My Girlfriend's Horny 18-Year Old Daughter!

I had been dating an older, 50-year old gal for a few months now. Her name was Judy and she was my neighbor, living adjacent to me, across the street. She had initially lured me over to help move some heavy furniture one day and not long after my arrival I had her bent over the kitchen table with my cock firmly embedded in her asshole. Our relationship developed as she offered her tight little asshole to me on a daily basis. But, as the weeks progressed, my lust became directed towards her 18-year old daughter Lena, who belonged on the cover of Penthouse magazine. That little girl was a coquette, always wearing skimpy outfits around the house. She took great pleasure in catching my eye behind her mother's back, knowing that it was her that I actually lusted for. She made things worse by subtly brushing up against me when she could get away with it. And it drove me crazy.

Today was my 36th birthday. Judy had planned an all day cook out and invited f****y and friends. The idea being to have a pool party and barbeque out back. People started to come over at around 1PM to celebrate my special day. The liquor began to flow and everyone started to loosen up and enjoy that beautiful day. Many of the k**s played in the pool as the adults sipped cocktails. I wasn't a big drinker so I nursed a beer. Judy, however, seemed to have a big drinking problem. By 3PM, it was apparent that she was already half in the bag and the party wasn't scheduled to end until later that night. It was about that time when Lena returned from cheerleading practice. I remember her coming back to the pool in her cheerleading outfit. My jaw dropped. Her straight, raven hair d****d down to her skirt. Her big brown eyes, chiseled bronzed cheeks, plush lips and sexy cleft chin made her look like a modern day Pocahontas. Her skirt was a little too short, exposing the lowest part of her bronzed ass cheeks. Her tanned midrift was also exposed, showing off her 20-inch waist. And a skimpy halter top barely contained her ample tits. As I looked about, I noticed every man there had his mouth agape too. Mommy was too d***k to notice that her daughter had the attention of every man's eyes. After saying hello to everyone, Lena disappeared and soon came back out with her bikini on. It was a white suit that showed off her bronzed tan. But, part of her milky white tan lines were showing around her ample tits, tight waist, and supple ass cheeks. She couldn't have weighed more than 90-pounds. Now I was beyond distracting! It was difficult to act like this was no big deal and I had no interest. What a lie! Lena approached me in her skimpy bikini and wrapped her arms around me and gave me a huge hug wishing me a happy birthday. She planted a wet kiss on my cheek too. At that moment, I wanted everyone to freeze in time allowing me to passionately kiss and fuck her, but that obviously wasn't going to occur. So, I nonchalantly gave her an innocent peck back and thanked her for the birthday wishes. Before the hug ended though she whispered in my ear "tonight I'm yours". A bit stunned at first I recovered quickly to act like I hadn't heard what I had heard. But, that proposition lingered for the entire party. As the party progressed into the night my girlfriend continued her assault on the martini after another. By the time people were leaving the party, I, along with another male friend, had to carry her up to bed. The last time she drank like that she was out cold for 12 hours! Finally, the last of the guests left. I headed up to bed. I was disappointed as I passed Lena's bedroom to see that she appeared fast asl**p. Dejected, I stripped down to my boxer's and slipped into bed beside my passed out girlfriend. I was a bit mad that Lena's offer appeared to be just a tease. And even madder that her d***k mother lay next to me out like a light. I was so horny for sex that I decided to pull her mommy's shorts and panties down to spoon fuck her in the ass. So, I oiled my rock hard cock up and lined it up with her anus and was in the process of entering her backdoor when I heard Lena at the doorway go "psst". I embarrassingly turned to her knowing that my boxer's were down to my ankles and the mushroom head of my cock was already in her mommy's asshole. But, there she was in the doorway, dressed in one of mommy's mid-rift teddies clad in her cotton panties. My heart stopped at her angelic beauty. As I turned to her, she gasped at the sight of my 8-inch cock. I patted the bed for her to come over. But, she paused fearing that her mommy might wake. I convinced her that not even a 9.0 earthquake could awake her mommy until the morning. So, she timidly approached, hypnotized by the sight of my erect and throbbing man meat, her tanned body lit by the moonlight. She curled up next to me as I kicked off my boxers. I pulled her closely to me for soft kisses that soon turned to passionate kisses as I pulled her on top of me kneading her tiny ass cheeks in my hands less than a foot away from her passed out mommy. We spent the next hour kissing and in that time I had removed Lena's teddy to suckle her ample tits like a newborn. It made her moan involuntarily. Finally, I removed her from on top of me and got to my feet so that she could perform oral sex on me right in front of her passed out mommy. Again, I assured her that her mommy was out cold 'till morning. With that assurance, she timidly began to suck my cock. We both moaned for joy as I grabbed her by her pigtails as my cock slowly disappeared in her mouth. What started out as a slow, deliberate cock sucking soon devolved into a primal mouth fucking. Finally, after two minutes of a violent assault on her drooling mouth, I sent a torrent of cum down her greedy throat. She did her best to swallow every last drop but to no avail...2 to 3 additional ropes ended up coating her face dripping off it like a thick, white slime to land on her ample tits. Afterwards, I peeled off her cotton panties and positioned her for fucking missionary style. Still angry at her mommy for drinking too much and making a jackass out of herself, I positioned her on her back perpendicular to mommy's face. Then I got between her and her mommy and hiked her legs in the air so that my ass cheeks literally pressed against her mommy's face. Then I plunged my cock into her teen cunt and began to slow fuck her. Each time I pulled my cock back for another thrust my ass cheeks and asshole would rub up against her mommy's face. As our passion increased so did the pace of my thrusts. By now, every time I'd pull my cock out for another aggressive plunge back into her immature pussy, my balls would smack her mommy in the face. I must say, in hindsight, it was very risky to continue to smack her with my balls for the next hour. Had she awoken, her blurry d***ken eyes would have eventually focused in on the realization that merely inches away my cock was disappearing into her teenage daughter's pussy with her little anus being compressed horizonitally with each cock thrust. Thank God that never occurred, especially when I finally climaxed! Had she awoken at that moment she would have seen my cock quivering with the release of each rope I sent into the furthest depths of her daughter's cunt. My butt cheeks involuntarily twitched for minutes afterwards from the residual bliss as Lena's fingernails dug deep in each. After slowly recovering, I positioned her on top of me for an hour long cowgirl session. Both of us were in a froth the whole time because we could watch in the moonlit mirror together as my hands cupped her pert ass cheeks and my cock disappeared between them. She fucked like a bunny rabbit...never taking her eyes off the mirror. Her pumps so violent, that I had to better secure her by I sticking my entire middle finger up her ass. Anyway, this time we both exploded at the same time, screaming in ecstasy right next to mommy. I clamped her ass cheeks as hard as I could on my loins while sending my cock and cum as far into her pussy as I could. Again, we both quivered for minutes from the aftershock as my cock continued to leak residual sperm. I wasn't done yet. I asked her to grab a pillow to rest on and had her arch her ass in the air. I then spent the next half hour passionately French kissing her asshole to prepare it for her first ass fucking. I then applied the oil to her virgin asshole and with one swift action sent my hot rod in her teen ass all the way to the hilt. She screamed! Yet, mommy wasn't there to help. I then proceeded to fuck her tight asshole for next hour or lube when needed. She soon got the hang of accepting cock in her little asshole and the initial screams gave way to cooing and moaning. When I was finally ready to explode I pulled my cock out in an attempt to soak her pert little cheeks but the first rope was so f***eful it arched way over her ass and landed directly on her mommy's face. This time she did stir and in a panic Lena turned her head to me to be met with the second rope which found her gaped, panicked mouth, which she swallowed instinctively. The third rope landed on her cheek. The fourth and final rope shot her gaped anus point blank. It quickly snapped shut to capture as much cum as possible. Lena later told me that she would occasionally stick her finger up her ass that morning to retrieve my cum and savor it in her mouth. Fortunately, mommy never awoke from my cum landing on her face. But, it was dawn by this time, so I gave Lena a thankful good night kiss on her soft lips, then her soft pussy lips and finally on her spongy asshole. As she left the room, she heard her mom u*********sly gasp...still horny, I had plunged my cock deep into her asshole. I turned to Lena and gave her an impish smile. As she shut the door, she left a crack. I knew she had done so so that she could watch. I positioned her mother's ass so it lined up with the doorway and gave Lena a parting show.

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8 months ago
are you still assfucking mother and daughter? awesome
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2 years ago
amazing, love mommy being passed out and him fucking mommy's ass as the daughter went to bed, and this time I shot six rope's of hot cum all over my stocking's.x
2 years ago
love stories like this ..definitely favorited it
2 years ago
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2 years ago
so sexy
2 years ago
Great story!
2 years ago
Awesome story