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I was round a friend house with some of our friends drinking and splashing around in the pool having a laugh I was 18 at the time .We had run out of drinks and had to go to shops to get some more, my friends went I decided to stay behind and sunbathe by the pool.
I was sunning my self when I heard a noise in the pool thinking friends were back I looked up and saw Jane younger s****r who was 13 in the pool she waved and said hi.
She got out of the pool and walked over to her towel thats when i saw her bikini was very tiny much more revealing than her older s****r , it was semi transparent and could see that she had a camel toe and was smooth,my cock got hard which being 9" and fairly thick was hard to hide .
Julie sat next to me and was looking at my cock could see her nipples getting hard,she said i should have cream on and put some on my stomache and rubbed it in.I was shocked as she went lower to my trunks and her hand went under my waist band and felt her hand on my cock.
She pulled it out and gasped when she saw it ,she put m hand on her tits which were small but firm and felt good especially her niples. My cock was really hard as she rubbed it ,I suddenly lent over and kissed her she moaned and felt her grasp my cock harder.I slipped my hand in her bikini bottoms and felt her cunt which was wet and warm and very smooth ,as my finger went in which was tight her hips started to move and she moaned into my mouth.
I felt her bikin bottoms go loose as she untied them ,I heard her say fuck me ,please fuck me and the next thing she was on top of me and my cock being f***ed into her tight cunt ,edventually it was in and she just dropped on to it all of it was in felt so good.
She eventually started to fuck me cumming several times moaning swearing as she came ,I could feel her juices as I fucked her till she collapsed onto me .I felt my self cumming so I came out of her and told her to open her mouth as i put my cock in there and wanked shooting cum into her mouth which she swalowed licking me clean.
We heard the door go and voices so we put our stuff back on and Julie disappeared indoors and 5mins later friends came into garden with cold beers,15mins later Julie appeared in a 1 piece black dull swimsuit and her s****r introduced us to her.
Julie became lovers sex partners and we fucked at least 2-3 times a week ,Julie was very sexed up and like to fuck when and where she could.
I use to work in Soho and there was lots of sex shops which I visited during lunch and after work where they had small film booths wher you can watch sex films and some of these cubicls had holes in them where guys would watch other guys etc wanking.
One night I took Julie over to soho show her where I work she was 14 now her tits had grown but not her cunt hair still smooth which was different as everyone had hairy cunts but I loved hers.
She asked if we can go into a sex shop I knew one where the guy was usually busy reading so we went in she saw all the stuff clothes sex toys she said she was horny needed a fuck so I took her downstairs to the film booths.
We got in and put film on and showed a female with 3 guys having sex julie was turned on and stripped off she was nude except for her stockings and hi heels ,she pulled my trousers of and started to wank me and suck me .I got her up to show her something it was a cock pocking through the hole she wass shocked but i put her hand on it told her to wank him ,she started to wank him then she got on her knees and sucked him and wank him suddenly there was a moan and he came in julie mouth i was so turned on that i told her not swallow i went and kissed her and tasted his cum then she swallowed.We heard a noise next to us and there was another hole on other side julie looked and a cock appeared it was a black cock julie went to it and wanked it and it grew it was huge bigger than mine julie hand didnt go round it .She begged to let her fuck it I have only guy to fuck her, before i could say anything she turned round was trying to get it in her cunt ,i heard a pop and it wass in her .
Julie was going back and forth on his cock I stood in front of her told her to fuck him hard she started to moan and scream so i put my cock in hwer mouth she came loads nearly fainting .
There was a big moan from next door Julie said he cum in her loads she said ,julie turned round and cleaned his cock .
Told her to sit on seat open her legs and went down and cleaned her ,the guys cock was still in hole for some reason I sucked it dont know why but i did made him hard again told julie to fuck him this time she did faint from cumming loads ,guy said he was cumming got julie to suck him and to take his cum then she put into my mouth .... We eventually dressed and left the cubicle as we got out a big well dressed black guy was waiting he gave us his card and was surprised at julie how young she was but asked to give him a call......thats another story
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excellent story keep um cumming
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this a great piece
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more like this plese