I Love Being A Sexy Party Whore

It's hard to remember that it was just a a few years ago, that my friend, Greg, admitted to me that his biggest fantasy was to watch me in bed with 3 or more other men.

At first I was surprised, but as the thought worked in my mind, I got more and more turned on by the possibilities of it. I had enjoyed anal sex for a long time, and I've always loved feeling, hearing and seeing the pleasures that I'm able to give a man by sucking his hard cock into my lips until he cums deep down my throat. Then there's always the hot and exciting pleasure that I receive with a big cock deep in my always hot and wet pussy. But all 3 at once? And with total strangers?


And then on New Year's Day one year, Greg and I went out and picked up on 2 other very hot and good looking men to have my first gangbang threesome, completely filling all three of my hot and willing holes at the same time, time after time after time for two days! So hot! So exciting! So good!

Now, Greg was away on business for the first few weeks after Thanksgiving this year, and after the first few days, I was getting pretty horny. I decided that I'd break a couple of my own rules at least just this once by going out without Greg.

All year long, I've received quite a few emails, mostly from guys that I've been fucking at parties, and those emails include several invitations. I knew that Greg wouldn't really mind, in fact, I knew he'd get pretty turned on by it when I told him. I decided to find out just how serious some of those invitations really were. I picked one that sounded pretty interesting and answered it, letting Mark know that I was seriously interested.

Mark answered within 30 minutes. He was setting up a party for one of his friends, and had heard about me from a couple of his other friends, Tom and Frank, who knew me from a batchelor party they had gone to a few months earlier.

To be honest, I didn't remember either Tom or Frank, but I had been to several batchelor parties over the last several months.

Mark asked me if I would like to "attend" a batchelor party that weekend as the "entertainment" for a party of 30 men.

"You know," I wrote, "30 men is a quite a lot for one little girl, don't you think? But I really appreciate the thought."

The truth is that I had already fucked parties of up to 25 men, but I was feeling a bit hard-to-get. Darned unusual for me, but after all, this was just the first email so far.

He asked me to wait a short while as he checked in with some of his friends. I was answering a few other emails when Mark came back on the line.

"I've talked it over with Tom and a couple of others who know you, and they tell me that you're even better than you look, which is pretty damned good. We'd like to make you an offer. I know 30 men might sound like a lot, but we'd be willing to pay you. How about $500.00 each. With 30 men, that totals $15,000.00, and we'll take it nice and easy with you, if you'd be willing to spend a couple of nights with us."

WOW, I thought. WOW. Could I turn down an offer like that?

"Hmmmm," I wrote "I just might be ready for something like that. I don't sell pussy, though. After all, I'm not a hooker. What I WILL do is take your payment for my TIME. After all, once you have my time, my pussy, ass and lips are free. I AM a TOTALLY consenting adult, and once you pay for my time, you'll get all the pussy, ass and lips you'll ever want from me."

"We can get the money by tomorrow, along with a suite at Harrah's Casino over by Escondido if you'd like to meet us." Mark wrote "Or we can meet somewhere around Oceanside and drive you there. Do you know where the casino is?"

I realized that I was about to turn a corner in my slut life. I was about to become not only a hot nasty slut, but now also a nasty paid whore. The only difference from porn though is, it isn't being filmed for sale. Which I always wondered why girls who end up whoring just don't make porn anyway, that way it is safer and legal. They usually answer that they don't want people to know to see it. I'm like girl, you just got fucked by 20 dirty mexican farmworkers, and got paid $1000 for the day. if that was on a porn, you would have at least 10g. The guys would have been tested, and you think advertising you ass on-line is any different then them finding out you do porn. I'd rather my f****y find out I get paid good money doing porn, then them find out I am being pimped out and used and given any guy who can pay 50 bucks, head in some dirty hotel room. That's just me though.

But you know what? I was really, really getting hot and wet just thinking about my gangbang!

I met Mark, Tom, Frank... another guy I had partied with.... and 2 other guys at the casino entrance at 2:00 PM the next day. They took me into the bar, ordered me a drink and took my coat.

"Very polite." I thought to myself. I had dressed in an outfit like I just LOVE to wear when I'm hot for fucking, which is all of the time now. I had on a super short thin materiel skirt and a see-through blouse, an outfit that easily shows that I'm wearing absolutely nothing else under it. I love to show off my tits, ass and clean shaved pussy as often as I can. I am one very vain slut!

I'm 5'6" tall and weigh 123 pounds. I'd lost a couple of pounds over the last year. I have a small waist and slim, flat tummy, which helps show off my hips, which always get great comments, and size C tits, although I hardly ever wear a bra anymore. My tits had actually grown a bit in the past year, I expect that's from the constant stimulation I've gotten. I have long legs which I love to show off with a short skirt and high heeled "hooker heels", and long auburn hair, large dark brown eyes. The lips that I used to think were TOO full I'm now told are just perfect for sucking cock.

I've been told by every man I meet that I have an ass to die for, and I absolutely LOVE using that ass!

I was in the center of Harrah's dance club, dancing and rubbing up to 5 of my "dates" one at a time, and then all together, rubbing my turned on body all over them while everyone else watched, and rubbing my hands up and down their crotches while they handled my ass, legs, pussy and tits. What a turn on.

I wore a long, thin and slinky dress that really hugged the curves, showing off my slim waist and long legs, as well as my tits. I haven't worn a bra or panties in a long time now, and my erect nipples were showing through the top as if I was wearing nothing at all. I knew that everyone watching was sure that I was about to be fucked by all 5 at once. If they only knew! There were another 25 in the casino and in another 45 minutes we'd be meeting back in the rooms to fuck for the SECOND TIME!

When we had gotten to the rooms the first time, around 2:30 in the afternoon, I was given two huge rolls of hundred dollar bills. It wasn't until much later that I counted them. A TOTAL

OF $15,000, $500.00 EACH FOR 30 HOT COCKS!!!

Those 30 hot and all good looking men were all crowded into a two bedroom suite with a central living area, one of three suites they had renGreg.

I did recognize some of them, after all, for the past 11 months I'd been fucking LOTS of very attractive men around the area, so it would be purely accidental if I ever fucked a group without knowing at least a few!!

I was surprised to see Jeff there too. He was one of the first two men I'd fucked, with Robert and my boyfriend, that New Year's Day of 2010, and had been in on several parties that I had fucked, either alone or with Melissa, a close friend of mine, and Robert's wife, who used to party along with me at times.

"Hey Jeff." I said. "I haven't seen you for awhile. It's good to know you're still around."

"Hey yourself Tammy. I've been trying to get in touch with you. I've missed you!"

As I gave Jeff a big hug, I slipped off the 4" stiletto "hooker heels" that made me as tall as most men and taller than many. Then I slipped off my blouse and skirt and stood totally naked in front of all 30 of them. I was SOOOO HOT! I just knew they all could see my pussy juices dripping down my leg!

I actually pushed Jeff down on his back on the bed to undress him. Then I straddled him on my hands and knees and took his large cock deep inside that always dripping wet pussy. I knew Jeff well enough, and also his fiancee, Amy... it's really very surprising to me how well I get along with the wives and girlfriends of my regular dates... so that I was comfortable fucking him without a condom. Anyone that I

DON'T know well definately has to use one. I am a nasty slut, but a very careful and clean one.

"Oh yes!" I screamed. "That's what I'm looking for! Now let's get some hot cock deep inside this ass. It's just aching to be fucked!"

Within seconds, I felt a HUGE and thick cock stretching my ass wide. I turned around to see the rest of the men stripping off their clothes and getting ready for me, condoms and all. That cock was probably the largest in thickness I've ever had in my ass, and it was stretching my tight little asshole to the MAX!!! It was one of the hottest and best ass fuckings I've EVER had!

I reached out and pulled one of the others by his cock until he knelt down on the bed next to my head and then sucked his cock deep down my throat. It was too much! I had one huge orgasm after another, feeling the cocks in my ass and pussy rub against each other deep inside me, and tasting the huge cock deep down my throat as all three of them came together with me.

When they moved out of the way for the next three, I felt abandonned, but not for long. Within seconds, a second group of three was lifting me up on my back over one cock, almost a large as the first, and settling my well-used ass onto it, while the second laid over me, sliding his cock deep inside my pussy. I had to strain a bit to lift my head up to suck on the third, but I made it OK, while the others starGreg masturbating over my tits and face. Within a few more minutes, I was getting a total cum bath, with hot and sticky wads of cum shooting all over me while I shivered in another orgasm.

Absolute heaven!!

For the next three hours, I fucked sucked and jacked off thirty hot and gorgeous men. I had cum smeared accross my tits, my ass, my hair and all over my face.

And WOW!!! I was loving every minute!!!

Now as I gyrated on the dance floor, I was also watching all of the other dancers. Judging by what I was seeing and hearing, I was going to have to make this long dress another of my regular "fuck me" outfits. The top was split down to my waist, tying around my neck with no back, and loose enough that whenever I bent over, it pulled away from my body, leaving my tits completely exposed. I am proud of all of my body, and definitely proud of my tits.

At 32. my tits were still not sagging or droopy at all. I was thankful for all of the excersizes I'd been doing, keeping my tits firm and strong as well as my waist slim and my tummy flat. The skirt of the outfit was long, but had a split on the right side that opened all the way to my waist, so that every step I took showed off my leg and more to my waist.

Before we went back upstairs to meet the others and start another fuck session, I excused myself to go to the restroom. As I finished in the stall, I sat for a moment, touching up my make-up in a small compact mirror I always carried.

I heard two other girls come into the restroom from the dance floor, one saying "Did you see that slut on the dance floor? Just what the fuck does she think she's doing?"

The second one answered, "What she's doing is obvious. She's fucking all 5 of those guys. I overheard them talking to her and they said they were all ready to go back upstairs and do some more fucking with her."

"Damn," the first one said. "Just what kind of a slut does she think she is?"

With that, I flushed and stepped out of the stall, looking at each of them and smiling.

"A damn good and a damned satisfied one!" I said. "Have a great night ladies. Although I can

guarantee you that you won't have as great a one as I'm having. And I will have a lot more before we're all done!"

"And by the way," I leaned over and whispered to them, "there's another 25 of them back in our suite. I'm enjoying all 30 men for the next 2 days!'

I washed my hands and walked out, enjoying the looks of shock on their faces.

Before I got 10 feet out of the restroom door, I heard steps behind me and a women's voice calling "Tammy?"

I turned to see it was one of the two from the restroom.

"Yes?" I answered, then asked "How did you know my name?"

"I overheard one of the men talking with you." she answered. "I'm Annie. You know... what
you're doing is totally different than anything I've ever imagined, but it also sounds really exciting. Can I talk a bit with you, or are you too busy?"

"I AM a bit busy right now, but send me a note sometime." I told her, and gave her one of my
cards with just my name and email address. "We'll talk about whatever you're curious about."

"Great." she said. "I definitely will. I look forward to hearing about you."
I just smiled and left. After all, I was keeping 30 hot and horny cocks waiting.

We stopped a couple of times at the blackjack tables. It was obvious that the dealers were
a bit nervous and excited when I sat down, letting the split in my skirt fully open, exposing my legs completely.... right up to my clean shaved pussy. Then I scooted my chair up to the table, and leaned over, letting my top open fully, showing off my erect nipples to everyone that was looking. AND MAKE NO MISTAKE, EVERYONE WAS LOOKING!

I was so turned on by all the eyes checking me out that I couldn't play worth a damn, and lost the $200.00 one of the guys gave me right away. I smiled and said, "I guess it just isn't my day for this kind of gambling."

When we got back to the room, the others were already there and waiting.

I love being nude in front of so many hot men, and they were ALL very gorgeous and hot men!!! so I stripped down right away. While they all watched and handled both themselves and me, I took out a bottle of oil I had brought and poured the scented oil all over myself. It wasn't more than a few seconds before there was 5 or 6 other pairs of hands rubbing oil all over me. I was in total ecstasy!

I dropped down to my knees and took one of the now totally nude men deep into my mouth. I had gotten pretty good at putting condoms on a hard cock with my lips, and this one didn't even seem to realize that he was already covered as he started pulling my lips deep to his balls while I sucked him dry.

Then I got up and pushed another one onto his back on the bed. By now, they were all wearing condoms so I kneeled over him and steered his large cock into my once again dripping wet pussy. I didn't have to tell them this time to kneel behind me and fuck my ass. It was being filled within a minute, and another 2 men were kneeling next to my head, one on each side, so I could turn my head and suck down first one cock, then turn to the other side and suck the second. The others were all watching and rubbing me all over while they waited for their turns.

For the next 4 hours, I was CONSTANTLY filled with two and three cocks at once, until every one of us had cum and cum and cum. I had never before had so many orgasms one after the other without end!

When we finally stopped out of shear exhaustion, one of the men decided to call room service for something to eat. We were all a bit too worn out to go downstairs to a restaurant.

20 minutes later, we heard a knock on the door. I was still feeling pretty hot, even though I was so tired, so I got up and answered the door.... still totally nude!

There were 5 men and 2 women outside, all with trays of food on rolling tables, and they were all pretty shocked to see a nude slut standing at the door to a room obviously filled with so many also nude men. The look on their faces was priceless! I have always loved seeing the shock on faces as men and women realize what I am doing with so many hot cocks.

"What a slut!" they had to be thinking to themselves.

And yes, what a slut I am, and I love being so. And now, also, WHAT A WHORE!!! AND A WELL PAID ONE!!!

We fucked all night. Every time I dropped off to sl**p, I woke up with a cock nuzzling itself into my pussy or ass, or both.

When I did finally get to sl**p for awhile, I was woken up in the morning again with a cock sliding into me, getting me wet again instantly. This time I was on my side with one of the guys in front of me, slowly fucking my pussy, while a second one was on his side behind me, reaching around and massaging my nipples to complete erection while he slid his cock into my ass.

Off we went again! For the next 2 hours, I had fucked and sucked them all dry again, and was loving what I was able to do to them, and what they all were able to do to me.

Several of them had already showered, as I finished up on the others, so I stopped to shower myself. I dressed again in a totally see-through outfit. This one was another full but thin and see-through skirt with a see-through sleeveless blouse. Then we went out to one of the restaurants downstairs for breakfast. I once again loved all of the looks I received walking through the casino with 30 hot men while showing off everything I have.

As we entered the restaurant, I could hear a lot of whispered comments.... but I couldn't make out the words.

"Too bad." I thought. "I'd love to hear some of them."

The casino and restaurant employees were looking and commenting even more than the other customers, so I knew that the word had gone out around to all of the employees from the ones who delivered the food last night. That got me sooo turned on again!

After eating, we returned to the rooms, which had been cleaned while we were out. I idly wondered what the maid had thought about all the wrappers from all of the condoms that had been used yesterday.

"Oh well." I thought, "They'll see plenty more when they clean up tomorrow."

At one point, for something different, we all showered and went outside. During the daylight, the area around there is really beautiful, but I didn't get that much chance to see it. I was leaning over the food of Frank's car, taking his cock in my ass, while the other men were gathered around, partially blocking the view from the security patrols that were cruising around. A couple of times, the patrols pulled up to ask the group what was going on. I guess they weren't used to seeing such a large group milling around the parking lot, and they got quite a look as one after another of the guys buried his cock deep inside me.

"Are you OK, miss?" One of them asked with his eyes wide open.

"Oh yes." I moaned to him. "I'm more than alright, I'm FANTASTIC!"

The patrol left, but I knew they must have spread the word around, because there were constantly patrols hanging around and watching after that for the next couple of hours as I sucked and fucked all 30 cocks again, this time in the parking lot.

I was in slut heaven!!!

For the rest of that day, and the early part of the next, I fucked and sucked constantly. Even before all 30 told me they had the best investment ever in me, I knew that I had done a great job earning my money.

There were a lot of hugs, kisses and gropes as I left the group and headed home.

As I got into my car, I was smiling widely, wondering how soon I would be going out again.

But then, that's another story.


I don't want anyone to misunderstand me. I am not a hooker; not a prostitute. I don't sell my pussy. What I sell is my TIME.

Of course, when you have my time, you also have my pussy, deep throat and tight ass, as much as you'll ever want. Hell, I even pay taxes on the money I make fucking.

I was right about Greg not being upset. He was so turned on by hearing about my weekend that he had to take me out immediately. That was another wild evening.

I DID hear from Annie, the girl I met at the casino. There was an email waiting for me from her when I got home. We met a couple of days later at a bar and grill, "Coyotes" in Oceanside and talked for hours. She met me dressed in a pretty nasty outfit herself, showing almost as much as I was showing. I have a feeling that Annie and I just might become very good friends.

Greg gave me an idea of what to expect for New Year's eve this year and it is HOT!!!

He has gotton in touch with most of the 15 or so of my "regulars". Those are the guys that I've daGreg regularly and that both Greg and I know and trust to be safe and clean. 12 of them have committed to meeting us New Year's eve for a wild fuck fest.

I always use condoms unless we both know the guys VERY well, but I really don't like them. These are the guys that we have known long enough now, as well as their wives or girlfriends, that we don't feel the need to have to use condoms with.

Finally! A gangbang where I can fuck and fuck and fuck without those damned rubbers! I love the feel and taste of hot, sticky cum deep inside my ass, pussy and throat. as well as the feel of cum being shot all over my ass, tits, face, hair. ALL OVER AND ALL INSIDE MY ALWAYS HOT BODY!!!

But that WILL be another story.

In the meantime....

What I supply is my always wet pussy, hot, and still tight ass and lips that love to suck a hot cock down to the balls and drain it dry deep down my throat.

I am, then, the "research" side of the f****y, and oh, how I love my research!

As for me, I am 5' 9" tall, and weigh 143 lbs. I was blessed with a pretty face and a nice body, and I spend a lot of time and effort to keep it that way for my boyfriends, and now for all the other men and women that so completely enjoy it! I have long brown hair and long legs, a slim waist and flat stomach. I have been told many times that I have an ass to die for, though I would never die for something you need to be alive to use. : ) As for the lips I used to think were a little TOO full, men keep telling me what my boyfriend always says, that they are "just perfect for sucking cock".

I enjoy being whistled at, flirted with and yes, even propositioned. I might turn a nasty look to the guy who is flirting or propositioning, but even then, a hot tingle traveles up and down my spine just from hearing it! Now, a whistle or a flirt, or a proposition will just as likely get a "peek" at the very least, in return.

I hope you enjoy reading these stories. I CERTAINLY ENJOY LIVING THEM!

Love and licks,
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3 years ago
Awesome story
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How about that other story? After this hot one I'd like to hear more, with or without Annie
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HOT story. Thanks for posting.
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hot story.thanks
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great story i loved every minute of reading it
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Good story
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Great story! I love a woman who is comfortable with her sexuality and knows what she wants. Thanks for sharing!
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Good story, but a bit too much of an advertisement. I don't think bad of you for this story... I'm jealous and would love to be gangbanged by 30 men.