Karma can do you in, Melissa pays a steep price

My name is Melissa Marie and this story is a warning for
any wife out there planning to cheat on her husband. I'm
35, 5' 6" tall with a good body (135 pounds and 38C
breasts). Our marriage was okay but our sex life was
dull. I was always busy at work as I was a sales
manager and earned more than my husband and I think he
resented it.

One day I met a guy named Shawn. He worked for one of
the clients I deal with and he was 6 feet tall and
handsome. He was a little older than me and that was
nice too. He took me out to lunch a couple of times and
flirted with me and I was tempted to do more. So when I
told him I had a trip to Santa Barbara in a couple of weeks
he said he was attending the same conference and that
we should meet up. I knew what he meant and agreed.

The night before I was to fly out I had a big fight
with my husband and when I got to Santa Barbara I looked for
Shawn. After the first day of the conference I talked to
him and we had a couple of drinks then went up to my
room. My pussy was dripping wet by the time we got off
the elevator and I knew he was rock hard from the
obvious bulge in his pants.

Shawn gently undressed me and caressed my tits and
fingered my pussy and then he stripped in front of me.
Wow! His cock was magnificent, maybe 7 inches long and
really thick.

Shawn started to eat my pussy and I was cumming right
away. I was in heaven! Then he gently turned me over
and mounted me, thrusting into me like some kind of sex
machine. I'd never orgasmed like this before, it seemed
to go on and on until finally he came. What a night!

As he was staying in a different hotel and me he
suggested that I changed hotels. He gave me cash to pay
for a room and told me to check us in as Mr. and Mrs.
Smith, which I did the next day. That night in my new
room it was great again, he called for room service and
the waiter could see me in bed as Shawn got up to answer
the door. I was a little annoyed when he opened it so
far that the waiter could see me but got over it and
thought nothing more about it. Besides, Shawn's cock was
to die for!

I thought this was going to be fun, a few day affair
with a handsome guy and then back to the humdrum
routine. I was determined to enjoy myself and was
looking forward to the next 3 nights.

The third night after the conference Shawn and I had
drinks and he said he'd meet me up in the room. I
changed into a sexy negligee and waited for him. He
knocked on the door and then came in. I could tell he
was hard, and almost immediately and we were both naked
performing a 69 on each other.

We both came and I swallowed his ample load. Then there
was a knock on the door while we were still lying in
each others arms. Shawn got up and opened the door and
in came 4 men I didn't know.

Shawn told me these were his friends and he had told
them how great I was in bed and that they wanted to
find out first hand. I was shocked! I told him
absolutely NO and if any of them touched me I'd scream
and someone would come. Shawn said, "Go ahead, what're
gonna tell them? We checked in as Mrs. Smith and to
press charges against anyone would make it all come out
at home. What would your husband think about his horny

I was devastated!

Then Shawn told me to get out of bed and show off my
body. Slowly, reluctantly I did as I was told. I soon
had guys sucking on my tits and fingering my pussy. I
felt so degraded. The men then stripped off and one led
me to the bed and Shawn told me to suck him off. I did,
I couldn't think of any way out of this. And the other
3 with miles cum inside them me meant I'd have to
swallow loads of the stuff.

After a half hour all the men had big smiles on their
faces. (They should, I'm damn good at giving blow
jobs!) Then I said, "Okay, you've had your fun, now
that's it."

I was wrong! The guys were getting hard again and Shawn
was fingering my pussy as I spoke. I knew what was
coming next and didn't want it to happen, but there was
nothing I could do to stop them, not without getting
into real trouble at home.

I led to the bed and each guy took turns fucking me
until he'd cum. I tried hard not to cum myself, but I
couldn't help it! My pussy was so filled to capacity
and more that I just couldn't hold back and they knew

When they'd all fucked me several times I was
exhausted. I went into the bathroom and showered to
clean myself up. I heard the guys leaving and thought
that was it, but when I was done with my show I saw
that Shawn was still there. He wanted it again. His cock
was so hard and perfect I couldn't refuse him, even if
I was mad as hell. He took me gently and I had another
great orgasm.

But when Shawn went back to his room I was in tears. I'd
been abused but it was my fault, how could I have been
so dumb? Well only one more night after tonight and if
I stayed out of sight I'd be alright.

The next day the conference dragged (or so it seemed)
and I went up to my room and packed right after as I
wanted to leave as early as I could the next day. Then
there was a knock on my door and a muffled "Room
service," was called out from the hall. I opened the
door and it was Shawn standing there with another man.
"Hello," he said as he pushed his way in to the room.

I told him that I was tired and wanted to be left
alone. But he told me that, that wasn't going to
happen. He made it clear to me that last night was only
a teaser for tonight. However I could call the hotel
manager if I wanted them removed from the room. Of
course I couldn't call, not if I wanted to keep my
indiscretion quiet.

I was pushed down on the bed and Shawn mounted me while
the other guy watched and masturbated. While Shawn was
busy fucking me I head another knock on the door and
the other guy opened it. There must have been a dozen
guys filing int0 my room. In shock I said I couldn't
take them all and I begged Shawn to make them leave. But
they all stripped and wanted a turn.

I was told to get on all fours on the bed and as soon
as I did I felt a cock being thrust into my pussy. I
wasn't even wet by this time but he kept thrusting
until he pushed in. Then there were 2 cocks put in
front of my face and I was told to suck both, which I
did. I mean I didn't know what else to do by this time
but to cooperate. Then another guy crawled under me and
worked with the guy to fuck me so I now had double
insertion in my pussy, it felt really weird, but
strangely good! Two men pumping me at once.

Then I felt one of them go rigid and begin to fill me
with his cum and when he was done another man took his
place. I also soon made the guys I was sucking cum and
now I had a face full of cum. Then 2 cocks where in my

This orgy went on until the early hours of the morning.
I'd swallowed... I don't know how much cum and my pussy
was sore and stretched beyond its normal limits.

Before they were done with me Shawn had me suck every
guy to see if any of them could get it up again.
Thankfully they couldn't. They'd all gone 2 or 3 times
with me that night and they were tired out.

By the time the night was over, the sheets on the bed
were covered in cum and I knew they would be stiff in
the morning. Finally, the men started to leave. Shawn
was last to go and just as he was about to close the
door behind him he thanked for a great time. I was

What could I do? I couldn't tell my husband because he
would find out that I had intended to cheat with Shawn.
But I'd been ****d by... I don't know how many men over
the last 2 nights.

I felt very sorry for myself, but when I went home I
kept my mouth shut about the whole event.

100% (17/0)
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2 years ago
Fucking hot. You were just mad he because you didn't get your ass fucked to.
2 years ago
good wank material,,thank you
2 years ago
awesome , but sadly true
3 years ago
Only you could come up with such a great one