Cock Sucking Addiction Seems To Be A f****y Trait

So this weekend my Aunt asked if I would help her clean out her attic and put on a yard sale. I know she will be upset if she finds out I posted this but, I guess my obsession with giving head runs in the f****y :)

While going through some of her Law School books, this note fell out, I still have more books to go through, I hope i find more.

K.L. thoughts on my recent Oral Arguments- Pro
"Any college student looking for work in his field can appreciate the difference between theory and practice. Long before I developed any sort of expertise in the sexual arts, Scarletletters and Literotica, Playboy and Men's Health Magazine, Babes in Toyland and Dr. Ruth, of assorted mailing groups and internet communities, and High School health classes had converted me into an untried virgin sex expert and educator. Thus, without having ever given a single blowjob, I already knew to use lots of saliva, to vary pressure and speed, to give adequate attention to the balls, I knew to hit that spot right underneath the head, the vein that runs down the underside, the sensitive area of skin between the balls and the anus.

Still, I remember the first time I surpassed my theoretical knowledge and experienced a cock in my mouth for the first time. I had just gotten my first kiss a few weeks earlier from a guy I'd had a crush on for months. That particular night, we had decided to go for a walk in the local park – Ban Johnson Field, other wise known as Bj Field, I k** you not. It was dark, maybe 9 or 10 pm, and we stopped at an isolated little gazebo with chipped white paint about 80 yards away from a playground (abandoned, so we weren't destroying anybody's innocence but our own." In the shadows we began to kiss, hands roaming all over each other's bodies. It was a brisk evening, late summer turned to fall.

It would never have occurred to me to initiate things had he not suggested it. Gently nudging me, "touch it," he said. The previous times we had just ground against each other through our clothes. I had never experienced a real life penis up close, despite my earnest book study of it. I stroked him through his pants, palm stretched and taught, focusing strictly on his erection, feeling out the size and the girth of him as well as I could through his clothes.

"Take it out," then. I unzipped his pants. He was wearing boxers. I drew his cock out and kneeled before it, mesmerized. "Stroke it," and I made a tentative fist around it, stroking it up and down, wondering about the friction, if it felt good, if I was holding it correctly, if I had a good tempo.

It was such a state of discovery for me. It was so unexpected for me that I would find myself holding, stroking, a real life cock. It was the farthest that I had ever gone, the most sexual that I had ever been with him and I was completely in the moment. I didn't think about what would happen next, too intrigued and curious at the situation in which I found myself. And then he said it... "give it a kiss?" Pre-cum was oozing out the tip of his cock and I placed my lips against it, and then allowed his shaft to press past my lips and into my mouth. I didn't try anything elaborate that time, the deep-throats and the cum swallowing and the 69 and the road head would come later but... how to describe how I felt? illicit. naughty. a bit guilty. a lot excited. I bobbed my head on it for a while. His moans were encouraging but I hardly noticed them.

Maybe we both sensed that it was as far as things were going to go that night. I really don't remember. Maybe it was getting late, and he had to get me home before my parents complained. So (at his suggestion) I gave it a goodbye kiss... a little more than a goodbye kiss. A goodbye 1 or 2 strokes with my mouth.

I ended up with bruises on my knees that day, as well as a fixation upon seeing him cum. My curiosity (among other things) had become aroused, the first step was taken, but I wanted to put into practice all the ideas and fantasies that ran amok inside my head. I can't remember the first time I swallowed his come, I believe it may have been one night in his car, an old Camaro T-top, but from then on a benchmark of our encounters has always been some form of oral service to him. The first time I deepthroated him and felt – amazingly – the head of his cock pop past the back of my throat, the conscious relaxing of muscles and of gag instincts, and his surprised and astounded gasp, he came simultaneously down my throat and has never forgotten it since. The first time I gave him road head was traveling south on I-95, worried about neighboring cars or police troops. Then there was the time that I, lying on my back on his bed, licked and suckled at his balls while he earnestly jacked off standing over me, cum eventually splattering all over my face.

Since then, every man who has experienced my oral skills (few, 2 or 3, as I am a good girl, after all) has affirmed that it's been, basically, the best they've ever gotten. The time I hooked up with a fellow law student, I stole an orgasm out if him in 5 minutes or so (after a whole lot of teasing, granted). I have no "secret," really. I do with oral sex as with any other important activity that I am interested in mastering: a complete study of the theory, lots of practice, innovation, disposition, and above all lots and lots of enthusiasm.
91% (10/1)
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3 years ago
great story!
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Very good,,hope to read more,,,thanks
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Very nice story...I hope to see more!