I want coffee

I want coffee.
Or at least that’s what I keep telling myself as I step outside of my store and walk towards yours.
I need that little boost mid afternoon to make through the rest of my shift and to deal with all the tired customers coming to my store. Coffee will help that.
Or at least that’s what I keep telling myself as I open the door to your store. We both know I’m there to see you; see your smile, hear your voice, and get lost in your eyes.
But I can never tell you why I’m there. If you knew that I’d been alone for years by the time I met you, you’d probably laugh at me, think it’s some gimmick and then I’d lose you as a friend. If you knew how long it’s been since I last held a woman....
“Hi! What can I get for you?” you chime in, breaking me from my reverie.
“Medium mocha please” I sheepishly reply trying to smile, but at the same time trying not to.
“You really like my mochas don’t you?” If only you knew...
You’re nice enough to not charge me for it and start chatting away about your day as I toss a toonie into the tip cup. Your long dark hair flows behind you as twirl about behind the barista making my drink for me. The ballet of your motions sends me into a trance and the sound of your voice soon fades away...
Suddenly you step out from behind the barista. I forget how much shorter you are than me, but I like it because as I pull you in for a hug I can swallow you up in my arms and keep you close. I breathe in your scent and hold you tighter, and I feel your heart beat faster against my chest.
You pull away, leaving your hand on my chest as you begin to turn. I stop you and pull you back so now your back is against my chest. I once again wrap my arms around you and melt into you. I bring one hand up to your face and brush away your long hair exposing your cheek. One gentle kiss and you tilt your head, silently asking for more though we say nothing. I kiss your neck much more softly than your cheek and I feel you shiver.
I let my other hand slide down your stomach to your hip and spin you around. Resting my hand in the small of your back, my other hand lifts your chin slowly. I stare deep into your blue eyes as I slowly bring my lips to yours. You try to push forward, meeting me halfway, but I hold you steady. I want to kiss you how you deserve to be kissed, not that rushed manner other guys may have done to you. You part your lips and close your eyes as my lips begin to touch yours and the warmth of your lips make me tremble inside.
We kiss. Our lips now touch and a soft moan slips from your lips. I slide my hand from your chin to the back of your neck and hold you closer, savouring the taste and the feeling from such an innocent kiss. Your hands slide up my back and pull me closer with a need, a hunger, which makes me bolder. My arms now caress your whole back as I kiss your more passionately, with a need I’ve not satisfied in years. Your tongue tries to break into me, but I pull back. I will kiss you how you deserve to be kissed, not in that oral attack you may have suffered at the hands of others.
I feel you shaking. You’re not used to someone being this in control of you. It frightens you, but instead of pulling away you move in more, craving me as much as I crave you. I smile as you moan again, and reward you with my tongue gently moving in, touching yours, and moving back. Your tongue chases mine and I greet it, seduce it, taste it. You lead me to the couch and we fall back on it. Now you lay beneath me and my desires grow stronger. I....
“You awake?” you ask, bringing me back to reality.
“Yeah, just didn’t get much sl**p last night,” I was thinking of you, “hence the coffee.”
“Yeah, I haven’t been sl**ping much either. My neighbour....”
Your voice trails away again, and once again I’m on top of you. Your hands caress my face as we kiss, my hand traces the shape of your thigh, the other holding your neck. Your hands become more impatient, as do mine. We both feel the hunger, the desire, rising within us. Growing bolder by the second, my hand steals from your thigh to.....
“Here ya go!” you say as you place my coffee on the table.
“Thank you,” I say trying to hide the blush in my face. “See you later”

“Have a good one,” you chime after me as I turn to go. I steal a last look back and see you looking breathless. Perhaps you knew what I was thinking, dreaming, while you made my coffee? But I will never know as my dream will stay that way, just a dream.
I leave your store to go back to mine. I take a sip of my coffee.
Delicious, as always.

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2 days ago
Very sweet
5 months ago
Kind of amazing. Thank goodness for patient lovers. :)
3 years ago
i love how you treat her like a woman and not a sex toy, nice. innocent but nice(: (even if it is just a fantasy) :D