Struck to submission I suck several strangers cock

Me and my boyfriend Don were visiting f****y in NYC and heard about an adult theater in New Jersey just outside the City. My boyfriend was kind of an asshole, he was a spoiled Californian Surfer type guy who at 40 was taken care of by his parents. They let him live in the basement that they had turned into an apartment for him, with it's own back entrance. He had some cool friends but he was a violent, jealous guy, He considered himself dominant and tried to act the role but it came out more as egotistical and spoiled. Why I stayed with him for so long, his dick maybe or the fact that he was so oblivious to me that i could usually just do what I wanted and when he would get pissed off, I would just let him control our sex life for a day or two, until he got distracted into thinking he was a DJ again. He decided it was time for me to be taken to my first adult theater. He told me what clothes I should wear and off we headed that night. We had dinner and some wine so I was a little d***k.

We paid our admission and walked in. We went to the couples section, it was about 1AM, and I was pretty d***k. When our eyes adjusted I could see 3 other couples. One an older couple, the girlfriend was fat, he was too it turned out. Another consisted of what looked like a hooker and a guy they were all kissing on and he had just taken her blouse off and was playing with her tits. There were a bunch of guys looking from the regular section watching them and some jerking off and a couple about 30-35. We moved into their row and sat down about 3 seats from them on the aisle. I could see that the hooker looker had her jeans off and panties around her ankles and her guy was fingering her hole as she slowly jerked him off. She looked at us and smiled. I was told to open my dress and take off my bra and panties. I stood up and stripped and then put my dress back on and undies in my bag. Being a stripper made it easy for me to get naked in public. Don played with me for a few minutes and then stood up and dropped his pants and told me to suck on him. I love sucking cock as you know so i started to blow him. Standing next to me were several guys. They were walking past us very slowly so they could see (they're not allowed in the couples section) He was almost ready to cum, i know I suck a good dick, but come on, we had just started, we were maybe 5 minutes into it when he told me to stop and stand up. He opened my dress and fingered me for the other couple to see. I sat down after a couple minutes.

He then said let's take a walk. We went down to the front and sat down in the anything goes section. One Tranny was on his knees sucking a guy and two gays were jerking each other off. We sat there for a minute and he told me to give him my dress. I took it off and we were swarmed by guys who reached and grabbed at me like I were a bag of candy that was was just opened. After about a couple of minutes he grabbed my hand and stood me up and walked me up the aisle and down again stark naked as a display.

We sat in the front row and he stood up and told me to suck his cock. As soon as I did, another guy came by with his cock out and put my hand on his cock. I pulled my hand away but was slapped by Don and he told to play with that guys cock. I wasn't used to Don telling me to play with someone else, i was used to him getting jealous and starting fights with guys at clubs I danced at. So even though I wasn't into the guy who's cock was in my hand, I was kind of intrigued by Don wanting to watch me do it. So I put my mouth back on Dons cock and sucked him as I stroked the other cock with some lube that the man was dripping on himself. After a couple of minutes Don came in my mouth. next he told me to sit down and he wanted to watch me as I suck off the guy I had been jerking off. I acted like I didn't want to for a second but said that I would give it my best for him. Truthfully, i was so horny at this point that I couldn't wait to suck this strangers cock, in this dirty theater surrounded by all these perverts, but I didn't want to risk the drama of him becoming jealous. The guy had a nice sized cock with a bit of a curve and it tasted kind of sweaty and with a slight taste of stale piss at first but when I start to feel a cock engorge in my mouth, I loose all sense of self and just become lost in the cock meditation and in utter anticipation for being rewarded with a mouthful of jizz to swallow. The act of making a cock erupt and fill my mouth with a creamy white pheromone filled juice drink to swallow makes my pussy gush every time, and I am always left wanting more. Don said he wanted to see the guy cum inside my mouth so just before he was ready, the guy stopped his face fucking assault on my mouth and pulling out, I was told to open wide and give him my tongue as a target. He soon started cumming in my mouth and it was tasty although kind of watery and bitter tasting but I don't mind I love it all. Don had me show him the cum and then swallow and as soon as I finished another guy was there with his cock out and ready to replace him. I figured that i would just go with it until I was made to stop. So with out much thought I sucked him as well. A crowd had started to form around me and people were cheering me on, which made me even more excited. This second strange cock I was sucking lasted for only a couple of minutes as well and he pulled out just before cumming and spurted me with jizz all over my face and tits. I went to get tissue from my purse and was told don't worry yet that there's plenty more still to come. A guy sat down next to me and reached over and played with my cunt shoving fingers deep inside me, then took my head and f***ed it down to blow him. He stood up and yanked me to my feet and bent me over and showed me another cock. He was black and thick (my first black since I was a teenager, Yum). While I was sucking him I was penetrated from behind and fucked. Don kept encouraging me on. I hadn't done anything this slutty, since i was homeless and pulling tricks to get by and to get high.

After that suck and fuck I was tired and just smelled of cock and ball sweat and drying sperm.. Don took me naked toward the bathroom and into the men's room into a stall that was without a door and stood in front of the door while I peed. He stepped away and went to the urinal and several guys watched me pee. I walked out of the stall and started to go back to the theater when the manager came by and told me to put my dress around me at least. We went back to the couples section and I could see the old fat couple were down front and she was sucking and fucking. We again sat by the younger couple and she moved next to me and asked If I was having fun and placed her hand under my dress playing with my cunt. Since I didn't object she opened my dress got on her knees and ate me until I screamed with orgasm. She ate all the cum that was in me and I played with her tits while her man and mine watched and a few others. A new man pulled my face to his cock and I sucked him off while she sucked me some more. They asked if we wanted to go some place else with them but we declined. I rested a bit and the hooker came behind me and started feeling me over the seat.

She told me to eat her and I said not now. I closed my dress and she left. I was taken down front again and we sat next to an old guy. 70-80 yo. My dress was opened and I was told to play with myself. I began to finger myself and the old guy took out a smallish cock and began to play with it. I was told to get on my knees and suck him. As I stood to kneel my dress was taken away. I knelt naked in front of the guy who opened his pants and lowered his shorts. I sucked his soft cock and felt it begin to get hard as he played with my tits. He held my head and pushed it up and down. He got almost hard when I was told to sit on his lap and fuck him. I stood turned around and grabbed his cock and guided it in me. I humped him as my b/f urged me on. I fucked the old guy until he came in me. I sat down again next to him and as he pulled his pants back on he reached in his pocket and handed me a $50. Saying thanks.

We got up and walked to the aisle and sat down. A guy with a fat dick just pushed it at my face and I turned away. My tit was promptly grabbed and squeezed hard while I heard "Suck the fucking cock bitch". This sent a fire to my belly and I turned and sucked that fat cock with all I had left. He came in my mouth and as I went to spit it out my tit was again grabbed and I heard "swallow it shit head". I swallowed and heard open your cock sucking mouth and show it's gone bitch. I loved hearing that. Then another guy came and knelt before me and I was told to put your feet on the seat in front. I did and was eaten very well. While he shoved a finger in my ass. After I came he made me clean his finger off and he left. I was taken to the front row told to strip and kneel. There they formed a line and I did 4 guys in a row. I was lifted up and bent over to suck another as I felt a belt slap my ass. Three swats and I creamed while sucking. After that I said enough and we dressed and left. A couple guys followed us to the car trying to get us to go home or a motel with them. I was stripped in the parking lot and shone to the guys who grabbed and felt me. I then got into the car and we left. When we got back to our hotel, I took a shower. I was then made to tell him about what happened and how I felt. I told him what a total turn on it was for me to be treated as a slut and that I really got into the domination and humiliation. We agreed that we definitely would do it again. That was our first trip to the adult theater.
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3 years ago
great story
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Does he still have hands?
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
how a woman should be submissive to a man 7/10
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3 years ago
great story so fuckin hot
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