The Homely 18-year Old Babysitter II

The following week I called Lacy to set up another babysitting session directly after school until late that evening. She had an excited tone to her voice sensing that again her mouth, pussy and asshole would be violated again. However, her mom got on the line and said Lacy was only available for several hours. I told her mom that was fine and I greatly appreciated that Lacy could come over on such short notice so that I could run some errands. I also explained to her that I needed Lacy to babysit all week after school. Little did she know that I had sent my 5-year old to her grandmother's for the entire week and that all week after school all Lacy would be doing was cocksitting.

I heard the school bus pull up outside my residence a 2:30. I saw Lacy exit the bus in a hurry as the k**s hurled insults at her for being the ugliest girl in school. As she ran to my front door I could see she was crying hysterically. She rang the door bell and when I answered her head was bowed in humiliation... tears were literally falling on the books she held in hand. I quickly e****ted her into the foyer and grabbed her books and set them on the table. I then told her to come to me and I held her for the next 15 minutes as she cried her heart out on my shoulder. Soon the crying subsided as I kept whispering reassurances in her ear that I loved her and thought she was beautiful(lying through my teeth). I then gave her a long passionate French kiss to confirm it. She finally pushed me slightly away inquiring where my c***d was? I explained to her that I had sent her away and that all she was needed for that week was to babysit my cock. With that admission, she leapt into my arms as I cupped her tiny little ass cheeks and carried her upstairs to the master bedroom...kissing the whole time. I must admit, if it weren't for her hot little body, it would have been tough to be aroused because the k**s on the school bus were right...she had to be the ugliest girl at school. But, I was aroused. I couldn't help myself. First of all, there was the age difference. I was 48 and she had just turned eighteen a week ago. Second, from the neck down she was as sexy as the came. Tits were on the small size but with an uplifting curve to them with long erect, puffy nipples. They fit perfectly in my mouth. Then there was her waist. I could literally wrap my big hands around it. And her legs were slim with perfectly cut calves. Her bald pussy was perfect too, with butterfly splayed lips that looked like two flower petals. And finally there was her perfect ass. It was less than a ruler in width with an extra ruby red anus between her pale white ass cheeks. Even though ass was covered in zits like her face, it didn't matter to me. I attributed that to her being a teenager. 80 pounds of candy for the taking!

As we arrived in the bedroom I set her on the bed. She was a bit intimidated and shocked because cameras were set up on tripods around the bed at different angles and heights. And she was also shocked to see that a porn movie was playing on the 75" inch big screen adjacent to the bed with a close up of a man's large cock thrusting violently in and out of a barely legal girl's asshole. She sat mesmerized. It was apparent that Lacy had been sheltered because she confessed that she had never seen a dirty magazine let alone a porn movie. I sat on the edge of the bed and had her sit on my lap as we watched together for quite some time as this man's cock violated the teenager's asshole. Occasionally, his cock would pull out and the camera would zoom in on her gaped asshole that was the size of a silver dollar at first but would soon quiver and twitch and then snap back to its original tight slit. He would then proceed to bury his cock back in with violent thrusts. Finally, he pulled out and capped his cock and aimed it directly at her gaped hole and shot a few ropes of cum in her abyss and then soaked each ass cheek with additional ropes. The scene ended with her snapping her anus shut, then opening it to push out a stream of cum, then snapping it shut again...then repeating the process several more times. The camera then panned around to show her teenage face with rosy cheeks and an impish smile. I whispered into Lacy's ear that that was what I planned on doing to her. With that said, her pert little butt cheeks started to grind against my loins. My cock was pulsating with anticipation. However, I lifted her up and explained to her that I had to turn the cameras on to record and switch on to a live feed on the TV. I then had her leave the room for her grand entrance. I grabbed one of the cameras off the tripod and had her knock and come in. She entered wearing her Catholic school girl outfit. Still unsure of herself, her head was bowed. To build her confidence up I told her again how beautiful she was (a blatant lie) and she looked up and smiled into the camera with her buck teeth showing. I had her do a pirouette that lifted her skirt up to expose her ripe ass cheeks and her cotton panties that were wedged between her ass cheeks. I then handed her some dark cherry lipstick and had her apply it to her lips with a thick coating. I then placed the camera on the tripod again. That camera faced the end of the bed. I had another camera placed to the side of the bed. My intention was to create a split screen on the TV with one camera capturing her giving me oral pleasure while the other captured her tiny ass cheeks bobbing up and down every time she bobbed up and down on my cock. Without further ado, I pulled my sweats down to expose my tumescent 8" cock. I then had her get on all fours to the side of me to line up her ass with the other camera. I then grabbed her by the hair and pulled her mouth down to my cock. She then opened wide and deep throated it leaving a well-defined lipstick ring at the base of my cock. As her lips slowly pulled off, she looked up at me and explained that she had been practicing on a cucumber the whole week to better please me. I lied to her and told her no other woman had pleased me like her and with that I grabbed her hair again and f***efully sent my cock down her throat. Her head began to bob up and down on my shaft as she let out guttural moans of delight. Sure enough, on the split screen, her ass cheeks were bobbing up and down in unison. I reached around to pull her panties down to her middle thighs and lifted her Catholic schoolgirl skirt up to expose her zit laden ass cheeks. To my surprise, her little anus was puckering and winking at the camera. I slid my finger in my mouth an reached around to cup her left cheek with my hand while my middle fingered disappeared gently into her asshole. She let out a muffled grunt because my entire shaft was down her throat. It made my cock throb to watch this close up of this barely legal mouth wrapped around my cock with her tiny ass exposed between skirt and panties with her bobbi socks and saddle shoes still on. After 15-minutes of an incredibly aggressive cock sucking, I could no longer hold cock and hips lifted off the bed as I shot rope after rope of cum in her greedy mouth. Gravity made most of it escape her mouth to descend down my shaft onto my pubes, balls and into my ass crack. Without coaching, she pushed my legs up to my chest and caught the stream of cum at my asshole before it reached the sheets. She licked it up and swallowed every last drop. She then lovingly tossed my salad, probing my anus with her tongue to ensure that she didn't miss any cum that may have seeped into my asshole. She then inserted each of my balls in her mouth and tugging on each to pull off the cum that had soaked them. She then took my tool back into her mouth and deep throated it to pull off that residual cum into her mouth. Finally, she slurped the cum off my pubes. By now, our time together was running short. So, I quickly got up and re-positioned her on the bed so that her ass was pointing directly at the camera, with her skirt hiked over her waist and her cotton panties pulled down to the backs of her knees. The saddle shoes and bobbi socks were also part of the camera frame for the Catholic school girl effect. I then pulled out a spray bottle from under the bed and misted her g****fruit sized ass cheeks and anus with a thick coating of baby oil. I then did the same to my still throbbing cock. I mounted her so that my body didn't block the view of her tight cheeks, which were now arched in the air with her anus pointed directly at the ceiling. I then looked back at the TV screen to line my cock up with her spongy anus and then slowly sunk my cock meat in her hungry backdoor. We both let out a simultaneous, primitive grunt of delight. To look back at the screen to see the sexual dimorphism of my large adult body and cock atop this miniature sized, girlish ass just made more bl**d flow into my swollen cock. I slow fucked her little rosebud for quite some time. For a camera effect, I had her spread her ass cheeks when I pulled out to show off her silver dollar sized o-ring...just like the teen in the porn film. And like an obedient girl, she would gape it, then snap it shut and then gape it again ready to invite my cock back inside. Soon, my thrusts became more and more aggressive as did her screams of delight. By this time she was going crazy because of the sound of the pitter patter we made when the small of my tummy met her tiny ass cheeks... along with my loose ball sack spanking her swollen clit with each thrust. Finally, just like in the movie, I pulled out and capped my cock and shot her gaped asshole with rope after rope of cum, along with a few final ropes to each glistening ass cheek. I quickly grabbed a spoon from the night stand and had her push my cum out of her asshole onto the spoon. I then had her turn around for the camera so I could spoon feed her our intermingled juices as a parting gift. I then patted her on her head and told her to go home so she wouldn't be late for dinner and that tomorrow I would send for her. She literally skipped out of the room with her head held high. She was gaining confidence which would soon lead to uninhibited acts of debauchery.

To be continued...
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1 year ago
great Story can't wait for the next part!!!
2 years ago
entertaining! is this a true story or the work of a very creative imagination?