Cheeky whore,, playing the slave game

Since the day that we met in person, which was also the
first time that he fucked me, I have been a slave to his
big black cock. I have promised to fulfill any sexual
desire that he has if he will not deprive me of his
wonderful lovemaking. He has tested this devotion, by
pushing his huge cock deep inside my ass until I thought
I would split in two. And having me write his friends
and offer myself to them for sex.

Then there was the Monday that he arrived at my door
unannounced, after my faithful husband had just left for
work. The k**s played upstairs and he and I sat on the
sofa, talking, when he reached over and grabbed my
nipple, like I was his piece of property to touch as he
pleased. And I am.

"I want my cock sucked," he told me, so we went into the
bathroom and closed the door. Like a good trashy
submissive, I went to my knees and started to suck his
10" beautiful black cock. Then he turned me around and
fucked me in front of the bathroom mirror and then on
the floor. I spread my legs wide to receive him, loving
how he felt plunging inside me. "I'll do anything for
your cock," I promised him again. "Just keep fucking

That Friday we were planning a lunch date and he decided
to take me to an adult bookstore. The plan was for me to
wear a summer dress, thong panties, stockings and
garters and flash my ass around. I dressed as agreed
upon. On the drive, I reached over and stroked him; I
loved feeling his hard cock through his slacks. He told
me he had invited a friend of his to meet us there but
wasn't sure if he would show.

We walked into the bookstore together. There were only a
few men around. I was shy about flashing, because I am a
high profile girl. But he gives me the courage to do things that
I might not otherwise do.

I bent down to look at things on the bottom shelf, my
dress lifting and my ass clearly visible to anyone
behind me. I caught the managers looking at me in the
anti-theft mirror above my head. I smiled. We continued
to the next aisle and I flashed again. Then I brushed up
against an older, unattractive man who 'apologized' for
bumping in to me.

Gene led me to the back where they had booths where you
put in money to watch snippets of dirty videos. As we
walked to one, the manager told me I couldn't take
merchandise back there and kindly offered to hold my
vibrator for me. I thanked him and we went into a booth.

Gene fed the machine and I was eagerly sucking his cock
when I realized with shock that a man was looking at us
through a plexiglass covered hole in the wall. The
staring man moaned as I sucked on Gene's big black cock
like a starving slut. "Hold on,"Gene said. He stepped
into the hallway and I saw him guiding an older creepy
man to the door. The man slipped inside and closed the

I had no idea who this man was; he wasn't very
attractive to me but he wasn't repulsive either. But if
my lover wanted me to service him, as I could only
assume he did, then I would do as he wanted, for I have
given up my will. The man started feeling my soft breasts,
squeezing them. He put his arms around me and squeezed my
ass, grinding his cock against me. Then he kissed me, shoving
his tongue down my throat. Oh how wonderful it is to be a rich
white bitch, who has the time and the boredom to waste my time
on fucking people behing my husbands back as he works all day
to provide this lifestyle for me. But my black guy , he has a
bigger cock soooo.

"I'm Tim," he whispered. I recognized the name; this was
Gene's friend. I was a little relieved but at the same
time it wasn't *quite* as exciting as when I thought my
lover had given or sold me to a complete stranger.

Tim reached between my legs to caress my pussy but I had
to stop him. Embarrassed I explained that it was my time
of the month. He took it in stride and pushed me down
onto the bench. He unfastened his jeans and took out a
thin white cock that looked puny when compared to
Gene's. He guided my face to his cock and I started to
suck him, one hand wrapped around his shaft, stroking it
as I moved my head up and down.

He moaned in pleasure. Then I noticed that there was a
man watching us through the plexiglass. Maybe the same
man. The thought aroused me. I moved to my knees, the
proper place for a cocksucking whore which is how I
felt. All I could think about while I sucked Tim's cock
was making Gene proud of me and earning his praise.

Tim pulled my breasts out of my dress and pulled on my
nipples. My cunt was throbbing. "Look at me," he said
and I turned my face up so he could see me. "Oh yeah,"
he moaned and I went back to sucking him, making noisy
slurping sounds.

He tilted my head up again and took his cock out. "I'm
going to come now, open your mouth." I looked up, opened
my mouth and stuck out my pink tongue. He placed the
head of his cock on my tongue and jerked of for a second
and then squirted his cum into my mouth and on my lips.

"Now swallow it," he instructed and I did, feeling his
thick cream slide down my throat. "Now suck me again,"
he said after he had finished. So I sucked him hard
again and he seemed to be having a continuous orgasm. He
was moaning and clenching his fingers and looking at my

Finally I stopped, straightened myself, and he left
without a word. Gene came in and caressed me. As he held
me close to him, a hand snaked out from the booth next
to us and grabbed my foot. He was pulling my foot as
though he were trying to drag me under the wall into the
next booth. He took my shoe and I scolded him. "Hey,
give me my shoe back!" I said. And a male hand pushed it
gingerly back under the wall.

Gene and I were touching and he took out his cock, which
was so hard and long, like a dark giant next to that
little pink thing I'd been sucking on. "Mmm," I said as
I went to work, loving the feel of his hardness in my
mouth. Suddenly there was a loud knock on the door and
we straightened up and opened it. It was the manager.
"You two have to leave," he said, to our astonishment.
Gene shrugged and we walked toward the exit. But not
before I purchased my item.

Smugly I went to the counter and said "I'd like my toy,
please." Glaring at us both, he made the transaction.
"Thank you," I said with a sweet smile. The man only
grunted at me. And we left.

Gene's friend was nowhere to be seen. We found out later
they had thrown him out too. I think they thought I was
a prostitute and that Gene was my pimp, because I was
white and he was black. And because Gene was handed money
by the guys he told me to suck. But they owed him Money
Gene told me. Such racists, they are.

On the drive back, I let my breasts spill out so he
could watch and touch them. I even flashed an old truck
driver next to us who gave an appreciative wave.

We arrived at my car, kissed passionately, and Gene told
me what a good white slut I was as he looked into my
golden green eyes. He has promised to get some of his
friends together for a no holes barred gangbang soon!
How lucky I am that I could spend ,y days fucking these
jobless Black men, but still have a home and food to return
to, and not have to pay a dime.
71% (14/6)
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5 months ago
I always remind sluts that God passed out some nice big cocks to us "Cock-asians" too, and besides, every big cock is black when you're wearing a blindfold! YUM!!
3 years ago
Very good story.