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I had been dated your mother for several months by now. And it was a fast and furious courting. So much so that on are very first date after dinner instead of going to the movie your mommy asked me somewhat sheepishly if I'd prefer to take her back to my place to fuck her in the ass. I accepted her offer. When I dropped your mommy off filled to the brim with my cum, especially in her ass, that's when I first met you. When I first locked eyes on you I knew that I had locked eyes on THE MOST BEAUTIFUL LITTLE TEEN EVER! Although you had just turned 18, your facial features, minus the make-up, made it seem as if you were 6 years younger. And you appeared to weigh only 75-pounds with tiny, yet round, upturned tits and an ass with cheeks the size of a couple of cantaloupes., So, I knew at that point that I would marry your mother just so I could eventually have a moment in time when I could introduce you to the splendors of sex and my middle-aged cock. It did turn out that my relationship with your mommy blossomed so quickly that we married a month later and moved into a small bungalow on the outskirts of LA. You were so happy to have someone to call daddy since your dad had left before your birth. So much so that you would plop up in my lap at any given moment for hugs and kisses, which you adored. And stepdaddy secretly adored more, knowing very well that it was just a matter of time when we were alone so I could kiss you on your lips and ultimately show you my rock hard cock. A week later, your mommy wanted to introduce me to your grammie who lived up in San Francisco. Your mommy wanted to spend a day shopping with grammie so she had decided to take the Greyhound bus the day before and that I would take my new baby girl on the Greyhound bus the following night because you still had another day of class before the weekend. The day after mommy left I waited at the bus stop to walk my baby girl home. You were so excited to see your stepdaddy and have some alone time with him that you ran off the bus and leaped into my arms. All I could do to make sure you didn't fall was to quickly cup each miniature ass cheek in each of my big hands. It happened so quickly that my middle fingers met at your anus and my ring fingers met at the area that covered your underdeveloped clit. I carried you a block back to the house with your adorable little facial cheek pressed against mine. It was a silent journey because I think you were too stunned at the feel of a man's fingers pressed against your highly sensitive meat holes. I also sensed that you loved the sensation since your ass would just slightly involuntarily buck. I was proven right when we got home and I shut the door. At that very moment your virgin lips locked onto mine. It had begun. I still had my hands cupping your ass, so I told you to lock the door and make sure you also locked the dead bolt. No one could ever know what was about to occur. I then brought my adorable 75- pounder to the couch where we sat down now with you on top. We started to kiss again. It was a messy affair because you had no idea of how to kiss. But stepdaddy, who had been kissing for decades, slowed things down for an hour or so to teach little baby girl how to properly kiss, with special attention to learning the French kiss. As our French kissing became more heated, stepdaddy couldn't take it any more and proceeded to rip your cotton panties in two to expose you 6-inch wide ass cheeks. It caught little baby girl by surprise and you let out a whimper. But stepdaddy's experienced touch soon had you cooing as he hands softly and deftly caressed those tiny orbs up and down with a finger at all times brushing lightly against your pussy and anus. You had the softest cheeks EVER! Soon, the gentle brush of my fingers against your pussy made it begin to leak. It also helped that stepdaddy was just wearing sweats with no underwear on so that his thick 8-inch cock was throbbing against your pussy... gently rubbing up and down instinctively...a very deliberate slow grind. Stepdaddy then took some of that thick pussy juice and applied it to your asshole. I wanted it there so that our first anal kiss would be a wet one. We continued to French kiss and as we did stepdaddy finally slid the tip of his middle finger in your asshole and his entire ring finger in your soaking snatch. In reaction, you bit down on daddy lip causing it to bleed. In response I administered a sharp spanking with my free hand. This made you cry. Feeling guilty for such a sudden rebuke, I kissed your tears and told you to relax as my fingers continued to probe your tiny meat holes. Soon baby girl was cooing again and stepdaddy increased the speed until little baby girl let out a high pitched guttural moan and squirted half way across the room. I let you relax post-orgasm for a while as I peppered the nape of your neck and sexy cleft with kisses. But soon the urge to mop up the aftermath of your precious juice became too uncontrollable. So I got up from underneath you and positioned you on the couch doggy style. Stepdaddy gently pushed the small of your back down on the cushion automatically raising your ass in the air. Then I got down on my knees behind you and became instantly mesmerized at the site in front of me: a perfectly formed immature ass with two perfectly formed love holes. The ass crack glistening with your left over pussy juice. Daddy sat in admiration and slowly returned to caressing it again, this time though rubbing his cheeks against those alluring orbs. Then the kissing began. Every inch of each orb was kissed except for a thin strip running parallel to both sides of your asshole and and pussy. Finally the moment arrived. I spread your cheeks for easier access to your 18-year old rosebud and lightly kissed it. Your ass cheeks involuntarily shuttered in response. I deliberately paused and then administered another light, topical kiss. This time your anus involuntarily constricted. Eventually stepdaddy's topical kisses gave way to passionate French kisses which in turn ended with an aggressive tongue fucking. Afterward, your soaked tiny pussy was devoured for an hour and I coaxed out one squirt after another... doing my best to drink up every last drop. Finally it was my turn. I sat back on the couch and had baby girl get on all fours next to me with your face facing my cock. Then I told you to close your eyes and cover them with your hands. When you did, I pulled off my sweats to expose my massive, turgid cock, which was twitching with anticipation. Then I told you to open your eyes. The shocked but curious look on your face was priceless. You were mesmerized. So, I grabbed one of your hands and placed it on his cock. Then I told you to slow stroke it... which you did. Your tiny hand on my cock while slow stroking it drove stepdaddy crazy as my pre-cum started oozing out freely. So, I looked you in the eye and said not to be afraid but that I wanted your lips wrapped at least around the head of my cock and for you to gently suck on it. Just like you would a blow pop.You then proceeded to do just that as I cupped your ass cheek with one hand and moved your long hair to the other side of your head with the other so that I could have a clear view of your tiny mouth wrapped around my purple mushroom. That's all you could take in your mouth but stepdaddy didn't care. The fact that the mouth of the most beautiful teenage girl was wrapped around my middle-aged cock was all that it took to explode in your mouth. You were unprepared for it of course and thought I had just gone to the bathroom in your mouth. I had to explain to my innocent, inexperienced stepdaughter that it wasn't piss but a copious amount of semen instead and that baby girl needed to lap up every last drop that had ended up on my belly. Little baby couldn't refuse because she loved her new stepdaddy so much. So she licked up every drop obediently. Now I was ready to fuck my virginal stepdaughter. I placed you on the carpet on all fours. I then proceeded to oil my throbbing cock up with baby oil so that it was glistening in it's erect splendor. I then squirted copious amounts of oil on baby girl's ass cheeks and rubbed it in so that each orb, asshole and pussy were gleaming in the light. Stepdaddy then brought baby girl's ass cheeks smack up against his loins and began to a give baby girl's ass crack a slow methodically cock massage. Up and down. Then I took my turgid cock meat and used it to lightly spank your asshole and pussy in a rhythmic cadence. This drove you wild. So stepdaddy had you sit still as he lined up his cock head with your swollen pussy and ever so slowly I inserted the head in only. Even I was shocked that my 48-year old cock was partially buried in a 18-year old's tight, virginal pussy. But your magnificent beauty trumped morality and I continued to fuck that teen cunt with the head of my cock. Your virginal cunt was simply to tight to physically accept anymore cock meat. But, it was apparent that I was dealing with a future whore because you were groaning with delight. The sensation of being the first to pop your cherry made me last only a few minutes before my ass cheeks started to tingle as I just pulled out in time to watch my cock squirt a couple of ropes of cum on each miniature cheek. But stepdaddy wasn't finished. The whole time I had my cock in your pussy, I had been eyeing your pea-sized anus with lustful thoughts. I retrieved a large jar of Vaseline and stuffed my cock in it pulling out with a thick layer on my shaft. I then had baby girl spread her ass cheeks. Only then did I see a slight opening. I told baby girl to relax every muscle in your body as I pressed my purple mushroom up against your forbidden passage. I then slowly but miraculously broke that difficult seal while you let out a gasp as I let out a groan. Stepdaddy paused to give you a reach around and slowly but surely the caress of my finger upon your pussy made you coo again. I then stuffed your ass with an additional inch of cock meat and slow fucked your 18-year old virginal asshole for about a minute more than I fucked your pussy before erupting again. Again, the thought of fucking you at such an innocent, young age proved too much for your lecherous stepdaddy. But this time, I emptied my love seed in your asshole with no worries of impregnating you. As I pulled out so did a river of cum which seeped down your pussy and formed a puddle on the carpet. I knew I had a future whore on my hands when you turned around and lapped up the puddle up like a hungry dog. Stepdaddy was well was his baby girl.

I then picked you off the carpet and carried you upstairs to shower. It was a long shower as I allowed my now overly curious stepdaughter to explore my manly, hairy body as you lathered it up. Most of the attention was of course centered on my massive, throbbing cock. You slow stroked it again with your mouth open wide right in front of me until I intervened and grabbed and capped my cock to shoot controlled ropes of cum in your mouth so that you could easily swallow a batch and be ready with my open for additional batches. Stepaddy was so pleased that you swallowed every last drop that I lathered little baby girl up in return while you were on all fours. I had changed the shower setting so that the water came out in a more concentrated jet. And being the loving stepdaddy that I am I directed that stream to concentrate it stream on your bucking ass crack. I then got on all fours behind you and waited. Sure enough, not two minutes later, baby girl's cunt erupted and I was there to swallow your powerful squirts by burying his face between your supple ass cheeks. After the shower was over we both towel dried each other off and I picked you up by those tiny ass cheeks and carried you into the bedroom where we lay on the bed with your little 75-pound frame on top of my muscular 200-pound body. You started to kiss me passionately thinking that the sex would resume but I had other plans. We had to catch the 12:10 Greyhound bus to San Fransisco, an 8-hour journey, and stepdaddy had to be sure that you knew exactly what to do if the bus was uncrowded. So, I whispered my intentions to you over the next hour, going over and over the plans again and again until you had everything memorized. Part of those plans involved stepdaddy wearing a long shirt and sweat pants with no underwear on and having you wear one of her finest dresses for mommy and grammie... but with no panties on...for easy access to your meat holes of course. Fifteen minutes before the taxi came to take us and our luggage to the bus station, I had you get on all fours and hiked your dress up to expose your porcelain white, formerly innocent ass cheeks. I brought a bowl of olive oil with a brush and turkey baster over and placed it next to you. I had decided to use olive oil as opposed to baby oil because of it's greater viscosity. Something that would help reduce the possibility of you crying out while I sodomized your ass on the bus. In any event, daddy dipped the brush in the oil and applied it to your ass crack. It tickled, so your adorable butt cheeks involuntarily shuttered with delight. Time was of essence though and stepdaddy straighten that situation out quickly with a harsh spanking to each ass cheek. Baby girl, sniffling from the thought of displeasing her new stepdaddy, made sure her ass never moved an inch again as the turkey baster was stuck in your ass to squirt in at least a half-pint of olive oil. I then had you push out the excess back into a bottle to be used later exclusively on my salads. We were ready to go!

As we boarded the Greyhound bus, the lady bus driver made a comment on how adorable you were in your fine dress. I agreed with her but said this journey was way passed your bedtime and that I hoped it wouldn't be wrinkled as you slept next to me the entire time. I couldn't have been happier at our luck. Instead of a packed bus that would nullify all our plans, only about 10 senior citizens boarded the bus with us and the vast majority of them sat up front. Our only worries were two old ladies that sat four seats up from us. You and I picked the last seats in the back to give us the most room between other passengers and the further we went back in the bus, the darker it became. So, we settled in with you in the window seat and me in the aisle seat to act as a sentinel. A half-hour into the journey it appeared that most of the seniors had nodded off. It was well past their bedtime too. That's when the next phase of the plan started. I reached into the overhead bin and retrieved two blankets. I d****d the blankets over the both of us and whispered in your ear to begin what we discussed in bed earlier that night. You crouched in your seat so that you were out of view of the bus driver's rear view mirror and proceeded to push the blanket aside covering daddy's loins and pulled my sweats down just to expose my turgid cock. Then as planned... you attacked it. The idea being that there may be little time before we may have been interrupted. But this was not the case. So stepdaddy leaned down to whisper to you to take your time. And little baby girl did. The slow passionate sucking of my cock along with the instinctive need to drag your tongue down to my loose sack and gently pull a ball at a time made me start to bead with sweat. Yet, the whole time daddy had to remain vigil that one of the old codgers may get up to use the bathroom. That still didn't prevent me from lifting your dress up and caressing those magnificent tiny cheeks, or to slide my fingers into your well-oiled asshole or dripping wet snatch. Maybe because stepdaddy was so pensive and anxious that an 18-year old old was performing oral sex on his 48-year old cock, the cock sucking lasted far longer than it would had we been in a private setting, But finally, after a half-hour my butt cheeks finally lifted slightly off the seat as I pressed your head down to shoot a nice load down your greedy throat. This time you were ready for it and proceeded to swallow every last drop. I now had my baby girl climb on top...still to low for the bus driver to see...and mount my cock. At this point you were in control and had the ability to determine how much cock meat you could take. Stepdaddy was just happy knowing that at least the head would be in like early that day. However, I was completely stunned when one inch disappeared, then a second.... which burst through your hymen with your nails digging into my arms as your silent response. After a long pause the third inch disappeared, then the fourth, fifth and sixth! Finally after much trouble your tiny pussy managed to meet up with stepdaddy's ball sack...8 inches to the hilt! At this time, everyone was asl**p, so I whispered to you to take your time. Which you did. You slow fucked me for the next hour while stepdaddy constantly stuck his finger in your well-oiled asshole to retrieve your precious ass juice to suck on in his mouth and share with his insatiable stepdaughter. Finally, against all odds, you lustfully increased your fucking cadence. Soon, to the trained ear, you could hear that unique pitter patter of a women's butt cheeks slapping against a man's inner thighs. Even though this was just a mere teenager making this aggressive sound! Even if the seniors had been awake their poor hearing probably wouldn't have picked up that rhythmic tell tale sound. So, stepdaddy let you pound away with your nails embedded in his arms. Finally, you stamped hard on my cock one last time and your little butt cheeks began to involuntarily convulse with a flood of pleasure. Daddy instinctively picked up on this and simultaneously released his copious seed. It took every bit of restraint on both our parts not to scream out as a seconds passed as we continued to exchange our precious love juices...each shuddering in pure sexual bliss. You finally crouched down as you lifted off and proceeded to clean every last bit of intermingled juices off my cock. Then, in a very aplomb fashion, you mounted me again knowing full well what the next phase involved. But, before I could grab my still rock hard cock, baby girl beat me to it as you lined it up with the spongy exterior of your underdeveloped anal slit...which had a 1/4 inch vertical if that. Soon stepdaddy's cock head had disappeared past that pea-sized seal. And to my utter surprise again, half my cock had disappeared into your forbidden abyss. It was at this point that one of the old ladies did get up to head to the bathroom. I gave your ass a hard pinch as the early warning that we had talked about in bed earlier. And like clockwork, stepdaddy pulled the blanket over your exposed miniature ass cheeks while you buried your head in my chest and faked asl**p while I did the same. I, however, kept my eyes slightly open to monitor her progress to the bathroom. Stepdaddy was a bit anxious at this time, because underneath that thin blanket my 48-year old cock was buried to the hilt in your barely legal asshole old ass! We sat completely still as she shut the bathroom door. But, I did make my cock throb moreso so you could feel it twitch inside you. Soon though the old geezer went back to her seat unaware that a mere 18-year old was being sodomized by a middle-aged pervert...albeit willingly. So, we both got back in a rhythm and were soon causing the same pitter patter noise we had made early. Fortunately, the traffic on the highway just outside San Fransisco was loud enough to drown out the fact that you were once again furiously taking all of stepdaddy's man meat in that inexperienced hole. As we approached the bus terminal I could see mommy waving from afar as we circled in. It was only then that I released my final creamy load in your backdoor. As planned, you quickly snapped your asshole shut to savor my cum inside your ass and put on a pair of fresh cotton panties to mop up any seepage while I pulled up his sweats hoping that my erection would subside before exiting the bus to meet mommy and grammie.

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