Stroking Codies Ego

I am a 32 year old woman. My name is Tammy. I few years back before the economy crashed I had a job working had in an accounting firm. I hired a young man that year named Codie to intern with us. He was in his early 20’s and like most young men he spent a great deal of time flirting. I had caught him on many occasions eyeing me.

I don’t consider myself difficult to look at. I am almost six feet tall and my best assets are my legs and my backside. My husband used to say, your legs go all the way up until they make an ass of themselves”. I have hazel eyes and brown hair. My measurements are 34, 24, 36.

In December of that year I had been chatting about sex with Tiffany and Missy, two of the girls I work with, and admitted that I love watching a man masturbate. I think Codie must have heard the conversation. He came to my office as I was doing some filing. He had made it obvious that something was on his mind.

He sat down at my desk when I turned to him and asked if there was something I could help him with. He just smiled and said, no thanks Tammy, I was just admiring the way you work. That’s all”. I smiled at him and suggested he get back to work but noticed that he had a rather large lump in his pants. The material of his slacks only helped to reveal his hardness and I nervously licked my lips in shock. My eyes couldn’t help but stare at his erection and I shuddered with excited embarrassment.

I was completely unprepared for what happened next. Codie walked past me and closed and locked the door to my office and returned to my desk. After sitting down again his eyes met mine and his hand dropped to his lap and his fingers traced his erection.

I wanted to turn my head and tell him to get out but I couldn’t. I could only stare at his hand and watch as he pleasured himself. His hands unbuckled his belt and slowly unzipped his fly and then exposed his penis and balls for me to see. His penis was now fully erect as it throbbed and jerked in the air. His organ was magnificent. The veins were protruding from the shaft and his foreskin was partially retracted and revealing some of its moist crimson head.

Codie looked me in the eyes with no show of embarrassment and said, Tammy, just watch and enjoy what I do every night when I fantasize about you.“

I could only watch in pleasure and shock as his fingers wrapped around his penis and slowly started stroking it for my pleasure. His free hand reached down and gently squeezed his hairy balls as if he was milking them to increase the cream that he was urging from his throbbing erection. Cum was already oozing from the tip of his penis. It was now too late to turn back and end this display of masturbation. I couldn’t stop him nor did I want to. It was vile and banal. It was embarrassing and yet it was exquisite in its lust.

I moved closer to him and he asked me to lift my dress. As if they had a mind of their own, my hands dropped and lifted my hem to my knees, then my thighs and finally to my waist. I shuddered in pleasure as my wet panties were revealed for his eyes. My pussy was on fire and I couldn’t stop from lowering my fingers inside the waist band of my white panties to find my wetness and touch the ache I was feeling.

My hairless pussy was soaked as my fingers dipped inside, opening the lips and gently rubbing my clitoris. I thrust two fingers deeply inside myself as I watched his hand furiously wanking his organ. The foreskin revealed the massive head each time it was retracted and Codie was now moaning, enjoying the pleasure he was giving himself and the sight of my hand as it played with my dripping pussy.

I lowered my panties allowing Codie to watch my fingers sliding in and out of my cunt as I played with myself. I removed my dripping fingers and touched his lips with them. He knew immediately what I intended and opened his mouth to taste the juices I was offering him.

He said, get on your knees for me Tammy”. The words were more like an order than a request and I found myself on my knees between his legs. His penis and balls were only inches from my face and I could feel the heat from his bloated erection on my cheeks. His hand continued to pump his organ. His balls bounced up and down with each stroke. I felt filthy, used, excited, afraid that we would be caught, but I felt a rush of excitement that I’d never felt before with any man.

I wanted his penis to explode in my face. I wanted to see his cream jet out of his cock as it squirt in hot torrents of lust. I wanted to drink him. To suck the thick head of his cock as it emptied itself into my mouth and throat.

Codie was moaning uncontrollably now as he continued to stroke himself. His eyes were half shut from the pleasure he was giving himself and I knew it would be only moments and I would get the reward I was anxiously waiting for.

Suddenly his hands reached for my hair. He pulled my face forward and my open mouth received his thick penis. My tongue lashed out at the underside of his cock as my mouth sucked ravenously on its head. He groaned, thrust his hips up into my face and I then felt the first pulse of his cock as he sent a jet of hot cream into my mouth. I swallowed and moaned as my cunt exploded in a hot wave of pleasure. My entire lower abdomen seemed to be pulsing in time to his cock as my orgasm flooded me with exquisite satisfaction.

I worked my head back and forth and my fingers wrapped around his cock as he continued to squirt his semen deep into my throat. The salty taste only added to the lust I was feeling.

I wanted to feel his cream on my face. My hand stroked and squeezed his cock each time it throbbed with a new jet of cream and I watched his cock squirt more of his sticky cream onto my flushed face. It splashed on my cheeks with each throb and felt like hot wax running down to my chin.

I continued to milk him as his cock rapidly softened in my hand. My mouth worked to clean his cock as my tongue licked and swirled around the head of his penis to suck every last trace from his fantastic organ.

We managed to pull it off for a little while before finally getting caught, but that's another story.

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3 years ago
such a great cock sucking cum slut you are :)
3 years ago
3 years ago
Awesome story made my cock hard and ready for some fun...Thanks for sharing
3 years ago
3 years ago
i wanna hear what happened when u got caught! lol
3 years ago
What a great and descriptive story. I love the detail in it and i can't wait to hear the second part about getting caught
3 years ago
Great story, i hope you will write about the other times
3 years ago
very good