Stories from Reform School Slut Confessions

My s****r got sent to reform school after my dad found a tape of her on the internet.

Tiff's Tale

"Time to lube you up," he said.

His tongue explored my ass crack. He even stuck it right up the asshole. Then he kneeled behind me and put the head of his cock right next to the point of entry.

We were both breathing hard.

"Do me," I said. "Just fuckin' do me."

He jammed his cock in my tight ass. Oooh, fuck yeah, it was good.

My pussy gushed for him. He grabbed my hair and pulled hard.His dick went deeper inside me on each stroke.

"All the way!" I screamed.

His cock plunged deep inside me. My moans grew louder. His hairy balls slapped against my cunt as an electric shock shot up my spine.

I shrieked with pleasure. Ricky must've heard. The bedroom door swung open and he was there. The funniest expression spread across his face. He looked like raccoon at a garbage feast.

"Hey boys," he yelled. "Check this out!"

Tommy, Donny and a whole bunch of other guys started crowding into the bedroom. They formed a half-circle around the bed and cheered on Pete.

"One, two, three, four, fuck that ass 'til its sore," they chanted.

Jim and Bob brought in a video camera with them. They stuck the lens in my face, so I moaned like I've seen on the porno movies.
Pete tightened up his grip on my hips. I could feel he was about to cum. He yanked out his dick and flipped me over. Without wasting one second, he positioned his cock over my face.

A gallon of cum must've spilled onto my face. I've seen less juice come out of a bitche's tit. The first blast hit my lips. The second left a line from my forehead to my chin. The third splattered in my eye.

Jizz oozed off my face. I was covered in it. A roar went up from the crowd.

"Hey Pete, how many cocks you reckon she can take?" Ricky asked.

"I don't know," Pete said. "Who here reckons we ought to find out?"

A chorus of wild whoops and hollers filled the room. Ricky ran out of the room and came back with a margarita glass the size of an oil pan on a 1970 Camaro.

"You just hold this right here and open your mouth," he said, shoving the glass into my chest.

Ricky unzipped his pants and took the first turn. He shoved his entire cock into my mouth at once. His dick was the size of a bull dog's, but I took it all.

"You stupid fuckin' slut," he said. "You like that shit, don't you."

"Mmmm, hmmm," I said with his cock in my lips.

All the boys whooped.

Ricky didn't take long to cum, but his nuts were full. His jizz shot into my hair and covered my cheeks. The cum was starting to drip into the margarita glass.

The next two hours were filled with hottest, kinkiest sex I've ever had. Dozens of dicks came all over me. I know I sucked off every guy at the party at least twice. Most went three times. Ricky jizzed on me an amazing five times. Guys from another party came over and dropped their loads. Somehow, my high school English teacher ended up adding his spunk.

One boy slapped me across the face and called me a dirty slut. I had to agree. But man did I ever love it.

When the last guy squeezed the last bit of jizz on my face, th+ose boys formed a circle around me. The margarita glass was filled with their sperm. I could barely open my eyes as they started to chant: "Drink it, drink it, drink it."

I smiled and tipped the glass to my lips. The hot, salty juice flooded my mouth and ran down my chin. The sperm slid down my throat with ease.

I turned the margarita glass all the way up. Jizz drooled into my mouth. When the glass refused to give up anymore cum, I licked it clean.

All the boys thanked me. They gave me a standing ovation. Someone threw me a towel. They didn't have to do any of it. I enjoyed every second.

So, after I showered and went home, I thought that was the end of it.

But then the tape ended up on the Internet. And that's how my daddy got a hold of it. He said "a friend told him about it." When daddy saw it, he just couldn't believe I'd do it willingly. "They must've put something in her drink," he said.

So, he told the prosecutor, who was running for senate, that he wasn't going to get any money for his campaign if at least one of those boys didn't go to jail for "r****g his daughter."

Well, it just so happens that Pete's daddy is thinking of running for senate, too. So, guess who had to take the rap?

But all that is politics, and I just don't like to get involved in all that.
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