway!
5 months ago
Other then all the bad grammar and bad spelling, it was a good story. You really should find a good editor though, since that would really make your work shine like it should. Thanks for sharing.
8 months ago
Now thats how a cuckhubby gets his wife to beKum a black cock craving WhoreWife he can pimp.out to BBC bachellor parties wher she gets alL 3 of her whorekunts used, abused and treated like a kumdumpster !!!!!!!
8 months ago
Great! Hope she gets pregnant
8 months ago
very hot story.
8 months ago
if that is what it takes , you should feel lucky`