The Cleaning Lady - yes, she is a lady :)

Originally writen for mrnormski, now i make it public :)


Right now I'm waiting for our cleaning lady to come to get my cock polished (it's her duty, isn't it?) and oiled :) She's an elderly lady 50+ who took to my cock by accident, me out of bath, towel got loose and she tells me: Long time since i saw one of those.

- Feast your eyes on it if you like!
- Oh, I sure will Mister, I sure will!
- You know, you can touch it too, it's not gonna break.

She comes closer and very tentatively reaches out and takes my dick in her hand. I let her choose her own pace, not wanting to spoil it for her. After holding it a few seconds she starts slowly squeezing some bl**d into it.

- Hey, you know you'll have to finish what you start?
- I will, don't you worry, but do not let your wife know, i do not want to lose this job.
- Why would I not wanna do that? It's not like you stole something, yeah maybe you rob her of one fuck, but she gets enough already. Plus when i DO tell her it will make her HOT as fuck :)
- You will tell? I will be out of a job then!
- No, you won't. She always gets to know who i fuck, it has always been like this between us, this way she never gets jealous :)
- May I suck it?
- Take your time :)

She takes me by the dick and seats me on the sofa, the she knees before me and starts to lick the head slowly, wetting it with her tongue. After a few more tongue lashes she downs on it and takes it to the hilt, the balls touching her kin.

- Hey, wait a minute, go slow there, we have the time you know!
- I couldn't take it anymore, it's 4 years without cock for me (she is married and i met her man).
- Your man does not sl**p with you anymore?
- Nope! He can get it up, I think all those years of filling bottles with air took to his cock!
- Have it your way then.
- I would very much like to get fucked in the throat, I've seen a movie on your computer (is always on) with a woman getting throatfucked and had to rub my cunt for hours just thinking about it. I even used one of your wife's dildoes to get the feeling. BTW, she has quite the collection there :)
- Your wish is my command. Come lay on the sofa with your head on the edge, I'm sure you will like it

She lies down and I put my spit shiny cock on her lips. She opens them and looks up to me begging me to get inside her mouth. I start to sink my cock slowly, but in one swift move she raises her head and takes it all again, then she lets me out.

- I do not want you to make love to my mouth, I need to get fucked.....

I start to fuck her and she starts moaning on my cock.

She starts to unbutton her blouse and snaps open her bra (she still has her clothes on) and i ask her:

- Hey, do you want me to get nasty with ALL of your body?
- Oh yeah! I sure hope you will...

20 thrusts later i take myself out of her mouth and sit her up. She has nice big hanging tits with very dark, very thick and rubbery nipples and still has her skirt on (she always dresses with blouse and skirt).

- Let me see the rest of you darling! and i put my hands on her thighs and start to rise her skirt up, then i notice her blush.
- What's the matter, you are going chicken on me?
- No, but I haven't trimmed my pussy (so now is pussy :D) in a while...
- Don't you worry about that sweetheart, i love me a fuzzy peach :)

That being said she sits up, opens up her zipper and lets her skirt fall.
OMG! Her hair is looking out of her cotton panties in every direction! It looks like an angry cat's tail and I am in HAIRY PUSSY HEAVEN!

I reach out and cup her mound through her panties and it fills my hand.

- Gee, you are wet!
- How could I not be after 4 years with no cock?
- Take them away!

She takes them down and lays them on the sofa.

- Rub your pussy and soak them with your juices. She does and moans in the process.
- Sensitive?
- Yeah, very, I can come only by cupping my pussy and holding it with my palm pressed hard on my clit.
- Hmmm, interesting! So you weren't without orgasm all these years (which I know is true, nobody could hold it that long)?
- Of course not, but on a cock is so much better.
- Why didn't you looked outside for a cock?
- When? I work 6 days a week and I'm not a beauty so I would probably need to pay to get fucked.
- No you wouldnt. There's a lot of young men out there looking to score on a mature BBW like yourself.
- What's a BBW?
- Big Beatiful Woman (she is +80 kilo at 1,70 high, almost like my wife)
- You think I'm beatiful?
- Sure I do!

She has a pretty face, full lips, a page hair cut that frames her face nice, nice blonde hair with silver strands in them, a GREAT rack, her legs are not so long but all in all really nice looking.

- Lick your panties for me!
- I never did that before!
- Then is high time you start!

She takes them up to her mouth and licks them with her tongue tip.

- Whole tongue, the crotch up and down!
- I'm not sure I can, never tasted my own cunt...
- In all these years you never sucked on your fingers while rubbing one out?
- I did, but never licked my panties.
- It's the same, maybe a bit pungent because of the sweat.

She takes her tongue out and starts to lick them.

- Mmmm, not bad!
- What did I said? We'll get a pervert out of you in no time.
- Would you fuck me now? Very hard and deep! I need it rough, fast and quick! And she turns herself on all four.

I put my dick at the entrance of her pussy and start sinking! OMG, this pussy is sooo WET! She's not very tight (4 k**s will do that to your pussy) but that doesn't matter. I bury myself in her pussy and i can feel her mound open on my dickhead.

- Start fucking me, and see that you come, please.
I start pounding her hard, as hard and fast as I can and thank God for my wife's bl**dy days that i cursed this morning :D. My balls start to boil, I can feel the end approaching and so does she. She's writhing under my weight, i have her pinned on the sofa and slam hard. She starts orgasming and moaning and begging.
- Cum on my pussy and asshole please, i like the feeling of hot manjuice on my holes.
I take myself out and start beating the sperm out of my balls on her sweet pussy and ass. She reaches from underneath and starts rubbing it in her hairs, amazing view!

- Thank you for making me feel myself as a woman again.
- I do not understand how your man could let you go dry all these years. You have an amazing pussy and you love to fuck, must be every man's dream.
- Yeah, well, he wasn't very keen on my loose pussy even when he could get it up.
- Why? It' nice and slippery, and he could have done you up the butt if you were too loose and he couldn't come in your pussy...
- Up the butt? Never did it, don't think I'll ever work up the nerve to even try to put something up my butt...
- It's really not so bad, you just need to take your time to prep it right, then it goes in like the hot knife through butter.
- But it's "dirty"...
- Yes, that is true, but is nothing a thorough douche could not get ready with. And i suppose you own a douche
- Yes I do!
- See? You just need to use it when you think you'll have sex and you're all ready...
- Hmm, that's food for thought. Now I need to get dressed and start cleaning, but thanks again for the nice cum. I really needed that...
- You don't need to get dressed, you can stay like this.
- But what about your neighbors? They could see through the windows?
- Then we are going to have the curtain pulled. I really like the way you look, if you were older you could pass for my mother in law (she's 67 and also a BBW, never got the nerve to try and approach her although she is a widow).
- Hmmm, do I see a little pseudoi****t fetish there?
- Not pseudo, but yes.
- How do you mean that?
- As a young boy i spanked the monkey to my moms pictures (bikiny shots on the beach) but never went any further than that.
- Do you want me to be your mommy?
- Sure do mom :)
- Come help mommy clean herself up.
- Do you want me to get a wet towel?
- NO! I was thinking more on the lines of the wet mini towel you have in your mouth :)
- Let me lie down on the sofa and you put your pussy on my mouth.

I lay myself down and she climbs over my head and starts lowering her pussy. The view starts to make me dizzy, I just love to see a pussy lowering itself on me. I get my tongue out and meet her and the moment my tongue tip touches her pussy she smothers me.

- OH MY GOD! The feel of a tongue on my pussy. It's just amazing. Lick momma's pussy for her, make her feel proud of her son!
- Rub yourself on me mom, and fuck my mouth with that sweet clit of yours.

She starts to rub her pussy on my mouth, the taste is amazing, hers an mine combined, the hair on her pussy tickling my lips, electrifying them, making me mad with lust. She starts to move faster, her pussy starts swelling, faster, faster, OMG! She lets herself go, fills my mouth with her sweet pussy juice! It's going to be a long day for me and her :)


"Mommy" is due again today for her weekly visit and I'm building up a load for her :)
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6 months ago
mmmm I'm loving it ;)
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Lovely story.
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