Staying The Night With A Good Buddy

My name is Max, I am a married bisexual man who travels often as part of my job. My wife and I have an agreement that I can have sex with whomever I choose while away but I have to tell her all of the sordid details when I get home. Almost as soon as I walk in the door from a trip she asks me if I have any stories to share. When I do, I take her into the bedroom, we strip off all of our clothes and I tell her the story of my sexual romps while we fondle each other. This leads to us having hours of mind blowing sex. One of my most recent experiences involved a male friend of mine from high school.

As luck would have it, work had me twenty minutes from the town where I went to skool. Instead of staying at a hotel I looked up my friend, Chance who still lived in town and ended up staying with him. He is single so we would have three days to catch up on old times. We had never had sex with each other and he had no idea that I am bisexual. He always had girlfriends but just before I moved away from town, I had discovered a gay dvd in his porn collection.

We spent the first evening of my stay drinking and watching movies while chatting. He ended up going to bed around 1am. I stayed up and watched a little more tv. It turns out that he was doing some house painting and his bedroom door was off the hinge so I could see straight into his bed from the couch where I was going to sl**p. Around 1:30, I started getting really horny. I checked his dvd collection and, sure enough he still had the porn collection. I made sure that my friend was sl**p then put the dvd in the player and pulled out my hard cock. About five minutes into my self pleasure, I heard my friend stir and say something. I quickly put my cock away and turned off the tv, pretending to be asl**p.

Again, I head his voice but this time I could hear him say:

“Damn, Max that’s good.”

Why was he saying my name and what was good? I glanced over toward the door and could see him in silhouette. He had the sheets off and was stroking his cock. I had never seen it hard before and it was a good one, about eight inches and thick. After the shock of seeing him masturbating wore off, I realized that he was fantasizing about me. Again I heard him moaning and talking.

“Oh Max. Dammit. Oh fuck. I’m going for it.”

I wonder what he was thinking and what he was going for in his fantasy. Just then he pulled his pants up and got out of bed. I figured that he was going to the bathroom so I closed my eyes and pretended to be asl**p. Seconds later I heard him near me and squinted my eyes open to take a look. He was taking a drink from a bottle of soda that was on the coffee table in front of me. It was innocent enough but I figured it was weird since he was just jerking off a minute ago. He set the bottle down then I watched as he pulled his swollen cock out of his pants. My heart started to race a little. How far was this going? Was he going to jerk off while watching me sl**p?

I got an answer soon as he started toward me. I kept my eyes squinted shut, still not letting on that I was wide awake. A blanket hid my raging erection. He walked right up to me with his dick just inches from my face. Holy shit this was getting hot! He held his cock and started to bring it to my mouth. As he was less than an inch away I stirred and he pulled back. He must have gotten cold feet because he started to leave. I didn’t want this opportunity to pass so with his back to me, I sat up and spoke.

“ You can come in my mouth.”

He froze in his tracks. Obviously shocked by what I had just said. He stayed with his back to me. I made the next move by walking up behind him and putting my arms around his waist and reaching for his hard dick with my right hand. I started to stroke him and he let out a moan. I thrust my dick into the crack of his ass and whispered in his ear,

“Come back to the couch and I’ll suck your cock good.”

He turned around and I led him by the dick to the couch, sat him down and lowered myself between his legs. Chance finally broke his silence.

“I didn’t know you were into this”.

“Then why were you ready to put your dick in my mouth?” I replied.

“I was really horny and not thinking clearly. When you moved on the couch, I was ready to run. I thought you would kick my ass if you caught me.”

“Kick your ass? No. That’s not what I’m going to do to it.”

With that said, I opened my mouth and took his balls between my lips. I rolled my tongue around each one a few times then I went lower. I was licking just beneath his balls when he lifted his ass a little. Naturally my tongue sank right toward his ass. I started using my long, expert tongue to swirl around his tight hole giving him a good rim job while stroking his shaft. His hands gripped so tight into the couch that I thought he was going to tear through it and his loud moans could have woke the dead but what got me hot was how stiff his prick was. It was like a big steel rod in my hands begging to be sucked.

Not forgetting my promise to suck his cock good, I left his ass and slid my tongue up the entire length of his dick. I stopped just at the tip and looked up at him. His eyes were closed tight and his head was tilted up toward the ceiling. He was loving it. Suddenly and quickly I opened wide and took as much cock into my mouth as I could fit and began bobbing on his shaft.

“Oh holy fuck!” Chance cried out.

He then held the sides of my head and began thrusting up into my mouth. He stood up and, what started as a blowjob was now a complete face fucking. I put one hand on his leg while holding his dick with my other hand to control the depth as he thrust his rigid pole in and out of my mouth in a steady rhythm. I kept sucking for all I was worth and soon he started to cum in my mouth. It seemed like jet streams going down my throat and I swallowed nearly every drop.

When his orgasm subsided, he sank down onto the couch exhausted. I was left there on the floor with a drop of cum on my cheek and a huge boner between my legs. I wiped my face with my hand and stood up. I straddled Chance and started making out with him. Our tongues mixed in each others mouths and I felt his dick jump again.

“Was it good?” I asked all ready knowing the answer.

“Oh fuck yes. I guess I owe you one now.”

“Sure do.”

I then stood up and put my feet up on the couch, straddling his face. He opened up and started licking and sucking my nine inch dick. I began fucking his face like he had done to me but I didn’t want to come in his mouth. I had other plans. If he kept sucking me like he was, I was going to cum so I suddenly pulled my dick from his mouth. He looked up at me with a questioning look.

“You liked having your ass licked didn’t you?” I asked.

“It was the best.” he replied.

“It gets better from here”

With that said, I pulled him up off of the couch and led him into the bedroom. I told him to get on the bed on his hands and knees. Chance was all too eager to oblige. I knelt behind him and starting working his ass over with my tongue again. I made sure to use plenty of saliva as I licked and then tongue fucked him. He needed to be well lubricated for what I had in mind.

Getting up behind him, I reached around and grabbed his dick with a firm grip. Stroking him tightly I reminded him of my earlier statement about not wanting to kick his ass but to do something else.

“You loved fucking my face and cumming in my throat so I’m gonna fuck you now. I’m going to slide this big hard cock slowly into your body so you can feel every inch as it enters you. Then I’m going to shoot a huge load inside of you.”

I let go of his dick and he bent forward giving the clear go ahead. This man wanted to get screwed hard. That’s exactly what I gave him. Spreading his ass cheeks I aimed my cock right at his hole and began working the head inside. When my dick head was completely in him I grabbed his hips and started slowly working all nine inches into his body.

“Are you ready for the fucking of your life?” I teased.

He didn’t speak but instead moaned and began rocking himself back and forth on my cock. I pulled back and started to really drill him. His ass was so tight I knew I wouldn’t last long. I was thrusting so hard that I could hear his dick bouncing against his own stomach a few times. I looked over at the mirror just in time to see him reaching between his legs to jack his dick. It turned me on even more and my cock swelled. That must have sent him over the edge because he started cumming all over the bed.

When Chance started to cum, his ass tightened and that was all I could stand. It felt like I was about to black out as my cock started to spasm and burst loads of hot juice into my friend.

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2 months ago
Hot story Cock is hard and precum drippin
5 months ago
very hot story. made my cock real hard
6 months ago
Very hot!
10 months ago
hot story , had me stroking my cock
1 year ago
Great story!! The arrangement you have with your wife is hot and so was the encounter with your buddy!
1 year ago
very hot, nothing better than having a cock unload in my ass
1 year ago
"He turned around and I led him by the dick to the couch"

1 year ago
Really good,
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That was great! totally hot!
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fucking hot...thanks ;)
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Hot story!!