No words necessary

Mr O'Reilly had been placed just before Samantha had started working there. This building had been at the same location for many years and had recently struggled mostly due to the failing neighbourhood in which it was located.

He was in his mid-thirties. He was fit and muscular. His physic was normally masked by the loose fitting clothing that he wore. He routinely swam at the local pool with a group of young men who made the activity their scheduled routine. It was one of his ways in which as head of community he connected with those in the neighbourhood. It was also the reason for his fit physical condition. He had sandy coloured hair and a handsome strong face. When he smiled it beamed kindness and caring.

Samantha had an outgoing personality and an excellent phone voice. She believed these personality traits along with her affordable income had influenced the decision that she would remain working when the school shut down. Others had been there longer but all things considered she was believed to be the best choice. She would work 3 - 4 days a week as needed and in essence was now his personal secretary.

Samantha enjoyed the personal attention that she received in her new position. She would work closely with Mr O'Reilly as she took dictation, typed and performed the other various duties the position required. The office was really just one large room with desks at right angle to one another. If there was a visitor or a counselling session scheduled then she would e****t the guests to a conference office for privacy. Otherwise Samantha and he would always work in the same office together. She would sometimes catch herself gazing across the room at this handsome kind man. He might look up from his work and smile at her having no idea what was going through her mind at the time.

Samantha was after a short time in this new position going home to the privacy of her bedroom and fanaticising about the her boss. She knew deep down that it was wrong but it had become a spell that she could not break. She would get on her computer and visit sites where she could easily place him and her into an erotic situation. She would spend hours into the late night escaping into her private obsession. She would get herself so hot and aroused that she would be on the edge of explosion. During the height of her escape she would retire to her bed slip a finger down between her pussy lips that were already dripping with readiness and finger herself to climax over and over again. It became her ritual of self-gratification that put her to sl**p most nights.
Normally Samantha did not work two days in a row. Tomorrow however she was scheduled to work with Mr O’Reilly to do some decorating for a special service that was to take place on the following Sunday. She had been told to dress casually as the task would require a bit of manual labour. She ignored his request and wore a somewhat more casual and much shorter than normal bouncy little skirt and a flowing silky thin blouse. Under her outfit she made sure to wear the finest revealing bra and thong set that she owned. She decided that if her dress was questioned that she would just act naïve. After all this was the first time that they had decorated together. She arrived at the church to find Mr O’Reilly dressed casually in the sweats that she had seen and admired him wearing on the basketball court.

In the office they first planned the steps of the decorating that they were to perform. Samantha made sure that today she stood close enough that Mr O’Reilly could smell her lightly perfumed and fresh smelling skin as they went over the plan. She could feel the heat from his body as she noticed his eyes looking through her ever so slightly transparent silk blouse. She noticed the familiar bulge in his sweats swell as he was getting excited with her presence. Once it was decided what was to be placed where they left the office to gather the supplies and get started. Mr O’Reilly went to fetch a ladder and Samantha went to a storeroom to gather a few of the initial decorations. They met in the sanctuary of the old reception area and he set the ladder below a fixture where a decoration was to be placed.

Samantha quickly grabbed the appropriate decoration and headed up the ladder. She was well aware that Mr O’Reilly below was going to have an unobstructed view of her bottom side clad only in the little wedge of fabric that covered her pussy lips. As she came to the top step she leaned forward to hang the decoration she could feel his eyes piercing her cunt and the excitement immediately made her juices flow. She took her time and moved her body in a teasing way that she was sure would drive him wild. As she stepped down not a word was said as he smiled and picked up the ladder and moved it to the next fixture. Again Samantha bounced up the ladder and again she felt the excitement as he stood below holding the ladder and gazed up at her. As she came down she hoped that he would not notice the moisture that she could now feel soaking through her panties. Her game of trying to excite his passions had her wet and ready and she just knew that as she came down the ladder this time that he would be able to smell the sweet aroma of her womanly arousal. She also had a feeling that the game in which she had been playing for so long was about to come to a climatic conclusion. Mr O’Reilly again only smiled as he picked up the ladder and moved it to the final fixture. As Samantha got ready to hike up the ladder again she could not help but notice the huge bulge in his sweats. There was a large wet spot soaking the fabric. The brush of her hand could feel it pulse forward hard as a rock and tormented to the point of explosion as his hard cock was confined tightly in the sweats. Samantha hiked up on the ladder and this time Mr O’Reilly placed a hand on the outside of her skirt as he gently lifted her to the next step. Up to the top of the ladder she went and once again the open view of all of her goods. As she came down he was right there to meet her. Without saying a word he gently grabbed her legs and spun her around on the steps of the ladder until she was now facing him. He helped her down one more step until her pussy was now even with his face. Reaching up under her skirt he pulled her panties down. As he did he tore the band that held them together and slid them into her mouth, hooking the broken band around her head, biting his lip as he did so. He now gently pushed her back to sit on the step as he hiked the skirt she was wearing and placed her legs dangling over his shoulders. Now he had full access to her sweet pussy. He first kissed it passionately. He slowly probed her sweet slit with his tongue. His eyes gazing up at her and then thrust it deep into her. Samantha could not contain herself as the teaser had now become the prize. Samantha stood up and spread his legs so she could stand between them, slid her arm around his neck and pulled his lips in, He crushed his lips into her, she moaned. Fuck his lips knew what to do; he slid his hands around her waist to pull her in more, then a hand slide up to her hair. He started to slowly undo her shirt buttons. His eyes watching her. He stood up. Suddenly grabbing Samantha, pushing her against the wall, grabbed her shirt, ripping it open, he pulled down her bra, he looked at her and lowered his lips to her breasts, putting her nipple into his mouth. He played with my other nipple with his fingers, rolling it back and forth. I tried to undo his shirt but he grabbed my wrists and pushed them against the wall too, he played with each nipple, teasing them with his tongue. "I've been wanting to play with these tits for so fucking long" he groaned, he stood up and picked me up; he walked over to the desk and lay her on it.

She waited anxiously as the only sensation she could feel was his hot breath on her neck and the outline of his hard cock beneath his trousers, still growing as it pressed harder into her buttocks. Then she felt a second of a touch inside her skirt...his finger pushing past her hood, onto her wet clit, ever so briefly. She waited for more, more eagerly now. After what felt like an interminably long time, she felt his palm grab the flesh of her soft cushy mound. He kneaded her in a way she had never felt before, her clit underneath so happy with even this indirect contact. But after a few glorious minutes, his hand was gone again.

All at once his hand slammed down on her ass reawakening the pleasure/pain that was beginning to dull. Then her legs were pulled apart and she felt his manhood probing against her throbbing womanhood. She wanted him inside her again. And with a mighty shove, he impaled himself. He drove into her as he grasped her thighs, his hand grasped around the back of her neck, forcing her face down.

Mr O'Reilly laid her softly on the rug and hugged her lovingly. No words were necessary. She could feel her dripping pussy sucking to keep a hold on him. He stood her on the floor. Samantha’s knees were weak and wobbly so he held her until she was standing stable on her own.

Samantha and Mr O’Reilly worked together for several more years. During his stay people saw them as a real team. If only they knew. She continued to tease and yes to routinely please. They both treasured each other as their own personal secret.

Time and service honoured Mr O’Reilly with a transfer to a larger more successful parish. He moved away and they never saw each other again.

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