As Night Falls... circa 2008

As night falls over the city, the pink and orange hues in the sky remind you of something…a warm memory of a lost embrace…the longing for a certain touch. As quickly as you can without seeming anxious, you get the k**s ready to go to grandmas for the night. The night is young and so are you, and by damn you’re going out tonite! Tonite is the night, you’re finally going to meet that mystery man from the internet…a mix of anxiety and sexpectation cloud your mind. The more you think about it, the wetter you get, and on the drive to your girl’s house, for some pre-drinking and to finish getting ready, you’re f***ed to massage your lips with your finger tips. After a few moments, you regain your composure and arrive at your first destination. Hours pass while you get ready, talk about what could happen, and what you’re going to do. After what seems like an eternity, 9 finally rolls around and you head out. The two of you head to Fuzzy’s, the prearranged meeting spot.

The mystery man is already there, waiting impatiently for what seemed like hours, but was barely 10 mins. He and his associate sit facing the door, trying not to look anxious, but he is failing miserably. As you come through the door, a slight gust of wind ripples up your skirt, and he catches a glimpse of your milky white thighs. You scan the room, trying to spot him from his picture…when your almost ready to give up and head to the bar to wait, your eyes meet. Immediately, each of you know. Know it’s on tonite. As you make your way to their table, suddenly a pair of arms wraps around your waist and turns you around. You open your mouth to protest, and he puts his lips to yours…the bar melts away as you exchange a long passionate kiss. As reality seeps back in, he takes you by the hand and leads you to their table, where you find a pair of Long islands awaiting your arrival. Introductions are made all around, and as you sip your drinks, small talk ensues. As you converse with the group, you notice his eyes haven’t left yours…the depth of his gaze, the steel blue color of his eye’s, he has you under his power. After a trip to the bar for more drinks, he moves his chair closer to yours. The conversation turns from small talk to more intimate subjects. He leans over and whispers in your ear “ I want to lick you all over” and gently flicks your ear with his tongue. Your body quivers with anticipation. As he continues to whisper in your ear, your mind races. Suddenly you notice his hand has made it half way up your leg, his warm hand slowly caressing your inner thigh, sliding ever so gently toward your panty line. Your pulse quickens as he gently runs his finger tip up and down your wet lips, slowly arcing over the hood of your clitoris, then gently sliding his finger inside your warm waiting pussy. After a moment that seemed way to short, he pulls his hand away from your leg, and puts his finger in his mouth. “Delicious” he says as he slyly grins and leans back into his chair.

The time and the drinks pass. What little apprehension that was present when you arrived have long since disappeared. All your left with is an overwhelming urge to have him. Have him in your mouth, in your lips, just have him…..NOW! You lean over and whisper in his ear “Let’s go for a ride”…and the 4 of you head out to the car. You climb into the passenger seat of his car, and the others pile in the backseat. As he starts the car and drives off, he reaches into the armrest and produces a fat blunt. He hands it to you with the lighter. As you ride around town, the mood settles into an air of sexual tension, and everyone feels it. After you’ve finished smoking, you push the armrest up and slide over to him. The smell of him is intoxicating. The backseat disappears. It’s just you and him. Your senses whir as you reach between his legs…his member jumps up at your touch. You stroke him gently through his jeans. The anticipation is killing him, and you’re loving every minute of it. You lean into his ear and whisper “Let’s get a room”, to which he replies “Screw that, lets find a park…and make it under the stars…” While you wanted a bed to tie him to, the excitement of sex in the park is overwhelming, and you agree. As he drives on in search, you loosen his belt and slide his jeans down. His throbbing purple penis needs your attention. Slowly you work down his shaft, ever deeper into your mouth. As you continue to suck and lick his penis, you reach down and massage his balls. The pressure mounts and eventually he explodes down your throat, and you drink it down to the last drop, tonguing his hole. He pulls into a gas station, and the men go inside to procure refreshments.

After a quick stop, the 4 of you head out to Blue River Road, and find a spot to pull over in the soccer fields. The 4 of you get out of the car and walk out into the field. The grass is cold and damp, but he has brought blankets from the car. When the car is out of sight, he grabs you from behind, pulls you in tight and starts nibbling your neck. The blanket falls from his hand as he caresses the curves of your body, working over each area with great care. As he massages your breasts with his left hand, he slips his right hand up the back of your shirt and releases your brassiere. The crisp air slips under your shirt, and your nipples grow harder than ever. He gently flicks your left nipple with his fingers as he slides his right hand up your skirt. He gently nudges the back of your knees with his and you kneel down on the blanket. You hear a quiet thud as his jeans hit the grass. He puts his hand on your back and pushes you forward. Anticipation builds as you kneel there on all fours, expecting any moment to receive his hard member in your warm waiting pussy. To your surprise, the next thing you feel is his tongue buried deep inside you. You squeeze his head with your legs, and slowly relax as he continues to lick and nibble your lips. He takes your clitoris into his warm mouth, gently sucking while flipping figure 8’s with his tongue. Within moments, you explode into your first orgasm of the night. With your juice still glistening off his mustache, he resumes his position behind you and slowly puts just the head of his penis inside you. You try to back up and take it all, but he stops you. Reaching down and massaging your clit, he repeatedly inserts just the head…your lips, wet with excitement, feel like velvet on his throbbing shaft. He wants to explode inside you. As he finally gives it all to you, he takes his wet hand from your clit and starts rubbing your ass. As the pace quickens, the bliss sweeps over your body. You can feel his penis throbbing, ready to explode. The excitement mounts, and just as he is ready to give you his load, he slips two of the fingers that have been rubbing your ass inside and spreads them down around either side of his penis. Now you can feel his penis inside both your holes, and the pleasure is too much. You scream out as you both hit the heights of orgasmic pleasure, and fall to the blanket, grinning from ear to ear. He holds you close, and slips his penis back inside your still quivering pussy…

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3 years ago
a good one