Used I Was

The party had been great. It was really good that Lara had been able to convince her father to let them have the f****y beach house for the weekend. There were only supposed to be a few girls at the party; some of Lara's high school friends. At 18 her father wanted to give her some responsibility and this would double as a last chance for some of them to meet before leaving for different colleges the next year.

"Mr T....I am ready again...I am going to cum again...ohhhhhh...ohhhh," Tammy moaned.

"," John grunted as he felt his balls tightening.

"Ohhhhh...ohhhhh...ohhh." The erotic moans came from both of them as they both went over the top together. His cum shot from his cock with f***e. Great wads of it were being fired into her young body. She squealed as her pussy clamped down again and her whole body felt the wave of sex pass over her.

His hands had grabbed at her breasts as he shot his load up her pussy. As the last of the cum seemed to ooze from his cock he slowly loosened his grip. Then he sat up, his cock slipping back from her to let a great puddle of cum dribble out to the deck.

John looked down at his cock. It was still hard and he knew why. This young hottie had been asking for a god fucking for some time and he had just done that. But once was not going to be enough.

"Tammy, get on your hands and knees, come on babe, you are a real cum-slut now," he whispered the last dirty words close to her ear as the brunette moved up onto her knees.

It was hard to get into position in the back of the SUV but somehow he managed to find just enough space to hunch over the near naked body, his cock hovering at her waiting entrance. He used the sliver of sticky cum that oozed from her to lubricate the end of his hard cock, not that it was really necessary.

Tammy was panting slightly now as John pushed slowly forward, his hands holding her hips. In part she pushed back on her knees to let him in further as he pushed forward. Then she let out a low moan as he finally embedded the full length of his hard cock in her.

" feel so tight..." John said as he started rocking in and out of her. His approach was more gentle this time as fucked her doggy style. There was a squelching noise as his cock moved back and forth in her tight pussy.

As he made each stroke he looked down to watch her as she played with those gorgeous little breasts. She kept balance with one hand while the other massaged and tweaked at the nipples. Her long black hair fell over her head like a curtain as she moaned and groaned.

"You are a wonderful little slut Tammy, I wish I could fuck you forever," John said as he felt another orgasm coming on. "I want your pussy Tammy, I want to fuck it hard."

He gave a few well aimed hard thrusts as he felt his balls tense. The last one he grabbed her hips and pulled her hard back on his cock. His balls slamming into her butt. The cum shot from his cock deep into her.

"Ohhhhhhh....yeah....ohhhhhhh," he exclaimed holding her nicely shaped hips as Tammy bowed her head and pushed back slightly.

"Yes...ohhhh..yes...cum Mr T. cum," she responded.

"Oh, Tammy yes," he said as he realised his orgasm was dying. His cum oozed from him for a few moments later and he just lent into her body, letting it drain. Then he pulled back.

He turned his body to sit on the carpeted tray of the SUV as Tammy turned and lay flat on her back next to him, her breasts still exposed, the white tank top pushed up around her neck.

"That was good Tammy, very good," John said.

"Thank you Mr Taylor," she smiled, still slurring.

"Well, how about you clean me up with that tongue of yours and then we get you back?"

The brunette laughed, rolling toward John's naked body. She made no comment as she took his cock in her mouth, sucking the semi-rigid cock clean. At one point John thought he was going to cum again in her mouth, but he was spent. Her tongue did a wonderful job cleaning every last notion of her juice or his cum from his cock and balls.

Looking at the beautiful brunette John lent over and kissed her on the lips, tasting their juices. "I need to get back to Mrs Taylor now Tammy so we better get dressed," he said, shocked at how calmly he spoke of his wife while lying naked with an 18-year-old friend of his daughters. Tammy just grinned.

John climbed out of the vehicle and went to the bushes to relieve himself. When he came back Tammy was still lying as he had left her.

"Hey, come on Tammy, time to go," he said finding his own clothes on the ground.

"Just let me sl**p here, please," she said curling her legs up a little. A dribble of cum oozed out between them to drip across her butt.

"No, come on Tammy, you can't sl**p here," John said. He looked at his watch; 2.14am. "Come on babe, it's getting late." He pulled his shorts and pants back on. The shoes were next, followed quickly by his t-shirt.

Still Tammy hadn't moved. "Hey, it was great, but you need to get to bed and sl**p this off now," John pleaded. The tall girl was almost asl**p now. He shook her and she stirred. He pulled the white tank top down over her breasts. Still she just lay there.

The black pants lay on the drive but he couldn't see the thong anywhere. Getting the pants back on was more of a job than taking them off, but somehow he managed. The d**g or the drink or the combination was in its final stages now, sending her into a drowsy state that would result in a deep sl**p and a terrible headache the next day.

John picked her up from the back of the SUV with her shoes and staggered toward the path. As he put her down to see if she would stand a figure appeared in the doorway of the house. It was Stephanie, and Janelle was at her shoulder.

"Hey, Stephanie," John called. "I found Tammy."

"Cool, thanks Mr Taylor," Stephanie said running down the path followed by Janelle, Lara and a couple of other girls. Tammy's semi-conscious body fell into their waiting arms.

"She's had a bit to drink and I think she may have been with some guys...she keeps babbling about a shed and sex and I think she might be on something i*****l. I would get the story off her tomorrow...I hope no one took advantage of her."

"Sure Daddy...we'll look after her now," Lara said.

"Yeah, and she kept saying how I was the best sex she's had...but I never did anything," John lied and shrugged. "I think she has definitely been given some d**gs."

"That's ok Daddy we will check her out," Lara stepped forward and gave her father a peck on the cheek as Stephanie and one of the others led the tall brunette away towards the house.

"God, I hope they used a condom if they did **** her, Tammy isn't on the pill at the moment," Lara said as they walked toward the house.

John was left looking shocked. Suddenly he went pale, why hadn't he used the condoms he had in his wallet? He walked back toward the SUV. A scrap of glistening material took his eye. The thong. He stooped and picked it up. "I hope this is the only souvenir I get," he muttered as he pocketed it.

Lara's Mom hadn't been so sure, but was convinced that on balance it was probably a good idea to let the girls sample a little freedom. After much debate and not a little pleading from her daughter she had finally caved in and given her blessing. The beach house was only just over an hours drive from their home in the suburbs so if anything happened they would be able to get there fast enough.

So the party had been great. There had been more people than the half dozen girls who were staying there had expected. Numbers had swelled to around one hundred with loud music and plenty of drinking. A few people had disappeared down to the beach to smoke some pot in the sand dunes and make love in the moonlight. Most were just happy to party a way in the house and its grounds.

At midnight Lara's father, John, got a rather irate call from a neighbour of the beach house property telling him about the noise and the numbers of people. At first he was inclined to think it was the moaning old sod who lived permanently next door and hated the weekenders, but then his wife gave him the 'I told you so' lecture.

Eventually around 12.30 he was convinced to take a drive down there and have a look for himself. She told him that he could always stay and come back in the morning if he thought he had to. So he backed the big black and silver SUV out of the drive and headed off into the fine, still summers night.

Meanwhile back at the party the revellers were beginning to call it a night. Some had d***k too much and collapsed on beds and couches to sl**p off their mistake. A few couples had made their way to beds as well for a quick tumble before dawn. Those returning from the beach found the atmosphere returning to normal and moved on to other parties.

This was the scene that John came upon as he pulled into the parking area at the base of the drive, hidden from the house by a row of bushes. It was 1.45. Already he could sense what had been going on, but his mind didn't think much of the problem as all was fairly quiet now. The music had stopped and there were no noises coming from the house.

As he walked along the concrete path toward the building he was met by his daughter and one of her friends.

"Daddy, Daddy, what are you doing here?" She asked nervously. He could tell immediately she had been drinking, but she didn't seem at all d***k.

"Nothing hon', we just heard there was a bit of a party down here that's all. Thought I should come and check," he smiled back.

"They've all gone now Daddy. We promise we will tidy up tomorrow Daddy," she looked at him with pleading yes.

"That's ok baby, I don't think there is a problem here," John laughed. "That old guy next door rang and said there was some noise and you know what a panic your Mom can make of things. Maybe I should come in for a drink and then head off and leave you girls alone, at least that would satisfy your Mom."

"Ok Daddy," Lara agreed. "If that's cool with you."

He looked at his teenage daughter and her friend and thoughts of his own youth, when little hotties like these were almost like prey to him, came flooding back. These days their skimpy clothing and shapely body combined to increase his arousal. Over the years having a daughter had brought him into contact with many of these fantasy creatures, leaving him with a hard-on that required some manual control in the bathroom later.

That night was no different, here he was confronted by two such lovelies. He felt his cock twitch as he followed the two shapely butts back to the house. John had consumed a few drinks himself that evening and was feeling particularly at ease with himself.

Inside a few others were still moving around the house. Everything seemed to be in relative order. There were some empty glasses and bottles and the place smelled like a party had taken place but really it was all over. He smirked thinking that at least he didn't have to worry about the clean up. He also grinned at the number of young beauties that were walking around or lounging in chairs and couches.

One of the young teen girls was reclined asl**p in one of the big soft lounge chairs. John noticed her in particular because she wore no top. At first he opened his mouth to demand Lara cover her friend, but then his lust took control and he just stared at the two beautiful young mounds rising up and down before his eyes, the nipples hard in the night air.

Another couple were making out on one of the couches, but fully clothed. How long would that last, John wondered with a grin as he followed the two girls through to the kitchen. In the kitchen there was a row of empty glasses and bottles, a rubbish tin bursting at the top with discarded paper plates and empty pizza boxes.

Lara walked to the bench and started to rinse a glass. Another girl walked in saying 'hi' to John as she passed. He watched the sway of her butt as she exited the far door toward the bedrooms. He knew her as one of Lara's many friends, recognised the face but couldn't place the name. As the door closed behind her he was suddenly filled with an overwhelming desire to follow her, in part just to be nosey at what might be happening in the five bedrooms and in part to chance his luck with the young hottie he had just seen.

He snapped out of his trance, realising his cock was now rock hard in his pants. He needed to escape this place of temptation before he did take advantage.

"On second thoughts baby let's forget that drink, I better get back to your Mom, it's getting late. There's no problem here, you enjoy the rest of the weekend. But make sure you tidy the place properly before you go, ok?" John said. He felt his voiced getting dry as he stared longingly at the girl standing next to Lara, a tall slim blonde called Janelle. "I think I can trust you and Janelle to look after things?"

"Sure Daddy," Lara answered with a grin. "Whatever you say."

Lara gave her father a kiss on the cheek and John turned to walk out. He went back through the lounge where the half naked teen still lay slumped in the chair, his eyes lingered on her form as he walked through, meaning he almost bumped into another teen girl coming in the door.

"Sorry," he smiled as her soft breasts bumped his arm as the girl moved to avoid the collision.

"No problem Mr Taylor," the blonde said.

"Oh, it's you Stephanie, I didn't recognise you. I was just leaving," the embarrassed older man said.

"Yeah. I thought you weren't coming here tonight?" Stephanie was the confident one of the group of friends.

"I'm just going honey. You girls have all grown up so's hard to believe." John could feel his temperature rising. "You're all young women now...I feel so old..." His voice trailed off.

Stephanie laughed. "Have you seen Tammy? We haven't seen her for a while...most of us were down on the beach and she didn't come with us for some reason."

"No hon' I haven't. Do you think she is lost?"

" She had d***k quite a bit so maybe she is sl**ping it off," Stephanie laughed. "I'll check on her now."

"You do that...and look after her," John said, smelling the sweet perfume that wafted from Stephanie's hair.

"Sure Mr Taylor," Stephanie answered as the door opened and a girl he didn't recognise squeezed past. He could swear her hand touched his hard cock as she slipped in. His gaze followed her as Stephanie turned to walk away as well. Then the girl's boyfriend appeared and pushed past John.

He took a breath and stepped back out into the night. There was no doubt that John would need to pull off the road on his way back and relieve the pressure on his hard cock. At least he knew of a number of picnic areas where he could go.

The gravel crunched under his footsteps as he walked off the end of the path from the house to the parking area where the SUV was parked. There was barely any light at this end of the drive. Then he stopped his body bathed in light as the car next to the SUV turned and drove off past him. It was the last car except his.

For a moment he was blinded and used the opportunity to fumble in his pocket for his keys. He flashed the remote to open the big SUV and the hazard lights flashed back in recognition as his vision cleared.

"Hi Mr Taylor." The voice sang out in the night air. It came from where a dirt path led down from the other angle of the house to the parking area, through the rambling garden. John recognised it immediately.

"Hi Tammy," he called back trying to see the girl in the shadows. "Stephanie was looking for you."

"Oh, well, I'm here," she giggled stepping or more lurching out of the shadows.

As soon as he saw the tall brunette he could tell she was very d***k. She could barely stand up-right, kind of leaning to the right all the time as she took each hesitant step forward onto the gravel. Just to confirm it there was a half d***k bottle of vodka mix in one hand.

As his eyes adjusted fully to the half light thrown through the bushes from the house he could make out her sexy slim body better. She wore a pair of nice dress pants made of some shiny black material and a white ribbed tank top that clung to her body and extenuated her small pert breasts, the hard nipples standing out in the thin cotton.

She wore a pair of open toed high heels. Typical of Tammy, John thought, glamour over practicality.

The tall brunette took another lurching step to almost where John stood and staggered. Her balance was gone and she looked like she was about to fall as John managed to step forward and catch her.

"Here hon' let me help you," he said, steadying the girl.

"Thank you Mr Taylor," she giggled as he put an arm around her to guide her toward the SUV. "Do you know something?" She carried on with a definite slur to her voice.

"Come and sit down Tammy and you can tell me all about it," John said struggling to keep them on a straight path to the back of the SUV even though it was less than a half dozen steps away.

He flicked open the back door of the big dark vehicle and sat Tammy on the tailgate. Relieved to have got her that far in one piece as he collapsed beside her.

"Do you know there is this really cute little shed down that path?" Tammy said d***kenly.

"Is that right?" John answered, knowing she meant the large garden shed that stored the few garden tools, lawnmower and some old outdoor furniture.

"Yeah, it's really cool," Tammy grinned as she continued her story. "I went there with these two really cool guys."

"It would be very dark down there Tammy," John said wondering what he was going to hear next from the d***k girl.

"It was but they had a flashlight and that helped," Tammy continued. "We drank some of these." She held up the vodka mix and then gave a loud burp. "But I think I must have d***k too many." A little giggle punctuated her speech. "Cause I went to sl**p." She bowed her head and gave a cackle of laughter. "You haven't seen the guys have you Mr T. cause they were good. They put me on that big lounger in the shed and left me to sl**p."

"Sorry Tammy, I don't know who you are talking about," John said looking over the hot young body beside him and wondering if these two guys had taken advantage of her. A grin was spreading on his face as he felt his cock stirring again and he began to wonder what went on in that shed.

" was called Tom and the other one was...ummm...Dick," she stated with stern seriousness.

"Oh," John said with an even wider grin. "I haven't seen them sorry." The smirk was hard to wipe from his face as he wondered if he shouldn't call himself Harry. "And these guys Tammy, did they...well, did they try anything?"

"Mr Taylor, they were real nice. We just talked and had some drinks...oh and we...I better not say," she gave another little giggle.

"No, no, that's ok Tammy you can tell me. I won't tell anyone I promise. Better that you share these things with me than keep it all to yourself," he grinned at her placing a reassuring hand on her thigh.

"Promise you won't tell my folks?"

"Of course, that wouldn't be fair," John said looking her straight in the eye and thinking she is still under the influence of whatever they slipped to her. The picture was becoming clearer to him, even if it wasn't to Tammy.

"Ok, if you promise, we shared a joint in the shed," she whispered like a secretive schoolgirl.

"Tammy! I hope you made sure it was out, we don't want that shed burning down," John made light of the secret.

"Oh, yeah, we did," Tammy replied. "We drank some more of this after that." She swung the bottle up, almost hitting John with it. He was able to grab it and she let go. "Then I don't remember much till I woke up and came down here."

"Is that right?" John said, trying desperately to think of his next move. He wasn't sure how long the d**g would last in her system, but clearly she had been given something more than just the vodka mixes and a joint.

"Funny thing though," Tammy said, her face turning quizzical as she spoke. "There is one thing I just don't understand."

"What's that hon'? You can tell me, I'm here to help," he had worked out his next move now. He was going to relieve that big hard cock that was pounding a way in his pants, and Tammy was going to help him. At last he was going to get his hottie.

"Well, I can't find my bra anywhere. I remember having it in the shed, I put it down somewhere, but I just can't find it now," she gave another little giggle as John worked his hand up her thigh a little and slid it inward toward her inner leg, feeling her warmth through the thin pants.

"Is that right?" John smiled at her. "Well, how about I take those shoes off for you so it will be easier to get you up to bed?"

"Hehehe," Tammy laughed. "Mr Taylor, I didn't know you liked me that much." There was a sultry tone to her voice now.

"Oh, I do Tammy, I do," John said lowering himself from the back of the SUV.

Her legs dangled loosely over the end of the vehicle and despite her height they cleared the gravel by a good two inches. John squatted down to take one foot in his hand, holding it out so he could see the little silver buckle. That had been part of her problem, whoever had dressed her had done the buckle up one notch further down, the sober John could see where the leather was worn one notch up. He grinned at this confirmation of his suspicions.

The buckle undid and he slipped the shoe from her foot placing it on the ground beside him. He took a moment to admire the sexy, slim foot with the red painted nails. Tammy had always been his pick of Lara's friends.

Still in his squatting mode he moved between the two feet, dragging her legs apart as he moved keeping below the level of the SUV deck. He thought he heard a faint moan from the back of his vehicle but the gravel noise may have fooled him.

Now he started to put his plan into action, he undid his belt and unzipped the pants, slipping both his pants and boxers down his legs, past his bent knees, to his ankles. His t-shirt was pulled over his stooped body. He cursed the time it took to expose his now raging stiff cock.

One last shoe he thought turning slightly to take the second shoe off. "Just one more buckle, babe." He called up to the brunette. This shoe was a little higher than the last had been, obviously Tammy had lain down in the rear of the SUV since the first shoe. His fingers fumbled nervously with the buckle. "You still awake babe?" He called.

"Yeah, just resting," she giggled.

"Don't want you to feel like you might be being neglected," John said.

"I like my feet massaged," Tammy responded with a slur in her voice.

John just smiled, he had barely touched her feet really. This little 18-year-old was well gone. His cock twitched as he thought about what lay in store. Well it was now or never he thought.

"Hey Tammy babe, look at what I have for you," John said, standing to his full height. Her sexy high heeled shoes in one hand and his cock in the other. "What do you think?" He stepped between the long legs, running his hands up either side of her pants as he dropped the shoes to the floor of the SUV.

Tammy just looked back, leaning up on an elbow, with a long stare as she watched the big, hard cock sway before her eyes. His balls hung low, like a bull. John was very proud of his 10 ½ inch cock. He pushed his pelvis forward as he stood up, his hands at the top of her hips.

"Well, I showed you mine, don't you think it's time I saw yours Tammy?" John said. His hands moved in to the waist of the girl's pants. Her eyes seemed spaced out, mesmerised by either the d**gs or the sight of his enormous cock.

As he spoke he shuffled his feet to kick off his shoes and step from the tangle of his lower garments.

She gave a giggle as he undid the silver buckle, it too was done up on the wrong notch he noted. Then he slipped the button undone and tugged her zipper down. He had expected to see her bare pussy and got a shock when a little black thong appeared covering his desire.

Not to be deterred he took a step back, one hand on each leg of her shiny black pants. It was easier than he expected to slide the pants down her milky white legs. Tammy just seemed to smile and lie there, not even looking up. The pants fell to the ground next to his discarded clothes.

John stepped back between the beautiful slim legs again, this time hooking his thumbs into the black thong. As he began to tug it free he noted a dried stain on her inner thigh; a stain of dried cum.

The thong slipped off her pussy, it was still damp from the cum that had spilt from her pussy. He looked at the now exposed pussy. A dribble of the cum was still present at the pink swollen entrance. Judging by the amount pooled inside the thong both men had fucked the teenager and hadn't bothered removing the thong beforehand.

He slid it off and let it drop to the drive as well. He licked his lips as he looked at the prone beauty, smiling d***kenly up at him.

"Well Tammy, do you want me to show you how much I like you? Do you want this big old cock in your sexy little pussy?" John said, stroking his cock and advancing between her legs.

"Sure Mr T. Please fuck me," she said with a hint of pleading in her voice. Whatever they had d**gged her with it had transformed her into a real cum-slut John thought.

"Move back a little babe, let me in on top of you, let's see how this car's suspension really works," he said.

Tammy pushed herself back inside the rear of the SUV on her elbows. Her feet still overhung the end a little, but at least her butt was now on the carpeted rear. John climbed in after her, his cock positioned at her entrance.

"Ahhh...ohhhh...yeah," John exclaimed as his cock entered the wet, hot pussy. "Fuck, you're tight Tammy." He started to edge forward, his cock disappearing into her ravaged pussy.

"Ohhh...yes...yes," Tammy cried back. "Ohhhh...Mr Taylor...I'm going to cum."

"Yeah, do it, Tammy, do it," John urged, feeling her pussy clamping on his cock in spasm as she shivered with pleasure, her orgasm coming as he slid the last few inches in. She had been unable to hold on for his first stroke even.

"Ohhhhhhhh....yes...yes," she squealed as her whole body bucked.

As soon as her pussy allowed he began to fuck her. His thrusts were long and hard, his big balls smashing into her butt as he held her long legs up over his shoulders. He grunted with each push, his cock harder than he could ever remember.

Tammy was building again, he could sense it. His hands moved to push the little white tank top up. She had been right about her bra, it wasn't there, only a red mark where someone had bitten her breast. John grinned as he tweaked the little mounds, playing with the hard nipples, listening to her moan as he did. His cock pumping away at the hot, wet pussy.

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