My first time Act III

My first time Act III
On the following Wednesday. I was getting ready to shower in the locker room after practice. When Ronnie came over to me and said, "Coach said that you're now a member of the special team. Is that right?"

In the 4 days since I had been at Bob's house. I had thought incessantly about the activities. I looked at myself in the mirror in the morning as I got ready for school and realized that I didn't look any different, except maybe a little happier. Since I had seen pictures of my friends and teammates engage in the same activities, it never even really occurred to me that what I was doing was wrong for unacceptable. All I knew was that I was about as happy as I've ever been. My only concern was that if somehow my parents found out they would like what I was doing, not really, because of the nature of what I was doing, but my parents never seem to approve of anything that I did. I just seemed never to be good enough for them. I had a younger b*****r who was 9 and he received the same sort of constant disapproval from them that I did.

With a smile. I told Ronnie "yup! Did he have a chance to talk to you about you and me coming over together sometime to his house?"

He was sitting on the locker room bench with his elbows on his knees and he turned his head to me and in a soft voice said, "yeah, he did and he's going to talk to you about coming over on Sunday afternoon to do some more basketball game watching. You think you're available, then?"

"I'll talk with my folks and see if we are going to my aunt's house or grandmother's house for dinner on Sunday. If not, it sounds perfect. Can I ask you a question? "

"Go ahead, ask away."

I told him, "I felt pretty special to be a member of the team did you feel that way too?"

His face crinkled up in a little bit of a grin, and he responded "yeah, I know what you mean. I hope that you can make it over on Sunday."

I spoke with my parents and learned there was nothing schedule for Sunday. I told them, "coach wants me to come over again with a couple other guys on the team so we can watch the Celtics game and talk about man-to-man defense. Coach says I need some work on my man-to-man skills." My dad grew up in Boston and was a huge Celtics fan and like to remind the that "offense wins games defense wins championships." Because our Junior League basketball team was becoming very cohesive, he responded, "can't you guys work at that at practice?"

"Hey dad, coach says that we can learn a whole lot more from watching the way the Celtics do it, then we could ever at practice."

He said, "well, he does have a point. Since we don't have anything scheduled for Sunday afternoon, I don't see why not. Bob sure is a dedicated coach. He seems to have the knack for taking a ragtag bunch of k**s and turning them into quite a team."

Inside my head. There are lots of responses whirling around, but I didn't say any of them except "I think that because he's a teacher. He really has a knack for teaching and he really seems to like coaching our team. Thanks, I'm glad that I'm going to be able to go because I want to stay a part of the starting team."

Sunday afternoon, couldn't come soon enough. I spent virtually the entire week with an erection thinking about the photos and the activities of the previous weekend. I told Ronnie at school that I was going to be free on Sunday. I remember how his face lit up and he smiled and responded, "cool, it's going to be fun."

At the beginning of the year. Bob had given us team members. His phone number so that in case we were going to be unable to make it to a game or practice because of illness or f****y reasons we could call him and let him know. Previous to this, I had never called him because I had never missed a game or practice. I found a list and dialed his number on the phone on the kitchen wall. My mom was there, making dinner, so I knew for some reason that I would have to be careful with what I said so as not to say anything that might in some way indicate to her that quote something fishy" to use her favorite expression was going on. My mom is quite a little busybody and often talked about neighbors and teachers at the school where she worked, which is not to school I went to. She was a secretary.

After couple rings a voice answered the phone. I said, "hello coach. This is Ed, just let you know that my folks don't have anything planned for Sunday and my dad said it was a good idea to get the team together to watch the Celtics and work on our man-to-man skills.."

I heard a small chuckle, followed by "hey, great, I heard from Ronnie and know that he's got to be able to make it too."

Mostly for the benefit of my mother's ears. I said, "my dad said there are special codes and you've really turned a ragtag bunch of k**s into a pretty good team. He said you're really good coach and teacher. I'm really glad to be a member of the team. I'm learning so much."

Again, I heard a bit of a chuckle and the response of "well you are quite talented as I mentioned, and you and Ronnie are definitely very important members of the special team. See you on Sunday."

On Sunday morning phone rang and I heard my mother answer it and then she called out, "at its Ronnie. He wants to know if you need a ride to coaches to watch the game?"

"Mom tell them that would be great. What time will he come by to pick me up?"

After mom finished the conversation she came into my room and said his dad will come by about 1 o'clock to pick you up."

I took a shower and put on clean underwear to make sure that I was all cleaned up for what I was sure was going to happen. A couple minutes before 1 o'clock I heard all horn beep twice and looked out and saw Ronnie's dad's car and told my mom that I was leaving and I would be home, probably around dinnertime, which at our house was at 6 o'clock.

Ronnie's parents were in the front of the car and I got into the back where Ronnie was seated. Since my dad had a reputation as a huge basketball fan and quite knowledgeable, mostly for the benefit of Ronnie's parents. I said, "I told my dad that coach was having team over to watch the Celtics game to work on our man-to-man skills and my dad said that coach was really good and that he had turned bus from a bunch of ragtag k**s into a really good team." Ronnie took this all in and responded, " yeah, coach is a really good teacher and we are in 2nd place in the league."

It wasn't much more than about a 10 minute ride to coach's house. Ronnie's dad dropped us off and asked, "what time do you guys want me to pick you up? How about 530?"

Ronnie said. "Great that only coach know that so he won't have to call you."

Right. I walked up the walk and climb the stairs to the front porch and knocked on the door. Coach answered the door wearing sweatpants and a T-shirt. I got the idea that things are going to move a lot more quickly this time than they had the 1st time I was over.

"Hey guys, glad you could make it. Do you want a beer?"

Although I had taken a beer out of the refrigerator from my dad's. I really had never had anyone offer me a beer. I was feeling pretty grown-up at that moment. I heard Ronnie say "sure, coach. Ed, do you want one too?"

"Sure, coach."

Coach said. "Hang up your coats over there and make yourself comfortable, I'll be right back."

Coach came back in with a couple of bottles of Pabst blue ribbon and a glass with some amber liquid in ice for him. He went over and turned on the television to the basketball game station. The game wouldn't start for about another 20 minutes. This is in the days of 5 channels and before remotes so we just let the TV stay on that channel. By the way, it was a black and white TV. As coach sat down, I noticed a bulge in the front of his sweatpants. I turned and looked at Ronnie and he smiled and nodded slightly. I took that to mean that he had noticed 2 on the table beside the chair were coach had sat. I noticed the Polaroid camera and 3 boxes of film, which I think meant that he had 24 shots. There was a small box similar to a shoebox on the table, coach, motion to it and set that my photo box, you can open it. Ronnie picked up the box and pulled off the lid and pulled out the photos they were probably 75 to 100 photos in there. Some of them were bound with rubber bands inside of envelopes on the front of the envelopes. There were years 1958 59, 60 and 61, since it was 1961 Ronnie and I opened that one 1st. And sure enough, there were the pictures of our teammates Fred and David and the photos of him and me inside the envelope in a smaller envelope labeled playoffs were the photos of Ronnie and Fred with each other and the pictures of Fred Ronnie David and I holding his cock and sucking him Ronnie put the photos back in the envelope and laid them on the table and then looked at the 1958 envelope and opened in it were pictures of some boys who are now 17 and 18, when they were probably 12 and 13, there were pictures of the boys naked, masturbating and with another envelope also labeled playoffs were pictures of these boys holding coaches cock and sucking him Ronnie and I noticed that there was also another even thinner envelope that had the words championship when he opened it Ronnie and I both recognized one of the older guys from the earlier set of photos, but he was in a different place and was on his knees in front of a different sofa sucking on a different cock Ronnie and I looked at each other.

"Coach did you move? Did you get a new sofa?"

Coach responded, "no, that's not my house and that is a friend of mine. Since you guys are on the starting team. I was, talk to you about that. I'm kind of glad that you found those. We can talk about that in a little while, but now let's have some fun.
That was all it took for Ronnie and I to stand up and start to get undressed. Meanwhile, coach, bloated a fresh pack of film into the Polaroid. As we sat down each of us began to touch ourselves. Both of us were pretty excited already. Most Ronnie and I took a swig out of our beer and put the bottles back on the coffee table. We move closer together so that were sitting right next to each other since Ronnie and I had to to each other off previously there was virtually no hesitation in interest, reaching across grab the other ones cock. I have to admit that the combination of his hand. What I was seeing and feeling and the thoughts about what was almost certainly going to happen were making me extremely aroused. Apparently rotted. I weren't the only ones that were excited because when I looked up coach had taken his sweatpants off and was holding his fully erect cock.

"Guys let me get a shot of this, you guys are so handsome!" He then picked up the camera inserted flashbulb and stood up. He instructed Ryan, I wear to place the hand that wasn't occupied and asked us to lean closer together, which we did. He snapped a picture and told us to continue to have fun. He peeled photo off of the negative and said, " really excellent!"
Okay, who's going to go 1st?" He said that he thought I should go 1st, because I was so talented, which made Ronnie's face screw up in misunderstanding. Ronnie said, what coach, I'm high score on the team!" Coach instructed him to open the 1961 envelope and get out the photos in the playoff envelope, which he did. Coach said. "Ronnie is more than one kind of talent. Take a look at the picture of ad and me. You'll see a talent that I was referring to." Ronnie did so and studied the photo he put it side-by-side with his photo performing on coach. After about a minute Ronnie looked at me and said, "didn't want to make you choke?" With a smile. I replied, "no, not a bit!"

Coach chimed in, "it really is pretty special. And since it was his 1st time I was even more surprised you could learn something from them. Is it okay if he goes 1st?"

Ronnie said. "I thought you were talking about basketball talent. But I understand sure he can go 1st."

Coach said. "Ronnie slide over to the edge of the sofa and Ed , you kneel on the floor. I want to sit at the other end of the couch."

We all positioned ourselves as indicated, and I wrapped my hand around Ronnie's cock, which was a little bit longer than mine, and a slight bit fatter. Just as I had done with coach. I use my hand to tilt him towards me and lowered my mouth onto him. Since he was not nearly as thick as coach. I had no trouble sliding down onto him. Almost instinctively, I began to Bob I had up and down in a slow rhythm. I actually liked the feel of him in my mouth. It was so firm so strong as I had done before I was pressing into the front of the sofa and moving my hips a little to get some added stimulation. As I was bobbing, I heard coaches voice.

"Ed, why don't you see how much of him. You can take in your mouth." I began to move my head further and further onto him and stretched my lips outward get as much as I could. Only when I felt a little girl of Ronnie's pubic hair on. I knows I realize that I had taken all of him. I surprised myself because I could feel him hitting the back of my throat, but I never once gagged.

I heard coaches voice say, "when you get about halfway down, stop so I can get a good picture. I want to get a picture that some of my friends will like. You really are specially gifted. After I snapped the 1st picture, see if you can go all the way down again and I will snap another."

Without prompting. Ronnie said. "While this is super incredible! How does he do that without gagging?"

Coach said. "See some people just have sick of the talents, just like you can't tell if a person is a good musician when you see them walking down the street. It just has a gift that he can use in this way, almost anyone can learn to to do better. Only a few people have such a gift.."

Coach continued, "Ed, maybe you should think about giving Ronnie of reward for him being the 1st guy that you've been able to go all the way on. You guys both remember the rewards that I gave you for becoming part of my extra special team right??"

I set up a bit and said while looking at coach, "the same reward that you gave us?" Ronnie said I really remember that.

Coach said. "Remember that I said we could all learn more about this? We're all friends here and we have a perfect opportunity for you both to take another step forward in learning. What do you guys think? Before you answer. I know your 1st question will be how does it taste. Well, each person is a little bit different. According to their body chemistry, but in almost all cases where the person doesn't smoke. It's actually pretty mild."

Because the relationship with my teammates and particularly with by adult coach who really seem to appreciate me was making me very happy. I answered with "I don't see why not. I want to learn as much as I can." With that, I dropped my head back down onto Ronnie and to let him know that the previous sword swallowing was not a fluke. I made it a point to go from the tip to the base on about 5 consecutive strokes. As I did so and could feel them hit the back of my throat. I also felt a little twitch. I could hear Ronnie, breathing harder and harder.

Coach said. "Ed when you finish him off. Pull your head about halfway off so you can swallow his come and really taste him. If he shoots right down your throat. It is beyond where your taste buds are so you'll never know what it taste like. Okay? Ronnie, be sure you let him know when it's going to happen so that he can do that, is that all right?"

Without disengaging. I said, "uh huh!" I heard Ronnie say "got it coach" I returned to my activity and after only about 15 or 20 more strokes. I heard Ronnie say "I'm going to come!"

I did as I was instructed and immediately it was a warm, moist sensation in my mouth. I could feel his cock, throbbing as he gave me a reward. I disengaged with a slight popping sound and swallowed. Although I can't remember precisely the taste. I do remember that it was quite mild and enjoyable.

Coach let out a soft chuckle and said, "Ed really are something special. It took every drop, no funny face no hesitation and no gagging. Ronnie, sure that you and Ed are going to be learning a lot from each other in the coming months and years. I'm sure that you won't forget that ever. Ronnie, it's your turn switch places."

It's only a matter of seconds before Ronnie was working on me. I remember thinking that I was his 3rd blow job, at least. I saw the picture of him with Fred and coach.

"Ronnie think you should show aired his appreciation for that and give him a reward. After all, this will be the 1st time you've let someone come in mouth isn't that right?" I remember how funny I thought it was when Ronnie tried to not and just tried to say the word "yes" while we were fully engaged. Try has he may Ronnie just couldn't go all the way down on me without triggering his gag reflex. So he went as far as it could, which I thought was pretty wonderful. As excited as I was. I knew it wasn't to take me long before I exploded. In a minute or 2. I said, "Ronnie, I'm going to come," apparently, being a good student. He pulled almost all the way off as I exploded into his mouth. I was so engrossed with what is going on that I don't even remember the flash going off. I do remember him swallowing it. Then taking a swig from his beer and saying, "that wasn't half bad. In fact, kind of like it."

I remember hearing coach say: "these are really great photos. I am going to show these to some of my other friends probably, a couple of them will probably want to meet you guys especially you Ed. They're all really cool guys and most of them are coaches and teachers and scoutmasters."

Coach said," Ed as long as we are eagerly learning things. Maybe you'd like to see if your gift works on me. Would you be willing to try that?"

I was feeling pretty elated by the praise and that it was coming. Not only from Ronnie, but from coach as well. I looked over at coach and saw that he was quite a bit fatter than Ronnie, but not that much longer. I remember saying, "coach. I'm here to learn and I would be glad to give it a try."

Coach said that it would be absolutely wonderful and asked Ronnie to move over to where he was and showed him how to work the camera.

I I moved over to the other end of the sofa and kneeled on the floor. I was determined that I was going to give this a real try. I didn't want to disappoint my coach who had been so nice to me. I had another swig out of my dear, and immediately slipped down onto him. Unlike the 1st time I do that it would fit. I do remember feeling how wide. My mouth was open. I began to slide down further with each stroke. Of course, he had much more hair than Ronnie. One unmistakable sensation that I remember was a pressure on the back of my throat, coupled with hair tickling my nostrils. I heard my coaches voice. ", You are an amazing boy., You are truly rare! Oh my God!" At that moment I knew that at least in one way, I was special.

Coach instructed me to pause halfway down and told Ronnie to shoot the 1st photo, which he did after about a minute coach asked me to go all the way down and stay there all Ronnie took another photo. I noticed that it was actually not that hard at all to just stay all the way down. After the photos had been taken coach told me that accepting and swallowing come should always be part of a blow job. He reminded me to just make sure to pull halfway off so I could taste it. He told me, "Ed got me excited as I ever get, it's not going to take me very long to come. I'll let you know."

Since I did not need to use my hands on him by hands were on his hips. I started to have some fun. By varying the depth and speed of my action, but continued to go all the way down every few strokes. I could hear him, breathing hard as hard as he did when we were doing sprints at the end of practice. I noticed that seem to be getting a little bit harder and I heard him say, "oh yes, it's time! "I moved halfway up receive a large squirt of come. He continued to twitch and empty into my mouth for what seemed to be a long time after a little while I moved up off of him, so that I could swallow his taste was a little bit saltier and a little stronger than Ronnie, but again, it was still pretty mild and I enjoyed it, and the contrast.

Coach Dan said, "Ed in all my years teaching boys like you and Ronnie about this. There has been only 2 other boys who have come close to your gift. You saw a picture of one, Lewis, from 1958, but it took him some practice to realize his gift. You are the only true natural talent I have ever experienced, and I thank God for that."

Coach told Ronnie and me that we would definitely be invited to a special end of the season party. He explained to us that Ronnie me and Fred would all be invited and some of coaches closest friends would be there as well. Coach summarized by saying, "you guys are 2 All-Stars. Today was absolutely incredible, but there is still so much more to learn. Hey, you guys better put yourselves together because it's 5:10 and you going to get picked up at 5:30.

To be continued
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1 year ago
I'm so hard now! I want to be a coach and a player!
1 year ago
wow that was so hot I need more please. i love the fact that you are practicing, because practice makes perfect. :)