Being Blackmailed Ain't All That Bad

Me and my ex-boyfriend were on our way back to his hotel room after having a dinner in the hotel restaurant. He had recently showed back up into my life after I left him, in not the nicest of ways.
At first I was happy to see him, until he let me know the information he had tricked me into giving up to him that if my Fiance found out or my s****r, Would ruin what life i had built since, I had left him. He said, if I was going to go out the way I did on him, then, now that he had the upper hand, was going to change it up and finish it, on his terms, and now that he didn't have the same love for me but was still just as sexually attracted to me, I was to be his personal slut for the next week.

First he had me, make up an emergency story and tell my fiance that i had to fly back west to help my s****r with her k**s for a week. Then he took me to a hotel room he got for us at a hotel in Florida, he flew us to. I figured, I could be a bitch and fight him but risk, the secret, leaked. Or just enjoy what layed ahead, and try and have fun with it. He had me put on a loose fitting dress, he bought for me to wear for dinner.

During the dinner I had taken of my shoe and massaged his groin with my foot, remembering our penchant for public sexcapades we had in our past. After dinner he wanted to stop back at the room for a minute before heading out.

As we were headed up to the room in the slow hotel elevator, we began kissing, and I had my hand down the front of his pants, caressing his cock. Yes, I'm a slut, I know, Why shouldn't a girl have fun.

The elevator arrived at our floor and I got out, heading for our room anxious for what I was hoping would be a steamy quicky, I needed to have my pussy fucked. He made me go without for a week before we left, knowing how much easier I would be, giving in to his games. "Gotta admit, he knows me well."

"Hold on Tammy. I want you to suck my cock for me here in the corridor."

Knowing how exited he got from the risk of being seen I agreed to his wish, and my oral fetish, I smiled and went down on my knees.

I unzipped his fly and took out his swelling cock.

I smiled at him while I stroked his hardening shaft and then I took the whole cock it's full length deep inside my mouth, all the way down my throat and held him there. I swallowed, making my throat massage his cock before I took it out and licked at the head.

"Do you want to cum on my face?"

"Yeah, just like you like it you little slut!"

He jacked off at my face while I licked at his cock head.

"Lean your head back so I can give you a good facial."

I leaned my head back and he spurted string after string of sticky cum all over my face, covering me in his goo.

I didn't wipe it of as I knew he liked the sight of me being cum covered.

"You are so pretty with cum on your face." "He took a few pictures with his cell phone and then said.

"I want you to stay in the hallway until someone comes and walks past you, and the I want you to make eye contact as you smile at them. Will you do that for me Babe? I will be watching through the door, I'll leave it cracked just perfectly."

"When we are together, you know I would do anything for you baby" I said with my stomach full of butterflies.

He entered our room and closed the door behind him.

I stayed on my knees as he didn't tell me to stand up.

Soon the elevator doors opened and a larger older man came out into the hallway.

He walked in my direction and when he saw me he slowed down and stared at my slimy face. I looked him in the eyes and smiled up at him.

"Why are you out here looking like that? Looks like you were just waiting for me?" he asked as he grabbed at his groin.

"Want some more cum on that pretty face of yours, sugar?"

Jake had opened the door just a crack and I was a bit more relieved, thinking that I finally could go inside and hide from this man.

"She would love to suck your dick and have you cum on her face too, wouldn't you Tamm?"

My smile froze but I still looked up at the man, with a knot in my throat. I knew it would be kinky with him as usual, but this, this was next level debauchery, and secretly, I loved it, my pussy was dripping juices, down my pantiless thighs.

"Open your mouth my slut and show that man where and tell him what you want from him."

I lustfully opened my mouth and he dropped his pants at once and approached me with his hardening dick in his hand. Some strange old guy, I had never met before now, was about to put his fat cock in my engaged mouth. I couldn't wait. "please sir, could you let me suck your cock and do my best to help you unload your jizz, for me to drink. I am just a cum slut who's thirsty." He stepped up and plopped it on my waiting tongue.

As I massaged his balls I licked up and down the shaft, and then I took his cock in my mouth.

He Soon began to moan and shot his first load into my mouth, i loved it, and my ex-boyfriend told me to open my mouth and show them the cum before I was allowed to swallow.

he then told me to clean my face with my fingers and swallow his cum too.

I pushed it greedily into my mouth with my fingers which I then sucked clean from all the yummy cum.

The man thanked Jake, handed him a 100 dollar bill and went to his room. He stood me up and then we went in to our room and closed the door behind us.

I had never seen Jake that horny before.I had never been so horny before. He just couldn't get enough, please let's fuck now, I begged, I need you tonight to just fuck me again and again. we were just a ball of sweat and sex and passion, saying how much we missed, and needed one another, he began telling me how hot I was with another random guys sperm all over my face. We finished the night, watching blowjob porns as I sucked him over and over for 3 hours.

The next morning Jake told me that he thought how fucking hot it was and how much he had loved to see me with another's cum covering my face and wanted me to do so for him again.

But today he told me I was to go to a local bar and pick up a couple of guys, suck themhaving someone film it for him, and then, with their cream dripping down my face, off and walk back to he hotel with the video for us to watch.

I dressed up in a tight dress, showing a lot of cleavage. I was both nervous and anxious to go down to the bar and try to pick up a couple of guys that I could suck.

I sat down in the bar next to two guys that had been following me with their eyes while I walked through the room.

"Can I buy you a drink?" one of them asked.

"Of course you can" I replied with a smile. "What are you two doing here?"

"Same old. Looking for women."

"Aha, then I have come to the right place.

My Lover ordered me to go out and blow a couple random guys at the bar as they film it and come home with a facial for him to see.

Do you want to help me out?"

They looked at each other in disbelief before they replied.

"Hell yeah, lady. Lets go out in the ally and have some fun."

We left our untouched drinks in the bar and went outside.

We hid behind a dumpster in the alley and I got down on my knees.

"We are going to glaze you like a donut."

They both dropped their pants and took out their swelling members.

While jacking one of the guys off, I took the other ones dick in my mouth and started sucking.

I licked at his cockhead, up and down the shaft and at his balls before putting it back into my mouth.

After a while I switched cocks and sucked at the other one which was a bit longer.

I tried to deep throat him and after a few tries I could take him all the way down my throat.

He took hold of my head and fucked my throat like it was a pussy.

The sight of me gagging on his friends cock made the man I was jacking off come. He spurted his cum all over my face, shooting load after load at my forehead, nose and cheek.

Now the other guy took out his dick from my mouth, stroke his dick a few times before adding his load to his friends.

I now had so much sperm on my face that I couldn't open my eyes and I felt it dribble down my chin and down onto the front of my dress, soaking it around my breasts.

"Now you have been glazed!"

"Thanks for the blow job. And if you want more you know where to find us."

The men got dressed and gave me their numbers before going back to the bar again.

I wiped the sperm from my eyes so that I could see, sucked it off my fingers, yummy!! But left the rest of their sperm where it was and headed back to the hotel.

The man at the front desk stared at me when I entered the lobby. I smiled at him while he couldn't take his eyes of my cum coated face and I think I know what he would be thinking of while jacking off tonight .

Jake got so very aroused when he saw my slimy face and told me to collect all the sperm in a glass and drink it.

That night sure was a night to remember, he fucked me countless times and each time he came ha made me swallow his sperm.
The following evening Jake told me that he had big plans for me that night. When I asked him what it was he told me that it would be a surprise and that I should get in the rental car and he would show me.

He drove to an adult video store and we went inside.

At the back of the store there was some booths where you could watch porno films.

He told me that he had been here looking for facial films when he noticed that there were holes in the booths so that a man could stick his dick through and get it sucked by someone on the other side, so called glory holes.

As we headed for the booths I felt my pussy getting moist from thinking about all the dicks I would suck and all the sperm that I would get. He had put word out on the local swinger sites.

Almost every man in the store looked up and followed me with their eyes as I made my way to the back.

We went inside one of the booths and locked the door behind us. I removed my clothes so that I wouldn't get them stained. And giving him access to use me however he seemed fit.

Jake took out his throbbing dick and asked if I wanted an appetizer, so I dropped down on my knees and started sucking.

After a while I heard someone enter the booth next to ours so I stopped sucking on Jake's cock and bending over to the glory hole, placed my finger on the rim of the hole to show that I wanted him to put his dick through for me to service. I remember role playing this with him, when we were twacked out, years ago. Now, here we were. i was going to enjoy this while it lasted,

Soon enough the guy in the next stall put his dick through the hole.

I placed my mouth around the cock head and sucked and licked at it.

Then I fucked his cock with my mouth, taking him down my throat.

I could hear him grunting on the other side of he wall and just before he shot his load I pulled back so that he came all over my face.

After I had licked of the last drops he pulled back his softening dick trough the hole.

It didn't take long before another dick peaked out through the hole.

I licked up his shaft before taking him in my mouth, swirling my tongue around him. I had sucked strangers cocks in the past and sucked off groups of guys when I was younger, but it had been years, plus, Jake had never witnessed this before, and we were both, in our personal sexual nirvana's.

Behind me I heard Jake as he dropped his pants and started to stroke his dick, horny from watching me suck on a strangers cock while another strangers sperm was running down my face.

This time I let him come in my mouth, showing the cum to Jake before swallowing it down like his perfect oral cum slut he always wanted, and that I always wished I could be.

A new cock appeared in the hole and I immediately started sucking it. I loved all of it,it is so much fun and such a challenge and a rush, sucking cock like this. Now I needed a cock inside my pussy, to help me handle the sucking that was ahead of me.

Jake placed his hands on my hips and pulled me up to a standing position so that he could get access to my streaming wet pussy.

I continued sucking at the throbbing cock in my face while he entered me pussy from behind.

It felt like I was in heaven, getting fucked from two directions at the same time.

As Jacob would push his dick inside me I was f***ed forwards and the dick in my mouth would slide into and down my throat, again and again with each thrust.

When the guy in my mouth came I spat out the cum into my hands and smeared it out over my tits, making them glisten from the wet cum.

I sucked two more guys and smeared out their cum over my body before my lusty lover came, shooting his cum inside my pussy.

I once again got back on my knees and continued on with my sucking while cum leaked out of my pussy and down my thighs.

After swallowing a couple of more loads there were no more dicks appearing through the hole so we decided that it was time to head home.

I didn't take on the dress as I didn't want to get cum on it so I exited the booth and walked through the store naked and covered in drying cum.

The store was full of all the men I had sucked, a lot more than when I had entered the store, probably the rumor had spread that there was a cum hungry cock sucker in one of the video booths.

They all applauded me when I walked past them and told me to come back anytime and that they would have their cocks ready for me. I said, i'm guessing that, that is part of the plan.

As I sat in the car on my way back to the room, playing with the cum on my tits and belly I decided that I would go back to the store again and anytime he asked and this time I would leave my fiance if the door to Jake's heart was now unlocked for me. If I knew our sex life would be this exciting, I would have never messed up, the way i did. He invited a group of guys to meet us back at the hotel that night, so that I could get fucked by them in more holes than just my mouth. And oh lord, did I.
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2 years ago
gave me a hard cock that i had to wank
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oh shit! i wanna know what happens back at the room!
3 years ago
what a pleasure to have bf like that
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very good
3 years ago
I would love to know what happened that night with all the horny details