My sexual re-awaking

My name Tina 56 been married for a long time and since i was about my arly 40's have gone off sex reasons why dont know.My husband tried lots of things to get me interested even suggesting me meeting and fucking another guy and telling him when I got home ,but was always a big NO.
Last year we went to Crete for 2week holiday nice hotel etc beach sun but sadly for my hub no sex .I saw him look at the girls women round pool,beach and out and often see his cock get hard my poor hub.
One night we went out and i had a button summer dress low to show my big tits and big nipples i do like to show yet again poor hub .
We had a meal and went to a bar where i had a bottle of wine and hub had beer ,about 30mins after we arrived he said he had to go back to hotel and he see me after i finished my wine.So there was i by myself in a bar drinking,i nearly finished when a young guy came over and asked if i was by myself i said "yes" so he got me to join him and his 4 friends who were rather fit .
They bought me cocktails and got me on the floor dancing a few slow dances where i felt there hands on my bum and on my tits and of course there hard cocks .
They somehow managed to get me to there room where someone said i should see the view from room,i was on balcony looking when a pair of hands slid under my dress and betwen my legs gradully going upto my pussy wich was soaking .I started to moan didnt realise how loud i was moaning as i felt hands on my tits and my dress being unbuttoned till i was just in my hi heel sandels .I was led to the bed where i was laid down and my legs opened and a tongue on my pussy within 30 secs i wazs cummin and moaning .A cock was pushed into my mouth hadnt had a cock for over 12yrs and more in my mouth it fet so good a nice young cock as well.
Had a cock in both hands and now a cock in me fucking me god was it good I was so unhibited that i said the word i hate loads "cunt" "fuck my wet cunt " etc after a while he was about to cum told him to shoot his cum in my cunt and god was it loads and hot mmmmmm.
Soon as he finished another took his place fucking me shooting there cum in me ,all 5 came in my cunt and then in my mouth and tits ect .Was fucked for about 2-3hrs came loads was kissed pasionate by them toungues in my mouth etc ,Any way was time to go put dress on ,my tits ,face,hair mouth and cunt had cum in & over my body had a lovely glow ,just as i was going a younger guy came they called Dong and they told him to take me back.
On the way back he told me he had been teased by this girl then dropped was horny ,i felt his hand on my bum then under my skirt rubbing my bum then inbetwen my legs.
We was near hotel when he took my hand and led med down this quite alley and pushed me against the wall and kissed me and i kissed him back and he undid the few butons i had done up and i drop my dress i was so sexed up .
He told me to suck him ,i ripped his shorts down and then i realise the name dong ,his cock was thick but also long 10 -11" Long but it was the thickness .He grabbed my hair and pulled me to his cock and told me to suck it you dirty slut ,as i got in my mouth he pusheed and i gagged but he said swallow and eventually it was all in which surprised me .He fucked my mouth for a while and god was he hard, then he turneed me around roughly and stuck it my cunt it took my breath away,within a few thrust i cum as he fucked me i was swearing at him to fuck me hard .He told me to lick his 2 fingers then suddenly felt one in my ass i never let hub do it then the other as he fucked me ,after the shock it was fucking brill .He pulled them out and told me to suck them slowly whicjh i did could taste my ass juices .
I was so sexed up that next was a surprise he pulled out after shootin his load and felt a nudge at my ass then he pushed his cock in it hurt tried to stop him but he just pushed it in .
I have never let my do anything like that was a no always now I got a 16yr fucking my ass and me creaming i like it after a while and cummin loads he pulled out told me to lick his cock clean slowly I ven licked the shit up as well was turning me on kept slaping me calling me a slut bitch etct told him i was in my posh voice .He was wanking said he was going to cum again over my face and in my mouth and boy did he cum i was covered and he tasted really nice .
As he stood there with his donkey cock said he needed to piss suddenly i wass covered in piss he told me to open my mouth use me to piss in which i did 1st time i tasted piss it was ok.........Eventually he said good bye I asked for his mobile which he gave me .
I arrived in our hotel room a few funny looks at reception,my hub was asl**p I woke him then said got a surprise for you and i tied his hands to bed and stripped in front of him then kised him said can you taste it then breathed over him said it was cum.Told him to lick my tits said is it salty wanted to know who he was as went down on his stiff cock and sucked it .Told him his posh wife been a very dirty slut and will always be a dirty slut posh wife .
He asked where i met him i said them as i gently wanked him ,all 6 guys he thought i was lying so told him to open his mouth and then pushed out all the cum from my cunt into mouth which was loads he loved it told him not to swallow but to pass it back in my mouth then back to his .
I said you want to fuck your posh slut wife in her cum filled cunt he was shocked so i said cunt cunt sexy to him his cock grew in my hand .I put it in to my cunt and slowly fucked him had to stop or he cum ,said you want to cum he nodded so i got off and then slowly put his cock in my ass so he could see and then fucked him hard ,saying you like your sluts ass want to fuck it hard as i rocked on it suddenly he moaned and came .
I untied him and we had sex rough sex fucked my ass loads ,fucked on balcany where we were watched by a young couple .My hub afterwards went to take a piss I followed told him to go into shower and I held his cock over my mouth and told him to piss over me in my mouth hair anywhere.
The rest of the holiday I fucked the guys again a few times and others telling my hub in detail and he always licked me clean and me him after he fucks my ass.
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4 years ago
Nice... Waiting for the next one.
4 years ago
wtf are you talking about